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Hello everyone in this video I will Teach you how an automation workflow Works and also how you can get started Stay tuned Here we are in the dashboard and let’s Get to the automation workflow there are A few ways that you can use uh the Quickest one would be through the quick Actions widget here you can see create Workflow if you don’t have that you Would go to edit widgets and create Workflow and if you don’t have this Widget just go to add new widget and Otherwise you would go to tools Customize top menu and you would add Automation to the top menu or or the Easiest way In this sense that you don’t have to do Anything else or just be to go to tools And click Automation and here we are in This page you will see a very similar One if you already have some automation Created and if you don’t you will see a Little bit different but you just need To click to create a workflow to see Something similar let’s just click here And then you will you will be taken to The templates we will be starting with a Very simple one which is the simple Welcome message and it’s something that Everyone should have which is when uh Customer subscribe you should send them A welcome message it’s the most open Email in the world let’s just click use

Template and you can also preview here Just to see how the template looks like This is the automation workflow Workspace and just to let you know how The automation works here is that this In blue here is a condition so if this Happens if someone subscribes to any List via any method in this case uh then An action would take place here which is The message being sent and you can Configure here on the right the Properties of the condition here and I Will select a specific list chart Prospects and then any method can be and This option here is to include people Who are already in this list meaning That if you turn this on and publish the Workflow people that are already in the Least they will enter this workflow keep It off for now and here you have the Message which is an action in the Workflow And you can also configure the Properties here And now it is a drag and drop meaning That uh just drag here and if we would Do exactly the same scenario and drop And then you link them Just like here to just look like this And just to exemplify a different Scenario here let’s say we are using a Filter let’s say we will use a filter Here and I will Choose like this

And then you choose a condition on this Filter Let’s say we want to use an existing Segment and I have people who want Discounts Meaning here that the green part is People who match this segment and the Wrap Parts meaning people who don’t do Not match so in this case as I didn’t Link to anything they would just leave The workflow and now let’s see important Things that you need to know about the Workflow on the left you have a history That you can just click to go back and Well you can also go forward And then if you go to the right you will Have this little wheel here the gear and Here you change the workflow name you Can schedule the workflow to start at a Specific time this can be very useful if You are running some sort of campaign Like like Friday Christmas Easter and When the workflow should end then you Click OK and let’s imagine that we are Ready then we will just click save and Publish Here and you will see exactly this page And let’s go back to all the workflows And then that’s how it would look like If you want to unpublish then you will Just go here on publish or to publish And then you can also duplicate and Export the workflow or even delete and You can use worthless for many scenarios

Uh specifically to recommend products to Your customers to for abundant cards and I have one of the examples here using The template called post purchase and Here is how it looks like I just edited Just a little bit I added just a tag Here and well if someone purchases from My school and depending on how much they Spent I would Target them a little bit Differently with different tags and as You can see here so meaning that if they Spent less than 40 dollars they will go Through the left here through the green And if if they spent a bit more they Will go through the rides and if it’s More than 50 they would take the the Green here and go and if it’s in this Case I organize in a way that will be Between 1450 they will just take this Last one and you can do exactly the same It’s not so difficult all you need to Know is condition needs to happen and Then an action will take place and in Between you have the filters that’s all You need to know to get started and at The end of this video you will see a Button that will take you directly to This page and have fun with your Workflows I hope you enjoyed this video And I’ll see you in the next one [Music] Foreign [Music]

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