How to create a webinar?

Hello, everyone. In this video,
I want to show you how you can create And host your own webinar in GetResponse. Stay tuned. All right. So you just saw me in a webinar room
and let’s now see How you can create one for yourself
so that you can host your own webinars. Well, the first thing to do when,
while you are at the dashboard, Is to go to tools
and we will click on webinars. Once you reach this page,
the only thing that you have to do here As well is to click Create Webinar And here is where everything starts. So we have to give our webinar a title. So this is this title of your Attendees or registrants. They will also see this title. So let’s say getting started With ecommerce And then
we will go through the basic settings. All right. So as you can see the webinar URL Takes Its own version of the title here. So based on the title you want, provided
you are now And this is the URL, you will
then later on you can copy this. You are around and use it
and use it on a specific newsletter To invite people to your webinar. All right. So next we have date and time. So this is when the webinar will start. And the time here is
based on your account settings. So if you are not sure, You can go to your profile
here, can go to manage account And you will see the time
zone in your account. Everything will be based on that

And here it is,
the duration of the webinar. So how long it will take, You can Enable this toggle here
to automatically records on start. So once you start the webinar,
it will start recording automatically. And here is an interesting one,
which is to create an on demand webinar. So an on demand webinar is simply To simply be your webinar,
but it won’t be live. So it’s dedicated to those
who cannot attend your webinar And but they still want the experience,
so they will still watch it on demand. So when they can at their own time,
if you want to do that automatically, You would simply toggle
this one as well, give a title, And then you would see
on the On Demand webinar top. Moving
on, we have lobby message or agenda. So when people register to the webinar
and if it’s If it’s not live yet,
they will be taken to the lobby And while on the lobby they will
then see your agenda. So anything that you write here and
they will then see, I will copy the title And then you can select the thank you
page. These thank you page will be shown When you exit, not exit the webinar
but when you end the webinar. So as the host, you will have the ability
to just finish the webinar. And once you do, everyone that’s still in
the room Will be redirected
to the page that you select here. So can be any of these options. We will leave it as default And let’s see that we are already here. So save this step and then we have
registration and subscription settings. Here is the email address
that will be used to send Any reminder or recession information,
as you can see here. So you can select your own email address
here that people will recognize. And here is where people will go. The ones that register to your webinar, They will be added to the list
that you select right here.

If you have any autoresponder configured, You should also toggle this on
and select the day. And of course, well,
this one has to be attached to the list That people will join. So based on my list that you select here,
then you enable Or don’t enable the other responder here. If you want to send reminders,
make sure that you enable the registration Required as well as it’s a must in order
for reminders to be sent in here. You can configure when you want to
to send the reminders And you can select more than one
of course, And then apply and then you can
choose the templates as well. Just keep in mind that you cannot
and it is templates. So everything here is auto generated
and based on the settings Of your webinar and name of your webinar And then you can select
if you want to have password or not. While this would be most effective,
if you are actually selling access To your webinar, you might want to have
a password protected webinar. Or if it’s only for selected people, You can also add the consent fields
if you have already created one. And if you haven’t, make sure
to check the video on the top. Right Now we are ready here And we will simply click to create. All right. So you will then see this message. The webinar is already created And what I will do
is to manage my webinars And I will not be sending an invite
as this button here Will take you directly
to the our old newsletter editor. And I recommend that you go directly
to email marketing And use our newest editor
in order to send an invitation to people. And you only need to use this. You are so you will Hyperlink a button or text.

