How to Implement Your Multichannel Marketing Strategy for 2023

Uh my name is nihal borovitsky and I'm a Product support expert here for get Response Max and with me uh there is the CEO of ascent Todd who actually was kind Enough to share his substantial Knowledge with us today uh Todd would You mind introducing yourselves to our Attendees but yes it's a pleasure to be Here today Todd Libo uh with the send Two we are a research firm so every year Actually I was just doing a uh a blog Post and I think we've done over 60 research Studies this past year and I interviewed Over 10 000 marketers about various Topics so uh hope to be able to provide Some helpful information today as you Plan for your 2023 uh this uh what we're Going to talk about today comes from a Research study we did with get response On multi-channel marketing specifically For mid-level company mid-sized Companies Right lovely so um guys let me briefly Walk you through the agenda and then We'll get into the real thing so the Meeting will last approximately 30 Minutes and we'll do a q a session Afterwards uh don't worry if you missed Some details the recording with all of The necessary materials will shortly Follow up after our webinar is done but If you have any questions at all to any Points we will be discussing please feel

Free to share uh them on the chat window We're always happy to share our Knowledge and uh more extensive Questions are always welcome at the end Of the webinar the Q a session right Lovely and now on to the agenda we will Be briefly discussing Four Points uh the Data quality how to measure it and what To look at how to properly manage it Through a technology that will allow you To stack it all under let's say one roof And then how to start what where to Start with and basically the most Impactful channels we can leverage right Lovely so first off let's start with the Data quality so don't let data quality Slow you down fix it now uh giving my Voice over to our expert Todd Well yes so one of the questions we Asked marketers was uh when it came to Multi-channel marketing what's your Greatest Challenge and the number one Challenge by far was Data quality and Because this did not Surprise me a whole lot when I look at The overall scope of the research we've Done on a lot of different topics data Quality always comes to the top and you Know there's many reasons for that but You know if you're starting with Uh either lack of lack of data or data That does not have high quality right Away you're kind of behind the eight Ball because you don't have the data to

Make good decisions or the data is not High enough quality and so you can't Trust your decisions and so it's always A really good place to start and I think With multi-channel marketing uh you First have to kind of look at you know Where's what kind of data do you have Where's it coming where is it coming From and it's how does it all fit Together Yeah that's true I mean uh even off the Top of my head the recent example I can Um show you guys is that one of the Biggest companies we work with had a Mild hiccup with the data format which They didn't agree upon first and couple Of channels formatted the date field Differently one went with the US style So uh month date yeah the other ones did Date Day month yeah and that basically worked For some period of time until they tried To consolidate the reports which Completely sabotaged the Um the whole data basically they it took Couple of men serious work hours to fix It straight a thing that could have been Avoided if they planned ahead on how to Format and use the data another thing That uh another actually company did is Uh basically not using a clear marking For the data so instead of actually Trying to describe it trying to make it Approachable for other things they used

Codes like one one a one one B which Wasn't sustainable in the long run that Was a huge issue that costed them Um some hours and some results basically They had to take a few steps back which Could have been avoided if they actually Assessed their data and confirmed the Quality they're looking for You know that really and I think one of The things I wanted to mention Throughout this presentation our Research really shows that what one area That marketers are struggling with is The lack of an overall strategy so They're very busy doing a lot of Different things and when you picture Maybe your own marketing program you're You know we're talking about Multi-channel marketing so that Marketers are doing email and social Media uh running ads there's all kinds Of data coming in and so taking some Time to step back and look at how you're Formatting your data how it's all coming Together can save you a lot of time on The back end uh you know it might feel Like you're slowing down a little bit Initially but I think you'll reap the Rewards in the long run yeah slow and Steady wins the race basically it's all About the foundations that we build upon And how we can actually backtrack Ourselves easily Um now the next thing is the measurement

Of of our multi-channel program so that We actually have to keep tab on how Everything is falling together and what To focus on so we don't let's say dive Into deep into super detailed data that Will in the long run or might in the Long run feel inadequate to how much Work we've put into collecting that data So Yeah and this this here comes from uh a Research point that we had in the study That asked marketers what the most Essential element was to a successful Multi-channel program and the number one You know by far at 71 percent was an Accurate measurement of performance and When you think about it that's so Critical as you're doing all these Different tactics being able to measure And see you know what's working what's Not working where do I want to spend More money where do I want to maybe cut Back a little bit unless you have the Measurement down you're kind of you're Flying Blind and you know as marketers We can't afford to do that uh you know We have to be you know mindful of every Dollar we spend and being able to to Measure and be able to provide you know A really you know an accurate way of Saying you know kind of turning the Knobs I would say like on your programs I want to spend more here I want to Spend less here here this measurement

