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Hello everyone in this get response Video you will learn how you can set up Another confirmation email and also how You can recover those abandoned cards Stay tuned Before we get started allow me to Explain that to get access to the quick Transactional emails other confirmations And abundant card emails you need to Integrate your eCommerce store with Getresponse in my case I integrated Shopify and you can check on the top Right corner how you can do that as well And if if you have a different store and You want to know if we support it check Our FAQ on the top right corner as well So that you will see more information And now let's jump right into it so how To get to the quick transactional emails We just have to go to tools top left ECommerce tools And quick transactional emails I already Have two examples here created the cart Recovery and the order confirmed and What you can do with this uh is that Well when someone purchases an item then The order confirmation will be sent this Is a great tool to assure your customers That everything is well that you receive The order and everything is confirmed on The other hand the card recovery will Definitely help you increase your sales As you can remind people that they left Something in their cart and you may as

Well persuade them with some promo codes In that email now let's see how it works We just click quick create quick Transactional email And you'll see two options here And let's select order confirmation go To email creator And it is very simple if you're already Familiar on how to create a newsletter It will be very very similar you are the Title here this title is only for you That sound just as an example or they're Confirmed and then what people will see Is the subject line here And then you go straight to design Message this is where you will select The templates And there you are in at the editor you Can replace everything here except this Part here you can only manipulate Um according to the settings here on the Right and everything will be replaced by The products that your customers will Purchase and all the data as well so Everything here is dynamic And then once you're ready you will just Click next I will not be doing that as I Already have one published and I will Explain why in a second Basically so after you click next you Will then see a message to activate I Can do that as you can only have one Active at a time otherwise for the same Store people would receive two when they

Purchase instead of only one message and We don't want that so when you want to Edit or you want to replace the message For for your specific store you would Have to actually deactivate So that you can activate the other and The same applies if you want to edit the Message so if you want to edit the Message you need to deactivate and then Add it and only after that you can Activate And now let's jump into the Abundant Cart email the only difference here I Will show you quickly is that you will See an option to set up a delay that Will be the only difference when it Comes to editing uh nothing else will Differ so I will not go through it just Select the delay here and then you'll be Ready to go and now how does it look Like I have here an example on Gmail And this is how the email will look like The order confirmation so I purchased This item and everything was replaced Here as you can see And why is this good for you because if You try to edit this message in Shopify For example you will see a code and Everything will be will have to be Changed with the code as well so it's Not a drag and drop and with this editor Here drag and drop no codes and it will Be very easy for you to get started I Hope you enjoyed this video and I'll see

You in the next one [Music] [Music] Foreign

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