With this you are telling people that you
will be able to register to your webinar. All right. So you can see that
my webinar is right here. This is the access you are now. And I want to join as a presenter
so that I can prepare and explain to you The room Joining right now. And well,
this is the first thing that you will see. Most likely
your browser will ask you for access. So make sure that you give the access here
to not experience any trouble, Any trouble with, let’s say, with image And video or audio in general. And well, as I gave access, I’m
I’m able to turn on the microphone here. You can also turn on the video. And well, let’s now go through Everything that you can do,
starting here from the top. All right.
So as you can see, the room is locked. It’s not time yet for this webinar to run,
although you can simply unlock it By going to to the bottom left
where my picture is here. And you would click on this button. So let me just drag this to the right So that you can see you would just
simply click here to start the webinar. So this green one. All right, so you can turn this on here
to start recording. So once you start the event, once
you click on the green on the bottom left, You can start recording. And if you enable the option
to start recording automatically At the beginning on the settings,
this will be automatic. Of course. Here you select the language
of this specific room. So here
you can see that language indeed changes. You can turn on full screen And here you will see the part. You can exit the event right here
and you can see the mobile access.

There is an app called G R webinars
and you can use it To access this event
using these codes right here. And well, now Let’s see what you can do here
on the right side. As you can see,
there is the camera, as we already saw. You can turn on the microphone and screen
sharing right here. Of course, when you click on screen
sharing, you will most likely Your browser will ask you for permissions
as well. And here you have the settings
as you can see, microphone and voice Detection, everything quite obvious here
when you go through it, It’s the most difficult part
is to actually find the settings. And this is why we are going through them. And here you can find the view Basically
when many people have their camera on On the main screen here, you can You can define how it should appear. And well, If you want to change your avatar,
just a little one Here,
you can just go here and select things. You can see it changes. Let me go back to my original one And well, next,
you have the charts right here. It’s important
always to keep an eye on the chart. And there are all the options here. And as you can see,
you can disable it or enable Or perhaps you want to moderate a chart. So when you click to enable the moderation
here, you will see that There is a new top,
meaning that when people click something, You will have to approve
or disapprove their message. If you want other people to see,
you will approve. And if you don’t,
you will simply disapprove it. If you want some notifications,
you can also export a chart history. Well, as you can see,
there are many, many options here. What you need to know
is where you can go to find them.

And this is what we just did right here. So you can see that the chat options
are here and the other options Are regarding video on the on
your avatar can be found right here. Now, let’s go to the left side And this is where You find the menu,
all of these options here. And let’s start with a view. View. So this is the other view right here
that people will see And you will be able to select
one or the other right here. This is the same option that we just saw
on the other settings, The video settings that we saw And all moving on. You can upload a presentation. And in my example,
when I was showing the intro, I had a polished glass presentation And once it’s uploaded
you can simply click on it And other people will
then be able to follow you Through your presentation
while on the presentation. There are a few options
here at the bottom and well, The first one is for other people
to be able to collaborate with you. So the other attendees in this webinar
today will then If you turn this on when it’s green,
they will be able to draw on the screen. For example, if you want to,
just the example they can download And you can download,
this presentation can also undo. Here you select a specific tool. So if we wanted to draw tool, You can simply do something here
and then you go to undo it. Just send us and well let’s just
use the pointer here and here you select Well how The width of the and drawing tool
of course And well you can then follow here
through, through the other options, You can zoom in, zoom out
and if you click on the arrows, You can simply move to the next slide
and previous slides. And once you are done
with this presentation,

You can simply click close right here And now while screen sharing Self-explanatory here
and what I was showing you right now During the presentation,
it would be the equivalent To the whiteboard,
so we will not go through it. And the tools are exactly
the same here at the bottom. While screen sharing,
there are two options. You can display it in the browser. You can use the browser for screen sharing
or you can use it up. So if you click the app,
this will download a specific up And you’ll be able to use it to screen
share. If you use the browser, most likely
you will have to give permissions You can then share. You are here for YouTube. So once you on the YouTube video,
here you are. Now this video will appear
directly on your webinar. You can create a survey And here you give this
your server, your name. And if you just want to gather opinions
and feedback, You will use this one on the left,
which we call upon. And if you want to assign scores
to specific answers, Then you would use a test. And well, it’s then self-explanatory. You will just start asking questions. And once you have this the poll or test
ready, You will then see here to select
and it will show to everybody. Moving on, you can
you can enable the Q&A mode. And this is when people will be able
to ask the questions And you can show questions. This right here
and will appear on this site. You can make Some specific ones that you want public Moving on. You can have a call to action.

