How to Build and Segment Your Email List Using Interactive Content

Hello everyone thanks for joining us for Today's webinar we're going to be Talking about on about how to build and Segment your email list using Interactive content I hope you're all Excited just as excited as I am for this Topic because interactive content is Definitely something I want to try more In the future and email this Segmentation is definitely a topic I Want to focus more on in our in our Communication campaigns by you know most Importantly I want to educate and I want To you know propose this idea for you to Use segmentation a bit more in the Future as well so I hope you can hear me Well I hope you're all nicely seated Enjoying our voices that you're going to Hear in a second please do let us know If you can hear as well or you can hear Me well on the chat and tell us where You're joining us from uh because I know We have some nice International audience Over here Um so before we before we start let me Just say uh Hey Hans I can see you're From Austria that's pretty cool we've Got Elsa from Norway Thanks uh myself I'm joining you from Poland we have Anjali uh who I want to Introduce you to uh she's joining us From India Um so quickly on our side so like our Hosts or your hosts today my name is

Michael and I'm head of content Marketing and Partnerships like Inresponse you might have seen me in one Of the previous webinars and I'm super Happy to see you here but super Importantly we have any Ali from outgrow Finally joining us because I know we've Been talking about this webinar for Quite a while Anjali can you tell us a Bit more about yourself Yeah sure hi everyone and welcome to Today's webinar on how to build and Segment your email list with interactive Content thank you for taking our time And being here today I am Anjali Saharawat and I head marketing for out Crew which is a no code interactive Content creation platform for acquiring Qualified leads I have experience of Nearly a decade in content creation Strategy and B2B lead generation so I'm Really excited to talk to you more on This topic Perfect thank you so much and by the way You never and you never interrupted me Before so sorry for mispronouncing your Name I apologize for that and thanks everyone For joining us I can see people from Greece from Germany from Liberia from Buffalo New York Connecticut so awesome To see you all from around the world Really Um asking a quick question on the

Captions I'm afraid we don't have the Future to add captions so I'm sorry Tim We will not be able to provide you with That however we'll be sending out the Recording to you shortly after this Webinar so you can watch you can listen To it later on and we should be able to Upload it to YouTube as well so where You're gonna see the auto generated Captions there Um moving on a bit uh though the plan For today is that we're gonna have a one Hour long presentation one hour long Session really uh where we're going to Talk to you about list growth Segmentation and most importantly using Interactive content to qualify your Leads to attract New Elites using Engaging tactics and also tactics that Can help you get access to first party Data that you can to personalize and Tailor communication in the future Um so as I mentioned everything is Recorded so you're going to receive the Recording via email later this week Um you can ask us questions throughout The whole presentation feel free to do So use the chatbot at the bottom right Of the screen and before we go to the Main part of the presentation I have a Short survey a short quick question I Want to ask you actually two questions If I'm no mistake so I'm gonna show you The survey just now so two questions

Um are you currently using interactive Content that's a simple yes no question And if you're already using interactive Content Um super interested in what kind of Interactive content you're using already And if not well that's even greater Because you're gonna learn some new ways How to build your list and qualify your Leads I can see one person I think said That they're using Interactive so I'm Inviting you to share what kind of stuff You're using on the chat let's wait a Few seconds to collect the answers and There's a second question you probably Uh Um you can see the second question after You reply to the first one which is the Are you currently segmenting your list And I'm asking uh How Deeply are you Segmenting a list how many segments You've got uh I can see Christy uses Animated gifs so Um I think our definition of interactive Content will be slightly different but I'm Gonna Leave it to Anjali to to Mention this a bit later and let me see How many people we've got we've got Almost 50 folks of the of the responses So please help us out provide more Answers and I'm interested to see what Else I could see two people also Responded as as yes so they're using Interactive content podcast course

Content and hey hey Kim from Iowa Alright folks I'm gonna end the voting Now Um you can see the results now on the Screen as well so you can see who you're Joining us or who you're joining today Almost 70 percent people voted so that's Awesome thanks I appreciate that uh so I'm stopping the uh the the voting the Polls and I'm gonna pass on the Microphone to Anjali who's gonna deal With the the first challenge what is Interactive content but most importantly What other things you can do and how you Can build your list with interactive Content and qualify your leads so I'm Turning off my microphone I'm going to Be in the chat pod available to you Throughout the presentation so After you Thanks thanks Michael uh so we are going To start with the basics covering what Interactive content is and why you need To include it in your marketing strategy To yield successful results We live in a world where users generated Content is the most consumed content Across geographies so which signifies That the average consumer today doesn't Just want to be at the receiving end of Content instead they want to be a part Of it this is exactly what interactive Content is where users are actively Encouraged to participate rather than

