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I think all content is good when it's Done well this is the future of content I'm a huge fan of PDFs if you create PDFs you need a unit flipping book [Music] Hi folks I wanted to share a few Thoughts about PDFs so I like PDFs Because usually they're well researched And well structured but we tend to think About PDFs as lead magnets so usually we Want to exchange The PDF for customer data and once we Get the data the PDF gets downloaded and Only a few people open it and that Breaks my heart And since this Sprint is about Technology we would like to show you Technology to make your long form Content more engaging and taking it way Beyond the download and I couldn't agree More about PDFs today because on the one Hand as a content creator I love working On them but on the other hand as a Person across the screen I'm terrible at Actually interacting with them so for a While now I was thinking of a really Good solution to make PDFs exciting Again and well who would have thought This solution exists and that's why I'm Very happy that we had a chance to talk To Lada from flippingbug a company Behind making PDFs exciting interactive And much better at converting So keep on listening to find out what

The hell are flipping books how they're Changing the downloadable content scene And why you should be really considering Making your next piece of content a Flipping book [Music] Now before we get started officially I Have a very special question I ask all Of our listeners and the question is What is the single thing in life do you Wish you could automate Oh I don't know maybe traveling somehow Wow I don't know I think I'm just really You know end of the year I'm focused on Travel I'm thinking about traveling and Uh yeah I don't know how but maybe a way To make it all super smooth you I don't Know multiple tools to book your hotels And uh I don't know a guide that tells You you exactly you need to go there and See this and a lot of you need this kind Of vacation right now I want it let's do it Same here Um I would subscribe immediately But we're here today to speak about Another really cool business idea and Those are flipping books so a lot of Could you please tell us a little bit More about yourself about the flipping Book why how you're changing the field Of marketing and boring PDFs Yeah sure uh so I'm glad I'm head of Content at flippingbook and the company

Is super content focused I would say uh We help our tool helps people to convert PDFs into online flipbooks which are Basically uh books that live on the web And uh the what we focus on is the Experience that we provide with the flip Books uh we are all about the viewing Experience that the end user gets that's Why our flipbooks are super lifelike we Actually studied how the shadows in Actual books work so we can deliver that Experience online and it's the most Authentic reading and viewing experience You can get with a flipbook and the flip Books are also super interactive you can Add videos on the page you can add a Built-in lead capture form uh you can Also track how people interact with the Content so what we provide is an Experience that is beyond PDFs so at the Basis it's your Good old PDF that you know that you Worked on but then you get this Realistic live experience with it and It's uh yeah if you create PDFs you need A you need flipping book cool I mean I Can't wait to try it honestly because we Discussed it a little bit briefly and I'm very excited about the whole concept I was just thinking that it sounds a Little bit to me like a reader you get On an iPad or iPhone so I I books I Guess it's called is it similar or am I Completely off here uh no you're not off

And actually Apple Books used our Initial tool as inspiration for for them Yeah you can find that on Wikipedia I'm Not making it up but yeah uh it's it's a Similar experience but I would say Apple Books are more about books that you want To read on your phone on the go when You're commuting to work uh and flip Books are about business it's the Brochure doors the catalogs the Magazines that you create or some Internal documents that you share among Your team uh so yeah it's more business Focused and we are focused on B2B brands That want to communicate with our Clients awesome we need it we should we Should subscribe right now yeah like Obviously lead magnets is a huge Topic In email marketing or in content Marketing and online marketing actually So Um I'm wondering could you tell us maybe A bit more about the research behind Flipbooks and actually how does it Differ because like PDS you know I'm a Huge fan of PDFs in a way because like Usually I understand that there is some More depth to a PDF I mean I assume that You that this is usually some you know Heavy piece of content Perhaps even like created not only by a Single person but like a team of people I don't know this is just my my Imagination right now but very often I

