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Hello everyone I am Julia a senior Product marketing specialist here at get Response and in this video I will show You how to quickly get started with get Response Max I will walk you through Account management contacts and lists Our main communication channels reports E-commerce tools and Integrations and Automation without further Ado let's get Started Welcome to the dashboard this is the First thing you should see when you are Logged into the platform you can easily Customize your dashboard by adding Widgets from videos library and track The data you need the most Let's start with managing your account Get response Max gives you one main Account within which you can of course Operate and the ability to create sub Accounts Let me show you an example that we have Here when you go to the profile icon on The top right and choose accounts and Users you can see that we have one main Account which is Finish Line LLC and sub Accounts is finished on Australia emea Italy Etc This structure is very useful if you Operate in various regions or need a Dedicated account for each of your Brands on the other hand the users are People who work within the accounts so That will be your team members admins

And basically any person that is related To the specific brands So again you'll want an account when you Add a different brand to your business And users to operate within the account And also assign roles to users and Enable them in multiple accounts Your Global account shares limits with Other accounts and users as well when You go to limits you can see that Accounting users messages and contacts All have limits this information is Better discussed with your dedicated Support person When you go to manage accounts email Addresses you can add an email address To your account and you can access your Email domains information You can also configure your domain key Identified mail which is dkim for your Domain It can significantly boost your email Marketing Communications as it lets you Authenticate messages using your domain You can find more information on what You came is and how to configure it on This support page here now that we have That settled let's move on to contacts Here you can manage your contacts and Lists in one place Let's go ahead and create a list You can create a name for your list then Click on Create and the list will appear In the first row in here

Then you can go to the three dots on the Right go to settings And access or provide general Information regarding your list What can be helpful when it comes to Configuring your list settings is that You can customize the footer and Pre-header of your mailings and also Define language for the confirmation and Unsubscribe Pages you can choose a Language in here you can choose to show Your postal address in message footer Add a logo and a website uh you can Customize the address format and in here I can show you a little trick in case You also want to include a phone number Into Um your message footer you can just add A variable in here Put it in the same brackets and don't Forget to separate it with a comma when You go to the settings when you go to The second tab subscription you can Choose to have a double opt-in option That will send an email confirmation to Your contacts and ask them to confirm That they agreed to be subscribed to Your email list once you have your list Information ready you can add contacts To your list A quick information in here you can have The same contact in different lists and That will count as a duplicate so get Response max math looks like this

One contact into this equals two Contacts in general context number now Let's add contacts You can do it by going to the specific List details or you can click on the Blue Button as we did just now you have A few options for adding contacts to Your lists you can add them manually one By one in case you don't have an Extensive list or you can import a list Of contacts this works best if you have Large lists or if you have lots of Custom fields We can upload it as a file connected With the service it paste it from the File and migrated from the other Platforms You can select a list for your edit Contacts you can choose what to do with The contact information and to check That you have a permission to add these Contacts to your list You can access contacts information when You go to the list and click on the Contact Here in the contact card you can see General information like name surname Email address list they are in company Country subscription details Etc you can Also have an overview on context Activity and engagement on the top left You can find an engagement score with Activity clicks and opens this bar would Increase and if a contact has not been

Engaged in for a while this score would Also reflect that and put lower overtime What might be most essential information That can be here is that in here you can Add attack or a custom field and segment By that The tag will give you a general Information that you could use for a Broader audience and a custom field will Give you a very specific information About the contact based on the custom Field information you can better Personalize your communication create Segments conditions in automations Etc to create a segment you can go back To search Add conditions and then save it as a Segment that you could access later and You can segment your contacts by their Behavior and actions by demographic for Example geolocation By e-commerce features like embedding Cards purchases and by criterias that You can import like shoe size height age Etc You can later go back to your segments In here But it's also worth mentioning is that Segments update automatically as long as Someone fits the criteria they will be Added automatically to the segment a Weeble touch on the reports a bit later In this video Endless hygiene you can delete contacts

From your list and set up rules to clean Up your list when a contact bounces it's Recommended to clean up your heart Bounces and you can also export them Previously the expression list is for Situations when you wouldn't want to Send your Communications to certain Contacts for example to your competitors In custom Fields as we have mentioned Previously you can customize any Information about your contacts and also Here you can set how you can present or Collect custom Fields values In import statistics you can import to Your statistics in three ways manually With API and with FTP if you have Max Square package you can also have an Overview of your text that are assigned To your contacts and you can also here Create one And now let's continue with Communication channels we have here in Get response Max and let's start with Email marketing Here you can manage the newsletters you Can save and access drafts do a b tests Access your email templates send a Recess messages and preload your emails To create a newsletter click on the big Blue button and go to the email creator Here you can create a name for the Newsletter that will only be seen Internally you can add send from and Reply to email addresses you can write a