Just consume most of us must have Participated in some form of interactive Content in our day-to-day lives which Could be uh which could be taking part In uh online chat to ask the status of Your order or could be something complex Like taking an assessment to find out Which diet is best for your body type And uh and also definitely if you are Using Netflix you must have seen some Quizzes Which takes you to which show do You want to see next Talking about some data points uh I'm Amazed by the fact that every day around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created Actually trillion is as far as my Mathematical vocabulary knowledge is but Wow that's a huge amount And in 2022 nearly 333 billion emails Were sent in a day So with so much information bombarding You every day how do you make sure that Your content strategy stands out This is one of the many reasons why Creating interactive content experiences That that gives audiences something to Do say NC is critical Moving on to some of the most popular Types of interactive content so we have Quizzes calculators polls chat Bots Infographics assessments and giveaways Which are some of the popular Interactive content types and my Personal favorite is quizzes where where

I can actually find out which popular Friends character I am or which show to Watch next on Netflix okay yeah big big I like movies Uh you can feel free to share which one Is your interact which one is your Favorite content type if you are if you Have uh if you have interacted with some Of these content types in your social Media probably you can share some of Your experiences Quizzes for sure So now let's talk about how interactive Content differs from the tradition Hans Has said infographics polls yes Definitely and calculators Rochelle has said polls yup me too So moving on to uh how interactive Content differs from traditional form of Content traditional form includes uh Brochures blogs and flyers which you Must have used sometime in your Marketing Journey uh well interactive Content is permission based which means That we get to we get to ask we get to Ask people to come to you for Information rather than just being in Their face and interrupting them where They are it is interactive content is Cost effective it has a lead ease of Lead generation and Lead segmentation at The same time it's more engaging and Leads to increased brand awareness and Customer loyalty

Whereas traditional content types are Higher on the con cost side and also Difficult when it comes to tracking the Performance of your campaigns So while introductory content pieces are Often worth considering just for the wow Factor alone they also serve meaningful Business purposes an additional and even More valuable payoff is that interactive Content generates first party audience Data people who access and customize an Interactive experience typically must Share their personal information thus You gain direct insights to their Interests preferences and behaviors and Learn more about their personal Identification points which was never Possible with the passive content Techniques and it gives you the edge to Create something which your user is Looking for Moving on to why you need interactive Content so to summarize uh and to add Some facts here uh 62 percent of Marketeers or B2B marketers already feel That uh they are using interactive Content and they feel that interactive Content has more value Uh it is the best way to get qualified Leads and capture data for insightful Analytics and also you can use this Information to categorize them into Specific segments which include Territory industry budget outcome and

Etc Helps you drive engagement increase your Increase the time your target audience Spends on your website by going through All these fantastic content types that You have added on your website or Probably on your social media so uh also It helps you get real-time feedback from Your customer and because it's more Personal it helps you increase your Social share rates and get more traffic Referral traffic to your website Now let's go through some examples and Some use cases of some of some of the Most popular interactive content types And we are going to start with Sephora And we are going to start with the Makeup founder finder quiz by Sephora so Sephora has been using interactive Content for a while now in the form of Product recommendation quizzes and Outcome based assessments which has Helped them tremendously together first Party data and use that data to create Better products for their users I'm sure You must have some of or some of you Must have used some make a Founder quiz Foundation founder quiz in your online Shopping experiences so that all is a Type of interactive content Moving to calculators So here for calculators the calculators Is a simple and solid way to add value To your website rather than browsing

Through White Pages or scrolling through Blog posts calculator mix things up it Makes your audience take more interest In the concept you're trying to sell Rather than just selling sending them uh Some white papers to read through you Are giving them a calculate a Content Piece where they can add their details And they are getting personalized Results or they are actually getting to Know what value you are bringing for Them So here I I haven't had an example of HubSpot which is basically a leading CRM Platform and how they have these Calculators on their website which helps You calculate the return on investment That you could experience with HubSpot Products And next one is assessments so uh I I Actually have this one is really Interesting and I participated in this Assessment a while ago this is by Adobe Adobe create produced creative types It's an interactive assessment to help Designers and artists discover their Creative personalities the effort Actually doubles up as a clever way to Demonstrate how creators can use adobe's Design tools to express their own style And skill set Then poles which has been uh a personal Favorite uh and also a favorite from Some of the some of the attendees so uh

