Grow Your Email List and Engage Your Subscribers with Gamification | Webinar

Thank you very much for joining us today And uh thank you Giancarlo for joining Me on this webinar of course today Webinar will be all about email Gamification And um I am Content Partnerships manager of that Response and I'm joined today by John Carlo masaro co-founder of viral sweep Of viral sweepstakes platform Today's webinar will be about one hour Long and it will consist of two parts First John Carlo will tell you about how You can build your email list field Gamification And then I will tell you about how you Can engage your subscribers with uh Gamified emails And at the end we will have a dedicated Q a session So feel free to ask your questions in The chat during the webinar and we will Do our best to answer them at the end of The event And just so you know we are recording Everything and we will send you the Recording and everyone who has Registered for the webinar Um in a couple of days So before we get started I would like to ask you a question Have you ever used gamification in your Marketing I'm opening a poll here

And If I set up everything correctly then You should be able to vote if you have Use a gamification in your marketing Activities Uh feel free to submit your votes right Now I've seen that most of the replies are In the negative So most of our attendees today never Used gamification and we have a few who Loop it a couple of times Great so I hope that this Webinar will be Uh insightful for all of you and you Will learn about How you can use gamification to further Your marketing activities So without further ado I would like to Give the floor to Giancarlo so Giancarlo Please take it away Awesome thank you Hello everyone thanks for joining today Um so the first thing we'll talk about In about gamification is you know why do We like the play And we'll discuss the challenge reward Cycle you know people love playing games For for various reasons one significant Aspect that contributes to the enjoyment Of games is the challenge reward cycle And so this cycle refers to the process Of overcoming challenges earning rewards And you know keeping players engaged and

Motivated to continue playing Um that the challenge reward cycle is Broken down into several components it Helps explain why people love playing Games the first uh here is obviously the Challenge or the intrinsic motivation People are naturally driven to seek out Experiences learn and grow and The Challenge Rewards cycle will tap into This intrinsic motivation by presenting Players with problems to solve or goals To achieve which Sparks the Curiosity And stimulates your desire to master the Game a very simple example you can think Of a mobile app game where you're trying To beat levels to earn rewards or points Within that game next you have the Action or skill development so as Players engage in The Challenge Rewards Cycle they develop skills and enhance Their existing ones in this process of Skill acquisition Improvement is Satisfying and it encourages players to Continue playing in pursuit of Greater Mastery after that we have the reward And Flow State so when players are Deeply immersed in The Challenge Rewards Cycle they can enter a state of flow Basically just a mental state where They're fully absorbed and focused on The game and this heightened state of Engagement and concentration is Enjoyable and can lead to a sense of Accomplishment again referring to a

Mobile app game you beat a level and you Know you're trying to earn rewards Within that game you may get into that Flow state where you're very focused on Trying to be the the level in the game And then finally we have the dopamine Release so this is successfully Overcoming a challenge and earning Rewards in that game which triggers a Release of dopamine a neurotransmitter With you know associated with pleasure And reward uh and this positive Reinforcement strengthens the connection Uh between engaging in challenge reward In the challenge reward cycle and Experiencing enjoyment which continues To motivate players to keep playing so You know you beat a level in a game and You think it's fun so you'll keep Playing uh to beat the the consecutive Levels after that Um next to move on to the benefits of Gamification in marketing So gamification offers several Advantages for marketing first we uh we Know that increases customer engagement People find games appealing and even Those who you know aren't initially Interested may end up clicking on a game Out of curiosity second gamification Will build brand awareness so if your Audience is impressed they'll like They're more likely to share their Experience on social media which will

Spark conversations around your brand This is going to tie into sweepstakes And contests which I'll talk about Shortly uh next gamification drives Cross-channel engagement by integrating Game elements seamlessly across various Platforms that encourage your users to Engage with your brand in multiple Different ways gamification also Strengthens the relationship with their Customers rewards no matter how big or Small create excitement and a sense of Exclusivity connecting winners to your Business and lastly gamification it's a It's an affordable marketing strategy You know it leverages existing Tech and Human psychology to create an immersive Experience So next we'll talk about the benefits of Gamification and email marketing So gamification is extremely beneficial Within email marketing it for example It's going to help grow your email list By encouraging users to share their Email address willingly this is achieved By creating interactive and personalized Experiences for example and we're going To talk about this further in the Webinar with the sweepstakes or a Contest users are going to provide you With their email address in exchange for A chance to win a prize and that will Help grow your email list Gamification also increases your open

