New office. New approach. New opportunities. Maciej Ossowski, Director of GetResponseMax.

We have arrived at the idea that to Fully support and fully commit to the Office model we need a modern office Space first of all the new office space Is supposed to support the idea of Employees flexibility now the main Benefits connected with it are first of All collaboration fun and creativity and These are things that we could not have Achieved in the traditional Office Space Well the new office definitely supports The idea of collaboration uh it has you Know it is an amazing space for people To work together in one room and this is Extremely important in certain areas of Our business specifically in the new Team which we are building which is the Sales development team where people are Joining the company and they are Expecting great coaching they are Expecting great mentoring they are Expecting great training and our Experience tells us that within those Specific roles we can achieve those Results best in a modern office space Which you have just created Foreign

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