How to Increase Your ROI with Hyper-personalization

Foreign It's great talking to you today my name Is Mike ostovsky and I work for a Company called get response I've been Professionally engaged with the Marketing Automation and email marketing For the last 13 years of my career and Uh together with good response with our Platform of our product we've been Helping our marketers and brand across Different regions to basically speaking Design and execute more effective Digital marketing campaigns today I want To talk to you a little bit more about Hyper personalization uh and how it can Be used together with multi-channel Marketing to increase the return on Investment of the campaigns that you are Orchestrating so before we're going to Be doing that I just want to make sure That we are simply speaking on the same Page when it comes to the agenda so We're going to be covering four areas Today talking about hyper Personalization so we're gonna start From segmentation then I'm going to walk You through lead scoring and tagging Then we're going to talk a little bit More about AI Technologies and finally We're going to wrap it up with Multi-channel marketing so I just want To make sure that throughout every Single one of these sections you're Getting a lot of effective proven and

Very practical pragmatic strategies Which you can use in your campaigns uh So first of all what is hyper Personalization all right so let's start With the definition The definition is extremely clear hyper Personalization sort of password is Actually a very tailored experience that Your brand your company can actually Deliver to your customers right and that Personalization can be basically uh you Know you're using a lot of different Data sets all right so it can be the Information that customers leave with You throughout different forms it can be The information that you gather about Them within the email campaign or on the Website it can be also information that Is actually uh let's say produced and Generated through different AI Algorithms such as product Recommendations Um why is it even important right Because this is the next question that We should try to answer before we're Going to be talking about those um the About those techniques well first of all The data is extremely clear customers Who are getting a delivered uh sorry a Personalized tailored communication from Brands are simply speaking a lot more Likely to buy from them and that is 76 Of all the respondents surveyed by the McKinsey group uh but that's not only it

Um second of all these customers are Also more prone to purchase more in the Future so if you delivered a Personalized a tailored experience to Them they're going to make uh more Repeat sales um purchases in the future Right and finally last but not least 78 Of respondents of that survey have Actually declared that uh brands that Deliver a personalized the shopping Experience will be referred will be Recommended by the consumers to their Family and friends so a lot of data to Actually back it up and uh I just want To make sure that you know today we're Talking about strategies which are Really uh impactful when it comes to the ROI which is of course extremely uh Extremely important especially you know In terms of uh uh you know strict Marketing budgets and making sure that Every single dollar that you spend there On your campaigns uh is actually Producing the right now the right um uh The right result so uh let's move on to Those techniques right we're going to Start with uh Advanced segmentation and Advanced segmentation again from the Very definition is uh delivering uh a Message a campaign uh to a carefully Selected group of marketing contacts to A carefully selected group of consumers Right so uh Advanced segmentation this Is not something new this is something

That has been with us for the last uh I Would say couple of years still we see That a lot of brands are still Struggling with uh delivering the right Now segmentation experience to their Consumers right right so um we can Basically think of multiple examples in How you can use segmentation to deliver A personalized experience first of all You can use the demographic data to make Sure that the messages which you send Out are including the products that your Customers are you know more you know Most likely to buy as you can see here Are two very good examples of you know Beautifully looking emails uh now you Know with the open rates between 25 to 30 percent and the very high Click-through rate from south from 6.4 To 7.3 percent uh and you know the the Demographic data which is used here Which you can also use can be based on The gender it can be based on the Geolocation uh it can be also based on The past purchase history right so the Demographic data is the first data set So very often it's also the easiest to Start with if you want to go with the The advanced segmentation in your Campaigns So the second technique on which we're Going to be focusing when it comes to Advanced segmentation is using the Derived data using derived data is

Basically speaking predicting your Subscriber your marketing contact Behavior right and to do this you can Look at the some you know previous Engagements some previous data points Some previous patterns on how they were Actually interacting with your Communication and use that to forecast How they're going to interact with the With um with that communication in the Future right which can have a very uh Let's say Um Um impactful uh decisions on that you Know which you know which sort of call To action you're going to be using in The email what sort of images you're Going to be including in your email Template right so what you can see on That slide uh is an example from a from An online furniture business uh this is A company called cell C who's been using Your response and uh you know that's Been actually utilizing the derived data To enrich their segmentation Um they've been also using uh you know Some historic purchase data to make sure That all of the items and all of the Products with the uh within the email Campaigns that they are sending uh is Used for a very personalized tailored Advanced segmentation right so um uh First one I mean the first technique Demographic data second technique

Derived data some other examples to use The derived data in your Advanced Segmentation is basically speaking Targeting the existing customers uh you Can also use it to communicate with Those that have not made a purchase yet Uh you can also try to uh you know find And identify that key group that is Spending the most amount of money uh Within your business right so uh the Champions and the most valuable Customers uh you can also use it to Create a segment of returning customers Who have bought from you multiple times In the future right so they are the Repeat customers uh or finally uh Customers who have who haven't bought From you uh let's say in a you know very Specific amount of time so we call them The inactives right some uh you know Some some uh uh some call them the Dormant subscribers uh the dormant Contacts so this is the group of people That for an example have not made a Purchase within the last 90 days right So these are really practical really Pragmatic based on how you can utilize The advanced segmentation Uh let's move forward because we have Actually a lot to cover today and let's Talk a little bit more about lead Scoring and tagging Um and this is actually tracking and Rating subscriber actions uh and

