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Hello, everyone. In this GetResponse video, you will learn
about which metrics are available to you So that you can analyze your newsletters
performance. Stay tuned. Here we are at the dashboards. And let me tell you the fastest way
to get to the reports of your newsletter. It is by simply adding a quick action
widget here like I have a newsletter And you can just click on the plus
and you can exactly the same widget. This will display the latest newsletter
that you have sent based on the list That you select here as well,
and so that you can have The statistics at a glance,
and from here you can then Deep dive into the rest of the reports
just by going to the three vertical dots And view flow reports. And this is the page that we will spend
more time now. And here we have different tabs. As you can see, there are many things
that you can see here. I will not go over all of them. The most important part here
is that you know how to navigate. So you will see all the tabs here with
the recipients, opens and clicks And each of them and every metric
will have information here. This is an important part
that you should go through and read So that you will understand
what the metrics actually mean. And then from here,
something that I really want To show you is that you can go to opens
and clicks and let’s say That you want to send a newsletter
to people that didn’t open your message And you are running retargeting campaign. You can just
click on Didn’t Open And this will ask you
if you want to target this segment Of people
just by creating the message once again. And then the message will
then be sent. And further down, You can just go here
and we have a click map for you So that you can see where people
are actually clicking in your newsletter. Are they clicking images? Are they clicking a specific button? Where is it placed?

And this will allow you to understand Why the users are more likely to click So that you can adopt your newsletter
for better performance. It’s very useful
color coded here from a deep Blue here, which means 0% And while it goes through darker red. And now let’s go back So that’s for you to understand. There are a few ways to reach there. This page here, we use the fastest one
and there are two more Which which are like through the reports
here at the top. I’ll just go back to the dashboard. As you can see we are right here. So you would click reports. And what’s important here is that Well, you can select your newsletter
from from this Dropdown here and here. You can select the list as well. Make sure that you have the right list
selected. So when you create a new newsletter,
you have a link to list This is the list
that you are looking for here. And then you have the range. When was the newsletter sent? So if I sent it today,
let me search for today. And you can also download the report. This report will include everything
that’s here And well, you will
then see your newsletter here And we will reach exactly the same page.
And well, the last way That you can use to reach here would be in
like through your email marketing. You just click on email marketing
at the top > newsletter And when you find your newsletter here, You just go to three vertical
dots and you click: statistics. As you can see, it’s very simple. Now what you have to do

Is to check the reports
of your newsletter, See where you can improve,
where people are clicking So that you can achieve
a better performance. I hope you enjoyed this video
and I’ll see you in the next one.

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