How to integrate Zapier with GetResponse

Hello everyone in this video I will Teach you how you can integrate get Response with zapier and give you two Examples that you can start using right Away after this video stay tuned Alright so now starting from a dashboard In order to integrate good response with Zapier we have to go to tools on the top Left we will go to Integrations and API From here you will see there is a tab Dedicated to sapier and we will click Here so before we go forward let me just Explain that we use zapier to actually Integrate multiple tools for example in This video I will show you how you can Integrate cut response with Google Sheets so when you are the new row it Will automatically add a contact to get Response In the in the other example I will show You how after someone fills a survey you Can tag them automatically without you Doing anything else just setting up the Automation in zapier itself so now in Order to connect you will simply click This button and of course you will need An account to its appear but don't worry As it is free I'm already logged in but So once you do the same you want to Create an account with zapier and log in You will see exactly the same as me in Here and you simply have to authorize Alright so once you do you will see your Active zaps so these are the automations

That you've set I already have two here And I'll use them for the examples and You have templates here so you can Create a contact in get response from New responses in Google forms and you Can see that there are many things that You can do with save here and get Response so it can integrate different Tools that were it was not possible Without savior And in my example so we will use Google Sheets and we'll use certificate and Before we do that let me show you that I Will go to zapier itself Over here Just so that you know how the platform Looks like but in order to do to create A new zap you don't have to do this you Can alright so you can either click a Template or you can go straight to Zapier itself and you go to create right Here Then you go to news up And it will ask you to choose the tools So in our case I want Google Sheets [Music] And I want it too and I want to select New spreadsheet row [Music] So do that it will appear to OK it then I'll have to uh Plug in my Google Sheets account so you Will have to authorize that as well so It's better if you already have a Google

Sheet of course and then continue Then you have to set up the trigger so How will zapier know that it should for Example create a new contact and get Response so I'll give them my Spreadsheet which is Google Sheets With response sending my gave it and Within the spreadsheet itself You'll have a specific sheet in my case Will be the number one and then we Simply continue Now it will test say between zapier and Google Sheets And everything seems correct Now let's continue and I won't get Response And the event would be to create or Update a contact as you can see there Are more things that you can do with it This is just one of the examples that You can use To continue I'll have to choose an Account IR I've already done this so That's why you see my account here but You will want to integrate Only onto Click to authorize you will also see Your account And then let's continue And here is the the more complicated Part it's very easy as you only have to Select your things over here so here I'll give you an example so the list it Is required and it will be for all about Coffee it's one of my lists then you

Have to insert an email you can just Insert one of the emails that you have In my case I will just write Gr that's one of my test emails And then if you want to add people to The other solar cycle for example uh Once you add someone to the row if you Want to add them to autoresponder cycle Zero let's write zero over here And then you have all of that and I can Show you that you can have times Automatically too and in this case let's Say I will write Google And we should keep it all in small case Then you can see that I have a lot of Custom Fields these are just the ones That I have in get response and you can Update them or it will simply add Something to this context once they are Added through Google Sheets as you can See These are all the custom Fields you can Go through you probably will have less Or more depending on how you are using Your guitars account and then you have Origins zapier set you know they came From zapier And then later on you can even segment Your contacts by that Now you click to continue so not nothing Really crazy here we only feel that you Feel that you needed to and then let's Test the suction all right so you can

See that this is working we have a check Mark here if it wasn't you would see Some error popping up and it will tell You what what was happening so I want to Publish this song Let's just click on it And turn on and see you can try this Right away but I will not transfer Existing data because I already did that With my previous spreadsheet and now What you can do and you will see this Will be Uh I will actually deactivate this one Because I did exactly the same for the Other one So let me just disable this so that we Don't have any conflicting area And I will go to my spreadsheet so I can Go here I as you can see I have a column with Name another with email and you can have Columns with your custom fields too over Here I will call this Pedro zap Two and then I'll just copy paste the Email And change to 56 instead And in a moment you will see that this Contact will join my listing at response Alright so now let's head back to get Response and see if the contact was Added as you can see if I go to my list If I go to contacts right here all about

Coffee you will see the contact cards Here so Pedro test gr plus 56 origin API And this was done to my first uh Zant That I already have configured not the One we saw together so we will only see Zapier right here on the origin if it Was the other one we will see the tag And everything else but I just had to Disable one because they both had the Same function as you can see very easy This one over here and every time you Are using Google Sheets zapier will do The work for you and not the contacts And now what we'll do is to check how to Tag someone that fills in a survey so we Will go back to Integrations and API Zapier And I already have it configured here But I will show you how you will do it Through the appear as well it'll be very Similar so first you will need any Specific case of course you can use any Other tool we are using certificate so I Went to servicate I created an account I created the survey and I can show you Very briefly How this area looks like I have Monsters over here and when someone Films it then they will be tagged and This is what I will configure in this APR so I already have it here but I will Do it once again so that you can just See so we'll do exactly the same thing

That we did before [Music] And we can go to circuits Selected Choose an event Survey completion And continue Then choose an account This is my cervical account Continue once again And it will ask for one of the service So you will need to have a survey Created also Want to continue And test so this will already let us Know if this integration is correct And you can see all the fields over here And I'll continue and now what we will Do and get response will be to create or Obtain contact Continue And as you can see we are going exactly Through the same steps as we did on the Other integration and this will happen With most of them to be exactly the same Thing All right so now we have to select list And everything else so I just for the Example sake I'll go with all about Coffee I'll go with email once again Over here And this one will be different because I I just want to show you How it will look

Day of the autoresponder if you want to Add another responder And you are already familiar with that And tag can be just serving And you will see that I I already have That in one of the contacts And the same you can have but custom Fields added or updated as you wish Depending on the answers of the survey As well can also be configured by that So let's continue and test the action All right so you can see that this is Working and you would only have to click Publish so in this case I will not as I Would have to unpublish anyway because I Have two zaps with the same function so I'll simply close and what I want to Show you now Is that if I go to get response and if I Find the contact so I I when I did the Example I did with the same contact Which was the first one over here you Will see that this contact has origin Zapier and tag survey but the Interesting part here is that I added This contract long time ago so it was Back in August and this survey was done In November so you can see that it Simply updated the custom field and also Other data tag and what you can do later On is to just go here on the condition Contact details and you can go to custom Fields or in in this case we can go Straight to tanks to be fair

And we can write survey I was going to Custom Fields as you can use zapier as The origin And you can see that I have a tank and I Can I could create a segment it could be Survey Respondents and then save so whenever Someone fills in a survey and they Complete it they will be automatically Added to this segment and then you can Use it for your newsletters and before We finish here let me just show you that You can configure the zaps we didn't get Response so if you go to the Integrations now you will see that we Have a few connected and others created We should have four I have active setups and connected ones But then you can use a template and this Can be configured through get response Directly so if you go to Google Sheets Here and there is actually a template For that simply click to configure You will then see like in here and get Started the process will be exactly the Assignment it will just be configuring It we didn't get response We select the sheet go down Once again and it will make the Integration directly Click next it's already going to get Response I select the list Go down next and you simply select what We just did before uh very simple and

Then you can simply click next once Again [Music] Send a test all right so now we can go Next and you could turn on the top so It's exactly the same thing I taught you How you can do it directly in zp Platform uh but you can do it straight And get response now you simply have to Look at your Tech stock see if you are Using any other tool besides get Response and by using zapier you will Most likely be able to integrate both Together and automate a lot of tasks That you were doing manually before I hope you enjoyed this video and I'll See you in the next one

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