Where to find your email templates

Hello, everyone. In this video, I will show you
what kind of email templates You can use, and where
you can find them. Stay tuned. As usual, we are starting
here from the dashboard, And to get to the
HTML templates, We simply need to click
on ”Email marketing.” And if you don’t see it here,
you will see it on our tools. And once you are on
this page, you simply Click ”My templates” over here. Well, you need a template
because it’s a reusable design That you can use for multiple
newsletters that you will send. So this will save
you a lot of time, And you should always
have a template ready. Luckily for you, we
have a lot of templates And, let’s see by creating
a template over here, I will just call it number
two template and click ”Next.” Here you will see our library
and we keep expanding Every month, we have new email
tablets that you can use And we promote them. So you will hear
about them for sure. You can filter them
by category here. If you want to
educate, sell, welcome, And you’ll find out
all of our templates. If you already have
yours, you can always Find them on ”My templates.” You can go and start a new
one from a blank template. So there will be just
columns and the arrangement Of the whole newsletter. You can code your own template,
so if I write something here, You will see that you can
create here at the bottom, And then you’ll be able to save. Or you can even
create a template Based on some existing message
that you’ve sent in the past.

In my case, well, I
will just create one Based on the templates that
getresponse is offering, And I’ll choose
this one over here. Of course, you can always
preview and right here At the editor, what
you need to know Is that it is a drag and drop. So you can just drag a video
blog over here, or anything That you want. Something that I suggest is
always to change the logo here At the top. But something that you
need to know for sure here Is that you should always test
and preview this message so you Can test and send to yourself. You can preview how it looks
on both mobile and desktop, And also on dark mode. So this is something that you
should always do and check. And lastly, you can
also do a spam check. So this will let if
you’re good to go or not, And what are the concerns here? And well, once
you’re ready here, You simply click Save and Exit, And you have a new template
that you will find over here. If you saved an HTML one,
you will see HTML over here. And of course, if you
use one of our templates, Don’t worry too much. They are designed by
professionals for conversions, And also with dark mode in mind. What you can do also with
these templates from this page Here is to create a newsletter
or to create an autoresponder. And of course, there
are more options. ”Rename,” ”Edit,” the actual template, ”Duplicate,” download the HTML, so That you can send to someone
else, or simply ”Delete.” If you wish to learn how
to create a newsletter Or to create autoresponder,
check out the top right corner,

And you will see that I walk
you through the whole process As well. I hope you enjoy this video, and
I’ll see you in the next one.

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