How to build a website from scratch

Hello, everyone. In this video, I will teach you
how you can create a website That looks exactly like this from scratch. And that’s definitely a feature
that you don’t want to miss. Stay tuned. All right. So as usual,
we will be starting from the dashboard So that you can follow every step
that I do here in this video. So without further ado,
to access the website builder, We simply have to go to tools
and click website builder. You will then see a very similar page. Well, If you have any websites already created,
you won’t see exactly the same page. And if you don’t have any,
you will see just an image And it will allow you to start
creating a websites as well. And as we want to do that,
we will simply click to create a website Over here and we will select the
be on there for the purpose of this video. All right. So now
there is the first question over here Or should I say
the first set of questions, Which is what type of business
do you have so? Well, you will have
to input your type of business if you are Perhaps in fashion,
industry, wedding, photography, education, Anything that you Any way
that you can categorize your business. And when you write something, you will
then find a few options That we have over here. In my case,
I will have business, education And what kind of website
you want to build. I will build A website that will advertise my event. So I will run a masterclass webinar
and the purpose of the website Will be for people to know about it
and also for them to sign up. So I want them in my email list
and I want them to attend my webinar

So I will not be selling anything. But if you are,
there are options for you as well. Enter and I think there are many options
over here and once you offer your cursor You will see that
all of them are described. And of course this will influence
what the I will suggest to you at the end. In my case, I Will go with a launch page
as I only want one page, But I will then show you
how you can add more pages to the website. All right. So now we go to the next step And here is where We actually pick the elements or blocks
that we want on the website. And in my case, to be fair,
I don’t really want a contact form, But I want a charting stance. So I want people to reach out to me
while they are on the page And I want to be able to answer them
in real time. So I will want a chance. I don’t know if I want a list right now, So I will make it great So that it is not it will not go As part of the eyes suggestion. And then I want a gallery here as well
and video. Not sure. So I’ll just have that. And of course later on
we can all always add The blocks or elements
as you will see as we go through. So for now, these are my choices. And just to not confuse you,
the difference Between a contact form and sign up form
is that the sign up For last people to your contact list
when the contact form Will simply allow people to contact you
without being added to your list. So as simple as that. And now with that out of the way,
let’s just go to the next step. All right.

So here you will pick this color scheme
for your website. And these are the suggestions And they will always be different
depending on what you choose Type of business,
anything that you can think about. And you can also,
if you have a favorite website Or if you already have a website,
perhaps and you are just building a page, You can place the
you are here and click go. So this will give you
the color scheme of the website. So in our case, GetResponse
should be some blue. We should see some blue over here. Yeah. So as you can see, These are the suggestions if we went for
and I get the response theme And if you have perhaps a logo, you can
simply upload an image to upload a logo And you can upload your logo And you will have suggestions
based on your goes on. I will actually try
with this one over here And then I’ll show you that we don’t need
to stick to this color scheme. We can always change everything. So let’s go. Next step And here is where you enter Your company details
and make sure to provide the correct data. And so if you have a contact page,
these details will be part of it as well. Monday I will provide three suggestions
and so let’s just wait for them. All right. So now we have two suggestions over here. And as you can see,
it really picked on the color of my logo As it was only purple. So I cannot really blame over here. But we we will make a very quick change
and I will show you how we can do that. So before we jump into
it, we can simply preview Like that. And as you can see,
the logo is placed right here. And if you want this one,
you can just use the design.

Otherwise it will simply click
on a different one, right? I will actually go with it. All right. So we have many things to change over
here, as you can imagine. And one of the things will be Under global design. So before we go to that,
let me just explain that you can go back And forward in history at the top. So we can simply on this
ask you to go back and forth. And then this icon over
here is used to save And here
you can navigate through the pages. So if you have more pages,
you will be able to navigate over here. You can preview. We’ll see that later. And then seven exits
and now let’s see the first thing When you enter the on
a website is to define the color scheme If you are happy with it or not
and make some global changes. So something that I notice over here
that’s not Working
is definitely this corner of the button. So I want something else. So I will have perhaps The colors of GetResponse. So I’ll have this one And I will change the text. All right, so we change the color
and as you can see, It’s very easy to change on
all of the buttons here on these websites. And something else that I want to do is I don’t really like this background color,
so I will go with white And it’s changing for everything
as it applies As a background color here as well. So I can simply ignore this, Ignore this. And what I will do Is to remove this image Over here and I will not be using that.