Element is really critical and I'm sure You have some ideas on you know how to Be successful for this but it's you know It's attainable Yeah of course and uh many people think That it's very hard and especially There's a high level of Entry uh that Requires them to uh successfully measure The data again Let me refresh these what I said earlier slow and steady wins the Rates right so if you don't know where To start you can start at the basics Right so uh maybe let me share my screen To show you just two simple automations Straight Out of the Box solutions that Will allow you to measure uh your data Uh successfully right uh just a moment Here it is right is my screen visible to You I thought can you confirm I mean yes It is right so this is actually a very Simple word flow now uh ladies and Gentlemen the thing is that don't get Um let's say overwhelmed with how it Looks right now it's a mechanism that if You invest just a bit of time of a Learning curve to pass it can prove an Absolute power how us with very little Maintenance time so you get most of out Of your time instead of just measuring Data this one is a very scalable model On how to fish out your most engaged Most loyal customers so we track any Operation or any action that they do Here it's a simple setup for somebody

Who's just joined get response and is Running his own store so we are tracking If somebody is opening his messages and If he is we add him a point it's a Scoring system that basically allows us To later segment our Communications or Anything we need based on the score that They have attained if they click any Link any at all they get another type of Point card abandoned so that they were Interested but we lacked that last last Final push to finalize the transaction Which is a valuable data to us and Whenever they make a purchase they make More points and the thing is that this Is extremely easy to set up out of the Box just a couple of elements and it's Very scalable whenever you identify Along the way that for some users that For example purchase certain types of Products at the upsell Pages work better Or you want them higher because they Spend more we can simply adjust those Elements so we can actually copy and Paste it and instead of doing phones Let's track people who buy laptops right And add them and more sorry and award Them with for example 10 points right The idea is that if you're running some Let's say limited higher priced product You will want to Target those people With higher score points earlier or Maybe with an additional incentive or With a personalized email because that

Gives us the leverage some something to Track our campaigns something to Actually make the decision based on so Very simple out of the box solution that You can adapt for any business if you're Looking for pushing content you will Want to grade openers much higher Frequent openers especially another one That I have prepared is a very simple Yet extremely effective loyalty program It's just actually three elements those Three elements looped together for each Threshold of the program you might need So for example if you're running a shop That focuses on frequent buyers let's Say maybe some food delivery right you Want to award people who's been most low Loyal to you with maybe some additional Gifts maybe something else maybe a eBook Of how your product is made so something That they will actually enjoy or an Award like a discount code or maybe Something free it's up to you completely Um so it's always good to have this Knowledge of who's actually spending the Most so you can Target those people Easily Yeah and I love this example you know I've I found personally through Experience of when I start implementing Scoring uh with my own company or with Other companies you know how it quickly Surfaces these little nuggets of of gold Right things that you never under you

Never realized it starts to uh you know Bring those to the surface uh you know We talked earlier about lack of an Effect effective strategy many times can Be you know a hindrance for companies Well this looks complicated on the Surface but what I've always found would Be if I can just block out some time on My schedule maybe just a couple hours Where I don't where I don't have my Emails going don't have my phone close By and I can just start thinking about The process and the workflows uh it Comes pretty quickly uh pretty easily And once you get that automation set up Then you can then you're turning on that Learning process then you start seeing Seen things and you can adapt after that So I think that slow and steady Slow and steady concept combined with The strategy can be very powerful yeah Exactly plus Um it's always nice to scale it and After some time after putting those Automations in place certain personas Will start to emerge so you will know Who your customers are if they prefer This or that and it's a very important Thing also I wanted to address a Question from Dario hi Dario um can you Send only emails in the automation or SMS too we actually have a broad Spectrum of features uh in the Automation itself that include SMS web