Yes so polls are actually a really big Trend on social media and uh they Encourage engagement in a non-pushy way So you must have seen a lot of uh polls In your social media in probably your Instagram or your on your Facebook I've Added some examples by some Brands like Walmart Samsung Subway and 9gag who have Included polls as an inherent part of Their content marketing strategy to Increase real-time engagement with their Users If you have any questions please feel Free to ask Okay great so moving on how outgrow Helps you build amazing and easy to Configure configure interactive content Types uh this is actually the outrobe Builder dashboard is where all the Action begins so once you try out the Free trial or probably once you have the Subscription you are going to get the Access to their dashboard which will Give you uh access to create all these Interactive content pieces in the in the Format of calculators quizzes uh and More chatbots and more So uh the cat the Builder is uh the Builder is made on the fact that it is What you see is what you get so Basically you you can see the end user Experience in real time while building Your content and since outgrow Builder Comes with ready to use layouts and

Templates so you don't have to worry About design or coding you can just pick A layout which is more suitable to your Content type and gets started You can either build from scratch or you Can select from outgrows repository of Hundreds of beautifully designed Templates that can be customized According to your Brand's need And the Builder is basically divided Into three parts which is built Configured in analyze so when you are Building you are actually creating you Are setting up your your content piece Interactive content piece where you're Adding the questions you are adding the Logic if it's outcome based quiz you're Adding the outcomes if it's a calculator You are adding the null you are adding The logic and algorithm Etc and then you Uh you can you have a wide option a wide Area of options where you can customize The result uh and then comes configure Part so what what this tab does is this Tab offers you all the basic settings For your content piece like like Changing the name email notification Settings for users and to self SEO Edition save result as a PDF and more Then then and also your uh your your Integrations and uh so so uh the analyze Dashboard helps you track progress of Your campaigns by giving you detailed View of the number of leads you have

Generated with the graphical Representation of the audience Demographics And uh and And the Integrations this one is quite Important the out group Builder has over The output Builder has over 1000 plus Integrations to easily transfer your Data to any any other uh sales and Marketing platform Any other platform of your choice and Moving on to the start of the show uh The outro get response integration which Allows you to acquire qualify and Segment leads by creating beautiful Interactive content pieces with algebra Builder and push the leads that you have Collected to your get response account With this native integration Over to Michael Thank you thanks a lot and let me just Say that I know we've looked at some of The big Brands out there but I want you To understand that also smaller and Medium companies can definitely use Interactive content as well and you know I I did take part in the fall at the Beginning you know it was a type of Interactive content I like the most and Well we use Paul today during this During this webinar so I was a bit Biased but I did say quizzes right but Honestly if you go to e-commerce Websites you will see assessment centers

Assessments or quizzes there as well for Example recently I had my birthday two Weeks ago and I did take part in an in An interactive quiz on the website that Guaranteed me the discount code of 10 or 15 based on my answers and you have Bigger Brands as well SAS companies I Remember we had a partner that did a Really cool uh really cool assessment on Our quiz on how well you know Instagram Them and there were they were a tool for Instagram management so you there are Many ways you can use that I know Coaches use that for example to identify What kind of people they interact with And how they can better personalize that Content for them in the future which Takes me really to the next topic which Is Um how to segment your audience and Tailor your communication so what Happens once you have that data that you Collect via interactive content with Outgrow and other ways you can collect Your data so I'm going to take you a Step back for a moment so why are we Doing this and let's not only think About the ROI and the fact that it's Going to help you better better Target Your audience but here's a recent report That McKinsey created they analyzed the The perspective or the opinion of the Public around personalization and it Turns out that actually people do want

Personalization 75 or 71 percent people Expect personalization and the way they Interact with websites with stores with Everything they do online and 76 percent Get annoyed when they don't experience It and the 75 that you can see at the Beginning on this slide actually says That within the last uh within the Pandemic or within last year I think if I'm not mistaken how many percent of People tried something new in their Shopping experience whether it was a Payment method or a new brand or a new Store so people are not all that loyal When it comes to shopping online they Will try new things so if they see Something nicer more engaging like Interactive content that can lead to Personalized communication they will Definitely do it and you know I'm a big Fan of Netflix and myself watching Movies that are recommend to me or Reading books that I see recommended to Me on Goodreads another reason why you Want to use personalization and content That helps you achieve that is that you Can actually improve your sales Processes you when you do provide people With personalized communication Personalized experiences they are more Likely to recommend you to their to Their friends to their family because They are really happy with the brand They also are more likely to purchase

