How can I assign my own subdomain to my Website in GetResponse?

Hello, everyone. In this video, you will learn
that assigning your subdomain To your website in GetResponse
isn’t complicated at all. Let’s now dive into it. We are currently in the dashboard,
and the first step to take is actually To go to the website builder itself. We will go here tools > website builder. You can now see that
I have a few websites here And we will take one of them
as an example. Let’s go to the predesigned 17. You just click on the website itself And connect the domain you own In in this video. And this will be actually a subdomain. And it’s as simple
as clicking at the new domain here. And you will then write the subdomain
here. And subdomains look like this. Let me show you. So in this case, my subdomain
will be called gelato And then simple setup. Dot xyz is my domain. And let’s say that I’m using this domain
for a different website Hosted somewhere else. That’s why I want a subdomain in GetResponse
so that I don’t lose access to This website. And now just click add. Right. Now we are in this page here. And the important part is that you
copy the cname here. So you need to copy that. click Got it. And now
we need to go to our domain provider. We are using GoDaddy for this video. But if you have a different provider,
it doesn’t really matter. The point here is that you can Access the DNS settings
so that you can configure a subdomain And if you
if you are using GoDaddy as well,

We can go to my account manager product
and you will be exactly in this page. Let’s find now my domain. And it is Let’s click DNS and you’ll be presented
with a very similar page to this one. And what we want to do here is to click
add in DNS records. And in this specific case,
it will be cname Which is for some domains,
and the name here Will be the name that you give to
the subdomain. In my case was simply gelato. And the value is what we copied. It was that final that appeared
when before we clicked Got it just on that little pop up window. And here on the TTL
you can leave the default if you have any Doubts about it. It’s always best
to contact this domain provider. We will leave it at that. And once
it’s ready, you just click add record. And there you go. It’s here. Already successful. And now let’s go back to GetResponse And this is where The boring part comes,
is that you will have to wait For the the changes to propagate
through the DNS, as you can see. Now it’s pending here. It might take up to 24 hours
in some cases, even 48. You just got to wait a little
and then it will be activated. As simple as that. As you can see, it’s
not something complicated. Looks more complicated than it is And I hope that with this video,
I made it easy for you. It’s time now for me to go,
and I’ll see you in the next video. Stay tuned.

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