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[Music] Hello everyone in this video we will Cover the integration between get Response and PayPal so that you can Start selling your items using your Landing pages Stay tuned Alright so as usual we are at the Dashboard and from here we will go to Tools and Integrations in API And here’s where you will find all the PayPal Integrations and if you were Confused uh with all these Integrations Don’t worry as you were not the only one Here I will explain to you all of them And how you use them properly so you Have PayPal buttons and this will allow You to add a button to your landing page So that you can start selling your items PayPal notifications will help you to Add people after they purchase to your Account so they will be on your contact List and PayPal payments means that you Can then use PayPal as a payment Processor when you build the sales Funnel let’s now see how we can Integrate all of them and we will start By we will start with PayPal buttons So the first thing to consider here is That you need a PayPal business or Premier account so this is the first Thing that you need to know if you only Have a normal PayPal account you won’t Be able to do this one although you can

Create for free a PayPal business or Premier account there is no cost Attached here so let’s click connect and Now we will head to our PayPal account And from here you will click on your Profile And go to account settings While in account settings all you need To do is to go to account access API Access and then we go to update Right now we will see a few options and The only one that we need here is the Nvp and you will go to manage API Credentials And from here you will see three things That we will need for the integration Which is the username password and Signature so you will just click to show All of them and copy and paste to your Account I will skip this part as I don’t want you to see my info of Course And well so let’s start copying and Pasting Once you copy paste everything you Simply click to add PayPal account And now PayPal buttons is connected so In a few hours we or minutes we will Probably be able to add the button to a Landing page and sometimes there is a Delay and you might even need to wise 24 Hours for for it to update although it’s Not usual Um and what you already know that if you

Experience some issue you might just Need to wait a little bit now let’s head To PayPal again and we will create a Button so that we can use it later So we were here on the settings but what We need to do is to go to pay and get Paid And go to PayPal buttons Now this is this will be very simple as You only need to go directly here to the Buy now button It would click on it and here is where You will write your item let’s say you Are selling a backpack And for testing purposes I will write The price as one cent And here well you will check the Configurations here if you have shipping And everything uh just do not touch the Customize Button as it will uh it will Change the code and we don’t really want That here so we will go straight to this Option here to customize Advanced Features And what you need to do is to go here at The bottom add variables And you will write custom And the name of your list So in my case I will want to add Contacts to Cookie Monster And just to reiterate here without PayPal notifications the contacts will Not be added so we will see that in a

Second but this is the first step here So this means that after someone Purchases from my uh through my PayPal Button it will be added to this list Assuming I already have PayPal Notifications In case you don’t want anyone to Subscribe to any list you will simply Write this Subscribe now Yes we do we’ll go with Cookie Monster Red button And well now you see a code here and What we will do is to Simply select this Code We will copy it So that later on we can Input that in our learning page We will now go back to get response and Let’s go to landing pages I already have two created here I will Use this one We are now at our landing page and you Can see that when I go to the right The PayPal button can already be added Here And uh when once you double click on it You will be able to go to this option Here which is to hyperlink and here you Will find these are all the buttons that I created within PayPal so I created for Backpack free book book And this is ours right here So as for a quick test if I let it like

This and if I go to preview We will see that I will be able to click And go straight to PayPal Exactly so then it will ask me to pay And you will just have to well the Person purchasing will have to login on Their PayPal so that they can perform The payments So this is already done and now what we Want to do is to go to integrate with PayPal notifications Right so we will go to Integrations once Again And as you can see PayPal buttons is Connected right now And we will go to PayPal notifications This one is very simple it will simply Generate this URL And you will pick one here let’s say I Want to Cookie Monster And let’s generate the URL And once you have this URL what you will Do is you will copy and we will you will Head straight to PayPal we will go to Account settings Once again notifications and you will go To instant payment notifications You will choose ipn settings And you will paste the URL right here And also receive ipn messages so save Here And that’s it you don’t have anything Else to do here this is already done And now when you head back to the

Integrations you will see that PayPal Buttons and PayPal notifications are Already connected here And well this means that you can use a Landing page already you can add a PayPal button people can purchase and They will be added to your list directly You already know also how to uh how to Configure so that people don’t get added To your list if you don’t want them to Get to get added And also what’s missing here now is how You can integrate with PayPal payments Which is the one that you will use for Files I will not cover the funnel here but This is how you integrate the account so You would go to connect And then as I’m already logged in it Will only ask me and I will simply say I Agree uh if you were not connected to PayPal already or I mean logged in you Will simply have to input your uh Details there username and password and Then you’ll be integrated as you can see I’m already integrated very simple here And you could you can add multiple Accounts and if you want to Simply Disconnect you just go to three vertical Dots and disconnect so another thing to Consider now as you already know about This is when people get added to your Account they get added directly With an autoresponder cycle assigned so

They will be on Day Zero So when assigning the list keep that in Mind and if you have an autoresponder For that list they will be part of it There is no way to actually remove them Um To to stop them from joining the Autoresponder so keep that in mind if You don’t want them to enter the Autoresponder just place them on a list Where you don’t have an autoresponder And well I hope you found this video Helpful and now that I was able to Clarify this these Integrations for you And well now you have no excuse to not Integrate PayPal with your account start Selling with your landing pages and I Will see you on the next video

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