Push notifications uh tracking visits to Certain stores links clicked abandoning Cart or we can actually even specify Certain events so certain behaviors by Our customer on our page that get Response will be able to track so it Crushes the surface Um but those are very helpful and Another thing is I will export the Templates of those workflows for you and I think we'll attach them to the Follow-up email so you will have Something to go on and start with an out Of the box solution now uh let me just Pull up yeah Oh and I was gonna say uh I know earlier This year it's not in the research study We did with you but if anybody ever Wants to reach out we did a a study and It talked about it really showed the uh The power of SMS which is a really Underutilized uh you know channel for us So when we're talking about multi Multi-channel marketing like for example Having that ability to incorporate SMS Into the process can be extremely Successful we like I said we have some Research that really shows how when Companies are adding SMS uh it helps to Raise the overall performance of Everything so that that's why you want To do this right that's why you want to Everybody's doing multi-channel Marketing whether you like it like it or

Not If you're using email and SMS and your Website and content you're using all These different channels it's just a Matter of how you weave them together to Have the most success Exactly and it also in my opinion adds Another layer of Personal Touch emails Aren't as personal and as direct as SMS The SMS really a punch because Well let's be honest it's hard to avoid It they will read it once we send it so It is a very strong message uh now let Me just quickly end my screen sharing And bring up the presentations Presentation for you again guys Um Right and next on the agenda we have Your marketing technology stack should Uh basically make your life easier and Not harder and have one Under One Roof Thought would you mind sharing some Experience sure you know one one thing's Really important and it was really Highlighted in the research was you know Really marketing technology your Marketing stack should support your Overall strategy and unfortunately only 14 of the marketing professionals said That they couldn't measure their Multi-channel initiatives across all Channels okay so we talked a little bit About measurement before I bring this One up more I think to highlight the

Aspect of You know the downside when your Technology is not working together to Support your strategy and what you you What you end up having in that case many Times is when your technology stack has Been kind of like I said like cobbled Together And the data is kind of coming in not Not connecting together you don't have a Holistic view of your customers and what They're doing and what they want so you Know it's kind of like a tug of war Almost between your strategy and the Technology and that's really something That uh needs to be avoided you know at All possible exactly and plus let's be Honest it's also about money because you Need to pay for those extra features That you don't have Under One Roof plus It takes hours basically to combine that Data into one solid report and and That's the time you could spend on Developing your brand or reaching out to Your customers so time better spent than To consolidating the reports Yeah right and you know having a more All-in-one solution uh the one benefit To that is especially on the data side So all your data all your data is to get Together to help I think better support The the various channels that you're Doing so from you know like I said from Email uh to website interactions uh even

To things like we have today like Webinars right Um You can pull this all together and Have that holistic view of the of the Prospects or hopefully customer of Course plus if the tools communicate With each other it's much better or Easier more convenient to create a Coherent marketing campaign when one Will follow another without re your real Input or controlling trying to time them Out perfectly and I've I actually have Uh prepared a very nice workflow that Shows us how to build such a Multi-channel campaign in in actual live Case scenario because that's actually Being used by one of our customers I'll Just need to share my screen and just a Moment please here you are And as you're pulling your screen up I'll just say that we're talking about This from the marketer's perspective uh Of being able to accomplish what you're Trying to accomplish uh in your Multi-channel program but if you also Flip that over and look it's also Providing a better customer experience Right and so I think that's also Critical so uh Of course in today's world when social Media takes 10 seconds to share an Opinion about your reputation is a huge Part of your brand and your deal so just To um guys briefly show you what it is

This is actually an abandoned cart uh Now don't get uh again distracted or uh Overwhelmed with the amount of elements This is the End Game of what you should Try to achieve because it's uh it was Born through multiple tests and as we Said slowly it emerged slowly based on The patterns that the cost the customers Of the company that uses it reacted or Responded to best so let me walk you Through it really briefly Um because if somebody abandons a cart In their store they send an abandoned Cart message a pretty standard practice To follow up to check if we want to um I Mean maybe if they want to reclaim the Card we check then if the message was Opened or not if it was opened let's see If that person made a purchase Afterwards if they have let's tag them Because that gives us an information of Who responded just to the abandoned card Message so first line of support and Then we can send up a follow-up SMS and If somebody didn't give his uh phone Number we can divert it to an email Message and then encourage them to give Us their phone number and in that SMS we Can do something very simple like thank You for supporting our brand we really Appreciate you purchased our product or We can follow up with a discount code For the next purchase so that way Whenever they will want to purchase the

