Happy Thanksgiving from the whole GetResponse family!

Foreign [Music] We've decided to turn to you our dear Customers you drive ideas you encourage Us to be better our journey together has Spent more than two decades now thank You for the trust for the loyalty and For choosing us it's so great to see That the number of people entrusting us With their business is constantly Growing as of now we have more than 300 000 customers on the board in over 180 Countries we are grateful for your Constant honest feedback as our business And your business evolve together thank You for this partnership thank you for Being creative and persistent we admire So much how you achieve great results With your marketing campaigns and how You continuously strive to grow your Business we are honored to be the Marketing automation of your choice your Partner and part of your business will Always do our best to our friendship Lasts for even longer into the future Thank you for being with us and Happy Thanksgiving

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