How to create a landing page

Hello, everyone. In this video you will learn how to easily
be the landing page Using our website builder
in just a few moments. Stay tuned. Here we are at the dashboards
and we will access the website builder Right away so that we can start
creating our landing page. So we go to tools Website Builder
and we will land right on this page And we will click to create a website. We will use a ready made template For this example
and well, for our example here We will run a webinar which will be called
E-commerce Masterclass. So we want to promote this event
with its specific page Where people can register for the event
and see more about it. You can use this for many scenarios. You can run a webinar and you can perhaps Promote a specific product
that you will launch on Black Friday. Anything that you can think of. So I already know which template
I will look within will be from people And society, right here. And as we scroll and see,
there are very good templates Right here that you can just use
and I will teach you a trick on this one That’s not so obvious for all of them. So you can still preview templates
and then use the templates. All right. So as you can see, this template
is dedicated for a specific event. There are a few pages here. There is a start event. So if you are running more events
and speakers, Which is the one that we will use,
so this is a landing page And the difference from a landing page
to a website is that the landing page Only has one page. A website has multiple, as you can see
here that we just want to use one. So the first thing that we will do
is to get rid of the other pages And to do that and I know that
I want to use the speakers page

I will simply go to, to make this my home
page. Speaker speakers is now my home
page and I won’t delete the other one. All right. With that out of the way,
I want to rename this page. So double click on here and I will call it Ecommerce Master Class. All right. You will notice that the name will change
right here. And I also want this to be named ECommerce Master Class. All right, so there is something here
that I don’t want this little gif, You know, move it here to the bottom. And in a moment
we will look into it as well. And I want to center everything. So as you can see,
there is a pattern here. So when I click on a on a block,
I can then Manage the settings of this specific block And now I will click on this gif. And I, as you can see, there are some
borders here that I don’t want to use. So to go to block settings
and get rid of putting. All right, so a bit better. And now what I want to do Here is also to remove the padding So that you see we have more space now. We will have also two speakers and
I’ll start deleting some speakers here. So all right. So now we have two speakers here And as you can see, so this is a very
simple page and what are we missing here? So we are missing a way. Oh, I just noticed that this has a typo. All right, so it’s fixed. And as I was saying, you might notice
here, so there is no way to subscribe. So what we need to do is to go
to all the elements and assign up form. And we want sign up right here
and let’s pick one of those.

I will just go with this one right here. And in this specific case, I don’t really
want to edit anything from here. But let me show to you
that if you click on the block itself, There are many things that you can do here
and one that can be useful for you Is that success for you. So what can people see
after they subscribe? Do just want to show a message
or do you want to redirect them For a specific page? Okay, we just want to say thank you For subscribing. All right. And then subscription Settings. We want actually to ask people
to a list named Cookie Monster And we want to run them
to our autoresponder cycle. They zero. This means that when they subscribe to
this webinar, we will send them a message And this message will include Welcome,
which will be a welcome And it will include a link to join
this specific webinar when the time comes. So now the question is when? When is this webinar actually happening? And what we can do here
is to answer specific timer So we can go to the timer
here, drag and drop, very easy. And now let’s say that this webinar
is happening On the 1st of August, just an example. Then you picked the time here as well. And based on that,
you’ll have a whole timer And we’ll like the other ones. When you click on the block,
you can edit everything here. So let’s say
we want bigger and some bounds. Uh, timer, you can add in the funding And if you want a specific background,
background color and so you can do that. Well, we don’t really want to do
we want something simple. And of course then this whole text here
would be you explaining what this webinar

Would be about, or you can add more things
below to explain how it is. Exactly. And the speakers here, As you can see, very simple,
who can just replace your photo here And you can add the title
and explain a bit more about the person. So you will kind of introduce
the person that you have right here. You can share it with social media as well So that people can see
who are these people in reality, right? So we pretty much have
a page now and let’s always Remember to preview. And while previewing you can also click To check the mobile version. And this is something
very important actually, you know, that The give kind of gave a nice effect here. And it’s important to note
that you can edit the mobile version And this won’t change the desktop one. All right. So let’s say now that we are ready here,
and I hope you understood already That this is a drag and drop editor,
you won’t need to code anything. And also whenever you click on a block,
you’ll be able to edit its settings. So these are the main things here. And another one that I want you to know
is this one named Global Design. And what you do, the name explains
all of it here. So you can change the colors
of the whole website. You can change the width as well
right here, Or you can simply change. For example,
let’s let me change the buttons so you can Change all the buttons on the website
and we’ll go to a different style. Or if you want them to be sharp
instead of round, well, There are many things that you can do
or if we just change the colors. So this will change specific colors
within the website. So as you can see, this is button
color, text color, background color. So many, many things that you can do. And well, this was just to showcase.

Now let’s go to connect domain and well,
if you want to connect your own domain, What I recommend is for you to actually
check the video on top right corner As I teach the whole process,
how you can do it very easily If you want to use a free domain. GetResponse also provides that
and you can just write the name Of your landing page here, And then that’s all you need to before
clicking. Publish can be one of these. And lastly, you can buy a domain
name as well If you have a credit card
attached to your GetResponse account. Let’s say that we are ready
and we will publish right? So now what’s left is to edit
assign settings And here is where you can add
the five icon. So if you have a specific business
or you have your logo, You can upload it right here. And to change this
little one on the top left corner, You can add the cookie content banner And also you can integrate
with some analytics and integrations here. So what happens is
you can select the platform here, Google
Analytics Manager Well, many of them. And if you want something That we guide you through,
you can select Facebook Pixel And check the video on top right corner
as I teach you how to create a pixel And how you can
integrate with GetResponse, And while you Can enable chats
and wanting to consider here Before jumping to chances that you are not
limited to one platform, right? So you can integrate with both Google
Analytics and Facebook Pixel and more, So you can keep planting this
as you see fit. GetResponse charts very useful. I recommend you have that as well And we’ll
that’s all you need to know about Having a landing page here
and now let’s see the final results. So whenever you make a change here
and you click out, it will be saved.

So you don’t need to do anything else
here. Let’s go back to websites
and let’s click on our website. All right. As you can see,
this is how the website looks And you can ask any question
through this chance. I hope that I made this quite easy for you
and that you can see the value Of how the landing page can be
built so fast, and for a specific scenario That people can feel closer to the project
that will present When a product or a promo
and in this case, a webinar. I hope you enjoyed this video
and I’ll see you On the next one.

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