Rates because it gives subscribers a Reason to pay attention to your emails Creating a habit of Engagement Also gamification Um it increases your click-through rates Um so gamified email marketing campaigns Have 48 higher user engagement And then finally loyalty programs that Utilize gamification result in long-term Customer engagement increasing the Frequency of purchases by three times And boosting your average order value by 15 percent Uh and finally we're going to talk about The key pillars here of the gamification The first pillar is motivation Find ways to encourage your users to Participate in the game and engage with Your brand They have to have some type of Motivation to want to do so Second you're going to want to design Challenges and goals that are intriguing And rewarding for your users Third is feedback in progress we want to Keep users informed about their progress And give them feedback on our Performance Fourth you're going to want to offer Rewards and incentives that are relevant And appealing to your target audience I'll restate that again relevant and Appealing to your target audience we're Going to talk more about that after

And finally encourage social interaction And competition as these elements are Going to foster a sense of community and Drive your user engagement So next we're going to talk about Building your email list with Sweepstakes and contests and this is What viral sweep is all about So for those of you who don't know first Off I'm just going to talk quickly about Sweepstakes and contests so these are Two popular types of promotions that can Grow your email list and they have very High conversion rates so a sweepstakes Is a promotion where Um you're giving away a prize in Exchange for someone giving you their Data like a name and email address and Then you're drawing a winner at random a Contest which is often confused with the Sweepstakes but it is in fact a separate Type of promotion a contest is a skill Based promotion so people are giving you Their information plus they're Submitting like a photo or a video or an Essay in exchange for a chance to win a Prize and winners are picked based on Judging or voting So why do people run these types of Promotions basically it's because they Have very high conversion rates and they Rapidly grow your email list and even Nowadays people are running them to grow Their SMS and text message lists

Um so here on the screen we have a chart Which shows you different types of forms Uh the number of fields on the forms Shown in Orange and then the form Conversion rates shown in Gray and You'll see here which is highlighted a Contest form versus a typical lead gen Form around 10 to 11 fields on these Forms And so compared to a typical Legion form With the same number of fields a legion Form with a sweepstakes or contest has Double the conversion rate And within a viral sweep we actually see Higher conversion rates typically you're Not going to have 10 fields on your Sweepstakes entry form you typically Have maybe two or three Fields asking For name and email address maybe phone Number and we'll see typically 50 to 70 Conversion rate depending upon your Traffic source So ditching the old school lead gen Forms so old school Legion forms are Great for collecting information but They have lower conversion rates and the User Journey ends when you submit the Form You know once a form is submitted within Viral Suite we have an incentivization System built in to maximize social Engagement and you can capture more than Just user data through sharing referrals And more

So here's a quick example On the left hand side we have what I'll Referred to as an old school Legion form Someone let's just picture someone Filled out name and email address and Submitted the form and it just says Thanks your submission was received you Know that's the end of the user Journey Within viral sweet sweet we'll call that The new school lead gen form once they Submit our form uh they'll see that They're entered we show them how many Points or entries they have and then we Have actions that they can complete to Earn additional entries into that Promotion Um so things like referring your friends Or everyone who gets a referral link When they sign up can share with their Friends and for each friend that signs Up through the link they'll get more Entries You can do things like visit your social Pages or follow your social Pages answer Questions upload photos We have about 40 different ways that you Can incentivize the form so aside from Just collecting that user data you're Also able to have them do additional Things which helps grow your email list As well as you know other goals you may Have internally within your company So what type of game should you use Viral soup has about 10 different types

Of promotions or games and they all have Their own specific use cases the best Ones for lead gen are going to be the Following so first and and always number One is going to be sweepstakes they're Great for email list growth and great For SMS list growth as well if you do SMS within your company basically you're Going to give away a prize people will Provide you with their information in Exchange for a chance to win that prize And they can also complete those actions Which I just showed you previously to Get more entries and those entries give Them a greater chance of winning when You do a random draw within viral sweep So that's a key element there with a Sweepstakes or also referred to as a Giveaway you have to do a random drawing From all those who had entered Next you have contests these are great For collecting ugc like photos and Videos that you can then reuse within Your company's marketing so you're going To give away a prize people will provide Their information as well as a photo or Video a simple example is like if you Want a pet store and you want to run a Cutest dog contest people are going to Submit the photo of their dog and then Winners are picked based on judging or Voting within a contest they are not Picked at randomly Then two more for you in terms of what