So what I did
was to simply erase a whole section Because I was I wasn’t going to use it
in the first place. And I want to change
the text color as well. So let’s make this dark. And now we can see a little bit better. All right. We also don’t need this city over here And that’s gone. And what we need right now is our page Should have a place
for people to subscribe. So we have over here and explain
what the event and who are the speakers. So this is what I want
and I will place this over here And let’s call it a marketing masterclass. And as you can see, this is definitely
not the font I would want to use. And we can change that. We can change that directly over here And perhaps something similar to this. But as you can see on the global design,
I can already change everything Without having to go one by one, right? So this is much faster. And unlike Roboto, So we can go with this and we can Then click on the block, text block
and just center it. All right. So we made some improvements over here And something else to do is to go to this Button and well, actually, not yet. I will go I’ll click on the form. I’m going to go to blog settings In in this case design, Go to button, make it a bit bigger. And also We need to change this color over here. So what we need to do is to perhaps

Change this, to transform. All right. It’s much better, right? All right. Now we can see properly and well,
these changes were done pretty quickly. And you can do the same later on. And for now, I will get rid of this. And I already have something
that looks more like a website. And just by using the global design
and something that you need to understand Is that you can click on
any block or element and then it settings Will appear on the right And this is very useful. And you also have sections
and I can click here And change heat settings as well And that perhaps I know
that this has too much space So I can just go here and decrease it. All right. So let’s say I’m happy with that,
but I want to change the background color And I actually want some background
media and I want an image. And something that I will do
is to go to Unsplash. So these are images free for you to use. What we can do
is to perhaps search for gradients And I have conflux
so I will write it properly And gradients over here
and we can go and pick one that we like. So I’ll just see a few more And we will decide on something. I like this one over here. All right. That kind of fits
with the purple that we have, And we can
then change the image of opacity. So something maybe your def nature And I would like to change this thing here
to lines. To be fair,
it will look a little bit better. And just for you to see,
I can go to the elements And I can drag a slight menu of dark
here to the top

And can be just home. All right,
so this looks kind of weird, right? But you can click here and you can make it Bold, make it a little bigger, Perhaps like that,
and click on absolute positioning. So before we turn this on,
there is something that you need to know. It might be hard Sometimes on mobiles, so be careful
when using absolute positioning And only use. Perhaps two things like this. So once you click that you weren’t
able to drag this anywhere And I just want to place it
here in the middle Right Now, this will do. And what I need now is to present the idea So I will drag this to the top and I will actually have an image Placed on the right
side, will have an image here, And it can be perhaps computer Me, something like that And let’s see how it looks. That’s a bit small, to be fair,
but we will fix it. And then once we click,
we can simply increase the size as you as You saw just by dragging this
and just do that. And that’s All right. So you have something like that. And if you have a few points to explain,
perhaps One more sentence over here, You would do something like that. And this would look much better. And you kind of have a break
in the middle of the website If you change the color
and then you get back To something like this
and what I want to do right now is

I see this is a gallery
and this will actually make things A bit more difficult for me
if I wants just two speakers. As you can see, this is how It would look like
and I only want two speakers over here. So what I will do is to actually Delete and I would love to images. So I will go to a much darkened room And I already know that I want a man in Glasses Can be this man over here And I will allow another image Next to him,
which would be a woman in glasses. Nothing in particular about the glasses. Just. I actually checked that before. Since we don’t have. Since we know exactly which images
we are speaking in. Don’t waste much time on it. Right. And I want to show you something
interesting, which is You should click on the image,
go here to the right, Click on edit. You’ll
then be taken to this editor over here And we just want to fix the spaces. So we have a lot of space
on one of the sides And we want to make it a bit smaller and We can keep the aspect ratio. But I already know that
this should be something like this Five hundreds and that’s not too safe. All right. And we will do the same time. All right. So now we have both over here
with perfect images and we need some text. We need to introduce
them. And we also need some Title over here. So I need something like this. And this will be speakers

Perhaps will look better in white And not really. So let’s leave it in dark right now And we will add more text. So this is just drag and drop
that you can do on the drop Below him and I want to introduce him. I will duplicate and do the same for him. So I will call him
Adam and I will call her. I know, I know, I know very creative names And a lot of people will do
is to actually click on the block. We will do click on block settings
and diminish the padding. So we don’t want so much padding
over here, so don’t take too much space. I actually could have copied After adjusting the popping right. Not to waste more time over here and now
we want to share their social media. All right. So I can go to other elements
once again, social media. And we are just below them. And I will duplicate
and do the same for her. And well, you can add to your social media
one else here, Not exactly yours, but for the speakers,
if you are the speakers, of course yours. And you can also add more platforms. And one thing that I want to show you
is that you can change the icons Over here
if you want something more colorful. So you can, of course, do that. And then we want to introduce the persons,
right? So to the speakers in this case
and we will add some text, block them. All right. So what we need now is to align the text
and to make it a little bit bigger. Something like this. All right. So make it bigger to 18 Over here and to center. All right.