Would just like download the ebook and Never open it because like For some reason this is very effective As a lead magnet so I I find myself you Know Giving all my details like email address And everything else like filling out Those long forms download the ebook and Just like never open it because I assume That it's like heavy I don't have time For it right now and if I don't open it At this very moment I probably never Will so I was wondering behind I mean About the the research you did and you Know what is the difference between like Uh the flipbook and PDF so actually are People more likely to open flip books Right away or How does it go Um I think they are because I mean the Problems you actually have listed them Yourself right uh you download it and Then you don't want to open it you know That you have to just scroll through and There's nothing that would uh I don't Know excite you you know that it's gonna Be a plain document even though it could Be super super interesting super Engaging super nice because you know all Of those teams made so many efforts to Create it uh yeah exactly so the topics Of ebooks are so interesting for me that I actually downloaded in the first place I'm willing to you know like fill out

The form but I I'm not willing to open It yeah because you know that it will be If it's a big document it will be not Easy to navigate uh plus if it's on your Phone you have to download it and on Your computer as well and it takes data To get to it and uh you know you just Have to Uh it requires a lot of time to find the Information that you actually need and With flipbooks it's a little bit Different first they're available as Links so you know you just click it and It will open and it's you know it's Right there you don't have to load it And uh it's a lot more convenient plus It's the doc if the document is Big then You will be able to navigate it easily Because uh there you can add a an Interactive table of content to switch From one topic to another or there's uh Thumbnails where you can actually see What is the page you might want to look At because it looks I don't know the Brightest the most colorful the most Interesting right and you can search Through the document to find what Exactly it is that you want to see plus All of the interactivity it makes it a More engaging document a video that is Built into the page lots of gifts that Will boost time spent on the page And it's uh whoever if you are the one Sharing the link you will know when

People open it how many people viewed it Uh how much time they spent on the page And if you add those gifts in there then The time spent on the page will be a lot Higher than it would on uh you know a Page with static images And it's all those stats uh also give You a benefit because with PDS you don't Actually know how much 10 people spend In your document if they uh you know you You might know that they downloaded it But beyond that you have no idea what They do with the content and with Flipbooks you know what links they Clicked where exactly they went from Your flipbook and if you add your Branding you can lead the people from The flipbook to your site driving Traffic so it's you know it's a very Versatile tool that uh yeah it's uh PDF Is at the basis and PDF is basically What makes it so good but you know it's Still a different format a more Interactive format so people are more Likely to read it I'm thinking also About the business goals here because For me the basis of the PDF is lead Generation right so we upload something Up there hoping to get an email Addresses Erik said like we don't really Care about what happens with the user App after to me flipping books sounds More like you care about user experience You care about engagement yet you don't

Care about the lead magnet aspect of it Because as I understand you send the Link the link is not gated so the person Just gets the content right away well it Depends on your business needs some People just want to deliver really nice Content to their clients but other People actually want to generate leads As well and you can get a flipbook Because we have a built-in lead Generation form and you know it can be Customized so whatever details you want To get about the customer you can get it Whether it's email their name ZIP code Or whatever and uh what what is good About the built-in lead form is that It's it creates fewer obstacles on the Way to the content right if you get a Flipbook on your site uh it obviously Takes multiple steps first the user Fills out the form itself then they go To their email address then they maybe They get the ebook right in there as a PDF or they have to click in and go back To your site and the more steps there Are the more people you will lose on the Way because they just don't want to do Any of that and then you don't even in The end you don't even know if they Actually read the ebook and it was all If whether it was all worth the effort You know but with flip books they fill Out the details and right there and then They see the content so it's a more a

Faster process and we've done some Research about 90 percent of those leads Are actually valid so you don't lose Those people on the way and they Actually submit their real details just Because they want to see your content And also they're quite used to the Process of submitting their email Already so maybe they expect to receive It in the email but boom they have it Right there in the link so it's uh yeah It works really well I think I used it Once like I have no idea whether it was Affiliate flip book or not but by the Description I think it was it and I was Just over the Moon I mean I got my Friend right away it was so different it Was so fresh yeah it was flipping it was Interactive I loved every single thing About that experience so Like 99 we're talking about flipping Books right now Um I wanted to ask about The content types that actually perform Best as a flip book because I I now I Really get the concepts so so Technically I can feel the difference Between a traditional PDF and a flipbook At this moment but what kind of content You know have you seen like performing Best Um I mean something I guess Informational and it has to be content Created specifically for your audience