Type of game you should use we have Instant wins instant wins are great for Email list growth and they're highly Engaging so you're going to give away Many different prizes physical prizes or Coupons or discounts people will be able To provide their information and spin a Wheel and winners are picked instantly So they'll instantly find out if they Want a prize or a discount or something Like that They can also lose and within viral Sweep you can actually incentivize them To complete those actions to earn Additional spins to try again And finally we have a wait list so wait Lists are great for email list growth on New launches so if you're launching a New product line a new website maybe you Run a software company and you're Launching a beta basically you're going To give away a prize or access to Something so this could be like Early Access people will join the waitlist and Again they can complete actions to jump Up spots in line on that wait list and Then people that are at the top of that Wait list will win and get access So a couple tips here for creating these Promotions So the prize choosing the prize is going To be the most important piece of Setting up your promotion Um you want a prize that is targeted

Towards your audience and something That's share worthy and worth the effort To enter If you're going to give away like a 10 Amazon gift card there's just not enough Motivation there for the end user to Bother giving their information to you But the prize also needs to be relevant A simple example let's say you you own a Roofing company and you want to get Leads within your area of people who Need to have a new roof for their house Do you think giving away maybe a credit Towards a new roof install or giving Away a new roof is going to be better Than just giving away an iPad You'll get a bunch of unqualified leads If you go give away an iPad if you give Away a roof replacement prize you'll get Tons of qualified leads because you know Those people will need a roof Replacement at some point in the future And they'll now be on your marketing List and you can remarket to them you Know the the services that your roofing Company provides so that's just a simple Example Official rules you always need a set of Official rules which legally govern the Promotion and using viral sweep we Actually help you with this get up get Up and running quickly because we have a Rules template And then finally how long should your

Promotions last for so we break this Down by price value so under 500 Typically we recommend one to two weeks In length 500 to 2500 about two to four Weeks and over twenty five hundred Dollars between four to six weeks or Longer depending upon how high the price Value is and the general thought behind This is you know if you're if your Campaign is let's say 250 gift card it Doesn't do so well you know not much is Lost you don't have to worry about it With a let's say five thousand dollar Prize value if it's not so if it's not Doing so well after a couple weeks you Have time to evaluate and make changes To your your Marketing in order to try And help the promotion succeed so you Want a longer time frame with higher Price values Tips to make your promotion go viral so A couple quick tips here going viral Doesn't have to mean hundreds or Thousands or even millions of Interactions or Impressions it's about Going viral in your Niche and getting a Much larger amount of interactions and Qualified leads remember you want Qualified leads because the unqualified Leads aren't going to be helpful for Your business Uh don't just host a campaign on social Media make sure you have a lead capture Form like viral Suite or else you're

Just going to get a bunch of followers And no direct way to remarket to them or Reach out to them a simple example that I see all the time is people running Giveaways on Instagram uh telling them To leave a comment on their on their Post yes you'll get a lot of likes and Comments on your post but you're not Going to get any user data there's no Way for you to reach out to them Afterwards and if Instagram and Facebook Keep changing their algorithm they may Never see your post in the future even If they do follow your page Always reach out to influencers and Other related social media accounts for Helpful boost You can change your Lincoln bio on Instagram and Tick Tock and other Platforms to drive traffic to the Landing page for your promotion you can Use those social actions which have your Entrance through the promotional work For you for example the referral feature That I mentioned previously And make sure to consistently share and Post a promotion across all your Channels including social and email Marketing and of course viral Suite Directly integrates with get response so When someone let's say enters a Sweepstakes you can have that tied to Your get response list and anyone who Enters will automatically get past the

Get response and you can have your email Follow-ups set up automatically to go Out to those people who have entered Your sweepstakes of your contest Uh in terms of marketing or promotions Make sure you always have a marketing Plan in place for your promotion to Succeed I often see a lot of people just Throw these promotions up and then they Don't do as well and they don't succeed Because they have no plan in place They're kind of just you know figure out What different ways to Market as the Promotion is running so make sure you Always have a plan in place first before You launch your campaign I highly recommend reading our Advanced Guide to sweepstakes it has tons of tips And marketing ideas it shows you Literally from beginning to end how to Set up a promotion how to handle the Official rules how to Market it how to Contact the winners after after the Promotion ends how to contact everyone That did not win and how to give them a Consolation prize so I recommend Checking out this guide you have set up Um email your existing audience this is Huge a lot of people don't do this they Think okay these people are already on My email list why should I email them to Enter my sweepstakes the main reason is Because we have those referral features Built into viral sweep so you're going

