How can I edit my lists’ subscription settings

Hello, everyone. In this video, we
will quickly see How you can manage
your subscription Settings for a particular list. Stay tuned. As you can see right now,
we are at the dashboard And to get to your
lists, we simply Need to click on
”Contacts” at the top. As we click, you will
see all your lists here And to get to the settings,
it is very simple. Just go to the right
hover your cursor On top of the three vertical
dots and go to ”Settings.” And from here we will go
straight to subscription. And the first option means that
you will receive subscription Notifications in
your email address, If you wish to have
that, you just enable here And select your email
addresses here, can be multiple, Doesn’t need to be only one. So when someone subscribes,
you will receive A notification in your email. Following from here you have
a double opt-in, and this means, In other words, this is
a confirmed opt-in, means That if someone subscribes,
if I subscribe to you I will receive a message
first, before I join Your list, and this message
will ask me to confirm My subscription, once I click,
I will be joining your list. And well, you have
”Web subscriptions,” This means your websites,
your forms and GetResponse, And API means that
if you integrate GetResponse with
Wordpress, for example, You would need to
enable this option here. About blocking subscriptions. This is specifically if you have
an HTML form that you built, Perhaps here in our forms
here, the old forms that we had,

And you didn’t know exactly
where you place the HTML form And some people are
subscribing to it And you don’t know
what’s happening. They look like bot
subscriptions to you. You simply click here to
enable and this will disable Subscriptions from those forms. Well, this can be
extremely helpful for you. Then we move on to
confirmation page And well, this means when I
click on this confirmation Button to join your list, I
will see the page right here, And you can preview
it if you click here Or you can even
select your own page. So by default we have
GetResponse’s page And you can add
your own URL here. And while those three here
are self-explanatory, but let Me just mention something
about the ”Newsletter directory.” When you create a
newsletter, you always Link a list to this newsletter. And in this case here, when
you preview the directory, You will see the newsletters
linked to this list. They will appear. About indexing
to search engines. This means that if you toggle
this on, your newsletter Can be found in
Google, for example. And as you can see,
I toggled on. But if I turn it off,
you will see a notification Mentioning exactly that. And well, now let’s jump to
the ”Confirmation message.” In other words,
this is the message That people will receive. If you have the confirmation
confirmed opt-in or double Opt-in enabled, and this message
can be HTML or plain text, You will select the
one that you prefer. You can also request
your own subject line

If you don’t find a
useful one here for you, Just pay attention
to the dynamic field Here, which
is the first name, And it needs to be
exactly in this format. We will once you click
here, you can write your own, And then it will be checked and
either approved or disapproved, And you will see a reason
for that. ”From” email address, The person that
subscribes will see That the message came
from this email address And if they decide
to reply, it would Fall into the email address, As you select here. Now, it’s important to consider
that this message can’t Be fully edited, and this
is for compliance reasons, As there are certain
rules that have To be respected in the footer. From here you can select many
templates that we provide And then you can only
edit and add your own text To the blank box. You cannot delete any text here, As I explained, it has
to do with compliance. Once you are ready, you simply
click to save and confirm. I hope I made this
quite easy for you And that now at the
end of this video, You can just click on the
button and you will go straight To contacts, and well, you can
edit the subscription settings Of your own lists. I will now go ahead, and I’ll
see you in the next video.

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