Catchy subject line and a preview text That will encourage your customers to Open and read your newsletters and you Can select lists and segments to add as A recipient It's worth to mention that will remove Duplicates for you You may have noticed that you can also Link a list to the newsletter this list Is mainly there to set a configuration For your email like the footer and the Language of the footer and it has Nothing to do with the email recipients Now let's design a message You can start by choosing one of our Pre-designed templates or by importing Your own template as an HTML file and Modify it in the HTML editor for now Let's choose a ready to go pre-design Template and start working on it In our editor here on the right you can Choose a block that you want to add to Your newsletter and simply drag and drop It anywhere you want for it to be placed You can choose to add an image a text a Button video spacer divider social media And custom HTML For example we have just draw a drag and Dropped image you can upload your images Or you can use a free get response Images Let's for example search searching here For a nice picture that we can add to Our newsletter

You can edit an image add a link to it Alter widths and Heights and you can Align an image and go into advanced Settings with it and you can choose to Hide this or any element on mobile Devices meaning that this section won't Be shown to contacts that are reading Your emails on their mobile devices And now let's go back and add a section To our newsletter you can add up to six Column section and easily create any Layout that you want we can choose for Example this section Uh add a text And add a button Every element in here can be Personalized you can change colors fonts Alignments structures Etc The limit is only your imagination Uh you can add a predefined custom Values to better personalize an email For your recipient based on the Information you have about your contacts When it comes to other available blogs You can add a Product box and send your customers a Specific product you can choose which Store you want to add your products from And select products You can also alter the way You want to present your products We highly recommend using AI product Recommendations as it will significantly Boost your eCommerce conversions

This is a personalization at its best You can display any recommended products For your customers you can recommend Bestsellers in store you can go back to Recently viewed Products you can show what others also Viewed bestsellers in category and what Others also bought and what was recently Bought You can choose to display up to six Products and you can basically just Build your whole newsletter just with Product recommendations also in the E-commerce blogs you have promo codes Here you can choose a promo code that You have previously created in this System And the last but not least you can save The part of an email as your blog so you Can use it later for any of your emails And it can help you easily I keep your Newsletters in the same style Now that you have your design and Content ready you can do a Spam check When you receive a green light You're good to go You can also send yourself a test Message and do an inbox preview and Quickly look how your newsletter will Look on the desktop and mobile you can Also compare both You can even preview your email in dark Mode to check how it will look when the Colors are inverted once you are

Satisfied you can save your email as a Template to be reused later or you can Save it as a draft and exit Let's click on next As for the tracking of the email you can Track the click-through rate to see who Clicked on the on links you can enable ECommerce tracking to follow where your Contacts go after they click on the link In your message And you can track links with Google Analytics Once you have Google analytics Configured and integrated you can track Traffic from your email campaigns and This feature will make every link that You have in your newsletter to have utms That you can configure in your Integration You can send your message immediately or You can schedule it for later That's uh what's first highlighting in Here is that you could use a perfect Timing or you could use time travel with Perfect timing you can send your message At this specific time window when your Contacts are very likely going to open And engage with your email and with time Travel you can deliver your message at This specific local time a regardless The time zone uh so for example your Message will be delivered to every Content to every context in night and Sharp and no matter the time zone and

Now you can send your emails as a draft Or send it according to your settings And now let's move on to another Communication channel which is SMS SMS is an additional feature that is Available if you have Max or a Max Square package here you can create and Manage all of your SMS messages Please check your available funds and Contact your dedicated person regarding The rates now let's create a text Message Similar to the newsletter you can Define Your recipients and Link a list here in This case we will send your message to The contacts who have who have provided Their phone numbers you can add your Name to from field type your message After this number of characters and in Description you can also shorten and Track your links you can also Personalize your messaging is similar to What we have done in the newsletter You can preview your message for both IOS and enjoy it and you can even Preview it on the locked screen Similar to newsletter you can configure Your send out like so Please keep a country-specific Regulations in mind the SMS delivery Time would also depend on that You can also send your SMS messages Using automation scenarios and that we Will discuss in the end of the video