Next product of course they will first Check what we have because they have the Discount code and another thing is that This builds in your customers sort of a Positive reaction to an SMS arrival from You so they will react to it much better Now we need also to account for a moment When they haven't opened the message or Even if they did they haven't made the Purchase then let's send them a web push Notification so something that if they Agreed to will display directly on their Desktop or on their folder or their Phone and you know try to give them that Extra nudge to wrap up the transaction And then again we checked the same Detail if they made a purchase or not if They had it we need to tag them Accordingly so they didn't react or Respond to the abandoned cart message Out of the gate but with the web push Notification we got them right so we Want to tag them to later know that Those customers aren't really super into We need some extra push for them and we Let them also to the SMS so we also Appreciate them as they made the Purchase now those who proved resistant To our attempts to drive them in uh We'll get another tag because that's Something that is also a valuable Information that none of our Communication methods worked so there is Something we need to address and

Something we need to find out we can Single those people out check what Products they bought maybe that was the Issue something there maybe the Communication and another thing when you Will be building it I recommend to use Each step to test and drive in as much Data as possible out of the blue the Best thing is the abandoned cart instead Of doing one abandoned God message we Can do a split test so we can test three Four or five designs and see to which of The design in the long run the customers Are most likely to respond with actually Following up with the purchase so that Gives us another extra layer of data That we can use to improve the way we Both communicate and actually share our Product right and recommend it Right I love that What you said about doing testing Throughout the process Because I mean that's music to my ears I Used to work with a test testing Institution actually where we uh we did Testing you know hundreds of thousands Of tests A year and what I would say is like as You're going through this process you're Also learning and optimizing what you're Doing and as a marketer that's very Encouraging because you can keep your Executive team up to date on the fact That you're what you're doing but what

You're learning as well and so there's This constant Evolution and Improvement That you're having which I think helps To support Uh You as a marketer within the Organization because you know all along You're not only just doing things but You're learning you're adapting you're Optimizing and to me that you know I Think that goes a long way as you're Preparing your strategy for the new year Uh that you're emphasizing to your team That we've also included you know Testing in this process so it's not just You know Blind Faith you're actually Learning as you're going yeah exactly It's something to back up your argument With the board or the data analysis Right why are you making it slow because I'm trying to build a quality content And try to find out what our customers Like prefer what they respond to best And this is something that in today's World is priceless the data that our Customers make decision based on right Okay lovely let me just quickly pull up The presentation back uh right here Just a second [Music] Nothing right so the next one is where To start because I know that people are Often overwhelmed when they hear Multi-channel campaigns and that the

Movie channel has to start right away From the gate Todd what are your Thoughts about this Sure uh you're in our study I think There was about 15 different tactics uh That were outlined as far as what was Being used but when you look at the the Top five Uh actually top four email content Marketing landing pages and social media Were the top four uh so if you're doing Those Already you can say well that's a good Place to start and I can just improve my Measurement I can improve you know my Workflows but if you're not you know you Can you can start with looking at you Know looking at those to get started uh Email still works content marketing uh Is essential for the mod you know the Modern marketing process to help them Build trust build understanding to your Product uh your landing pages social Media I mean that's that's all that Engagement component of what you're Doing so I would say you know Look at the report when it comes to you But you know starting with those first Four is a really good place to start and Then just thinking about how they all Come together yeah exactly build upon Them because when you'll see that uh for Example when you start with a landing Page and how to respond there some

Social media posts and email follow-ups Maybe in the meantime you will find a Group of customers who you would like to Include in a webinar for example to get Them to know your brand they will have Nice feelings and try to recommend it uh Or you know stay loyal so it's always About the foundations we can Branch out From the easily but it's always about Building the strong foundations when you Have a good start and good content and You monitor that well then we can expand Um forward right so if you see for Example that your uh autoresponders or The welcome series The Open rate rapidly Drops after the 10th email now you know That it's time to maybe organize a Webinar or maybe use web push or switch To an educational Series where you know That they are interested they've been With your autoresponders for a long time So that might give them more let's say Relationship with the brand they know if You're more you know included in the Process try to associate with it a bit More That's right I mean one example I could Say you know like I said here to send Two uh we're a research firm we have Companies that come to us so we put out These well what I considered like you Know excellent uh research content Pieces but then we have you know those Companies are using email and social

