How do I add the tracking JavaScript code to my website?

Hello everyone in this video I will Teach you how you can track purchases And abandoned carts on your website Using a little code that you can find in Automation Stay tuned All right so most of you might already Be familiar with this view so we are in An automation workflow and now let’s see Where we can find this code so there are A few conditions that you can use which Are Purchase made you can use visited URL and you can use abandoned cart So what’s in common here is that they Use the same code exactly the same you Will only install the code once and it Will work for the three of them and if You already saw my video about Installing a pop-up on your website the Code is exactly the same so if you are Have already done that you can find on The top right corner You don’t need to do it again and now Let’s see the codes and you will also Notice that there are two codes and I Will explain you the difference in both Let’s now click here And well so we have the first code here Which is the one that will be installed On the head of the page and what this Code will do is it will track people That for example in this specific case As we are using the purchase condition It will track people that purchased uh

From your website and in particular this Will track people that access to your Website through a message that you’ve Sent in get response so if you send a Newsletter and your newsletter I put Links to your website then we will be Able to track If the person accesses your website Directly so not through a message in get Response we need a different way to Track this person so you will need the Second code here and this is just an Example here and if you go for the Second code if you will need this one You will need to contact a web developer As a PHP here as a web is just an Example as we um we can’t really provide Every example for every language here And it also depends on the environment That you are using what’s important to Note here is that this code has to be Added to the page where you capture your Contacts information for example email So this has to be placed on on a page Where you have a form let’s put it in This way so when you have a form and Someone feels the information you so get Response using this code will have Access to this information and we can Track So and let’s now see how we can install The first code We just go here copy and we will go to Our WordPress

You don’t need to have WordPress in this Situation you can have any other Platform that you use as long as you Have access to the code or to the head Of the page Let’s now see appearance Team file editor on the right you’ll see Something as team header and if you Don’t see that name you will certainly See header.php or something very similar And once you click you will find the Head here As you see the Head Start here and the Head ends here what you need to do is to Paste the code exactly at the end of the Head like right before it it has to be The last thing here And then you simply click to update And that that’s all you have to do Regarding this code and you will start Already tracking these people as long as They come from a message in get response So that we are tracking them already Now there are a few situations here that You’ve done everything correctly let’s Say even if you have both codes but People are not entering your workflow And well what it can mean is that well People perhaps have rejected the cookies So we cannot track because they rejected Cookies on your website and another Situation is let’s imagine that you Start your workflow with a different uh Condition to start let’s say if people

Clicked a certain link then you would Check if they made the purchase but Let’s say that they are still on this Block They already purchased from your website So this means we won’t track they need To be exactly on this block here on the Purchase block Uh for then the purchase to occur and we Will be able to track and then they will Follow to the next blocks so pay Attention to that and regarding the Second code what’s important to note From this video is that you know how it Is used so it is used in a page where You can capture the information from Your uh website’s visitor so that will Get response can have this information As well and we will be able to track This way you can instruct your web Developer what he needs to do take that Code transform it into the version of The language of your website And place it on the page where you Tracked where you capture this Information at the end of this video You’ll find the button that will take You directly to your workflows and if You don’t have any you can start Creating one And well it’s time for you to start Tracking people who purchase from your Website and enable your automations I hope you found this video helpful and

I will see you in the next one

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