Meet Pedro, our one and only Product Marketing Manager 🖥️💙 #MeetGetResponse #GetResponse

From the senior product content Specialists And what what I do I record videos with Tutorials how people can use get Response I communicate with them via Email they probably are already tired of Me as well they will see me when they Are in get response as well so when they Are in there you'll see little bell with Notifications and I'm the one writing Them too The the good environment people you work Is very important for your day-to-day Your your health in general is nobody Wants to go to a job where everybody Hates you or everybody streaming this is Different here it's more of a family [Music] My work allows for a lot of creativity And freedom in what we do so I I would Put that as number one We have clear defined career paths and Right now for example my manager helps Me to understand what needs to be done For a switch is the next level or I mean We can just have a casual talk [Music]

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