We have so many use case across our Clients so it's really hard to single Out something but uh what comes to mind Is for example catalogs uh because I Know you know catalogs it's normally Something heavy something huge a lot of Data in it a lot of different items you Want to showcase and it's a lot easier To present this stuff as a flipbook uh First you can lead people directly to Your site uh from a specific item so They can purchase it on your website and You get and you know which link which Item performs best then you can add a Pop-up image on top of your item so People can see it in a better detail and Maybe if I you can actually add another Image on top of it so you can uh present Something from a different angle and It's just a huge document that it's that Is easy to navigate around and it's Something you don't have to carry in Your suitcase when you go to a Presentation with a client right so I Think catalogs perform really well and Then maybe annual reports or quarterly Whatever reports you create uh because It's also a report is something that you Expect to be not super engaging you know Very data focused but in this Interactive format it becomes something Else and something that your audience Actually wants to read and wants to look Through yeah I'm gonna ask a very

Selfish question here yeah may or may Not remove from this podcast no I'm Currently working on a project that is An annual calendar for marketers This stays on guys you can download it In the link from the show notes is a Really cool calendar it has 830 Occasions to blend campaigns around all Holidays from all over the world very Inclusive so essentially it's a PDF That's what it is right now with about Like 20 to 30 pages and it features the Calendar spreads with all the holidays Listed and some ideas for how you can Use specific holidays so would you say This kind of format is good for flip Books yeah why not I mean what whatever PDF you create it will look better in Flipping book to be honest I mean I Really love the product so I mean I'm a Little bit biased I guess but it but It's true you know in I'm sure your PDF Looks super nice but it's a plain Document in its Essence right but if you Transform format into a flipbook then You add these interactive features like For every event that is uh that takes Place next year you can add a relevant Video or a gif or a pop-up image that Adds additional insights on how you can Market this your business during this Event right uh plus all the links to Relevant sources or the links leading From one page of the Playbook to another

If the events are related somehow so It's uh it's a it's a it would be a Document that engages your users more I Think and they would get more value from It okay have a plan for the next year Mapped out already great for having this Conversation in December [Music] Also like you know one of the ideas Behind this podcast is actually to Promote the technology that allows you To automate uh some areas of marketing And here as I understand this process of This process of converting a PDF into a Flipbook is fully automated am I right Uh yeah well you just dropped the PDF Into our tool and then within a few Moments uh depending on how large the Document is you get a preview of the Flipbook so and basically just from There you can use the link of course Using the tool you can improve the look Of it the design The Branding the Interactivity and all that but in in the You know you don't need to be A designer you don't need to be an I.T Specialist to convert flipbooks uh with Our tool you just drop the PDF and That's it and yeah it's very easy plus We have an integration with zapier so You can automate some of other processes As well from leading Let's say dropping your leads that you Can generate with flipbooks into your

CRM right so it's uh yeah in the Um We have so many different tools within Flippingbook right the embedding videos Or taking copying the embed code and Adding the P the flipbook itself onto Your page on your website uh it's all Made as a no code process And it's a and this is uh kind of what Makes it a no One-Stop shop for your Marketing because you can create this Little some some clients call them Websites not even flip books because It's you know it's an HTML document that Lives on the web so uh yeah some people See it as a website even so it's yeah It's a really easy process for everyone That was my next question actually so if I wanted to create something similar but For some reason I decided not to use Flippingbook my alternative would be Basically to write the code right yeah Yeah I think so we started off as a Plugin for like that would that provided This turn of flip turn page turn effect But now it's a separate tool that Converts it into a flipbook and yeah I Think uh to make it to make your own you Would have to write code for sure yeah So basically make a website or a landing Page cool I'm already here no God I'm Always getting very excited Another good reason for me to love it I also I wanted to go back a bit to this

Um like you know transforming the PDF Into a flip book like making sure that I'm consistent with my brand identity Because like a huge part of creating an Ebook I mean at least for myself is also Like working with the design team so That you know the content that we have Created is well represented on the pages Of the ebook so actually I was I was Wondering Do I need to pre-upload some you know Critical assets uh before we convert the Ebook so you know just just to make sure That we use the proper colors branding You know like logos and all the other Graphic elements that might be carefully Planned and crafted by the design team So you know I'm wondering uh you know How to make sure that the end result and The flipbook is equally representative Of my company uh you know like like the Ebook Okay yeah that's a wonderful Question uh well the first time you Convert your flipbook it will have Default settings all around it default Design and our logo but you can change It all you can transform the interface Into the colors of your brand completely Whatever colors you want to use you can Apply that to the interface plus you can Add your own logo to the flipbook itself So it would lead you to lead people to Your site or whatever or your blog Wherever you want to lead them right so