So we will show you here quickly, Just as as an example,
shopping with ecommerce, That’s just an example for title Shop now and let’s say GetResponse dot com And you don’t need to add an image
this will simply aren’t Retailing much below the text here You can select if you want for it
to display for a limited time Or if you want it to display
for unlimited time And say One minute here And once you click to create after,
it can be format. You can even change the colors And click create. Once you do, it will appear right here. And people who who click to shop
now, they will be in this case, They will be taken
to a GetResponse website. All right. So let’s close this
and then you can do some streaming. A very important part here is that There are different modes in a webinar
you have presenter only. So this is more of a private mode
as it mentions here. It will not be recorded, As you can see, and only presenters
can see and hear each other. Well,
you can you then have the webinar mode. So up to 300 attendees
and everybody’s muted And can be manually unmuted
by the presenter. I didn’t show you, but once you have Someone joining the webinar,
they will appear here where I am right now As an attendee and you’ll be able
to turn on the microphone for them so And well Going further, you Then have a meeting here
and it is up to 40 attendees. So all everybody is unmuted and everyone
can speak and hear each other. So you can clearly see the differences
here. This you have a presenter and right here

It’s a bit smaller for discussion. And while once you decide which one
you want to use, then just make sure. Then when you are using the whiteboards That you understand that Collaboration is up to 25 attendees max. So if you have more,
it won’t work properly. Well,
once you are ready with your webinar, So you have your presentation here
and you are ready to run, It will simply click to start the event And well now the webinar started And what happens here, as you can see,
it’s unlocked, it’s recording And you can also select here
what you want to record. Exactly on balance presentation
and you will decide And once you are ready with your webinar. So if you are done here
as this is just a test, You will simply click here
to end the event and well in the event for Or simply leave,
if you are only a speaker at the event, You will simply leave if you are the host
and you will have to then And the event. All right, then you will see this message,
but everyone else will be taken to the Thank you page that you selected
during the settings and now Let’s see what you can do right here. So this webinar ended and as you can see, The statistics are loading right here,
but you can Then check your invitation statistics If you used the option to send through
the old editor, which I do not recommend, You should use the newest editor
to send your invitations. You can also see who participated. You can also download the charts
and the webinar statistics. Let me move myself back to the left
so that you can properly see. So here you can download
charts and webinar statistics. So I recommend that
if you have quite a few people here, This will be very useful. And I will. If you selected the on demand webinar,
it will then appear right here on this top

And the recording will be here. You can then download this recording And send to someone via email or simply
create an on demand webinar and send them Do you want out so that they can watch
at their own time as well? And now let’s see something. Let’s say that you are sending reminders,
but they are in the wrong language, So that can be Quite tricky. And to showcase to you,
I will actually create A new webinar, a very quickly Selected list here
just to showcase to you. So let’s say the least chance prospects And we have reminders enabled. Let’s say now that your reminders Are not going in English And you you want them to go in English, But they are going
in your native language, perhaps If it is not English
and let’s see how you can fix it. So the first thing to do
is to go to the list. So it was just prospects To go to the settings And to check the language here And make sure it is the language
that you want the reminders to be sent. And if if it was not
and you change the language here, Simply
go to the bottom, save general settings. And the trick with webinars is that you
will have to change the list right here. So you will click here, Take into the settings
and on the registration You would simply go to select List B, Save this step and save the webinar And then go again. And this would Then update The list language.

So what this does is in case
my child prospects list, if the language There was Portuguese for example,
and I want to remind us to be an English The webinar when, when it is created,
it takes The original language from the list
when you created the webinar. So if you made any update released after
the webinar creation, it won’t change you. You have to select a different case
on the webinar, save it And then redo it
and select the list that you want. Now that the language is fixed
and that will be fixed, I hope that you find this video
helpful and I will see you In the next one.

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