And now we can move to the next Communication channel which is web push Notifications This can be a great addition to your Omnichannel marketing campaigns this Step of communication differs from the Previous ones the customers first have To confirm they want to receive a pushed Messages from you You'll want to create a prompt where you Would ask your customers for their Permission to show them your Notification you can create a text a Button and you would have to embed this Service worker on your website in order For this to work when your customers Have agreed to receive notifications you Can create a web push notification you Can enter a name a title and Identification text optionally you can Add every direct link with your gems and Track it in your code analytics and you Can also add the image and icon you can Also add the action buttons and you can Preview your notification on the Windows Mac Android and on different browsers You can then send your web push Immediately or sketch it full later you Can also set to notification lifespan in Here there's an option for perfect Timing or time travel as so this is a Different type of communication They also you are sending your Notification only to users who have

Given their consent and here you can see The number of your notification Subscribers Now you can also use the web Certification as a part of automation The next what can be useful is Transactional emails the functionality Is different compared to for example Market emails as they can take Information regarding order confirmation Password resets and in general E-commerce transaction information and It can also be triggered from API level You can also have a different IP address For the transactional emails so they Will not get mixed up with your other Communication this additional Functionality is available for Max and Max Square same as SMS You can see the history of this sent Transactional emails and to General Statistics Next we can discuss managing webinars in Get response Max Here you can create and manage a live And on-demand webinars and access Webinar recordings Let's create a webinar in here You can add a webinar title in here Set basic settings such as webinar URL Date and time a webinar duration and Urban message is that your attendees can See before the start of the event also You can decide if you want your entities

To previously register to your events And if you are hosting a private event You can also create a password that your Attendees would have to use if they want To enter your webinar when you have Everything configured You can click on Create and you are all Set here's the link for your attendees To join and we will join as a presenter You can add your name and click on join Once you have your camera and microphone Checked You can go live and choose to prepare The event before you attendees arrive First thing you could do is to check on Your attendee list when you go to the Settings you can enable the attendees to See who is joining your event And you can have up to 500 attendees you Can also modify chat settings you can Enable it for attendees and enable chat Moderation When you go to the options on the left The first thing you have is a preview of Your web camera you can also add a Presentation so you won't have to share Your screen You can use a whiteboard if you want to Show something precisely like for Example if you want to put an image here And Draw Something concrete on it here You can share your screen also you can Paste a YouTube video in here and you Can create a survey if you wanted to ask

Some questions for your attendees you Can enable q a mode and the questions Will appear in here And for example if you are conducting a Sales webinar a call to action option Can be very useful when you are Promoting your product or service and You can also live stream your webinar on YouTube and Facebook Attendee can also choose a language for A webinar menu this is very useful if You are hosting an International Event The attendees can join via desktop or Mobile just from an invitation link Without needing any additional Installations And that's it when it comes to managing Webinars now let's go back to tools and Create a landing page For that you can use our standing Landing Page Builder and you can create It using our website builder and this is A more advanced option let's create a Landing using website builder I can Quickly show you an example that we have That was created in our website bullet Creator you can add a video as you can See as your section background you can Add a media gallery And what is very useful is that this Landing can have other page tabs you can Have a contact us page and you can Choose to have a page tab that can all Be visible for specific users

Now let's go back and start building our Landing page in the Creator You can use a pre-designed proven Template and you can generate a Personalized template using a AI Template Let's start with ready templates You can pick a template from a library And quickly sort it by category when you Click on use template it will redirect You to our drag and drop Builder First thing that you can do is you could Manage Pages you can choose which tabs You want to show to your users you can Easily delete a page and add a new one In here You can of course fully customize the Look of your landing and here you have Even more options than the for example An email editor Timer can be a very useful Um element if you want to count down Time to for example your event similar To email creator you can save blocks and Reuse them later what's also is very Useful is here in the global design you Can define a color palette and a general Style for your whole Landing design for Example you can set a different color For your studio buttons And it will dynamically change for the Whole template you can customize fonts Buttons Etc When publishing your landing page you

Will have two options First you can connect to your domain and Second you can use a free get response Domain So in general you can go ahead and build Your landing pages using this Comprehensive website builder now let's Quickly create a landing using AI Powered Builder First you can set what type of business Do you have then you can select a site Type And go to the next step You can then choose what features you Want to include in your Landing then you Click next Then you can select a suggested design Look upload your logo and if you already Have a specific design that you would Like to follow you can import it here And lastly you can enter your company Details here And now let's make the magic happen and Here you can pick a suggested design for Your landing and it customize it the Same as for the option before Now let's create a form or a pop-up go To create and here you can choose how Would you like to display your message In a pop-up or embed in your page The process of creation will be exactly The same when it comes to the editor so Here we will choose a pop-up And now we can pick a template from the