Assigning labels to your database that Is like the technical definition but What leads scoring and tagging is Actually about I would say that um in a Very uh you know easy definition this is A technique of learning more uh about Your subscribers learning more about Your customers without asking them Directly specific questions about their Preferences and using that data which You gather to label them right and uh You know put them in certain groups put Them into certain segments put them into Certain uh you know um you know some Micro uh communities of subscribers Let's basically call it this way now uh If you're gonna look at that slide we Are showing a we are showing let's say Two different elements of a marketing Automation workflow and get response the One on the left is using lead scoring uh And you can see uh you know the first Action point of a question was any Newsletter link clicked right so this is A very practical step which part you Know practically anybody can Implement In their marketing campaigns uh and uh If any of these links within any of your Campaigns that you have been sending out This clicked you can add for example 10 Points as you can see on that slide uh To your contacts if they have not Clicked any link you're gonna subtract The 10 points right at the end of the

Day you're gonna end up with a list of The most engaged contacts of the most Engaged subscribers and you're gonna be Able to rate them by the score that is Assigned to every single marketing Contact The second strategy on the right are This is tagging so again you can see the Same action point at the very beginning Of the workflow and uh again it says When any newsletter link is clicked Right and uh and you know in terms of The negative scenario uh you are Assigning a certain tag which is Basically full campaign then you wait For two days and then you send them a Reminder and if they react so that is The positive scenario on the left if They react to any of these uh uh now Links in your newsletters you're going To be assigning them attack you're going To be waiting for two days and you're Gonna send them a different message Right which is a referral welcome Message uh the biggest benefit of doing That and of using lead scoring and Tagging is basically speaking over Mating a lot of work that brands are Doing today manually right so this is Delivering the personalized experience Through marketing automation without uh You know manually creating some groups Of contacts without manually scheduling Each and every message and the end point

And uh let's say like the bottom line is For your customers to feel that this uh Let's say customer Journey that this Communication is actually extremely Personalized right uh here you can see a Really good example of a you know two Different two different you know two Different customers with totally two Different let's say uh preferences and Uh you know purchase history and they Can be getting totally different Messaging also basing on their you know Purchase history and also on the score That they have been receiving in your Marketing automation system A strong case in point for using tagging And for using lead scoring are the References and the testimonials that we Are also getting from our customers so As you can see here this is you know This is a very interesting statistics a Customer of your response that have been Using tagging uh you know they haven't Specifically observing better results in Their marketing campaigns but I mean First of all they have been observing uh A 54 in uh um a percent increase in Sales right only due to tagging uh and 41 was during the educational campaign And 13 came from the discount coupon Follow-ups right and this was all made Possible through uh tagging right so Tagging easy identification of people Who buy

Um a lot of people who don't buy at all For the last couple of years and then Taking some very specific automated Steps to deliver the right customer uh Experience let's move forward and let's Focus a little bit on our AI Recommendations right and uh of course You know this stands for the artificial Intelligence recommendations this is an Automated and personalized way to Improve the user experience to increase The conversions on your website but also To help certain users with the Navigation especially if you sell a lot Of items and you want to suggest them What is the best product what is the Most interesting product that they Should be looking at first of all What is you know I mean what are AI Recommendations and what do they do First of all I mean probably you guys Have seen them a lot of time uh you know Already this is the backbone of you know Uh the the you know the biggest online Businesses from Amazon to Netflix uh to Zalando right recommendations are Responsible for making sure that your Consumers are seeing the most fitting The most personalized products the best Matching inventory on your website or Within your emails in a real time all Right uh and you can personalize that Experience both for people who've been Interacting with your brand a lot in the

Future and they are the marketing Contact in your database you can also do It for those who visit your website for The first time it works 24 7 and uh one Setup there is no need to I don't know automatically adjust your Campaigns or schedule anything right so The recommendations is just the back end Artificial intelligence pirate system That gathers the data and uh predicts The next best item that you should be Showing to your uh customers right so This is a massive massive upgrade to all The communications that you send both Through the email and that you Communicate on your website Um there are multiple ways in which you Can use AI recommendations right so we Can uh you know we can use them to Upsell uh you know um you know the items Which you have in your inventory you can Use them to cross-sell uh different Scenarios uh and you know what we are Always doing we are trying to you know Split recommendations into two groups uh One group is the hyper personalized Group where you're going to be uh Suggesting the products and that's Suggesting the items basing on the Individual behavioral data of your Consumer um you know somebody that Visits your website or opens your email The second second group are the general Recommendations which you're going to be