To email your existing email list those People will enter but then they'll copy The referral link and share it in order To get more entries for each friend that They refer Paid media is another way to Market your Campaigns on Facebook Tick Tock Twitter Instagram so on and so forth as well as Working with different influencers and Bloggers and partners who will post the The campaign to Their audience And finally one tip is be careful with Sweepstakes and contest directories These are places where you can list your Promotion and these directories have Email lists of people that love entering Sweepstakes and contests You'll probably end up Gathering a bunch Of unqualified leads so be careful if You stumble upon these directories and Think it's a great idea to submit your Promotion there just to get entries And finally we're going to just round This off with a couple case studies from Clients of viral sweep Uh first one is our client uh fly safair They are an airway in South Africa and South Africa or an airline in South Africa Um they give away free flights for a Year as their prize the results uh 154 000 unique email entries 33 000 Referrals 18 000 shares of the promotion On Facebook over 12 000 tweets on

Twitter with a link to the promotion on The right hand side here you can see Just a simple image this was their uh Their con or their sweepstakes form uh Once you had submitted it this is what You would see so it told them that They're entered and it showed the Different actions that users could take To earn those additional entries Next we have case studies Um so uh excuse me uh we have a case Study with Bruce Lee Um so they gave away Nike's Kyrie 3 Mamba mentality sneakers this was like a Limited edition sneaker that they gave Away Um the results were 23 000 unique email Entries over a thousand referrals over 1200 shares on Facebook and over 1700 New Twitter followers and again here on The right hand side this is a screenshot Of their Um their post entry screen so once Someone entered that sweepstakes this is What they saw and you can see how this Is completely gamified with all the Different actions a person could Complete and the different entry amounts That they could earn And finally last case study here from Our client Jewel sent they sell candles With rings inside I mean they're valued Around like 10 to I believe seventy five Hundred dollars and so they gave away a

Bunch of different Jewel sent candles as Their prize results were 27 000 unique Email entries 9 700 Facebook shares 1200 Twitter followers and over fifteen Thousand four hundred dollars in revenue Generated from this promotion alone We have other case studies on the viral Sweep website so I recommend you check Them out if you're interested in running These types of promotions Uh with that said I uh I'll hand it over To mate Thank you John Carlo for this in second Presentation I have a question uh to you At this stage uh you you have so many Different social actions that one can um Add to their Sweepstake uh you can ask Players to share Um something on Twitter or follow you on Uh YouTube what are the best social Extras that you see do you What do you feel like Converse People are best or sure is it dependent On like the type of campaign you are Running sure yeah so with the social Actions we recommend only focusing on The ones that are relevant to your Business Um so I always recommend adding the Referral functions because uh people Will will refer others which gives them More entries Um and so that always will help spread Your campaign further and capture leads

Uh that you never had an option of Capturing to begin with Um second I say focus on the the Networks that you are focused on so the Popular ones we see are like Facebook And Instagram Um if you're not using let's say Pinterest don't throw a follow us on Pinterest action on the promotion you Know just for the heck of it only focus On the ones that are important Um aside from the social actions we have A bunch of actions that help you gather Data from users so we have question Based actions so you can ask people Questions and gather answers from them And they get more entries for giving you Those answers they can upload photos Um so if you want to gather photos of People maybe using your products or Services you can gather photos so I mean The answer is uh it depends Um it depends on the business and what Their goals are Um but the main thing is just don't Overwhelm the end user with a hundred Different actions just focus on the ones That are relevant to your business and Will help you accomplish the goals that You have Thank you yeah that's that makes perfect Sense thank you John Carlo for for this Presentation uh Even I learned a lot about how you can

Uh gamify your list building activities But now I would like to tell you about How you can gamify your email marketing Campaigns so once you have built your Email list with uh sweepstakes or like Gamified list building forms then it's Time that you can engage them further With gamified newsletters A bit of backstory about me uh is that Before I join get response I worked for A startup designing online games and Creating interactive stories and Emergency experiences and our biggest Hit was An online Escape game where People could play as a detective trying To serve a murder mystery but Occasionally we also got hired by Businesses to have them gamified their Marketing campaigns and during this time I learned a lot about uh Marketing gamification and specifically Email gamification Because there are multiple ways you can Use Email gamification to Um Engage your subscribers I mean Engagement is a huge part of it right so Gamification helps create the sense of Excitement and curiosity in your email Campaigns and this encourages Subscribers to actively engage with your Content that you put out there