From you again and or purchase you in The first place and repurchase from you In the future so feel free to check out That report I'm going to share the link With you later on as well but Personalization and segmentation are key So now how can you segment your audience Well first of all you need to identify What kind of data you have you have Demographic data for example you know Age income gender education level we Have thermographic data so the same Thing as demographic but for companies You know the company size the scale the Funding budgets Etc you can have your Location you can have psychographics so Whether for example people who share Similar beliefs they follow the same I Don't know the same brand or the same Causes you can look at the behavior or You can analyze for example your E-commerce customers using rfm analysis Which stands for recency frequency Monetary so there are many ways to Segment your audience now to capture That data we've talked about using Interactive content so collecting that Data upon sign up okay you can use just Regular forms and pop-ups to collect That data but you don't want to really Ask too many questions right at the Beginning because people will not Convert if we ask you like 10 questions For this webinar to just get you signed

Up today you probably wouldn't sign up You wouldn't be hearing us today you can Use polls and surveys that's definitely Recommended I do like to do these things Myself and it helps you at the beginning Of the communication but it also can Help you just get more data or Up-to-date data as you keep Communicating with your audience so for Example you could send now on to the Third step you could send a welcome Email for example and either just Analyze what people click in that email Or you could actually provide people With an additional discount additional Incentive to just fill out a poll fill Out the survey so again coming back to An e-commerce example I signed up for a Newsletter of a brand that I follow they Sell funky socks you know they gave me Five percent discount on my next Purchase but in the welcome email they Bumped it up they said hey you want to Increase that to a 10 just fill out this Quick poll and tell us what's your date Of birthday what's your preferred style Or what's something that you can or that You like for example I don't know like What causes you support so you can use That as well Um you can just send regular everyday Communication and look at what people Are clicking within your communication What pages they're visiting uh So based

On their website Behavior you can tag Them inside tools like get response you Can use webinars like today we just you Know noticed that you like the topic of List building segmentation interactive Content and you've participated in a Poll look how much information we've got About you today that we could use to Personalize the communication and heads Up you know you're gonna receive an Email with the recording of today based Webinar so that's personalized content For you as well and the last are data Enrichment tools I don't personally use Them too much but I know like in B2B Communications quite often companies do Use that so for example when they have a List of contacts or prospects within Their database they do connect it with Companies like clearbit and they check In their databases what information they Have about those people so for example If they look up my email they probably Will find out from LinkedIn from other Sources that I work for get response They do many things and I've attended Some sort of events so they will gather That information provide you for B2B That's important but you know what the Question is whether you can use that Information to tailor your communication If you can effectively that's great uh So On To The Next Step I showed you I'll Mentioned that you can use everyday

Communication so here example some E-commerce brands that do it so in Uncommon Goods and H M for example you Can see that in every single email the The CTA buttons the links actually look Kind of like labels That could be a coincidence but it could Be just the fact that they are tracking Who clicks on those things so that they Can Target people accordingly so they Can segment people accordingly later A quick question about postcards Actually It depends on your location that's a That's a tricky one so for example in Europe in under gdpr I don't think Postcards are all that great Um they can be used I know zalander for Example uses them big brands use them All local Services hairdresser car Mechanic or someone else they could use Postcards but if you want to do a big Scale campaign using postcards I know it Works really well in in the US So actually I listened to a recent Episode of a podcast from practical E-commerce so you can check it out as Well and there was a gentleman from post Thailand they said about using postcards For uh actually reactivating your Subscribers so for example if you have a List of subscribers that opted out from Your email list or they just don't open Your emails you can upload that list to

Post uh post pilot and you can send them Postcards to reactivate them or you can Actually use the data for example your Email list to check up the locations of These people so geolocation and you can Base segmentation within that tool Um you know or connect those two dots Together and just use segmentation to Only target people within a specific zip So definitely depending on your location Depending on your business but I would Not you know I would not just say no at This moment because I know it does work In many in many areas Um so apart from you know everyday Communication uh what's important is to Understand what kinds of segments you Can create so we know what kind of data We have how to connect it or how to Collect it now what kind of segments you Can create and some examples are the Examples of segmentation that are Popular in the direct consumer E-commerce includes for example Subscribers who never bought anything From you uh we can have many people who Are one-time buyers and they never came Back to us to do anything else you want To turn them into repeat bias you can Have recent customers or VIP clients or Brand ambassadors you can have customers Who just buy from one single category so There are many ways you can direct or Target your community communication

