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Hello everyone Thank you all for joining for today's Webinar I hope you are doing well it's a Nice weather outside wherever you are And thank you for joining us uh for the Webinar what we're going to be talking About our newest feature that can help You save time and boost your Productivity so we're going to be Talking about the AI email generator so Get yourself seated nicely uh lean back Relax and we're gonna get started Folks Um I'm together here with my my friend Pedro but let me just introduce myself If you don't know me just yet my name is Michael and I'm the head of content Marketing and Partnerships here at gear Response you might have seen me uh doing Quite a bit of webinars here and we've Got my colleague here Pedro who you also Might know uh quite a bit now because He's recorded a ton of video tutorials For us in the past and he's our product Marketing manager but what do you want To say hi and sitting next to me by the Way yeah for sure and thank you for Introduction me how and yeah definitely You probably have seen me doing a few Tutorials in the past and also in in Some videos some recent videos as well I'm currently the product marketing Manager forget response and you probably Have seen my face in some of the emails

As well and today I will I will come Here to actually introduce our new Feature to you which is the AI email Generator and you will learn some tips And tricks on how to actually generate The perfect email so stay tuned and I Will see you in a moment we're going to Start with a quick recap regarding AI uh Then we're going to move into Ai and Email marketing uh we're gonna talk About how to use the new AI email Generated feature to get better results And this is where Pedro will show you How to use the feature First hand you know Hands-On so you can See how it works then we're going to Shortly talk about what's coming up in In the future for the new get response Features AI driven features all right Um A quick a quick question or quick Request for all of you before we move on To the main part of the presentation I Do have a short survey to to ask one Simple question have you already started Using any of the AI tools inside get Response And if and if not you know I hope you Will do after this event and if you have Please let us know uh via chat Um what which tools you've used so far All right I can see that 44 45 people Have already Answered so let's give us a few more

Seconds Okay 50 most people haven't uh some People have used the subject line uh Tried have not used officially McKay Someone's asking about the uh the Autorespawn sorry in the recording yes It will be there uh okay someone that Refresh their browser the sound is back Perfect thanks for the confirmation uh And again uh I appreciate your patience Uh you know we will be sending the Recording shortly so don't worry in case You've missed the introduction all right Folks uh let's wrap wrap up this survey We've got 55 Answers uh almost 150 people answered I Appreciate you and thank you all for for Doing this you can see the results right Now oh uh jumped up to 60 and let's get Back to the presentation then All right so folks a massive disclaimer Uh I'm not an AI specialist here so this is A massive disclaimer uh not not a AI Specialist here not an AI expert and to Be honest AI has been a novelty for me Till quite recently uh and this slide And basically this introduction is just To make sure that everyone is on the Same page because I know marketers were All busy people especially if you're you Know running your own business as it's a Side hustle it's something that you do

Before your main job potentially So you might have missed you know uh This a I think so just you know a quick Recap artificial intelligence AI Basically means making machines and Computers do things that normally would Require human intelligence like thinking Problem solving or learning and the Technology is definitely not new it's Been developed uh apparently originally In the mid 20th century but due to the Recent progress it has it has Skyrocketed in in interest and when I Mean when I say that I actually mean That so folks you know looking at this Chart you can see how long it took uh Different brands different companies to Get up to 1 million users and you can See that Netflix took about three and a Half years you can see that Airbnb took It in two and a half years Uh Twitter two years Etc GPT it took Five days and I I remember actually you Know we were in the office uh when when This was happening I remember someone Just told you know a funny funny uh um Anecdote that hey did you see that this Thing can do a rap song for you or a Poem about you know content marketing or Something like that it skyrocketed it's Super super fast and chat GPT is Actually you know it's a just a AI tool That is used using the AI Um open AI technology that we're also

Using here at get response and you know This topic has skyrocketed there's a Website called there's an AI for that Where you can check what types of AI Companies there are what they can do for You so I definitely recommend checking It out to learn more about all the Possibilities that AI is doing for us And as a marketer definitely you know we Want to learn how to use this to make Our work more effective to speed up on Things that normally would take a lot of Time that's why the topic of today's Webinar is on how to boost your Performance and save time creating email Campaigns so moving back I guess to the Email marketing topic has AI been Present there and as a matter of fact Aea has already been the Gmail the Biggest uh the biggest provider of you Know mailboxes of the email email Systems that we use has you has been Using AI for stamp detection already you Know if you go to your spam folder you Can see that there are different brands Out there it's not it's not always the Brands that should be there but it is For many things it has correctly Identified spam it is also using it for Filtering and categorizing emails yes You are also providing some rules adding Some your own inputs into how to make Sure that these emails you know they're Put in the right category but the