Media uh setting up landing pages all These different ways to to take that one Content piece and then have multiple Ways of using it uh throughout their Funnel right so from getting people to Come to their website to how they engage With them once they come to the website So you know as a marketer you can start Laying out like what are we doing and How can we you know how can we Incorporate additional tactics Additional Um channels to maximize the value of What we're doing and you know I think That's one of the things that you know As marketers we can struggle with is we We do one you know one tactic and then We move on to the next thing so in this Illustration you know you create one Great content piece and then you move on To create the next content piece well Maybe By incorporating a more multi-channel Marketing approach you can get more out Of that first piece Exactly right absolutely Um right and on to the next one so uh Start slowly with the number of channels That you use which basically connect Right back into what we just discussed But uh I know that most of you had this Experience when you signed up for a Store one product you needed and then You were flooded with SMS uh invitations

Um web push we're trying right off the Bat you got six emails about it I don't Know about you but I from the get-go Immediately run that's the thing too Much they don't know me they don't know Who I am so the strong foundations will Allow you to also match what you have With what your business needs because Every business is different and your Customers might prefer a maybe lower or Higher volume of contact or channels Right and those uh those four are very Strong foundations not only because as They fulfill strong needs and desires of Your customers but they are also Extremely easy to build upon That's right and uh you know we find in Our research too that Most people have a preference in how They want to engage with you so you Might have somebody who would never Respond to an SMS uh that was sent to Them and then another person who that's All they'll respond to So you know whenever you eliminate Something you know you could be Eliminating entire groups or at least at The very least the preferences they have Um and I think one good illustration may Be and maybe they'll buy once via email But if that's not their primary Preference Uh you know lifetime value may be much Higher when you're incorporating SMS

Into the picture or other things so you Know yeah you might get one one sale Because they're desperate for your Solution but maybe long term you're Missing out so I think you know all this You know it's just something you have to Have to step back and look at your Strategy uh start slow but you know Um plan to keep incorporating new things Uh over time it doesn't have to be Immediate but over time have a have a Long-term strategy yeah exactly and Adjustability is also the convenience of It here for example using the Automations I showed you it's very easy To adjust them to incorporate the new Channels or to use the data the channels You added right now will support the Effort of the earlier ones great example The Loyalty program for example you want To send or will want to send Um more intricate or maybe more Personalized email to people who proven To be your loyal customers and you don't Want to get you know to direct with People who just purchased you want to Welcome them lure them in slowly with Real loyal customers you can go in and They will welcome your message so this Is how adding more channels will Actually strengthen the foundations you Have so it's a two-way Street and it is Really important to plan ahead and to Try to include your business knowledge

And your knowledge of your customers to Adjust it to your business model Right when you when you treat everybody The same Most of the time nobody's happy right so And we've all experienced this where you Like you said you made one purchase and All sudden the the tone on the Communication is like your best friends And and you're thinking I barely know this company uh but then On the other side of it like you said The Loyalty program it can be where You've purchased many times and they're Treating treating you like they barely Know you and that can have a very Negative effect so even having those Separate workflows and having that Loyalty program Can be it can be extremely valuable to Those high-end people but also I think To the beginners because you're treating Them uh probably in the proper Communication uh that they're expecting Yeah exactly like first email hi hello Thank you for using our brand the 30th Email how how are you going I hope You're going great right something in a Frequent customer will welcome and Something that might of put certain new Customers if we get too familiar with Them that's another advantage of having It all Under One Roof because they the Functions the features the channels they

All let's say talk with each other Because one feeds data into the other One if you have to do it manually it Takes a lot of time if you pre-plan it With automation you plan and design it Once and it will keep running forever Right until you adjust it or make Changes to it or defy or prefer to go With a different strategy Right so I think that covers uh some of It not to an extent but that's a broad Subject now if you would like to learn More uh the report prepared by touch Company will be also including the Follow-up email I think you'll find it Very interesting with uh live case Scenarios and this really is a gold mine Just remember adjust it for your company And don't be afraid to experiment to Test try out nothing will work 100 for Your company you know your company best And your customers and you need the data To come in and we're always happy to Help I'm an automation expert and get Response so if you will be up for the Challenge to design them I'm always Available for you guys for uh Consultations and support of my Knowledge Um and now uh let's get on to the Q a Section uh guys is there anything on Your mind that you'd like to ask us some Tips pointers some strategies something For Todd I need to use his experience as

