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Are you tired of staring at a blank Screen struggling to come up with the Perfect email well get response has your Back with our all new AI email generator Let me tell you more about it with the New AI email generator you can say Goodbye to writer's block and hello to More creative more impactful email Campaigns and fraction of the time all You need to do is input a few details About your email and voila the AI will Generate everything about your email Literally everything septic lines Visuals copy let me show you how it Works log into your get response account And navigate to your newsletters tab Click to create a new email and select The AI email generator option then input Some details about your industry the Topic of your email your color and Layout preferences then the AI gets to Work and presents you with a draft That's ready for your final tweaks Before it's good to go now here's Another fun part the AI email generator Will then come up with multiple septicon Options for you to choose from and the Best part is you can try the AI email Generator for free during your 30-day Trial period head over to get response And start delivering more impactful Emails with the power of AI [Music]

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