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My name is Marina magilko and at the end Of September I've launched my most Successful course yet in this video I'm Going to talk about five steps that we Took during the launch and how get Response helped me with this launch Before getting into nitty-gritty I Wanted to tell you one thing that has Been helping me generate profit for Years and I keep telling it everywhere Just think about it you can build Massive following on Tick Tock Instagram YouTube but the thing is you do not own Your audience there which means that Today I have 6 million followers but Tomorrow the algorithm changes and my Followers no longer see my content Because the platform owns them and in 2022 with the most Advanced Technologies The most advanced algorithm the only way For you to own your audience is to Collect their emails and I've told it Many many times but for our email Marketing we have been using get Response for years and you can click the Link below to check them out and get Started for free the launch strategy was Based on two things first of all we have A quite large email database but it is Really important to segment them out Based on their activity some of them Attended my live streams some of them Purchased my products before and some of Them have just met me so they want to

Know me closer before actually making a Purchase and step number two we actually Created a schedule on how the prices Were increasing for the course so we Started with the lowest price and the Further we were into the launch we Increased the price which created an Additional incentive for students to Join the cohort earlier rather than Later now let's start with the first Step the first step to our launch is a Waiting list and we've experimented with Doing and without doing the waiting list But especially if you're just starting I Would do a waiting list even before you Launch a product because it really gives You an idea about how many people want Your product and the conversion rates on Average are 15 so if you have 100 people On the list around 10 to 15 percent will Actually become your customers and then For those on the waiting list we had an Email funnel the first letter oh thank You for being on the list here's your Special price then we set up a deadline For them to make the whole payment if They want to secure the price so two Days before the deadline we send them an Email hey you have a couple more days to Decide and then on the day we reminded Them that this is the last day for them To make a payment and it was actually a Deposit that they could do in order to Secure the lowest price that was only

Available on that wait list now let's Talk about step number two so step Number one we announced everywhere that We have this waiting list people joined People bought that's it wait list was Closed step number two we actually Started selling the course outside the Waiting list and the first cohort of Students who got the best price after The wait list were people who are Subscribed to our emails and here again This is your bread and butter I think if You ask companies in general they would Tell you that maybe 30 or 40 of their Sales come from their email list because These are your most uh core fans people Who would buy your products people who Really trust you so we created a special Price for that cohort as well and again Created a funnel and another thing that We did because we already started Receiving requests for the course we Also created a separate funnel for Everyone who left a request but never Paid and this can all be automated with Get response basically you have Abandoned cards and if somebody went to The checkout left their details but Never paid you can create a customized Funnel for them giving them maybe Additional bonuses if they pay within Seven days or basically just creating Incentives for them to pay now the third Step if we take all of the activities

This step generated the most sales and This is the live stream it was a two-day Live stream on the first day I was Talking about so that the course is Basically sorry I never mentioned what The course was about the course is about Building your personal or your company's Brand online creating a product and Selling it to your audience so it takes You from zero like what I'm gonna talk About where and how to how do I sell my Product how do I create funnels and how Do I work with other marketing Instruments so step number three was This live stream on the first day I Talked about social media in general how To start blogging how to get rid of your Fears and day number two I invited my ex Students and they shared their own Results how they were able to make money While helping other people create their Blogs how they were able to make money By posting on Instagram or on YouTube And selling their products and here of Course we set up an additional funnel so For everyone who signed up to the live Stream we sent them a reminder that the Live stream is happening within 24 hours We send them a reminder one hour before The live stream we'll send them a Reminder when livestream started because The whole goal was to have at least 30 Percent of people who signed up to come To the live stream because this is where

Most of the sales happen and we've seen A few I think fifty percent of sales During this launch were generated during The live stream step number four we Started selling the course Everywhere YouTube channel Instagram and of course Emails and here because we already Announced the course and our email Subscribers were familiar with the Course we started giving them additional Details we started showing them cases of People who took our previous courses we Started showing them Um you know our results as a team of Creators we started sharing reviews of Our courses so we started giving them Something useful and something Inspirational to just make this decision To purchase easier and step number five We didn't close the sales on the day the Course started we actually gave our Students an additional week to pay why Because we actually wanted to see them How excited everyone in the course is And when the course launched everyone Who joined it we're so excited they Started posting stories they started Posting reviews of the first lectures And we just screenshot shot them and Show them to everyone like hey these Guys have already joined we started Sending emails like these are the first Reviews of the first classes we have Three more days for you to join the next

Launch and also this is where you talk About the next opportunity the next Lunch is going to happen in six months So it's either now or in six months so Be upfront with your audience and by the Way never lie to them if you tell them That your sales stop on this particular Day never never do this oh we decided to Do to extend sales for a couple more Weeks because then you know it's kind of The next time you will set a deadline They would be like oh she would probably Uh break her word again so don't do it Be very honest and upfront everything I Described today you can do for free Using get response it has all the tools Thank you guys so much for watching this Video up to the very end and I hope it Was useful for you

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