A unique And as we're uh Looking here for questions one thing I Did want to just point out would be you Know it was really Raquel thank you for You know being very open and kind of Sharing these examples and one one of The things I would highly recommend Would be it would happen to experts at Companies like get response and try to Get some examples you know ask them for Examples maybe that are similar to your Company uh you know kind of Leverage Their experience uh to apply to your Strategy so you know it's it's always Comforting and I think it makes a lot of Sense to just tap into experiences They've had and recommendations that They can give you Yeah exactly it's always a pleasure to Brainstorm you know we got tons of Experience millions of customers under Our belt so we're happy to share that Knowledge and now Dario asks us a Question so top three channels to be Used in multi-channel marketing approach Todd your three best Uh channels sure uh The three I would put out social media Your website landing pages and email Uh it's very interesting a lot of people You know for I would say the last five Years everybody's been trying to kill Email well uh

It's not quite Dead uh yeah actually When we find his email is still very Very successful especially when Marketers are you know moving away from You know Um Blasting email emails out and using Automation to send more targeted emails So I would say you know social media Websites and an email uh those three you Really have to add I think I mean in Some respects the over Um the overarching components of that Would be content marketing uh because For all those content marketing is kind Of your what I would say is your fuel to Make you know to make it all work but um You know build up your email list and by Doing what you need to do is you know Ask your prospects or your customers as Soon as possible to get that email and That requires trust that you'll use it Appropriately and then of course you Know obviously social media and I would Say with social media just again this is Why multi-channel is so important uh Social media is great but at some point You need to want you want to get other Data about them so you can Communicate with them at other times Besides that social media platform And I have to agree with Todd here like There's no other way for me as well out Of my experience email landing pages

Social media because you also Target Three groups that can and prefer to use Them independently some will use Google To try to stumble on your landing page Or be directed from social media some Prefer emails and don't really divulge In the social media Madness right now so It also helps you broaden your target Audience it's just if you can use it It's good to use it right because that's Some extra ways of reaching out your Customers now um after another question So Maggie do you have any strategy tips When targeting the tech industry Notoriously allergic to most standard Marketing approaches uh okay out of Experience as an attack guy it's the Least the better because you need to Know that The Tech Guys the it and stuff Like that they're curious they are they Are used to digging for information and They want answers so out of my Approach Usually if you can send them an email One email with some minimal data very Polite and asking them would you like to Learn more because if they won't they Will not respond they will report your Messages as spam which will hurt your Deliverability so the key to in my Opinion is to actually lure them in not Go after them that's the difference Yes and I I would say I think earlier in The presentation when you were showing Some workflows and you talked talked

About the fact that more data you Collect you can start setting up Personas and many times what I found in The technology space is there might be Multiple personas that you have right so You might have the very technical person And you know that person for example Then you're going to want to think about Uh the kind of content you send them You know versus maybe you know you know You might have the developer versus the Application person right so they have You have different personas which will Require different content that you send Them and maybe even their preference for How they like to interact with you so That's one place where You can't get by without having Automation Uh you really have to have automation It's not that complicated when you have Automation uh and the platform but if You don't It's impossible it's really possible to Do true you need to exactly that thought Said build Persona track for example Which links they click or plane out ask Them are you interested in that or are You interested in that because you would Like to personalize your communication They are down to the bone down to the Core details guys so you avoid you know Huge emails that will require them to Scroll through it chunks of informations

That will basically Will work better with that type of Personality with a data driven again Data-driven type of people the tech Industry uh yeah yeah and it's also uh This is a great conversation that you Know please feel free to email us or Contact us for further like in-depth Conversation I love this topic I would say that with the technology Space also it's typically a what I would Call like a complex sale so there's Multiple people involved in the process And so realizing that uh is very Critical so like you know having the Ability to know like okay this person Influences the decision but this person Here actually purchases Um there's typically multiple people Involved a longer sales cycle which also Means that you kind of have to have that Automation in place to be able to handle That as well uh that's a fascinating uh Industry Um so yeah feel free to ask more Questions about that yeah exactly Absolutely I agree if you manage to Segment them based on what their Messages they interact with you know That the salesperson will Target for Comprehensive Data customer support so The way they can get support for the Product they purchased or you know just Get some information while the down to