Promotional tab you know the social tab Form tab Etc that is also using Ai and For composing responses you did see uh You did probably see if you were Composing email in in Gmail that it Sometimes suggests you some ways to Respond to emails really quickly for Example yes I will do it oh this is you Know this is great thank you Etc this LinkedIn is doing this uh you know Gmail Is doing this so it's already there now This was you know AI for recipients for The benefit of recipients so we're as Marketers waiting for the stuff come up And coming up for the marketers so the Movement to get response you know we've Been trying to play around and you know Enter the AI space for quite some time And our first attempt was actually to do It through perfect timing for some of You if you don't know what this feature Is doing basically we use recipients or Your contacts past data past Behavior to Send your emails at the most optimal Time when they're most likely to open Your messages and this is our early Attempt we had it for multiple years you If you're sending newsletters you can Definitely just use one toggle and it Will automatically do that for you and By the way why do marketers do that why Do we use this in our own campaigns is Because it does higher does generate Higher engagements and we have data for

That we we check that every single year In our email marketing plan transfer Report so the perfect timing feature Does increase your open rating because It sends emails at the time when people Are most likely to respond but the other Benefit to it is actually faster Decision making if you know your Audience very well then I do highly Recommend that you do choose the time When you want to send your emails for Example use a time travel feature if you Have an audience that is international And just decide that you're going to Send an email let's say 7 A.M in the Morning at the same time for all the People across different time zones but If you don't know your audience or you Have a massive you know massively Different audience then do check out This feature because it will help you Out to make the decisions faster and Deliver your emails faster so the second Attempt for us to to use AI was actually Through the website builder so some some Of you have a websites some of you don't Have websites so we designed it Especially specifically for people that Didn't have websites that wanted to Create quickly a website or a landing Page and by providing us with a piece of Information about your business about The type of website that you want and What elements on the website you want we

Would automatically generate a website For you and why again better online Visibility and faster complaint campaign Deployment So the third element is the AI product Recommendations this is mostly for the E-commerce businesses we've launched it Last year I think mid to Mid 2022 and For e-commerce businesses this can help You Um Increase the engagement rate of your Campaigns but they can help you Personalize your campaigns uh Target Make your communication more targeted Because in your emails to your audience Let's say post purchase communication You're sending in a thank you email Thank you for purchasing this product we Would like to recommend you something More we can recommend you uh some best Sellers in the store we can recommend Recently viewed products uh products That others also viewed Um bestsellers in the category Um uh stuff that other people bought so All of that is to help you make more Relevant communication to make uh just Stronger more compelling campaigns and Get better results in terms of Engagement in terms of lifetime value of Your users and faster deployment because You don't have to spend time on Personalizing every single email to to

Your audience we can do it automatically For you even as a part of your automated Sequences And this is this is definitely something You want to try on and by the way this Is not only in the emails it can also be On your website so AI recommendations do Also work on your website this is part Of the max plan that we have inside gear Response now on to the newest things That we've just added we have the AI Subject line generator I saw the bunch Of you have already tried it that you've Already used it uh what does it do well It does generate a bunch of uh Captivating compelling subject lines for People that might be just stuck with a Writer's blog or they're not copywriters Or they just want to launch their email Campaigns really fast and you know as a Content marketer myself sometimes you Know I have to write content most of the Time I do write content not record stuff It is easy to not have an idea what to Write your email about what how to start It usually just go into the inside of Your email you write the copy inside the Email and then you're stuck how should I You know how to share com you know make People interested enough to open up the Email well with the AI subject line Generator you can generate higher open Rates now I've added an asterisk because As a marketer I have used it and I do

Think it's super effective and you know Technologies like this have already Existed for quite some time but I Haven't personally you know done a long A long test to you know show the numbers For you it definitely has you know Faster deployment and this is as you can See a pattern already for teachers make Things faster for you and by the way I Did mention that subject line generators Have been existing for quite some time But they were also they were reserved For bigger companies that had extremely Big budgets they were making big you Know several hundred million in Revenue Per year and had massive databases now Luckily you can use it even if you're You know marketer just getting started With a small email list and finally we Have the AI email generator that is also Connected to the subject line generator Um what it does and you're gonna see it In a second it produces a new email from You for you from scratch and again this Can help you generate higher engagement Engagement rate and it can help you Deploy your email campaigns faster Especially if you haven't set up any Emails in the past this is your first Time you're gonna set up an email and Now I'm gonna pass on the microphone to Uh to Pedal where he's actually going to Show you how to do it uh how to use this Feature how to generate their problems