So now we have something decent
to show over here and we have our logo. We people can already subscribe. And something that you should know
is when you click on the form, You can name the form. Perhaps You can go to the fields of more fields If you want, perhaps If you want people to choose their country And and you can always remove it
and then success view. So this is what they will see
after they’ve subscribe. And what we want now to show over here Is that you can go to the subscription
settings And select the list that people will join
once they subscribe to this page. In my case would be Cookie Monster And I want to want them to the others
from their cycle to the zero. So if you want to know more about that,
check on the top right corner And how to configure
your other responders. So this will be a message
that will welcome them automatically. And well, so now we have what we need. And as I promised, let me show you
how you can add another page. All we have over here
and I want to add another page. Let’s say that I will
perhaps have some products. And as you can see,
the theme now is recurring. It’s following what we have on this page. So just for the sake of example,
I will have this one over here And what I will do Is to actually show you That you can navigate
from one to the other. All right. So now we will have something like this
and we can go to manage pages And we can change the name
just by normal thinking And let’s say products. And once we change the name,
we’ll also change here at the top. And it will become as we wanted

To, just like that’s All right. So now that we have this, I want to show you
something else on this page, Which is to edit the settings
so you can make the products Page, your home page,
and you can edit the settings over here. And one interesting thing Is that you can disable this page
or nobody can really access it And you can schedule it
to be available on a specific date. So if you are running some big event
and you want the page Just to be available at a specific time,
this is what you will do. So the page will be available here And you can always edit slug
and this is the world That goes after your domain
and in this case will be products. And I’ll show
you more about that later on. Right then we have SEO As something you will have to read more,
but it will help you on the search engine. Of course, if you didn’t
if you was able this option, then Your website will not appear on Google,
for example, social media. You will an image over here. And then when someone shares your page
or if you share your page, The image that you put here will appear On Facebook, Instagram
and other platforms. Then you have
the access can be for everybody. Password holders. This is independent page by page, right? If you want to add something to the head
of the page is how you would do it. All right. So now we are done over here. We have a way to subscribe,
we have an explanation, And we have the speakers. And now what we want to do
is to simply preview. All right. So we want to preview
pretty much on desktop and also on mobile

And on mobile, something that I want to
let you know is that you can You can edit this Only on mobile and this will not affect
the desktop version. So this can be very useful for you When trying to manage the mobile version. You can always play with the parting here
as well, only for mobile. So it’s definitely something
that you want to do Just to fix some smaller things, right? And then something that I just noticed
that we definitely need A timer over here so people will know When this event will occur. Right? So I want on a fixed date
and let’s say it will happen On the 31st of August. All right. So this is what will happen. And you can edit the counter. And I will make it bold and a bit larger. So something like this. All right. So that looks better. What we can do
now is to go next and connect The domain. And over here you will give your website
a name I will call mine Master Class. And here, as well. And this is where GetResponse offers you three free domains As we can host over here on your website. And one of the three you can pick
you can pick a name as well. You pay nothing for that. If you want to connect your own domain,
you also don’t pay anything Because you already have a domain
and you can learn more How you can connect your own domain on top
right corner. And if you have a credit card attached
and you wish to buy A domain with us, you can do it over here.

Oh, for this video will assume That you will simply use the free domain
and that’s simply Go to publish. All right. So now You will be taken to this page here,
and you’ll be familiar with this page Very soon as you can simply check here
the certificate of your page. Right. So who’s subscribed clicks, page views,
anything. Also the prices a
this will here show in percentage Who visited your page with a mobile phone
or with desktop? And while this is very useful
and you will definitely Want to keep track of this
and something else that you need to know Is that you can go to edit site settings
and you can undo fanfiction. So this is the icon
on the top left over here And you can change it. All right. So then you have the cookie banner. You can you as you saw that I have a
charts enabled website statistics as well. And here
analytics and dramatic remarketing. If you are using Google Analytics
or Facebook Pixel perhaps Or any of those over here, you can learn
more about that on the top right corner. And well, once you click away, The change changes save automatically. Now let’s see how the website looks like. I’ll just click on it right here. You can see cookie consent And the charts
that we had at the beginning. Of course, this chart has to be configured
totally apart from this, And you can check that on top right
corner as well. And now something that I want to mention
is that we can go back to the dashboards And we can do widgets. So this is something that you should do
if you have a website here Definitely to on these widgets, select
a data range, select your website. So Masterclass in my case
can select the data entry

That you want to see
perhaps last month and apply. And this will show the page views, visits,
unique visitors at a glance. So this is what you want to see
as you enter, as you log In and GetResponse
how your website is performing. So thank you for watching
and I hope you took some value Out of this video
and I’ll see you in the next one.

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