Target your audience here's an example Of a company that actually did Segmentation very simple segmentation Sending emails to people that are Interested in Products for women products for women Simple thing you know just change Changing the colors and I would say Products within your email but that Generated above average Engagement rates opens and clicks and I'm not saying that you know this this Idea is super uh I would say outstanding It's something that everyone can do Especially in their e-commerce you don't Need a lot of data to to do that and if It's going to generate great results do It why not just use even a simple Segmentation tactic like this one For B2B so for example you can Target People for example if they have a Company domain and their email address Or they're using a Gmail address we do That quite often in our post post Webinar communication to see for example Who attend our webinar Uh you can see you can check who matches Your ICP your internet your ideal Customer profile you can Um you can Target people who are Prospects you know they engage with your Communication but they didn't convert They didn't book a demo or people who Booked a demo but never converted so you

Can always go back to these slides later On but just understand that there are Many ways you can segment your audience And I do hope that next time we do a Webinar segmentation we're gonna see a Much bigger uh share of the audience That does segment Their audience heavily Uh so Segmentation and practice that's Something I want to actually lead to now Um so if you use uh tools for I don't Know collecting subscribers you use Pop-ups forms or you use interactive Content from outgrow all of that data Goes into your CRM or your email service Provider like get response this is what It looks like and get response this is a Contact info card where you can see for Example on the right sorry for the tiny Image but you can see on the right that People subscribed you can see if they Open an email if they clicked on the Link which link Etc etc on the left on the other side You can see all sorts of information Like when they signed up what IP they Had what con for example which content Piece they downloaded and the tags the Tags at the bottom are super important Because that's what for example we get From outdro when you connect it with Getresponse you create a poll that Checks what type of friend's character You are it's gonna tell you like Miho is

Chandler Chandler Bing so definitely That's gonna go directly into get Response and you can send them email Communication with an image of Chandler Or just you know His Brilliant jokes That he was always sharing and in the Show Um so that's you're gonna find it there So how can you take it into practice Into segmentation so I have three levels Of sophistication at all and don't be Don't feel intimidated if you're not There on any of those levels I think uh All of us can reach all of those it Depends really on the need sometimes you Just don't have an 8 billion level one So the first level Is you just provide the conditions and Save this let's say filter as a segment So for example what you can see on the Screen this is from our account it's Like a response I asked our system to Show us all the people subscribed to get Response resources list that were Subscribed within the 30 days last 30 Days and their method of subscription Was API API is usually reserved for Integration so I could see everyone Inside get response that was subscribed Via let's say our connection here with Outpro and as soon as I save that I can Send email communication to them Separately either and just regular email Newsletters or I could segment that for

Any other communication I'm doing to Send them a ball to send them a web not Recording anything else you know to just To segment that and that's level one set It and kind of forget it because you Created that segment and you you can Even use it once or twice depending on Your needs If it's you know you could in in any Comments you could use it for example For males and females or B2B brands or B2c Etc the level two of uh sophistication That I recommend is adding the the first Level uh and information that you got And marketing automation together now Why would you want to do that well using A marketing automation you can actually Tag people based on the stages that Um they achieved they scored or they got Into or based on their behavior so for Example the the way I use it inside of Our campaigns I have a lead nurturing Sequence for resources leads if someone Goes through six emails that we send Them we tag them accordingly tag lead Nurtured or resources lead nurtured and That goes into a segment where I can see Like show me how many people in the last 30 days have become a nurtured lead or I Can look for example if I had a separate Sequence for people that entered a Webinar on listgrowth show me how many People we have on the list growth you

Know segment That's level two again you have to set It up in using multi Automation and Segments together but you just add that Information for your own personal use Later on to Target your communication Better the level three is the most Sophisticated one is when you actually Combine those things and respond and React immediately so for example here You can see a marketing automation Workflow that not only filters your Communication and filters not only Filters your contacts segments them but Also responds to them right away so here You can see that someone subscribed to The list and we check they're an E-commerce customer Wait for some time for let's say one day And keep repeating the loop wait for one Day and check if they spent over 50 Bucks if they spent over 50 bucks send Them an email with a coupon code or you Know just a thank you message then check Again if they spend over 100 bucks and Keep checking keep checking if they Spend more if they did then send them Another message or add them scoring Points do whatever you want you can add That and then send them a dedicated Communication communication uh depending On how much they spend and there are Many ways to do it so uh you know you Can see that this is in an e-commerce

