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Follow up with customers after a Purchase get them back to your website And show them a pop-up with a promo code All of that can be done with webconnect And it takes a single action to enable All of them Of them check it out alright so now we Need to know where to find webconnect And how do we install it and to get Started we will go to tools on the top Left and we will click webconnect over Here As you can see this page is very simple It provides a code and it also explains For what you can use with connect Uh we will click to copy to the Clipboard and then just for you to have A look you can see that this will work For pop-ups visitor tracking Notifications and in other words this Will work for automation web push Notifications and pop-ups See now how we install this code so I Will be using WordPress over here uh Doesn't really matter which platform You're using as long as you can place The code in the head of the page this Will work In my case I'll go to appearance theme File editor and I will find the head of The page over here team header As you can see the head starts here and It ends right here what I will do is Place the code right here and then

Update file in my case and for the sake Of this video I already have a pop-up Created there is nothing special about It I simply set it up to display on exit And as you saw I installed the code so Let me try to exit now and it should Show There you go so it's very simple pop-up Will be displayed and if you have more Pop-ups created you don't ever need to Install the code again so this code just To be clear will only be added to your Website once and the other scenario here Would be that if you have an automation Setup there are a few conditions here That will work with discounts as well Which are purchase condition And you will then be able to track Abundant cards too so you will trigger This automation with abandoned cards Events or visited URL all of them will Work with the same code so the Installation only happens once you won't Ever have to do it again and then there Is another thing that will work with With web connect which is web push Notifications this one is a little bit More advanced but the code is part of The process too and once you do that for Pop-ups or whichever tool you start Using first then the code is already There you don't need to do it again and You will only need the service worker But that's something that you should

Contact your web developer and if you Need help setting up web push Notifications watch this video Foreign [Music]

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