It can also be used to educate your Subscribers about your products or Services so by making the learning Process on an interactive your users Will be more likely to retain that Information It's also an effective way to increase Brand awareness just like Giancarlo said If you create memorable experiences and These engaging games your users will be More likely to associate positive Emotions with your brand and they will Be also more likely to share their Positive experiences Social media further growing your brand Recognition Another benefit of imaginification is The ability to collect valuable data and Insights so when you create an Interactive Email and you add interactive elements To it like quizzes surveys or games you Can create valuable information about Your subscribers and then you can use This information to further personalize Your emails and Communications to them Uh you can also use uh email Gamification to open up new Communication channels and ultimately uh All of these Ties into generating more Revenue to Your business and creating a lawyer Customer base Now if there is one main thing I would

Like to Teach you during this presentation is That you don't have to have Ton of money to create a Gamified EMS in fact you don't you can Do this with virtually no budget you Don't even need like technical skills Either so if you are just a solopreneur Or an email marketer Affiliate marketer SMB you don't have to Be this like huge corporation with Millions of AD budgets you can create Simple email games and add them to your Newsletters uh and you don't need a lot Of technical uh knowledge either so for Example Take a look at these uh Games that you can add to your emails Uh for example you can create a simple Word search puzzle Where you hide words associated with Your brand or a business in square and You send it out in an email and your Subscribers have to find all of the Words in The Matrix or you can create This find a difference Image recognition games where you for Example take um Picture of a product of one of your Products and then you create another Picture and you send them to your Subscribers and they have to find the Difference between the two You can also create like a simple maze

Type of game or you can do what Amanda Did and create various Valley or where Is vital type of game Now Um this one is particularly interesting Because it was part of like this huge Promotion [Music] Um Uh where they uh launched a new flavor Of Amanda And uh they uh created these images with Like thousands of M M's and hide it and Hit a figure in a sea of admin dams and Their subscribers had to uh find it and Uh this became this whole thing where Everyone was looking for the hidden Figures and it generated quite a bit of A buzz around their brand now I see a Question in chat uh asking if uh how you Can create uh such games well most of These games can be I mean you can even Uh create in paint to be honest for Example the word search game can be put Together in paint but there are a lot of Like online uh programs where you can Create such games and you just uh Download the picture or export it out of The picture and add it to your game but It doesn't necessarily have to be like a Picture based idiot so Um for example here we have some other Examples you can add a simple riddle to Your email

You can create a phone griddle add it to Your email and then Someone solves it They receive some kind of price or maybe They need to share the answer on social Media and then you would select the Winner from those who share the answer You can also do what Disney did here they sent out a simple Crossword puzzle again this is something That can be like designed in in paint or Like even in word I think uh you can put Together a simple crossword puzzle And what they did is that each solution Was Um Each of the items were the names of a Famous Disney character and the solution To the crossword puzzle was a coupon Code And uh there's Disney subscribers then They could use this coupon code to Redeem uh it at their online merchandise Store And if you include these games and uh Use these games to distribute your Coupon codes Experience this really interesting Effect in uh the players Blaze because If you have like a promotion and you Want to offer like 15 off for a weekend You can send out an email with saying That here is your coupon code you can Read it at my store but if you make them

Work for it And uh kind of Uh make it part of a game Then first people will feel accomplished When they complete the game and second Since they will receive this coupon code As a reward they will feel like they Have worked for it they have earned it And because they have earned it And because they have earned it they Will be more likely to redeem it at your Store and therefore doing making a Purchase Uh You can also add the simple pause to Your emails For example here uh this is a newsletter From would you rather dot IO and they do These really funny newsletters where They ask To the subscribers uh funny Would you Rather questions so in this case they Ask them if they would rather have eight Eyes or elephant trunk And people could vote with a push of a Button within the email And they can also send their reasoning Behind their choice in email to the Brand And um Uh in the next issue of the newsletter Would you rather that I will uh uh Disclose the results of the poll and They will also include in the email the