Showing to either groups of people or All your customers right so here you're Going to be looking at scenarios like Top five best sellers uh you know the Best selling item new in stock or back In stock right so these are the general Scenarios uh promoting the items that You want to put the biggest emphasis to The first group is the extremely Personalized recommendation system based On the individual uh you know path on The individual Journey or you know of Each and every single customer right so Here you can think about those Recommendations such as you know uh you Know similar to your preferences others Have also bought you know you have last Visited so all of these extremely Personalized recommendations are you Know available in platforms such as good Response but uh you know in 2022 they're Also one of the most effective ways to Increase the conversion uh uh you know Um on your website right after running Some tests recently with you know with Our key customers with our key Partners They've been founding out that up to 50 Percent of all the products that are Being added to the card on the website Are added there due to uh product Recommendations right which can be Delivered as you can see on that slide Both as a point of a mass email Mass Campaign or you know directly in your

Home page but they can be also used as a Element of a marketing automation Workflow right so when an item is Abandoned in the card you want to send Uh an abandoned card email but you don't Want to make it too generic right you Want to include the item that has been Left in the card but also let's say four Additional items that are extremely Similar to it right so at the end of the Day the end goal is that the customer Doesn't buy one product they buy at Least two products right and this is Something which they are doing there's a Lot of data backing this one up and uh You know we've been seeing and you know We've been seeing some surveys that People who are targeted let's go this Way by the uh recommender systems are Likely to spend up to 70 percent more Than the users who are just kind of Simply speaking going to your website And you know putting the product into The card so you're not only uh Retrieving these conversions you're also Increasing the average order value which Is a massive massive thing right Uh last but not least we're gonna be Focusing on the multi-channel marketing And the you know the multi-channel Marketing is this is of course a wide Wide notion right uh but the way we Understand it is the very orchestrated Very smooth very seamless use of

Multiple channels to communicate with Your customers and this can be done both Directly uh intentionally or indirectly Right Um why should you even bother I mean why Multi-channel marketing is a thing that You should be including in your plan Well first of all according to Harvard Business Review uh 73 of consumers shop On more than one channel okay and this Can be a mobile device this can be a Laptop uh you know you know this can be A you know any other platform which they Actually might be using to interact with Your brand uh but here's the fact Typically you're gonna be seeing more Than one platform more than one touch Point across the same purchasing process In which they are in just the kind of Speaking uh you know simply speaking Just to kind of buy your products right And uh the the end goal for all of the Brands today is to convert the customers Where they are not where you want them To be right so this is basically moving From you know I'm gonna send the Newsletter at 5 pm on Tuesday to an Approach where you can orchestrate Multiple channels from web push Notifications in the uh um in the web Browsers uh to SMS marketing to email to The website okay uh so that at the very Very end you are finding your consumers Where they actually are in that very

Minute and not where you want them to be So this is a big basically shift from That uh you know from that very Traditional approach right uh the core Communication channels that are Basically speaking most effective in Terms of the ROI you know first of all The good old email marketing with still The and you know unbeatable uh return Investment statistics uh now you know Three thousand and eight hundred percent ROI which means that for every single Dollar that's used plan that marketers Spend on the email marketing channel They get 38 dollars in return right and This is an unbeatable statistic for year Uh and you know it hasn't been Challenged by any other uh let's say you Know channels such as social media Mobile or push Uh the second core Channel and this is You know this works great actually it's A compliment to email it's SMS marketing Uh SMS marketing campaigns they you know First of all they produce massive Engagement okay because uh you know the The you know the SMS marketing channel For the SMS messages you're going to be Seeing the open rate of 98 plus which Basically means that every single I mean Almost every single text message which Is being sent out is opened right so if You're looking at a massive engagement Um in many countries this is also a

Channel that is basically easier to Interact with for the consumers than uh Than the email channel right so if You're gonna be looking at the email You're gonna be looking at SMS and Finally to complement the multi-channel Approach you're going to be looking at Web push notifications and web push Notifications are amazing especially if You want to Target those uh customers Who typically shop or who typically work At their laptops or PCS you know they're You know kind of by using the web Browser and web push notifications are Seeing a massive massive uh Click-through rate right so the CTR And they can actually improve that by up To 150 percent uh the question is how to Orchestrate these channels in the best Way so that you're not sending the same Message across every single medium right Uh I think that the way to do it is of Course using marketing automation so Those intelligent workflows as you can See here on the left and they will help You to ensure that the communication Which you're sending out is not Repeatable and that it doesn't actually Overlay right so of course you know this Is impossible to achieve if you're using Let's say three different tools one for Email one for SMS and the other one for Web push you're going to be using one

Technology one platform to basically Maintain and keep your database in one Place uh you know the whole list of your Marketing contacts and then have three Different tools three different measures To actually interact with them and Marketing automation actually does it Best I want to say thank you for Attending this session today I hope that I was able to share a couple of Practical scenarios at which you can uh Orchestrate the Harper hyper Personalization experience in your Marketing campaigns so uh you know just As a bit of a uh you know slight Reminder we went from Advanced Segmentation to tagging and scoring Through AI recommendations to Multi-channel marketing uh so I hope That this is something that you will be Utilizing in the future thank you very Much for your patience uh again if you Want to learn more about hyper Personalization make sure that you visit or reach out to me Directly on LinkedIn thank you very much

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