How can I add an ebook or a video to my message?

Hello everyone in this video I will Teach you how you can add a video to Your newsletter and also how you can Hyperlink a button or text so that your Customers can Download a pdf Stay tuned Alright so right now we are in the Newsletter editor and all you need to do Is to drag and drop the video block to The editor itself So we will do just that and then what You need is a URL we suggest here uh Websites like YouTube or Vimeo but you Can try your other video platform as Well and it should work Not to find the url all we did was to go To get responses uh YouTube and I Actually copied this one over here from Warm up and IP address I will now paste it here and something To keep in mind is that we are also Compatible with YouTube shorts so if you Are using that kind of content you might Want to share it as well All right so as you can see we have the Video here some weird spacing so we we Will we would now duplicate some spacing We have here and just put it below so it Looks a little bit better then what you Can do would be to adjust the size of The block And perhaps change change this color Over here if you wish you can also Change the button

Add to something more simple And then once you are done over here Remember that once you send this Newsletter people that click on this Block will be redirected to the video Meaning that in this case they will be Taken to YouTube to the video directly And now let’s see how we can hyperlink This button here with the PDF and to do That I will go to the main page of get Response so at the dashboard right here And what we will do is to go to tools we Would go to files and images And we will add a file Over here select the files from my Computer and I have some PDFs over here Um but some Polish classes And let’s hunt it You will see it here and before we head Back to the editor what we will do is to Uh over your computer on the three Vertical tools here copy URL And now we go to the editor And you will click on the button Web address And URL you will just paste the URL that We just copied if you wish to of course To um if you wish to hyperlink text you Can just double click on some text over Here Go to the little clip Same thing here web address And then you paste the URL and now let’s Just test it just to see how it would be

I’ll both test the video Clicked on the video and let’s click on The PDF so two different tops I opened Which one is the video over here And then you have the PDF as you could See this was actually easy to do and now The next level is for you to send this Newsletter automatically to people who Subscribe to your list if you wish to Learn that simply click on the top right Corner as I walk you through the whole Process I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll See you in the next one

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