Funniest answers And what this does is that um One it engages your subscribers and Engages the subscribers but also it Creates this uh Uh uh kind of conditions that uh Audience into treating uh newsletters Into a two-way in a as a two-way Communication channel So uh instead of being this brand that Sends sends them newsletters regularly They now can interact with this brand They can reply to this Brand's emails And they know that this brand listens to Them because the funniest answers are Featured in the next newsletter So this also creates some a bit of Friendly competition among audience Members and ultimately creates this like Tight-knit group Um Now these were like fairly simple Examples but you can also uh Go the extra mile and create Um Series of emails or multi-email games One of my favorite examples here I will Be creating scavenger hunt For example what this travel brand did Is they had a coupon code but they Wanted to send to their subscribers but Instead of just adding it to an email or Sending it a spot of a promotional Campaign they create a scavenger hunt

Out of it and Split the code the coupon code into Three parts and they hid it in various Newsletters uh in during a couple of uh Weeks And what this did is it conditioned our Subscribers to regularly open their Emails and search for the missing uh uh Parts of the coupon code And uh when they got the full coupon Code they since they earned it they were More likely to redeem it Uh and also Um the scavenger hunt doesn't have to Include only emails so if you want to go All out then you can create this like Epic adventure where you hide Clues on your social media posts or you Hide Clues on your website and blog Articles Possibilities are pretty much endless Here and all these All of this is a service of making the Players interact with your brand more Often Now Um You can also create Choose Your Own Adventure style games So uh choosing an adventure in case you Don't know is uh the story based game Where the players are presented with a Story and a different parts in the story They can make decisions and their

Decisions affect how the story Progresses forward so uh for example you Can create uh you can write an email and Send to your subscribers where you say That hey this is a game and you are an Adventurer and as is Adventurer you have The choice to go into the forest or you Can go into the beach you can go to the Beach which one do you choose New subscriber can select uh one of the Two by clicking on a link within the Email and this click on the uh link Triggers a new email that is being sent To the subscriber with the continuation Of that choice so if they clicked on the Forest The next part of the Uh the next email we'll talk about that You are in this forest and then you can Explore there more so Um you can create these super Simple or super complex choosing on Adventure games Once I got hired by Tesco to create such A game for them and it was about uh Father who Goes out on Sunday morning to get some Milk for their kids And during his journey he gets into all Kinds of Becky Adventures Based on the players choices and it was An email based game and it included Hundreds of different branches and 40 Different endings

So this type of game can get complicated Really quickly And I'm not saying that you should Create these you know like Monster size games but if you do Then if you have the time or energy to Do it uh You can absolutely and it's almost as Fun to create these games than to play Them And um Fortunately if you are creating series Of emails you don't have to uh you know Code anything you can use the get Response automations to do this part of The Project so Um here you can build pretty Sophisticated workflows you can set up Different triggers You can set up different branching so For example in this automation what I Did Um the simple Drag and Drop video if you Didn't get response is that I decided to Send an email to my subscribers and if They click a specific link then they get Sent another email and if they uh click On a Another link they just got sent a Different team now so Um Yeah this is one way that you can use Within get response to uh no quick

Gamified email campaigns I have a question here in chat about uh If you will uh Going to show uh what are the different Ways that response can be used to create Gamified email campaigns well this is One of them but Um You can also create amp email Now amp uh emails are short for Accelerated mobile pages And it's basically a type of interactive And dynamic email format that allows Users to perform actions and interact With content directly within the email Itself So what this means is that you can add All kinds of animations mini games Um Kerosols quizzes All kinds of cool interactive Dynamic Stuff to your emails so for example in This example here Uh Uh what this email does is this allows The user to select what kind of pizza They want to buy they can select the Size of the pizza and then they can Place the order without having to Navigate to the restaurant server side So this is all happening within the Email itself And this technology has been around Um

And yeah this is yeah so this is one of The ways that uh you can use get Response uh to create gamified email Campaigns by using amp emails Um now Before you got too excited about this I Have to uh Let you know that EMP emails have some But limited support so there are some Email clients that don't allow this EMP Format and also it can sometimes pose Deliverability challenges So uh before uh Doing one of these full-scale amp uh or Interactive email campaigns I urge you To try to send it to a smaller subset of Your subscribers to test it out and see If You know how it performs but if you go This route And you use interactive emails then a Whole new Uh word will open up for you so you can Add quizzes to your emails for example You can add these spin the VL type of Games Or you can do what uh Pizza Hut did for Example and add the slot machine to your Email and your recipients can just click On the slot machine and Uh see what they've been or if they will Not at all and you can also add scratch Off tickets with this interactive format So

