What is RSS-to-email and why you need it in 2023? #emailmarketing

Are you a blogger looking to increase Engagement and overall traffic well I've Got the tool for You RSS to email Alright so it is quite simple to set up And what will happen is that your Subscribers will be informed every time That you update your blog if you wish so You can also use RSS to reuse existing Content if you already have a Long blog And you have a lot of posts but feel That your audience is not so familiar With what you have posted so far then You can set up RSS to reuse this content And send it whenever you want for Example every Monday at 9 you can gather Five examples and your audience can have Their coffee while reading your blog Every day at nine of course this will Depend when you want to send but the Goal here is to make it automatic so That you don't have to do it every time If you wish to do that with no more time And create a free account with get Response Don't get lost

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