Case but there are many ways you can use It in other companies so to give you More examples for example uh I've got Three uh free cases here from our Customers so one for example is the tech Sub uh Texas from Poland who are a huge NGO organization they work globally uh But they did a campaign with us so where They increased year over year Um their um their orders value just by Using segmentation in email Communication uh they've increases by 1200 and what they do is basically check What needs people have when they sign up To their to their Association for Example what sort of software they need What sort of Hardware they need and they Can later on send them emails with Dedicated information on the trainings That they do or deals for software and Hardware that they have and it's as Simple as that you don't need to Automate anything there you just collect That information at the beginning and Then when you create your newsletters You just send them tailored to the needs Of those folks another way to use this Uh here's from events events industry so Business boxing is a actually It's an interesting one they do events Where white color folks can box and they Collect money for Charities so they Organize huge events where people Actually find in a boxing ring according

To rules but what's interesting is that They use automation sorry They use automation to collect more Attendees to join them for Live Events So what they do is they check which city People are in and based on that they Just send a dedicated email or SMS Depending on what what data people Provided And then and they managed to get 20 Higher attendance rate just using these Two things together Apologies And the last one Sorry and the last one we've got a Marketing agency Monday comes uh who Work directly with Dell Technologies To increase the adoption rate of the Products of their services of their Tools and and several countries if I'm Not mistaken so what they do is actually Use marketing Automation and Segmentation to see which people Interact with their content which people Attend their webinars and which people Are interested in particular Technologies particular Solutions so That they can prepare that information For their sales folks later on to follow Up with more detailed more tailored Follow-up message so that you know the Sales page that you get isn't just like Hey I saw you checked out get response It is you know in their case it's going

To be like hey I saw that you're Interested in these types of products And Dell Technologies Um how about we set up a you know a Discovery course how how about we set up A demo call where we're gonna just talk About the solutions that we can provide You with and that saves money that Brings additional revenue and actually Uh just makes life much more easier Because you don't have to uh do it Everything together yourself manually And folks that's it from my side I wanna Make sure that we focus on one more Thing and that is the deal that we have For you today both from get response and From outgrow uh so for those of you who Haven't signed up for for any of the Tools just yet uh feel free to use the Code that you have here for the get Response you have 15 off for your first Year for on all plans and on outro you Have 20 off for your annual plan and two Week free trial and for the first one Forget response just visit the website That you can see there and uh for Outgrow actually for both of them we're Gonna send you that information over Email with the recording later on as Well so don't worry you will not miss Out on the deal you'll receive it from Us shortly now the last part I did say That you know we're gonna share the deal And we also have a have some time for a

Q a session so folks if you happen to Have any questions feel free to ask them And we would be happy to answer them for You uh and yeah just provide as much Feedback will provide as much help as as We can And where not everything is recorded so We will be sharing with you later the Recording along with the deals sent to You by email Um let me see I can see someone typing So I have the you know anxiety there Already waiting for the question Um but but I appreciate everyone that You know joined us today Uh Okay I see one question okay so let me Just All done An example of how to tag to an email so There are multiple ways you can tag your Email address inside gear response so You can either do it manually just go Into contact information and tag someone By by hand so in their contact card you Can just add a tag for example if you Had a conversation with someone direct One to one you're a consultant your Coach or your real estate agent you can Just do that and if you haven't Marketing automation workflow setup to Start when a tab is assigned that will Automatically move them to a particular Flow you can use that you can attack

People just for example in our draw when You go to the configuration settings you Choose to segment or pass segment data And for each question you will have to Map Um you know each answer with a tag that Will be sent to get response Anyway you can just tag people in Marketing automation workflows so for Example after sending a welcome email You can type someone received a welcome Email actually you don't want to add too Many tags because you're just going to Get lost in the data later on but I do Use for example a tag at the beginning Of our flow as I get response I check if Someone is already a Paying customer so every time someone Signs up to a resources list I check if They're also on the paid users list if Not I add them at TAG which is called Content leads first so I I at least know That the people could convert later on Have been acquired by the content team Foreign Let me see what questions do Okay so we've got one for you Let's see oh actually quite a few Okay let's see Do you want to tackle this one and jelly I use chatbot's talk about how we can Use this to segment a list Segment this into list I'm not sure but I think I can take this