Um Uh there's a lot of really cool Applications of EMP for email And unfortunately they are super Difficult to code So and I'm definitely uh not your guy if You are interested in uh Coding lessons but what I can suggest You is use one of the Integrations of Get response so Um EMP emails are not Built into get response at the moment But you can use one of our integration Partners stripel which is an email Design platform and with cycle you can Create amp emails they also have Previous templates for this kind of Interactive emails they also have Some mini games on their site and they You can create these emails with a Visual drag and drop editor and since They are native integration partner You can then Export the code of the amp email to get Response and then you will get response To send these interactive emails at your Subscribers And now for the end of the presentation I brought you a couple of examples that Go beyond traditional email gamification But these are more gamified like Marketing companies in general but I Wanted to show you what is possible with

Emification and that you can go above And beyond it so for example uh Starbucks Rewards is a great example for gamified Loyalty program So Um What they did is that they created this Loyalty program but every time their Customers buy something they get Stars And These Stars can be used to uh Um get all kinds of discounts or uh you Know free items in a certain uh Starbucks locations But they also added this gamified Element to it so they uh you can also Earn Stars by completing uh certain Challenges or sharing social media Content so they added this whole like Gamified strategy to not advise boring Loyalty program and this became one of The most successful loyalty programs to These days You can We'll show you what uh Um I did in this previous startup uh When we got hired to create a game for Uh Hungarian theater Uh I'll go over to Create a game but which commemorates World War One For a national holiday but the secondary Goal of the theater was that they wanted

People to subscribe to their Facebook Messenger chatbot so we created uh this Interactive experience where We uh we created Facebook accounts for Many famous historical figures as Associated with World War one and we Also created Chatbots for them so you could interact With foreign You could interact with him in messenger And talk with him and Um this was A hit a lot of people played it the Feedback was super positive but why Playing they had to subscribe to the Theaters uh Facebook chatbot as well So we also built uh grown their uh Facebook following a Facebook Messenger subscriptions uh by thousands Of people And uh I I left the best for last Which is uh dumb ways to die I don't Know if you have played with this game But this was a branded mini game Actually Created by the Metropolitan Metro of Australia and it was a part of a PSA Campaign To promote uh you know security and safe Travel practices but the game itself was Not related to that at all it was a like A funny game where you had to Save these uh monster looking characters From Mortal danger but the game had this

Branded element with it every time there Was a PSA playing from Metropolitan Metro so if you have the time and Resources You can absolutely build brand mini Games for your brand So and this concludes our presentation I Hope uh you have learned something Useful today and I'm really curious to See your games that you are going to be Creating in the future Now to help you get started we have to Offers here Um if you use gr Uh solid gr Dash web15 coupon code in The next 30 days I'll get response you Can get up to 41 percent of your get Response plan And uh Giancarlo the uh please tell them About the viral sweep uh promotion sure Yeah we have a seven day free trial um And then if you decide to opt for a paid Plan Um you'll hop on a call with me for One-on-one Consulting about your Promotion that you want to run and so We'll help you talk through the Promotion give you insights and feedback On getting set up with that promotion And that's about a thousand dollar value That we currently charge for on our Elite plan and you can get that on our Lowest plan which is 49. And uh if you want to just access that

That offer you can just go to and hop on our live chat And talk to someone letting them know You came from this webinar Thank you thank you John Carlo uh so I hope you enjoyed the presentation and Now it's time uh to announce the winners Of our Sweepstake because I'm not sure That if you all of all of you know about This but the Uh we were running our own Sweepstake For the promotion of this webinar And we have our winners and hopefully uh Some of uh these people are here with us Today So uh congratulations to Gloria and from New York Maggie from Spain and Kamala From Malaysia for winning uh Free get response email marketing Certification course and congratulations To Bradley from Georgia for winning Three month access to virus a business Plan Uh all of the videos will be uh notified In the email after the webinar as well And now it is time to do some q a So I will enable the Q and the code Uh Yeah let me see we have a lot of Questions here today Uh I think the first question Is uh For you John Carlo Yes I hope you will see you tonight sure