Essentially it looks like a part of your Brand and if you embed the flipbook on Your site it will look as a part of your Page like an extension of your brand Itself as well Uh you can also customize the link that Leads to that uh That the flipbook lives on right so it's Not a link that includes uh our brand Name but it will be your own link so People it's I mean it's more trustworthy To click for sure and it boosts views as Well if it if you have your brand name In the link so essentially there would Be no mention of flipping book and it Would be your own content uh and if you Save those settings as default Whenever you upload a new PDF your Branding will already be there So yeah and you know a consistent brand Image can boost Revenue by I think up to 33 percent so it's really a good idea to Brand your flipbooks for sure I love it That you're giving us some data I love When it happens thank you so much for This it always makes it much more Interesting to our listeners yeah thank You Um there was one more thing that we did While we were scouting your website About to learn more about five bugs and We saw that you can actually make new Sliders with it of course so how would That work well okay newsletters it would

Be it would not be a newsletter in the Sense of an email newsletter it's still A flip book but a lot of people use them For newsletters uh so they create their Newsletter in a PDF and they transform It with our tool right and then they can Share it directly with their customers Or they can use any email Builder uh to Create their their email and then they Either add a preview of the flipbook Itself into the email like as an image Or maybe even as a gift that actually Flips through so it looks like a book Inside your email and on top of that you Add a link that leads people to your Newsletter and You Know It uh it's a Different it's an additional format to Your typical email newsletter and it Really adds a bit of interactivity to The experience cool and you guys know What's the best email Builder out there Right of course No question I'm wondering because you Know you you are well equipped with data So do you have any data Maybe you know To just like um Um you know convince people to use both Of these approaches so actually you know You could use this traditional email Newsletter but actually what happens and And how does data reflect uh you know The situation when you actually Also create a flipbook and put it into The email does it improve performance uh

Well okay let's say I know that Adding gifts to your content compared to Static images can boost engagement and Time spent on the page or Insight in the Content whatever the content is up to 39 So so let's say you add you create your Email in uh in get response right and You add a gif in there which is a gift Of the flip book so and it's it it Really I mean just imagine it yourself You're looking into the email and There's this GIF of a page of pages Flipping an actual little book inside Your email and you say click this link And you will see it click on this GIF And you will see the actual flipbook Itself I mean this I I think it's a No-brainer of course it would it would Be a lot more interactive and people Would want to view what what's out there Cool thank you and I'm impressed because You you immediately said like up to 39 So it's like yeah we've recently done That research actually so that's why Okay cool cool cool cool cool cool Thanks for sharing it just warps my Heart because I always push for using Gifs and I'm always told that they eat The page loading time for example but Now I have a solid references too I used To still be doing it I think you know I Think gifts are underrated some people Think of them as a tool to just Add a little bit of entertainment in

There but they don't see it as an actual Tool to present data to show really Powerful stats I mean or graphs it's It's really it could be a really really Cool tool to use and not a lot of Marketers think of that in that way Unfortunately but we can change it I Mean I'm I'm really interested in this Topic because like recently you know I've been looking at data and I think That looking at data is the right word Like like Um because it was not analysis it was Not drawing conclusions it was basically Passive looking at data So what what is your approach here it's Like do you have any tips perhaps to you Know share with our audience like what Can you do actually to make this data More interactive because you've Mentioned reports as as this particular Content piece that works well with I Like works well as a flipbook So it's like You know how how do you how do you make Data more interesting and actually how Can you use a flat book to perhaps like Direct people towards thinking about What it means not only like to look at Numbers Um yeah a lot of our people use gifs and Videos in their PDFs and sorry in their Flipbooks and it's uh it's really Amazing to see what they do with them

