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You have to have a take it doesn't mean You're right it doesn't mean you're Wrong but you have to have a take if Your take is yeah I agree with Everything Anna said all day long you're Adding no value to everybody who's Consuming your content whereas if you Say I love what Anna said here she said A b and c and I told her I agree with Her but she also said d e and f and I Disagree with her and this is why this Is my experience here's my lessons Learners what do you think is Anna Writer am I right notice that last Little bit little bit click bait going On I want you to get engaged but the Whole point is I added value I didn't Just blindly agree with you I had a Different point of view so now the Audience is going well I don't know is Anna right or is Dural right they both Have valid points let's have this Discussion but I've added value to them Maybe at the end of the day they decide To follow Anna and do her denf but That's okay now they're informed because They consider Daryl's version of Def and Then they discounted it and they're Better for it and they like that I Challenged them

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