Effectively Thank you mihao and I hope everybody can Hear me right now I will share my screen In just a moment And I will go with you through this tool So it was really refreshing to actually Uh see how gets response evolved through Ai and where we stand today uh I really Already know that most of you will take A lot of value from this tool as it's Something that us marketers as me how Mentioned that we use every day and it Really really increases uh how fast you Can create your emails which which can Be very helpful especially if you are Blocked and well to get started let's Say you just created an account or you Have your get response account you can Simply go to email marketing And you can go to create a newsletter so This will give you two options either You create by yourself of course Or you select the new tool which is the AIML generator And now This is where I want to instruct you and To actually teach you how you can Achieve the best results So the first thing here is to think About what is your email about and this Is uh literally about that this is what You want to highlight in your email for Example Here you can just say my newest

Per week workouts program 20 off this is the prompts that was Right here as an example and uh just to Explain to you over here you should Split ideas with a comma so let's Imagine you are thinking about something And you would put it in bullet points so When writing a prompt here if you if you Are the comma think of it as a bullet Point and every time you add a comma and Add more information For example uh from 7th of May Kill 31st of May That's just an example to separate an Idea and these ideas should all connect The main points which is to promote my Newest four-week workout program All right so knowing that We will then follow follow up with it And we will go with what kind of Business do you have so you have to Think about this one uh carefully right So I want this for four week workout Program is about going to the gym is About actually getting started and for People At uh we'll start going to the gym and Our beginners so I actually want to Out here beginner before we begin our Program and something that I wanted to Keep in mind is that when you pick the Kind of business over here Uh you should think of it uh as the

Motor for the AI to actually pick an Image so if you select the gym here it Will pick an image related to to a gym And if you pick actually something else Publishing so this wouldn't work very Well so this is something you should Avoid you are not you will you wouldn't Promote your gym workout and then select The type of business as a book Publishing it will give you not optimal Images and we can test that in a moment And you will see that by selecting gym We will have an image related to that And then something that I that everybody Should do and please don't skip this Step I know it might be hidden sometimes But you should always click on more Settings and who is this email for so This is a funny one and people can Really write a lot of things here but The recommendation is don't be too Specific in terms of for example four Year old uh males Living in New York City Near the city Looking for a job This this is something that's a bit too Specific And also you have to think of this uh of This field as something that the AI Would include In in in in the text so it will really Address these people so we would like uh This is this would be one of the

Examples that you should use which is uh People looking to get in shape just an Example so people that will take your Four week beginner workout are people That look to get in shape so when you Think about this field once again think Of the people that would open your email Right the people that you already have In your list who are they actually and How did you get them in your list so This should tell you who they are and if You know that question so this will make Your content much better and especially When feeling this part over here and Remember anything that you write here my Advice is keep it concise and keep in Mind that yeah I will try to use it and Include in the text so shouldn't be Something too complicated too specific And if you do something like this you Will get good results And what kind of email is it so this This one over here plays a part in how The email is structured right so uh in The current version it always follows One structure which is uh you will see There is a headline there is the first Sentence then you will see an image and Then you will see the rest of the text Right and this will influence the Schematics of the email In the sense of how it's written right So your cell email is different from an Announcement so it's the way people the

Way it will approach people and together With the tone of voice you can have the Optimal uh text right so for this one we Will use a sale email and then next This is where uh you pick the tonal Voice and this is simply how you want Email to sound this will influence the Type of words that are used in the Emails so if you if you are friendly With your audience it could be friendly Or something inspirational for example Like for we are promoting this four week Course so I would go with inspirational Over here And and then following that as I Mentioned this will only change the Vocabulary and the way you address the People so if you are on the formal side Then you would pick a formal And then the last one over here you can Use text only or one column the Difference here will be a CTA uh and a Picture and very soon and you can Already see upcoming we will have two Columns and three columns so this is Coming very soon so if you create an Account today you might even see this One in the next few weeks And then you will select the color Scheme so this will be the color that Will appear in your message so if I Select pastel you can see the color Scheme here which will be white black Pink and blue and and so on so I will go