Sometimes because I mean people are so Creative and it's just amazing how they Use those gifts and any stat any graph Can be presented as a gift and uh if you I mean if the if it's not too heavy it Will load instantly on the page and you Know it attracts attention you're not Just looking at Stats you're actually Thinking oh that's how it grows you know That graph that's how much engagement I Can get that's uh okay this is the Results we got this year if it's a Report right uh so yeah it's either it Could be a a gif for sure it could be a Video that uh loads that opens and plays Instantly as you turn the page so it Actually attracts attention to your data And you know it's a lot more interactive That's why people would be more engaged To look at it and actually remember Something and actually yeah another stat I can give you is uh Interactive content is 93 more effective To when you try to educate your audience So it's actually better for sure to Present uh your data as interactive Content whatever content you may choose [Music] Um we recently also discussed Gamification as the way to like Basically you know like try to engage Your audience try to actually Make people create situations where People actually are a part of whatever

Is happening on the marketing side Uh to have you tested flip books like in This context like you know is it good For gamifying certain campaigns or or Can a flipbook itself be a sort of like A game that you know rewards some Particular behavior Um I think we're working on that I think In that scenario uh maybe surveys like Embedding type form for example into Your flipbook that could be a cool idea Of engaging your audience even more and Kind of gamifying it but this is Something we're developing right now it Will be released hopefully next year uh But uh yeah I mean flipbooks can be used Uh as tools for gamification it's not a A case that a lot of our clients are Using right now but maybe as the the Concept is developing more and more People will come to that but sometimes People uh one of our clients I remember A case uh they were using links as a way To Get customer responses get uh more data From them and engage them in the process Sort of uh like a game as well like they Offered a different uh questions on the On the page and the questions LED people To different types of content wherever You click you go to I don't know a video Or landing page or whatever it is that You are more interested in so it's sort Of it was a bit of a gamification there

Brilliant thank you [Music] And continuing this topic was the data What do you think if you can share Is the type of audience that benefits The most from flipping books maybe like In terms of being B2B or b2c or specific Niches whatever you can share uh it's Definitely more B2B than b2c I would say Uh although both we have both types of Clients right but it's really it's a Difficult question because we have so Many clients from different audiences uh But I would say the most popular Uh the the industries where flip books Are the most popular would be Manufacturing education uh real estate And insurance of course because you can Really go through catalogs right yeah Yeah so many catalogs so many Prospectuses for Education let's say or Benefit guys for insurance Uh the whoever creates the most PDFs Would benefit the most as well I think Everyone can create a lot of PDFs it's About the quality yeah yeah that's true And what would you say is better to make It very robust very comprehensive like a Hundred Page Plus flipbook Or short and sweet one well that really Depends on your needs and how well you Know your audience uh and if if your Audience likes short content of course a Cool short flip book with lots of

Interactivity would be better but if It's uh I don't know a yearly report Where you have to present so much data To your investors or Partners or whoever Your sponsors of course the the document Would be a lot bigger with a lot more Data which you can you know create make Interactive and engaging and yeah it Really depends on your needs I think all Content is good when it's done well so I Can't really single something out here No I think it's a beautiful quote we're Gonna use it all all content is good if It's done well this this is perfect Thank you [Music] Thank you [Music] So here I would like to like expand on That a bit so what would be your Suggestion towards like building a good Or like you know good enough flip book So for for all those people who haven't Done it yet uh how do we how do we Approach you know this content creation So that we end up with a flipbook that Is engaging and actually brings business Results Um you know I would say think of the User first the end user who will be Looking at your content uh Be mobile ready Because uh lots of flip books are viewed On phones or tablets and you just have

To make sure that your content is Optimized for any screen this is super Important so I believe that flipbook uh Or flipping book helps you with that Right so actually those Like the end product is gonna work well Both on the mobile device and desktop And laptop and yeah it works well Anywhere if uh if you know your texts Are a little bit small people can zoom In super easily yeah it's uh it works on Any any device really uh but you know we Don't we're not responsible for the Content you create so you have to make Sure that it's suited well suited for Your audience so that means probably That you you actually put some bullet Points you have spaces it's not like a Single block of text yeah yeah but I Mean it works for any content really you Know make sure that people will be Interested in reading it and less is Always more when it comes to content Um so yeah uh that's what I was would Think of and if you want to add Interactivity into your flipbook uh Leave spaces in your PDF for that Specific gift that would drive Engagement for that video that would Play right within the page you know just Think uh think of it you know of your PDF as a canvas for something better And then I think then you would be Successful with flip books I have so

