Say Goodbye to Writer’s Block: AI Email Generator is Now Available

So Jack how have you been since our last Session honestly really not good my Email writing has given me so much Stress I just don't have the time of the Day to give it what it needs what's the Problem except Kim so I'm a small Business owner right that means through The day I'm getting pulled in so many Different directions you know one minute I'm going to be trying to build my Social media presence then I'm going to Be updating my blog I'm even getting Pulled into accountancy bits and finance Bits so then when it comes to writing Emails I just don't have any time left In the day and it's it's stressing me Out have you considered using AI in my Little generator oh what AI email generator from get response They just released it you just put a few Keywords your industry and the tone of Your message and it generates the whole Email for you well it's Gonna Save Me So Much Time [Music] [Applause] Thank you

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