With modern And then that's it folks we will click Generate And you will see uh the results in General are very impressive especially Related to the copy it's something that You can use for many things but Especially if you want to get inspired You don't want to get blocked you have More things to do so this will free you A lot of time when when creating your Email especially if you don't have Anybody working for you and you are the Ones doing the whole work so this will Speed up a lot we actually have data on That for for our customers that are Using and It sped up the creation of Emails by 85 this is massive because Then they can they can use this and Focus on more strategic parts of their Business which all of us need right so It's not only about sending emails it's Also about how you want to send emails Into who And well I'll just go through the copy Very quickly but as you can see we Targeted beginners and then start your Fitness journey today with our four week Beginner workout program Appropriate and are you ready to start Your fitness journey our new newest four Week beginner workout program is a great Place to start and so on you can see That IT addresses the 24 uh the 20 off

That we mentioned And then as we go uh down you will see That it's it's also addressing a Beginner workouts designed to help you Improve your Fitness and overall health Right and I mentioned that this would be For people that are looking to get in Shape so as you can see uh it's always Trying to Target that parts right so Whether you're looking to lose weight Getting muscle or simply improve your Overall overall health our program is Perfect for you so it's already Targeting this part of the people that We chose so if you wrote something very Different it will try to address it in a Different way as well and now something Uh something for some for for you if you Try this too you will see this little Survey over here give us feedback Because we keep Gathering feedback and It's thanks to you that we keep Improving our tool and I can mention That it already had a few iterations and We will keep on improving based on what You say so just so that you know we Listen to you and yeah make sure you Vote over here here and I'm not gonna Vote right now so that I don't influence The results of course And something else to show would be that If we go next you will also have a Subject line over here and it's created Automatically of course if you don't

Like it you can simply write the same Thing right my my four week Beginner workout program right S program 20 off And we chose Jim over here And we can include an emoji just just For you to see how this will work this Will basically give you five options and You can pick any of them and even use Any other tools if you want to test but Basically you could pick any of these And they are optimized by AI already so I really invite you to start doing that And start saving some time and driving These open rates up now I just clicked On the email again just to so that there Is no confusion and I will go back to This design And if I want to go back on the AI I Just go through here and now I want to Show you a different example and for That I'm just changing the screen for a Moment because I I'm using a different Prompt And you will see me going back to the Screen in just a second And for now what I want to do is to show Another uh idea Let's imagine something short here too What would be an art sale so 20 off and Famous painters as you can see we use it A little like similar approach here but It's a little different more based on Some keywords but you don't have to

Write keywords and later I will show you Another example that you can you can Write a longer prompt as well the idea Here is as I mentioned try to keep Everything connected to the main idea so It's an art sale 20 off and about famous Painters so people can acquire paintings From Van Gogh for example that's and Here we would select Arts In museum galleries so because we could Be related and once again this will Influence the image so this is extremely Important And over here we can come up with Another idea which perhaps could be art Collectors so as you can see there is a Tendency here to to actually Define These peoples you should know who you Are addressing so if you are selling art Collection you should uh either be art Collectors here art enthusiasts people Looking to buy art from famous painters You can even say like that and it would Be fine and it would it could be a sale Email but let's actually try something Else could be an announcement so I could We could be announcing this sale And then click next you already know how This works over here but we can use Perhaps a convincing terms that you see How it would do and let's use this time A pastel color once again It will generate and you will see that's Once again the copy will be appropriate

And it can definitely be be used But obviously don't get me wrong here Everybody can use this as a Brainstorming tool and mostly most People will use it as a brainstorming Tool and then they will finish their Emails because of the AI will simply Write the best it can based on Information you gave so it can if you Gave two broad information it might be On purpose but it will try to Freestyle A little right and then you can Complement it with your ideas and that's The whole thing here it's to speed up The process for you to to write emails And once again I want to mention that This is what I wrote In uh to who this email is so it's art Collectors and this time it addressed Them over here the other time about the Fitness program it didn't mention this Way it had its kind of embedded in the Text so Keep it in mind when you select the kind Of people And then as you can see image Appropriate once again and also the text If we look over here get your hands on Original artworks by renowned painters At a 20 discount that's what we wanted And if we go further down For a limited time we are offering a Flat 20 discount on all paintings by Renowned painter such as Van Gogh