Many ideas just running through my head Right now and the episode and go make Some flip books because I think this is The future of content basically oh that I mean I I would I would agree because Uh it uh it takes you a step step above Uh from what you're used to and which is PDFs and PDFs are great but they're not Perfect and we're trying to you know to Provide a an a bit more uh perfect Experience to people I think for me it's The connectivity of all different Processes so if it is a PDF then you can Include an image that probably some PDFs Would even allow you to include a link Or you can hyperlink a text and you'll Be redirected through it we are doing This every now and then Um you can also embed a link to the Video and then you would have to go to a New tab and access that video or you Would get the link to a form and you Would be redirected to the form so it's A very multi-step process that tends to Be pretty tedious for me but here's as You're saying that you can do And see and access everything in one Place that's really the game changer for Me personally not just because I'm lazy But because it should save a lot of time And because That's what we're moving on towards Right we want to have everything digital Like I'm for example a big plan of

Analog note taking I'm a sucker for Planners but Um even me I'm trying to move into the More digital space so that would be Great to have everything at the palm of My hand in my phone or on my tablet and This sounds like the best way to get me There I mean exactly you can what you know Whatever you whatever content you create You can actually have it all in one Place with these links these videos Right it's all right there on the page And you don't have to go anywhere or if Your goal is to lead people outside of Your flipbook it's super easy and you Know with PDF you're looking at it on Your phone and then you tap and then you End up in your browser here you're Already in the browser and it's all in One space so it's convenient perfect so Do you have any maybe Visions or ideas Or desires as to how you'd like to see It all turn out in the nearest Future Um I want to find ways to you know to Showcase the product the flip books Themselves to people so they understand That they're a lot better than PDFs Because a lot of people they actually Need flip books but they don't know it Yet and and that's that's what I want to Do I want people to understand that this Is the format that could be the future Of lots of kinds of documents and people

Need it and you know the magic of Marketing is uh trying to Uh let people know what they need before They even understand it so that's what I Want I want people to understand that This is a format that could uh transform Their marketing The dog agrees I'm sorry it's cool it's cool because it Was like you know perfectly timed Actually [Music] Um so in order to understand it a bit a Bit more because now I totally get the Concept of flit books being more Interactive and actually you know Bringing the best of the Content that you have already created And basically yeah I just just Understand the the benefits of this Format but you also mentioned Data and that you actually are able to Track whatever is happening in the Flipbook and you have no idea what Happens after downloading the ebook so If we could Talk about this particular thing maybe a Bit longer Um what kind of data matters the most When it comes to you know like measuring The performance of a flipbook so we have Different types of data for example you Know how many views your content gets How many unique visitors came in to see

It uh but I think uh and a lot of other Stats that you can gather but I guess The most uh important is measuring Audience engagement and uh here's how You can do it you can track how much Time people spend on each page so you Know which page is the most engaging uh This content interested them the most so They read it properly more compared to Other pages and you know that this is The kind of content you have to create In the future or this is what you have To update your flipbook with right uh so It's time spent on the time spent on the Page also is very you know super Important then you know that this is What they want Um And uh also you can uh What's nice about flipbooks as well is That you can track What individual people did in the flip Book Uh for example you send a link to your Lead and you get an instant email Notification when they open it so you You know you follow up at the right Moment with the right info at hand Because you also saw how they interacted With your flipbook so this is really Cool and useful for a lot of uh cases So here for example you could perhaps Use this flipbook as a way to segment Your audience so if you have let's say

Well you talk about different kinds of Products let's say and you have certain Product categories you could draw Conclusions and maybe assign tags or Like you know create individual segments Around product categories am I right Yeah kind of yeah so let's say you you Have different audiences right and you Have this one flip book but you can uh Use our track sharing you create the Sort of like an alias for your flipbook For each Channel where you post your Flipbook let's say one goes on your Social media one goes on your site and Another in your email newsletter and you Know which channel how each Channel Performs so it's really good you know Okay social media it's not doing that Well there so maybe this is not where we Need to focus but our email newsletter Was a hit people looked at the flipbook They uh tracked the they uh you know Spend this time on each page and you Know that this is performing really well So this is how you can segment your flip Your efforts marketing efforts really Through flip books cool okay are there Any chances to collect customers data Apart from the forms obviously Uh we only yeah if it's specific Customers you can either track how each Of them uh when they open the flipbook And how they interact with it if you Send it to them individually or like

