How to install a Popup in WordPress | GetResponse Tutorial

Hello, everyone,
in this video, I Will show you how you
can create a popup In your GetResponse
account, and how You can add it to your WordPress
website in a very easy way. Stick with me till
the end of this video, And you’ll see why.
We are now in the GetResponse account. And what we need to do is to
go to ”Tools” on the top left And then we will click
”Forms and Popups.” I already have a few created here,
but to showcase to you, Let’s click ”Create”
on the top right. You will then see
this message here. We will focus on popups
today, and we will just Click ”Continue.” And you will be taken to
the page to pick a template. Let’s just pick one from
here, and you can ”Full preview” Or just ”Use template.” Let’s use the templates. Now we are in the editor,
and you might already Be familiar with
this kind of editor. It’s a drag and drop,
very easy to use, And you have the main
page here, what people Will see at the beginning, And then if they, in this
case, if they would submit Their email, they would be
taken to this page by default. They would see this,
not exactly to the page If you are not redirecting,
although. Now you Have here the ”Global design,”
in this case popup design, And you have four
options here, ”slide in,” ”popup”, ”full screen” or
just a ”bar,” and I’ll showcase The four to you. And then you have positions
here where the popup should be. And then just basic
settings that you Will need to design
a nice template. And let’s move on
to ”Add elements.”

This is the one that you will
drag and drop to the template Itself. And let’s say if you
want to add a divider, This is how it would look. And then you can just delete. Just as in any of our editors,
you would do the same. Let’s now move on. You can pick different rules
for your popup to be displayed. Make sure to check them, and
I will showcase a few to you. And just so that
we can move, let’s Go to the targeting, you can
choose if the visitors are new Or returning, the kind of device,
mobile or desktop, location, You can just select a specific
country if you would like to, And then how often the popup should be displayed. And this is where you will
select in, for example, ”N days,” During five days, it
will be displayed. If it should stop on a
specific period or when, And also, if you have a specific
promo going on, a specific time Period, you would
select here as well. And then you would
click ”Save,” and you Would be taken to this page, and
you will see this code here. It’s not complicated. This code will be used for every
other popup that you create, So you will only
install it once. So I will click to copy it, and
then we will get back to it. And here on the
domain, I will show you Later on how it looks like. Let’s now, you would now click
”Save and publish” if you want it, And I will want to
show you how you Can place this code in
your WordPress website. It’s very simple. We are now in WordPress here,
and what you need to find Is the code. And you need to go to ”Appearance”
and then ”Theme file editor,”

Or maybe you have a
different name there, But you need to get to
this page here where You can edit the theme. And what we need to find is
”Theme header” or header.php. And you will see the
head here, the head starts here, And it will end here. All you need to do is to
place the code in between. And I did that before
and this is the code. So this code is installed
now, and then you Would just click ”Update
file” here at the bottom. And now let’s go
back to GetResponse. This is done, I
will not publish. But let’s check my other
popups. As you can see, I have a few here,
and all of them Will work with the same
codes that we just installed. So we didn’t even
need to do that again. And let me show you how it
will look about the domain, Very quickly. We would go to
”Edit events” here. ”Save,” and we will
go to this page. It will just look
something like this, Exactly like your
website in my case, As it will be displayed
in the shop page. Let’s now see my website. Let’s go here. And this is already
one of the popups, And let me start
from the beginning. You can see the bar
here at the bottom. This is one popup
that we designed. And this one came with a delay
of five seconds that I set up. It would be to gather
some email addresses. And you can, Of course, this was
just to showcase, You can set different rules.

And let’s see now how
the other ones work. We have on the blog,
we have something That will take the whole
space just to showcase to you How it would look like if
you selected the full screen. And also, if we go to shop,
and we scroll a little, You will see that
the other popup will Show. It’s a very
good way for you To target your customers
in a very specific way when They are close to convert. If they are already
scrolling for a while, It might be what you
need to get a sale. And now let me
show what we can do If you want to target people
who are leaving your website. Let’s go back to GetResponse. And here we would
edit the web events, And we will select ”on exit.” I will not do anything
else, just save, And I will go back
to my website. I will reload. And OK, it’s done. Let’s now try to leave. As you can see, it
popped up immediately. Certainly a great way for
you to incentive these people That were about to leave
your website, to convert Them, and increase your revenue. And remember, it only
takes one code for you To manage all your popups.
I hope you enjoy this video, And now everything
became easier for you. Have a good one.

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