Picasso Monet and more so it picked up On what we wrote about famous painters And it developed this idea so we didn't Write it was about only Van Gogh we set Famous painters so the AI was had Freedom let's say the freestyle here Here Layton and to pick the famous Painters that he thinks uh should should Be would be appropriate for this Situation all right so that's one of the Examples so some of you might sell Art Online can be digital art it doesn't Really mean that you are selling Van Gogh Van Gogh paintings it's just an Example that you can use for anything And now I will go back once again And they will show you a different one So you will see me going off the screen For a moment And I will show you how you can do a Longer one so would be about Surface cool so this is just an example Once again let me break this down so Launching my new surf School I've been Working on it hard for the past three Months 20 20 off for the first 20 people So these are the key ideas this is what You want the AI to include in the email Right so I want the AI to emphasize to Highlight that uh I'll be I'll I'm Launching my new surf School I've been Working hard on it for the past three Months can be anything here of course You can change uh I but I wanted to

Highlight so that people know that uh This came through hard work and then 20 Off for the first 20 people these are The ideas to highlight if you have any Other two highlight you will then insert A comma and mention where we will be Open Through the whole summer Right so as you can see that's a good Example because you have a limit of 150 Right so keep it concise and straight to The main point but what I was mentioning Could delete something over here split By comma and then mention that you are Open through the summer for example and Over here let's search for Surf and Swim Right and then who are these people so It could be people looking for a new Hobby so that you can see the trend here What of what I'm trying to do and I even Had something something else here could Be even people uh looking to boost their Confidence right When you get into a sport sometimes it's To boost your confidence and it could be The situation here so we could be Addressing these people And it could be it'd be once again an Announcement here or an invitations Let's invite people to the to the school And for them to enroll with 20 off just Selecting different ones so that you Know uh what's happening right so let's Go next once again

We can go on a friendly tone right One column and let's pick a different Color over here let's go with joyful you You are not obliged to pick a color you Can go with default palettes and you Will you will just have a white and you Can go with text text only as well if You don't care about the picture if you Will change it anyway which I assume Most of you will simply select the text Option and then you will pick your own Pictures and also don't forget that Getresponse offers you uh 2 million Pictures uh that are from Shutterstock That you can use for free so you are Really unlimited on on that aspect so Even if the AI doesn't give you the best Image might happen depends on what you Write what you uh for example here so Far it's giving us correct images which Is very good news But if it happens for you not to have The perfect image you know what to do And I will explain to you in a moment so Write the waves and boost your Confidence with our new surf school this Is a pretty good example again and as I Mentioned so we are addressing people That wanted to boost their confidence And see that the AI this time other Disinformation right at the top on the On the headline instead of here so dear Name so this you could you could simply Delete for example you don't need to to

Include that so are you looking to boost Your confidence and have some fun in the Sun right so it can write pretty funny Copy too And and then you are of course able to Tweak everything but they are a complete Beginner or experienced server our Highly qualified instructors will help To improve your skills and confidence Anyway so once again focus on the Confidence aspect here so anything that You write right on that part uh that Your your email uh is supposed to go to A certain segment of people be careful What you write because yeah I will pick On that and try to To kind of manage the text to be about These people uh so yeah try to be direct And know who you are addressing and you Can also write something generic so this Was generic what I wrote like people Looking to boost confidence and well as I mentioned as I was mentioning and I Would like to show you if you get an Image that's not appropriate for you Could go to replace uh free get response Images over here they are about 2 Million between two and three and you Can use them for free anybody could use Them so you can go here and pick any Image let's say we would use that just An example so that you know that it's Not you are not limited to that image You don't also need to be a designer

Here if you don't have your own images There are many many options and well It's all good here and one more thing That I want to mention and I know that Many of you use this option is about Other So if we go here and let's say we will Try different business here so it will Be about an English course So my new business English course I'm Running a promotion from May 1st till May 7th 35 percent off just an example Once again ideas separated by commas as You can see and this is descriptive I Can imagine this as you speaking To the AI right so you are just saying What is your email about oh my new Business English course I'm running a Promotion from this type to this date And this is the amount of And then what will happen to many of you Is that you will not find your category It just might happen not everything you Will find in this categories it is just What it is and we keep improving this Part too but you will see many many Things many scenarios here but if you Happen to run into other I want to Mention here that uh what will happen is The image will not be generated anymore By the category But it will be above the prompt but it's A tricky part over here because it goes By keywords on this prompt so you kind

