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[Music] Hello everyone in this video I will Teach you how you can add a live chat to Your website so that you can provide the Answers your customers need when they Actually need them let’s see how we can Do that Here we are at the dashboard and without Further Ado let’s access the charts so We need to go to tools And charts right here And well before we dive into any Settings let me just explain that you Will want to use charts to reduce the Sales friction here meaning that if People are actually on your landing page Website they will be able to contact you And ask any questions they need meaning That they will get faster answers which Can actually influence the sales process So you will definitely want to use Charts and here at get response as you May already know we use live chat as Well and it helps us a ton people love The live chats and now going through the Settings Let’s start from the right right here Very self-explanatory right here and you Will be able to select if you want the Chart to be always available so this Literally means 24×7 if you’ll be away Perhaps you are on vacation and you will Set some auto reply During specific hours so in your case

Can be business hours Or simply disabled so right now you are Not handling charts Then here you will select whichever for Now I will go with always available then Save settings Now let’s see the charts Um the window appearance and starting From the top this will be the first line And just be careful because you can only Have 20 characters so how can we help You Now this fits perfectly and as you can See the first one the first sentence Right here changed and then you have two Different messages for available and for Away you can personalize both right here Um let’s say that you are available 24×7 So as it’s just for you to see that this Uh second line Second sentence changes Then you have the main shot caller and This well you should have this branded And so that it will fit the colors of Your business I will use this one over here and you Will see it later on that it kind of Fits my newsletter as well and I will Show you that company logo Is this thing that you will see right Here should be your business logo you Can also well if it’s only you uh you Can add your your avatar as well and Because this one that you see right here Is from the operator and I’ll show you

In a second Chat button this thing over here and you Can select a different icon and disable The message pretty straightforward Then you have button position left or Right and the language you can see you Can sit here and once you’re done You simply save here at the bottom Then you have page appearance and this Page uh very simply put is the page that People will see when they click a button For example on your on an email that you Will send and I’ll show to you how you Add this URL to your email or newsletter Let’s change the settings and well you Can give a page title uh Self-explanatory right here you can see That chart videos and a short Description so this this will mostly uh Be used for people that you imagine that You are selling something on eBay you Will have a specific link that you’ll be Able to send these people and you’ll be Able to chat with you on a specific page And now jumping to the visitor capture Form And what is this one this is simply a Way for you to capture an email address Name and perhaps phone number as well Um so that you can contact the person Later or simply if they want to be part Of your list right so if they mention or If you ask them uh the the use case here In most cases is when you are actually

Away and you ask them to leave their Email address so this is the first Sentence right here And you will of course you can select When you want to show as I mentioned Usually when you are away And this will be sent automatically so Leave your email address and we will Contact you Contact you in 24 hours All right And then uh Thank you for contacting us this will be What will appear once they actually Submit their email and well you can Require more things over here more Fields you can enable the name as you Can see it’s not required but I can make It required my advice here is uh for People to actually fill in their Information you will probably just want Email and name but if you want to want The phone number you can also have that And then you simply select if you want To add the contacts to a specific list And here you selected this mine will go To chart prospects save the settings and Then you have the operator profile so Let me just give a brief here you can Have multiple operators depending on how Many people you actually have on your Team in your get response account right Now I have two and I’m logged in as the Main one and as you can see uh I gave

Myself the name as Federal test and I Have the Avatar here so it’s very Straightforward you change the Avatar Right here and that’s it then you just Save the settings if you want to add Someone to the team here you would Simply go to you would go back to the Dashboard firstly and then you would Access your account on the top right go To Team and add a new person there and You just need to pay attention and give The chart permission if you select the Administrative role it will already have That permission And well once you’re ready we will jump Now to notifications and we will leave The code for last Notifications right here you can test The sounds if you want sounds or not Make sure to enable notifications right Here on this URL And then when there’s a new chat message Do you want to be informed with the Sounds And then you select the one you actually Like and doesn’t annoy you Or you want when there’s a new chat Request you can of course disable that And then if you want to get an email Notification when there is a new chat if You have way too many chats maybe you Would like to disable that So before we cover the code uh in fully Let me just mention that if you have if

You are using the website builder or the Landing page uh you can you don’t need Any code right here you could simply go To your running page or a website Builder here and as you can see I have a Few you would go to edit site settings Scroll a little to the bottom and you Just enable get response charts And that’s all you need to do here And as you can see from now I access my Website I would see the charts right here And as I’m on the same browser it it Still remembers me as I was testing Before and I can just close it right Here And go back And while the same applies for landing Page so if you are on landing pages and You will do exactly the same thing and Now Um let’s see the code part so for the Code this will be for external Pages Let’s say that you are using perhaps WordPress And you will simply copy the code and What you need to pay attention is to Paste the codes in the body section of The page and what we will do go to WordPress And we will go to appearance Theme file editor And in our case we have to go to Team Header

