How to create a business email address

[Music] All right so how to create a business Email address so this will help you look More trustworthy and also will help Spread the word about your brand so Let's go to your account manage account Email addresses And you can see my domain is already Here I will simply click to a business Email and as a test give my name Pedro Here this will be marketing uh and then My domain it's already there and Forwarding meaning that messages will Also be sent to this to this email Address this is mine and then click to Add All right so what we'll have to do is to Now go to the forwarding email address And click to confirm we will do that Right now all right so our email address Is already here all we had to do was to Confirm in our Gmail and it's already Authenticated meaning that DKI IM is Already added SPF and D mark and this Will really help boost your Deliverability and build some brand Awareness for your business and now what Can you do as well you could add more Email addresses if you want to have Different departments for example let's Add sales you can add the same name and You can even add the same forward email Address and if I click add you will see Exactly the same message and if I just

Click on it then in a moment once you Confirm it will appear here as well so This can be very useful and also when You go to email marketing if you go Straight to create a newsletter You will see that you could also select The email address here As you can see the domain is here add Another email address for example it's Just another way if you wanted to add Another Email address at this domain so another Way to do it and now one of the most Important parts is that to do that you Actually need to go to the website Builder click on domains and then you Either need to add an existing domain That you have you purchased in a Different platform and then points to Get response or purchase your own domain With us if you want to learn about the First option just check this video Coming up next [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music]

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