Of have to be mindful And uh well it the image might not be The best in this case but it it really Through all our tests Uh it they have been successful and That's why this tool is live too so That's what I recommend so when you Select other be mindful on what you Write here separate your ideas clearly And be clear uh with what your business Is about so that's the main point be Clear about what you are advertising What you're trying to tell people right And over here can be once again just Just to keep in mind and as a training People looking to improve their English So that you can see there is a pattern This is an AI once again Meaning that there are many ways that You can go about it uh my role here is Actually to direct you to at least a way That you can use that will give you good Results so if you are using a different Prompt and if you see good results stick To it as well uh what I'm here saying is That if you use something like that you Will also get good results And this will be a sale email Next once again We can actually be kinda convincing on This one let's let's be cheeky Go next And I want to actually to show you what Kind of image it will it will generate

Right So I'm running a risk here for you it Might generate an image that's not not The best one for an English course but I'm confident that it will it will Actually get the right image and you Will see that once again the copy will Be optimal if you are so these examples Were specific so I assume many of you Are teaching the course doesn't need to Be in English one you can teach business You can teach mathematics anything that You can teach you can use the same kind Of prompts you don't you don't need to Be to really reinvent the wheel over Here and actually uh the image is Actually fits here it could be a teacher Looking for the students here and that As we mentioned in the prompt business English this would be appropriate for What we are trying to do so get ahead in Your career with our business English Course now 35 off And then it kind of addresses the people Here that you're feeling stuck in your Career due to language barriers so we Mentioned that you want to improve your English so it means that you probably Probably are not in the highest level That you could be right so you are not On the business level if you are you are Just at the beginning meaning that this First sentence will probably be true so As you can see you could already use

This part over here and even if you Delete something It wouldn't be that much and I want to Highlight this part 2 which is and the Good news is we are running a special Promotion from so the dates we mentioned May 1st till May 7 offering a whooping 35 discount on our business English Course this means that you can upgrade Your language skills and improve your Career prospects at a fraction of the Cost so this is exactly what you want to Say when you are promoting this kind of Course especially on the business level And the AI generates really amazing Ideas for you and even highlights the Benefits of taking this course right and I didn't tell the AI anything else right I just said about business English Course but it's already mentioning here One of the benefits right customized Lesson plans and other benefits so this Is what you want if you are not a Marketer here and even if you are this Will make your job like 10 times easier So it's really what you would like to do And once again I want to mention that if You go next you will get a free subject Line generator over here that you can Use if you don't like the subject line That it generated for you And so folks that's basically what we Have to say about these parts about this Section and now I would like to

To introduce some other tools for you And give me just a second as we share The presentation Right Uh can you see the presentation right Now Yeah yeah all right so basically uh Mihau converts AI in get response in the Past and the first steps that it took to Reach the place we are nowadays which It's just amazing how it exists for so Long but we just we just didn't think About it for so long as well right and We thought and it's it sounds so Straightforward it had many shapes or End forms right what I want to mention Right now available for you if you Create a get response account or if you Already have you can use the email Subject line generator you can use uh You can also use the the email generator That I just demonstrated to you And then you have new tools which are a Bit more advanced but really the AI will Make your life much easier if you're Using uh web push notifications so you Can generate them via AI right now so if You access the tool you will see this Option and also to create paid out so You'll see an assistant AI assistant That's how we call it and it will simply Create the headlines that you need to Create an app for Google for example so It's really believe me it really makes

Your job much easier and I know it's What it was one of the pain points that People were going through And what's coming up right autoresponder Generator so this will help you generate A welcome email for example something That people when they subscribe they Will get so AI will do that for you Uh email template generator so you can Create a template directly so the tool Will be basically the same same steps But it would be in different places and With a different uh actually goal here Which is to create template or to create Another responder so it's two different Things and then email assistance I want Special attention to this one because This is something that's one you are in The email editor you will be able to use So meaning that you will have a text Block and you'll be able to have a Specific text generated for you while You draft your emails so uh keep keep Keep your eyes uh open for this one and Make sure you are following because We might be announcing this very soon And well with that I pass the mic to to Me how over here and I guess we are go We are doing Q a right Absolutely and folks I think I'm the Most excited about this email assistant Feature because I send our bi-weekly Content newsletter and sometimes many of Our webinar invitations and I'm stuck

Using Google Docs you know writing an Email there then jumping to chat GPD Sometimes to rewrite some of the bits of My email and you know going back and Forth back and forth this will be a you Know a groundbreaking change for us when We added to get response and I'm Definitely you know sure it's going to Help you out as well by the way I saw Many people were asking how to access This feature already the AI email Generator I've added the link at the top To the Future page where you can learn More about this feature but when you go To your email account uh sorry to your Get response account to newsletters Create the newsletter you will see this Option that in a pop-up generate an Email using the AI generator or by Myself if you use by myself you will Have the option to use the subject line Generator that instead only but I highly Recommend playing around with the other Feature as well to just see whether it Can help you speed up the process for Your own business but I don't mention We're going to go to the Q a session so Let's load up some questions I saw quite A bit of questions so let me just pick One of the recent ones And there was one question about Languages so let me just publish this One and Pedro can you help us out with This one yes sure so this is uh the