Yeah you you can collect data with the Uh the lead capture form there's also of Course we have a Google analytics Interaction as well but it's getting Less and less popular people are really Uh not that uh excited about Google Analytics anymore because uh more and More laws are coming out to where it's Uh considered uh too intrusive I just Think Google analytics is a tool from Hell because it's very unfriendly like I've tried to learn it for so many years I just can't yeah same same it's uh it's Really really not user friendly yeah so It's being phased out I think there is a Reason for that let's hope for a better Analytics in the future yeah Thank you [Music] I'm out of question sirek I have a few More but I think that at this point I Would rather like creatively book myself Like you know I used to just try try to Play it a bit uh I mean to play with it A bit and see yeah what happens next Actually because I haven't tried it yet But now I'm really like you know excited I I actually understand the reason Behind this content format oh that's Great and uh it's it's huge so Definitely for example if somebody asked Me like do you read PDFs I would just go No not really I download them but when It comes to flip books who knows maybe I

Would be like really just you know going Through that because you've said that It's a link you click the link and boom You're already there so I love that do you read PDFs I download Them I love that that's so true I think That this is like Um yeah like like people in content Market saying get the same impression But that's ebooks are meant to to be Downloaded not to do that no when you go To the market and you buy books you know So it's like do you read a lot of books No but I buy a lot of them and then you Have a Shelf full of books never opened Damn I know that was deep actually there Is something to that I know I just had to choose a book Because I do have this shelf of Shame as I refer to it I had to select a book to Put underneath my monitor my desktop Monitor and I was like well this one Would be a perfect height but I haven't Read it yet and I really want to but if It's under I'm never gonna reach to it Again Amazing amazing PDFs are more accessible And they're not stuffed underneath your Furniture yeah Um Lada is there anything else you'd Like to add maybe maybe about yourself Maybe the ways our audience could Connect with you and your brand of Course we're gonna include all of the

Links and the show notes but anything You'd like to add yeah well first off Thank you guys for having me it's been So nice uh and so fun to talk about Flipping book uh and yeah to your Audience uh you know if you're listening To the podcast and you you have a PDF That you would want to maybe improve or Give it a go give flipping book a go you Can subscribe on our website we have a Free trial that comes with no Commitments no credit card required it's A 14-day trial uh and if you decide to That floppy milk is the right option for You then uh just mention uh the podcast Operation Automation in communication With us on our chat or email or however You reach out to us and we'll give you a 20 discount for your first year of using Flippingbook so uh you know subscribe And give it a go and it's uh it could Really you know improve your PDFs and I Second that I'm off to try it myself but So far from everything I've heard Everything I've seen and Potentially the document I've interacted With it was very pleasant I'm glad to Hear that [Music] Thank you [Music] Okay so what do you think about the Concept of flipping books nice isn't it So we wanted to check out the flipping

Book ourselves so this is why we created The flipping book version of the global Marketers calendar for you to enjoy That's right so in case you haven't Downloaded the global marketers calendar We advertised in the previous Edition Now is the time but you can do more than That because in the show notes you will Find two versions of the calendar One is the flipping book version and the Second one is the traditional PDF So make sure to check out both of them And let us know which one floats your Boat better Personally as you could guess from the Episode I'm a big fan of the flipping Books and I would turn every piece of Content into one but I guess I would Have to wait for that one So Go ahead try it out and let us know it Is really important and we really want To hear from you And as usual you know you can find us on Apple podcast Google podcast Spotify Audible or wherever you get your podcast And share it with the fellow marketers So that more people can learn how to do Marketing better If you have any questions reach out to Us at podcasts at Getresponse.com And send it always will be happy to get In touch with your listeners have a

Great day and we'll hear from you in two Weeks for a very special sent Valentine's episode Take care [Music] Operation automation is backed up by get Response the marketing automation Platform that's been on the market for Over 20 years subscribe for more juicy Insights and remember automate don't Complicate Thank you Foreign

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