One up wherein uh Leo is asking how do You get people interested in your Interactive content in the first place So basically uh whatever content type That you select bases your need and Basis how you want to Target your people What information you need from them you Can either get a quiz you can either get Started with a quiz or with a cat Outcome based calculator or with the Numeric calculator depending on the Depending on your audience and what Information you can start with that and You can either embed it on your website Or on your mailer or on your social Media so wherever your target audiences Are you can reach out to them uses Whatever mode you are using right now Whatever sales and marketing platforms You're using and you can push that Content to your target audience and see The results that they are generating see The engagement building up Thanks thanks I see that someone got Intimidated because they saw a couple of Spelling mistakes don't worry about it We all do that especially you know when Typing fast uh so I can go back to the Chat for one and I can take that one so Uh correct me if I'm wrong you can Create chat Bots inside outgrow right Because I haven't used that one just yet Anjali so sorry uh yeah you can use you Can create chat Bots inside the outdoor

Right yes yes definitely so we can Create chatbots and you have an option To create chatbots which can go live on Your website and how you can use this to Segment your list is whatever questions That you're you're getting that that Data is going to be uploaded and that Data is going to be stored for you on The outgrow Builder and you can further Segment this data on whatever whatever Needs is whatever need is arising for Example most of your user are asking for A particular product or they're asking For a discount or if they are asking Questions some there are some frequent FAQs or there is some bug in your Website you can definitely use all that Data segment the list send it to Getresponse or whatever tool you are Using and then you can uh you can you Can talk about that particular issue so If it's it's about a product that we Want to know more about you can Definitely create an emailer and send it To that particular list and whatever Whatever responses that you are getting From the chatbot you can use it to Segment your list and then Target those Audiences using those different lists Perfect and sorry for pulling you on This path I very let's let's think of an Example for example let's say you're an SEO agency and someone's checking out Your website you can have a chatbot pop

Up let's say after 15 seconds of someone Being on the website asking you hey what Kind of services are you looking for and Then you have an option I want content Creation Services I want a Content Strategy discussion I want to have link Building campaign set up for me so you Can for example have those three Questions there and based on the answers On the next screen or the next stage of The of the chatbot could present to you Okay thanks for answering here are some Common links you can check out here are Some top articles on that or feel free To provide your email address so we can Provide you a quote or some additional Content based on your needs and that if You can transfer that to your you know To get response for example you can have Different flows set up for these people With dedicated communication with Dedicated examples or you can just pass It on to your CRM to just have a sales Rep reach out to these people to look up For example who filled out that chatbot Whether it was a company it was a you Know just a regular consumer so you can Prepare the best pitch for that Okay So let me see that I think that that's What that one is for me but I'm gonna Check quickly if there have been A few questions there's one question About service inside your response

Unfortunately they do not exist anymore Or they will be Sunset soon so sorry about that but There are plenty of great tools that Offer polls outgrow is there you can use Free tools like Um like Google forms for example or just Any survey tool out there that you can Think of it either has a native Integration inside gear response or Zapier integration they can just connect And inside get response uh I know we use Several inside get response so uh you Can think of anything I think the the One that has nice native integration as Well is called survey kit and that lets You embed your pulse insights the get Response email creator so that one is Worth checking out Um capturing profile information through Email links for example to add job Function to the custom record if it's Missing do you custom do your customers Do that very often if so if so what's The best method Um definitely we have plenty of Customers that Target uh their Communication this way and the best way To do this Um is to create segments so you go to The search contacts and you look for People that receive the email and people That clicked a specific link and then You save that as a segment and then

Another you can have another segment of People that receive the email and click Another link you can have let's say if You have three links within an email you Can have three segments there And then in another in marketing Automation workflows you can actually Create communication based on the Segments that people got into so Um after you let's say someone Subscribes send them an email you check Uh you know check if there's segment a Meaning they clicked on the link a if Not then check if they're on segment B But meaning they clicked on the link B If they click on the link see Etc so you Can connect those things together and if You go to in customers You can see many of case studies that Our customers have provided us with have Worked with us on uh so just gonna type That one in the chat Um you can see some nice work marketing Mark your automation workflows created Together inside get response so that can Help you better understand what you can Achieve with these things but definitely People do that but let's let's be let's Be sure that we need that information we Want to segment those things because Sometimes if you create too many tags You just get lost because you're not Documenting stuff or you just never Thought about what you're going to use