Languages will come a little later so That we are already working on that and I can mention that for the email Generator itself so for the whole email It's only available available for English so yet like so far but we are Already working introducing in different Languages but if you want to generate a Subject line it's already for you Especially you mentioned Spanish here Germany's already is also there for the Subject line generator and other Languages to you probably when you go to Create a newsletter you will see the Subject and generator if you want to use The AI email generator for now you Should go to the bottom of the screen Bottom right and you should change to English just for you to get accustomed To the tool and to see what kind of copy It will generate for you but very soon You this one will knock on your door so It doesn't matter the language you are Using if you are using one of the Languages in the platform you will see It yeah I hope that's answer the Question Awesome and by the way folks if you do Not for some reason see this feature Feel free to reach out to our customer Support team awesome folks that will Help you out 24 7 with your questions so Like for example here danuta if you Cannot see this feature by any chance

You know feel free to reach us out and Reach out to us and we'll help out with That Um I can see one question about the Assistant and paid ads and as far as I Remember Pedro uh correct me if I'm Wrong this is in Google ads that you Just have to connect your Google Apps Account and when you move to the content Part you can use the AI generated that And it will populate the headlines for You the descriptions for you uh Basically it says a ton of time honestly We've been doing Google ads for some of Our campaigns as well and coming up with Multiple headlines multiple Descriptions is is a challenge and it's Great that AI can do it for us because You know on the Google side AI does Actually connect the multiple elements Of the ads for you so they you know mix And match them anyway so if this is Perfect because they can also we can Create the content with AI here to make Your copy uh well actually faster and Campaigns perform better Okay let's pick another question Uh let me see We already said this this will be Available in autoresponders so uh this Will be also very helpful uh for a lot Of you soon let me see Um okay that's a slightly broader Question do we work with a specific CRM

I recommend that you go to the Integrations where we Actually have all the Integrations Connected to get response we have we are Connected with hundreds of uh with tools Some of them directly via API some of Them directly via zapier and other Integration software so you can check it Out the some of the favorite tools that You are already using are probably Already listed there and we're adding New ones every every other week Better do you want to tackle this one Yeah sure so how about email sequence so I I assume you are mentioning Autoresponders over here because you can Create a whole sequence so uh what what You can do uh we will introduce this Feature very soon for you to Auto Generate uh autoresponders with the AI With the tool that you just saw but for Autoresponder so yes it will be Available and just to get back to the Note that she asked the question about The the tool not being available It might be because you might have the Tool in a different language so try Changing to English and you you'll Probably see the AI email generator so Just at the bottom right and it should Solve the issue Okay uh thanks but I can see one Question uh appeared a couple of times So let me just address that so your

Emails are going into spam how can you Help uh I've shared a link to the to our Blog article on on multiple reasons why Emails go to spam but one of the main Reasons why emails go to spam is that Marketers senders first of all send Using free email domains so when you Sign up for get response you usually do It with your own personal account but Then it would be good to add the company Email domain so for example for us when I'm saving an email it's Michael not From but it's Michael and this is what you Should do uh the company domains with You from email address and then you Should verify it and authenticate it so Uh in our help center you have also Documents on how to do that but Basically what that means is you go into Your domain settings and you say that Hey folks I want to send emails from Getresponse and uh I'm gonna be using my Company domain for that and therefore You know when the recipient is going to Get your email in their mailbox Gmail is Going to see okay this email is not a Phishing attempt isn't this proofing or Whatever it is uh it is legitimate and We should receive that there are Multiple other things you can do and That's why I recommend checking out that Article on our blog uh why emails go to Spam but authentication and Company

Domains are the biggest issues uh that I See from web marketers that send out Emails so definitely check it out that You know mostly uh email spam filters as I said you know AIS is helping them out But is based on the engagement so if Your recipients are not opening your Emails not clicking through your emails Maybe there's a moment for you to start Segmenting your list better and Targeting with relevant communication The audience that is responding to your Communication Uh okay But or maybe you want to pick one of the Questions and I'll share the link to the Article once again Sure Anyway For sure so I saw here a question that We can highlight Which is about uh The message the The tool being free right it's a AI Email for free uh in the the answer to This question is uh it is for free uh You can you can just log in right now And not log in you can create an account And during your first 30 days you'll be Able to use this tool it then once you Get if you don't decide to to upgrade After 30 days yeah the feature will then Be limited and you won't be able to use But in the first 30 days you are