And the body is right here right here And I will place it actually at the end So this is the case for my uh for my Theme if you have something different And you are not sure well just place it In the body if not if it is not working You might need some developer assistance Right here and I’ll now let’s test my Website As you can see The chart is right here And if I once again I have tested this Before and this is what what appears so Um can I get some help And by the way if you are the client you Can always download the transcript uh Through here uh some of them might ask You and you can actually direct them on How they can do that All right so now let’s go back to get Response And I did that on purpose so that we can Then later on see uh how you can reply To the customer but before we do that we Go to predefined messages And here uh simply as you open the chart This is an automatic message that could Welcome you again of course customize That in my case I have uh hello how can I help you today How can we help you today and but you Can change that and just say welcome I’ll be with you in a second Thank you

In a second in a second And if you want to display that Automatically or not it’s totally up to You then you save the settings auto Reply so pretty much if you are quite Busy and uh or you are simply away and You want to display a message within 30 Seconds or any amount of time that you Can see over here you can actually edit This message and perhaps you want to let The customer say that you will get back To them as soon as possible And then Simply Save the settings And go to the quick replies the quick Replies are simply a way for you to Write a long text Um with a shortcut pretty much so you I Would use free and I would get the whole Message here so you to create quick Reply Shortcuts for example supplier Um Our supplier provides [Music] The products you are looking for And for in three different colors And then you would stake them this is Just an example You would click create And this is how it would look like So now before I jump into the statistics Let me actually show you the active Charts so I jumped right here and here You can see the operators

I have Daffy Duck and myself so right Now the chart is for myself as I’m Logged in in my main account And what I wanted to show you is the Shortcut So I just wrote supplier And as you can see it is right here Very simple way to write and I have Another one called free And there you go you can also attach Something to the charts And as you can see this is actually very Useful and you can show a capture form Whenever you want if you don’t have it Um If you don’t have it automatic and we Can go to our page here now and see that The capture form was sent and also my Messages This is actually pretty useful for you And now going back Um let’s say that the chart is closed Marquez closed you can download the Transcript And then you can go to closed charts and Here you can see who closed the charts Actually let’s say by Pedro you can see That I just closed one right now here And if we check Daffy Duck for example It has only one that occurred on my Landing page named cookie and well uh You can actually go here to the right And see The uh his chart

Now going back You can go to the three vertical dots Download the transcript Or simply view the blocked charts right Here this might be useful as well to see If someone was harassing you it’s always A good idea to block them and I will Show you that in a second how you can Block someone so if I actually go back Here and I write something And now I will go to get response active Chats And let’s say that this person is Harassing me and well we don’t really Want to deal with that we would just Block the contact right here and then You would see them On the page I just showed you on the Closed charts All right now jumping to the statistics This is very useful for you to see how Long your operators are actually taking Uh per chart and how many were closed Open unanswered a very good metric you Don’t want a very high percentage here You want to answer everybody in a timely Manner and then you have job Participants so your contact simply Means people that are on your contact List and visitors people that are not Then chat Source external page this Means someone that came from your WordPress page for example a landing Page someone that came from your landing

Page and get response of course an email I will show you uh right now how do we Do that Chats over time you can see here and if I move myself to the right You’ll see the operator activity so Pedro has one chart and Daffy Duck has One as well right here Of course this is only this week because If I go to all time You will see uh pretty different Statistics here And Pedro has five charts and Daffy Duck Has one All right so now what I want to do is to Show you how you can place this chart on Your newsletter I already have one of the templates here So I simply went to the editor selected One of the templates And I added a button here With a live chat link but I will delete And showcase to you what we just did Just went to button dragged and dropped Place it here as you can see there are Two spacers I will actually move one Below I want quite a big button here so I will Make it large And I want to change the color to match My branding so we will use this Increase the size And I want to change this to chat with Us

Chats with us [Music] All right and over here make it bold And now the part that really matters Which is to select the URL and you Simply select chart And that’s it you do nothing else you Just uh now send the newsletter and People will be able to chat with you and They will be taken to that page that we Uh spoke about before and now something That you might notice if you go to the Preview You you will probably expect to see this Page but you won’t be able to see it and I’m showing this to you because it’s Something that you won’t be able to do You can only test that when you go when You actually send the real newsletter so This cannot be tested on uh test Newsletters so if you send to yourself Uh as a test as well so if you go to Test here and send test message you will Also get an error so this only works When the newsletter is actually sent so Don’t get scared if you don’t see it Working it only works on the real thing And well now you have all the tools you Need you can place a chart on your External website on your website builder It’s very easy and you can start Reducing this the sales friction and Start giving the answers your customers Need when they actually need them and

This can certainly help you close some Sales I hope you found this video helpful and I will see you in the next one

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