Yeah so I mean the question is how much Of this is viable for services oriented Company Um trying to reach professionals to Provide them with professional Support Services Um I mean sweepstakes are are for any Type of company doesn't matter if you're Selling physical products or or services Professional Services I mean it sounds Like you're B2B so you're assigned to B2B clients uh we have many B2B Companies that use viral sweep uh to run Giveaways Um in order to sell their services to Other companies Um so it's absolutely viable Um you know instead of it being b2c Where you're just sending out an email Blast to Consumers to try and get their Information to uh Market to them Um you're just setting your your your Sweepstakes or Contest out to other Business leads that you already have Trying to get them to enter your Promotion and then from there once you Have the data you're you're looking to Remarket and sell to them Great thank you thank you for the answer John Carlo I have another one for you Uh Uh which is uh somewhere here yes Uh case studies How about the return on investment in

Sales reposely okay so some of the case Studies that we have do not provide any Sales numbers because some companies are Just private and don't want to give us That information you know these are Public case studies that we publish and They're very in-depth and I encourage You to go to the viral Street website You click on case studies you can read That full case study uh for Bruce Lee Which goes into everything that they did To market the campaign including the Facebook ads what they spend on ads but They did not provide us with any data in Terms of their their Roi Um but as you can imagine they give away A pair of sneakers I believe the Sneakers are valid anywhere from like 600 to 800 maybe a little bit more maybe A little bit less Um and their only other cost was the Cost of viral sweep and they gathered I Believe it was over 24 000 email leads So they're taking those leads they're Putting them into their email marketing Service and then they're trying to you Know sell the Bruce Lee products to Those people Great thank you thank you for the okay Um [Music] Uh I believe this is for uh us so uh is Amp and virus Response isn't an additional field uh

All of our Integrations are So all of it All of our integration Partners can be Freely integrated with that response But uh naturally some of these Partners Will will cost some money and it depends On the partner itself But uh just creating the integration is Uh absolutely free Um Question about the discount Uh Um my understanding is that the Discount this discount only applies for Um New subscriptions but we regularly have Discounts and promotions for resisting Members so do look out for those Another question for you John Carlo How do you handle the logistics of Distributing prizes to Winners and Falling over participants due to Everyone they didn't win I didn't make Them feel like they didn't lose to miss Out sure so it's a good question Um one I'll recommend checking out the Viral sweep Advance guide to sweepstakes We cover this in depth we even give you Email templates to send out to people Um but basically the the process is Within Barrel sweep once your promotion Ends we have a random draw system that You would use to draw your winners once You draw those winners you then have

Their information and you reach out to Them directly to award the prizes to Them Um from there anyone who did not win we Typically recommend sending out an email To them with a consolation prize so Typically you'll send an email saying Hey here's our winners you'll give like The first name and last initial to Protect their privacy and then you'll Say you know we're sorry you do not win Here's 10 off your next purchase or Something like that to make them feel Like they didn't they didn't lose Entirely so that's that's typically what We recommend Great Um there was one more sentiment I I Wanted to to address uh here from the Commands is the the issue of of price uh Well you can uh Uh I mean every time you you uh Start something new or like for example In this case strike in magnification you Will need to find the solution that is Best suited for uh your budget and your Uh specific goals so uh some of these Solutions uh probably require like a Larger budget like what I was studying About the the Branded mini-games for Example but I hope that we were able to Show you a couple of examples uh where Which can be uh done or recreated with Smaller budgets

And um We have one last question I believe Uh Uh drunk Carlo could you please uh Answer this Could you give me an example of a prize For my online store we sell beauty Products absolutely Um so typically we always recommend Giving away something relevant to your Audience and obviously relevant in terms Of you Gathering qualified leads so for Beauty products Um I don't know the value of your Products but typically we would Recommend something like a bundle so if You sell many different types of Products create a bundle and give that Away Um if your products are are fairly low In value like let's say they're five to Ten dollar products then Um maybe you give away like something Like your beauty products for a year so Every month they will receive a bundle And maybe you know that'll help bring up The total price value of the promotion Um you can also give away a gift card to Your store maybe let's say a hundred Dollars or they can then purchase Whatever products that they want with That gift card Um but absolutely do not give away Anything that's not beauty related we

See a lot of companies make these Mistakes or they give away things like Again an iPad is a great example uh or a Phone a new iPhone and you know they Sell beauty products you're going to Gather a whole list of unqualified leads So make sure you give away something That's entirely real relevant to the Type of audience you're targeting and to The type of qualified lead that you want To attract Thank you Giancarlo and thank you Everyone for joining us today Um Thank you for being here and thank you For asking your questions I hope you Enjoyed this webinar and I hope you see You on the next one uh so have a good One everyone and cheers bye

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