Completely free to try it and you won't Have any issue with it And All right I could take this one too so Can this AI help with email automation Well definitely uh when you when you Start an automation workflow you will Have multiple emails right so it it Depends on your whole strategy but in Any way any workflow that you do It will generate emails for you right so You can generate emails about anything You can generate a welcome email you can Generate the follow-up email So any any other uh email that you would Send like a post sale email can be Generated with AI so the answer to this Question would simply be uh it would Simply be yes can AI help with email Automation it can definitely help Generating your emails for now so That that's how it would be Okay Let's see if there's something else we Can address here Okay okay does the AI generator for Newsletter includes a Spam Checker Actually when you create an email Whether it is via AI or via just normal Drag and drop using a template or Whatever Inside the editor you have the options To inbox preview your email that means You can check what it will look like in

Different browsers or mailboxes you can Preview it and just mobile and desktop And you can do a Spam check so if that Actually looks at the content of your Email the links that you added the offer That you wrote the images that you had So That is that is there regardless if You've generated the email with AI or Not so it definitely is that I highly Recommend that you check it out also That you need to use it before sending Your emails I I can quickly add to this one that uh When you actually write what your email Is about Uh we we have a mechanism that excludes Palm words uh from the messages as well So it might help uh Santa spawn Checker Of course but it already excludes things That would be considered spam from the Email text so yeah it might might help As well So this is uh this is a question about Like how accurate is it then truthfully Any content generated by AI Is something that you have to check Yourself so I wouldn't say you know that Puts you put it completely on autopilot Don't read that content uh you know if You played around with chat GPT you Would know that sometimes it makes silly Mistakes when analyzing numbers or even When you do sometimes provide simple

Problems like give me something you know A description under 10 words and Sometimes it does give you a description In 11 words or you say okay please make It between 20 and 30 characters and it Makes it for 18 characters so it does Make silly mistakes like this so I Definitely recommend you check out the Content before you send it out you know It can save up 80 percent 85 of the time But you do need to spend a bit of time On designing your email campaigns and Just making sure that the the content That you have there is correct is the The part of the job that we will have to Do but from my experience as long as you Know we're not asking it to provide any Uh information that it cannot access Because it's not connected to the Internet then it should be fine if you Can provide the information in the Prompt it will write that stuff but yes You know uh it has been trained until 2021 so it has information from the you Know a bit over the past so you will Need to check uh if it's if it's Correctly written Um Just to answer to this one quickly uh Just a guideline here to uh and it has To do with incorrect information as well As making up information too you should Be careful with what you write in terms Of if you want to be specific about

Gender race anything like that because You you need to remember that AI is Programmed by humans and it's also Biased right so don't expect the best Results when you segment people by uh by Race or ethnicity anything like that Don't get offended by anything that the AI will try it because it might just not Be correct and remember the tool is Biased in this kind of situation and as Mihao said Till 2021 uh the information Until then so how people were perceiving The world as well and how it was Programmed so yeah keep that in mind When using this tool All right and I guess we can wrap it up And answer this one last question uh is There any other costs involved in using These tools there isn't you know the AI Generator is available on all our paid Plans you can test it for free in your Free plan as well uh there are some Limits there but do please check out Your paid plans if you have an email Market plan automation plan uh there you Can you can use it in your campaigns Definitely something I would do if you Know and people are asking about Automation you know about using Generator in automated emails you can Kind of use it you can create a Newsletter message with AI and then when You create a more automation workflow You could use a newsletter message in

Your marketing automation workflow so it Is possible use it across the platform But we'll keep adding it so folks this Was the last question I I thank you all For joining us there were what I saw About 300 people joining us today so This is amazing we will be sharing the Recording to this to this webinar by via Email later this week uh so give us a Couple of days uh in case you're you Know hungry for more knowledge do check Out the webinar library and our Awesome YouTube channel where we share our all Our tutorials videos Um webinars as well so please do check It out and if you haven't already sign Up for the get response account there's A link at the top where you can just Directly reach the AI feature and then Learn more about it then go into get Response and try it out folks once again Thank you very much uh it was lovely Hosting you and I hope to see you in our Next future webinars stay tuned for more Have a good one everyone

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