The core Tech guys who will check Specifics will appreciate sending them Raw messages specifics they go through It and they can feedback their own Salesperson right so it's all about Adjusting it to the people you're going After right because you need to have Those personas and that's why the Multi-channel and the automation will Actually help you automatically create Them Exactly Great question Yeah yeah absolutely uh that and that Goes for every other industry as well You need to think about who the customer Will be and what they will like and if You don't have a clue or where to start Or you never actually encountered the Inside of such a company we're here to Help Actually a pleasure to brainstorm or Create strategies and overcome those Kind of challenges and in the long run When we set it up from the get-go it can Seriously improve your uh whole business Revenue let's say in the long run when You get enough data to precisely Target The person you will with the way they Prefer That's right Nothing so anybody else could Some doubts maybe something you need to Brainstorm over

When someone's typing If you uh just to Um let you know Or my company Ascend to Dot com if you go there we have a lot of Free research and so you might be able To find some I know we have some things That kind of specifically talk about the Technology space uh so there's prob There might be some additional content That you can pick up there just to help You know with some of the you know Topics that you're looking at because It's multi-channel but then it's also You know like for example nurturing and Different things like that that you can Look at in more depth so uh visit the Site it's all free absolutely and I do Recommend it because some of the things Even for me as a person who's deep in The business uh are an eye-opener some Approaches that I would never even Consider when having the set of data so Thought is the correct link Somebody is asking from the chat window Yes A-s-c-e-n-d and the number So Um I'll put that in the chat for Everybody yeah just to confirm right so Seriously take a look at the report the Tech company I'm with is a sorry it's a Question from Maggie sorry guys I got uh Excited for the questions uh the tech

Company I'm with is a startup currently Targeting SRE and developers what are Some of the hardest hurdles for a tech Startup Oh it does depend developers are very Specific customers uh Todd do you have Some experience maybe you can share on This one I did before I started to send Two I was working for uh a company that Actually Did software solutions for developers so I actually have quite a bit of Experience in that area Um what I found you know found in that Area was Um it took a really high level of what I Would say like focused content Uh you know you had to have you know Very you know you had to kind of get you Had to really understand Uh how to speak to that audience And you know get your mind out of like You know from for my for me I had to get Away from you know speaking like a Marketer and speaking in the language of A developer and so uh that took a little Bit of time Um but uh it was you know that audience Also required a lot of building of trust You know so I think that's something and You see that across all Industries but Like in that one many times they wanted Very specific answers to specific Questions and you know you have to trust

The process of you know being able to be More specific and that that will build Brand loyalty uh in time but it doesn't Happen overnight because I didn't Completely find that you know it's I'm Just Maggie said this is also her Biggest challenge and I agree but the Thing to keep in mind uh Maggie I think Is that it's worth the effort because Once you break that barrier of their Indifference and once you get on their Good side this is where they will start To recommend your company or Solutions If somebody will ask and those Recommendations in the developers Environment are Priceless they are an Absolute engine that will help you drive It it's just that you first need to just As thought set identify them to see what They respond to best but it's an effort That's really worth to put it in because It will pay off in the long run even More than with other companies But personas right so non-developers so For example so for example we about Three years ago we did our first startup Technology company we did a research Study because they were uh it was a Technology that helped SQL users And so we were able to go out and Actually find that audience do a Research study that really helped helps Two things it helped answer some Specific questions for the industry so

They could have kind of like a state of Report which was very popular but then Also it allowed them to see what was Most important to that audience and then They could start not only adjusting Their products but also adjusting their Messaging based on what was most Important to the audience so a lot of Different ways to handle it but that was Uh that was one way they did it was you Know that research study kind of helped Them then set up all their Channels with The right messaging yeah I absolutely Recommend to look into the report that Will follow up with uh after the webinar And also to check out thoughts on page With the reports they have because this Will help you understand the mindset That they have you know something a Little bit more from behind the curtain Of the developers World which I know Seems nearly impenetrable but that's Because they are exposed to that type of Stuff constantly so you need to actually Um you know differ yourself from the Other ones and also exactly lure them in A bit based on the personas they will Display You Right lovely anybody else Is interested or some questions it's Always happy to help All right I think there's a lot to process guys if

You will need any help later on uh let Us know uh I'm the first line of support When it comes to Automation and Tech Problems in get response so if you will Have some questions following up the Webinar just send me an email refer to The webinar and I'm more than happy to Help right and if you'll need reports And everything I encourage you to visit Ascent too because you will find some Really worthwhile data there that will Help you a lot Yes thank you it's been a pleasure uh Thanks for I know everybody's busy so Thank you for taking time out your dates You uh Be on this call and uh feel free to Reach out to us with additional Questions Thank you and have a lovely day guys Bye bye bye

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