That data for but I know B2B especially Use that quite often Let me see if we have any other Questions Folks feel free to ask how many segments Are too many to deal with Um that's a that's a tough question to Say to you know to to answer I we Recently did a webinar on Advanced email List segmentation and you know the E-commerce World shows us that if you Have more than 100 segments then you're Going to be among the top companies or Actually the other way around there's a Correlation the top companies with the Highest Roi highest sales they usually Have more than 100 segments and inside Get response we in our teams we do have A couple of hundred as well But some of the segments are not used Anymore so a segment could be like folks That attended a webinar three years ago And we're not using that information but Let's say if everyday communication wise I think we have about 10 to 20 segments That we use so you know paying users for Users freemium users content leads Webinar leads Etc and then you can see Based on location for example if you Were using this Um so essentially depending on your Needs how many segments you wanna you Wanna use I would definitely try to go As granular as you can provided that you

Can later on send tailored communication Using this data because if you don't Have the team to support you to send That additional email or an email to Only a certain part of the audience then Maybe it doesn't make sense an example One of the previous webinars that we've Done earlier this year I've divided our List into three segments people that are Registering for for all our webinars People who follow our resources and blog And then people who engage with our Account e-commerce content in the past And the webinar on e-commerce content in The past it had the same open rate 50 Open rate which was very good but the Click-through rate was three point five Percent on on the e-commerce group and It was 1.5 for the other groups so you Can see that you know we could have just Targeted the people with the e-commerce Uh you know with e-commerce interest and We would have gotten like very good Results but at the same time we have People that haven't previously indicated Any e-commerce interest but yet they Still you know clicked on that later on Um okay I have a I can see one more Question if you are not an e-commerce Uh okay I'm gonna tackle a different one Just now so our segments Dynamic update Continuously yes they do so for example If you have a segment that checks show Me people that signed up in 30 days so

Today if I check this segment it's going To be different people that if I check Them in a month right because it's going To show me in the last 30 days from that Moment I'm checking Um if you're in the e-commerce how can You use list segments to build up Quality leads private school using let Our list to Market to non-attending Families Um so yeah you can definitely you know Use polls and you can use interactive Content as well to figure out to ask These people why they're not attending What they need to get more value out of Out of your services Um you know I'm a B2B marketer and I use Segments all the time people that Attended the webinar that attended the Courses that engaged with the stuff that We were sending that signed up through a Campaign a particular campaign or from a Particular source so that's several Examples or if you have geolocation data And you usually do when you collect First party data using polls and and Content and like sign up forms you will Have their IP location so you can Target People by location for example if you're Uh if you're school private school is Targeting people within a specific area If you know that this is a more uh Affluent area then you can send out Different communication to them or or

Just see if if they respond to your Emails send them a different kind of Discount or a different kind of Incentive and send people different kind Of communication based on their lack of Lack of interactivity lack of Engagement So I generally for example don't like Using too many discounts especially with Things like this but if you have someone That doesn't respond to any of your Communication you can dedicate a Discount to them and other people that Are engaging but they're not converting You can use testimonials social proof You can use other trust symbols that Will just prove that your services your School is worth worth you know attending Let me see if we have any other Questions and thanks Anjali for sending Over that link folks check it out So so basically this link will help you Get started uh it will have some basic Questions like which industry you belong To and what are your marketing goals Based on that this is a free tool which Will help you generate some marketing Some content creation ideas uh for Quizzes like top of the funnel marketing Ideas bottom of the funnel middle file And you can Inspire get inspired from Some of those ideas to get started Awesome that's very meta that's a nice Way of using your own tool for that Great stuff

All right folks I think I think we've Gone through all the questions that we Had Um and if I'm not mistaken feel free to Ask away the last question if not folks Feel free to reach out to us you're Going to receive the recording of this Of this webinar along with the discounts That we have prepared for you and you Know it's Black Friday season so why not Take part in in discounts like this so You will be able to reach out back to us And follow up with us and you can always Find us on LinkedIn as well if you want To chat with us directly Um you know we're always one email away One click away on social media so feel Free to reach out even if you have a Question or suggestion we'd be happy to Receive it so thank you all for joining Us today Anjali awesome thank you for For joining us today finally meeting you Well I've met you in person before but Finally seeing you here live to the Webinar with us I I think everyone was was enjoying Themselves I was definitely enjoying Myself so once again thanks Thank you thanks everyone thanks for Joining And have a good rest of your day Everyone and we'll send you the Recording soon have a good one bye Thanks

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