How to Create RSS-to-email

What if I told you that there is a way to boost 
traffic and engagement in your blog by using   Specific type of email.This type of email is 
called Access to Email and we will learn how to   Configure it today. Let's have a look. Alright, 
so now starting from the dashboard we need to   Go to email marketing and RSS to email. Let's go 
here and from here just click create RSS to email.   And now we will stop for a second so that I can 
teach you how to find the RSS feed URL. So you   Will go to your blog right here and you will go to 
view page source right here. And now what you need   To do is to search. So if you are using a Mac, 
it will be command F. If you're using PC control   F and we will search by RSS here you will find 
the URL right here. So this is what we will copy.   This is what we need. Let's go copy this. We can 
already close and go to the first tab. All right,   I will paste it here, it will check. 
As you can see there is a check mark   And now you just choose the frequency, right? Do 
you want people to be updated with every new post   That you have or you want to be reusing content? 
So for people that already have a lot of content   In their blog, the second option might be the 
best. So that you reuse your content as well,   Right? And then you can choose the frequency over 
here. Let's say we will do weekly every Monday at   Nine, all right? And it will be based 
on the most recent. Let's choose five   Articles. Message name will be for me. So food 
blog or like I will call it weekly food blog.   And on the subject line. So this is what people 
will see. It will be a weekly digest and then   The NSS title. Of course it will be replaced by 
this. This is just a little code. Then from this   Is the email address that will be used to send 
this message. And we can go to the next step.   This is where we will pick a template. You will 
see that this is very simple. It will take you to   The drag and drop editor and you will see that 
I can just change the logo here.For example,   I already have one prepared. As you 
can see it fits right here. And then   For example we could drag text over here. 
You can see very easy to use this kind of   Editor. And as you can see there is a button 
hereand I can write for example start cooking   Something very simple just for you to get 
an idea. And now let's go to next step.   This is where we pick our segment. So the 
people that will receive this digestand I'll   Pick people on list e. You can select multiple 
lists ofcourse or specific segments over here.   If you want to exclude 
someone, you can also do that.   And let's go to the next step. All right, so 
it seems like everything is okay here. And   Something that you need to know is that RSS tends 
to perform much better than a normal newsletter as   It covers just 4% above the normal open rate of 
a newsletter. So these are pretty good results.   And also people click more often so they will be 
engaging more with your blog. And this means that   You will also be driving more traffic to your 
blog. And let's not forget that you can also   Check the statistics here, have open rate click 
rates delivered. And also if you just go to the  

300 converts, you can click on statistics. 
So make sure that you are using RSS email   And get ready to boost engagements and traffic 
on your blog. I'll see you in the next video.

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