Library and go to the editor Here on the right you can edit the Pop-up settings and add a new element Similar to other editors you can just Drag and drop those elements to your Template here you can also add signup Form and a contact form and later Customize all of the fields the on the Field that is required to be included is An email The template is also fully responsive And you can preview how it would look Like in your page or on mobile devices You can also show your message in a Pop-up box sliding box screen full Screen pop-up and a bar you can choose The position and fully customize the Design You can also check the thank you message In here Then if when you click on next you can Choose your audience You can show it to all of your page Visitors only new or only returning Choose devices and select a country You can also choose triggers for example You can choose to show your message to a Visitor who got to a specific section on Your page Also set up timing for your pop-up you Can schedule it is set frequency and set Display rules Then when you click on next you will Receive information about the code that

You would have to implement to your in Your website in general forms and Pop-ups are very useful and they can Help you grow your new list of contacts Now we can move on to the reports which Is a full panel of analytics That We Gather here in the get response platform You can select a date range and you can Also download a report as a PDF Excel And CSV file What you can see here is a general Performance of your email marketing with Standard statistics Also opens and clicks over time that are Also divided by the device you can also Access send messages reports and you can Even click on a specific newsletter and Analyze it more here you can see the Summary of the sendout information Regarding recipients and you can check Opens and clicks and if you scroll down In here you can also access A click map that will show you where Your contacts have clicked the most and The list on your message to better Analyze it you can desaturate an email Preview that will turn turn your email In black and white so you can better Analyze your statistics Um that have a color scale When you go back you can also check the Bounces of the specific email Unsubscribes uh spam complaints and you Can check the details statistics of

Email domains and when you go back you Can also check those For your general statistics You can also check a performance of your Automation messages by overviewing a General performance and automation Messages sent you can analyze general Information about all of your contacts Um contact Trends over time list Trends And see how the contexts were added and Deleted You can also access e-commerce reports And track the results regarding your Orders revenue and order history you can Also generate a custom report you can Set it to be delivered via email also on A regular basis and Via FTP and here you Can create and in addition to this Report types A other ready and the Predefined reports or request a custom One for this information you can get in Touch with your dedicated support person Let me also quickly show you our E-commerce tools Uh here you can have an overview on your Connected stores and orders you can also Create and activate quick transactional Emails you can easily create and an Order confirmation and embedded card Emails what is worth to mention that Quick transaction emails work only for The Integrations You can see that email creation looks The same and you can choose a

Pre-designed template that is that has Been specifically designed for this type Of communication Here you can also create a promo code And synchronize them with your Integrated store speaking of the Integrations let me show you how it Looks like here in get response So when you go to Integrations and API Here you can easily connect with your Store you can connect with Shopify Magento press the shop woocommerce Etc to access get response web services You would need an API key that you can Generate in here If you haven't used your API key in 90 Days you would need to generate a new One API key is valid per account and now We can move on to the last part of our Getting started video which is Automation This function will link all of the other Tools that we have in get response Max You can create a workflow that will be Plenty change of events you can choose One of our already to use proven Templates or you can build it from Scratch Uh first you would want to add a name For your workflow and choose a starting Point When you enter the editor you can see That we have conditions actions and Filters so conditions will be the thing

That will trigger your automation Process to start Actions will allow you to perform Activities in response to the automation Triggers and you can use filters if you Would want to separate all kinds of Automations depending on a different Data and criteria let's for example Start our workflow when someone Subscribes to our list when you click on The element you can configure the Properties here on the right Then you can choose to send a message to Those who have subscribed to your list And to activate the action you'd have to Connect the elements like so Now you can choose a message you would Want to send to avoid sending it twice To the same contact you can send it only To Unique recipients If you wanted to know who has actually Opened your message you can drag this Condition in here which is message Opened Connected in here And now you can check another condition Which is have your contacts actually Clicked on any links in the email so you Are going to move this condition over Here to the side and connect it to the Yes connection point And here you can also specify the links That you want to track If a recipient hasn't opened an email

That you have sent so you can assign Them a tag and mark them as an inactive Contact You can add a score to your contact if They have opened and clicked on the link In the message for example you can Reward them with a 100 points now if They have opened an email but just skim Through it you can also mark them as Inactive with another tag you can just Put it in here connect it with a no Point And a sign Now for example you want to wait before You do another action so you can add a Weight element in here connect and in Here you can send set when you would Want to continue with the next action And after an automation has been on hold For one day in this example you can send Them another message You can also send them an SMS message a Web push a sign custom field Etc As for the other conditions that can Start the automation you can choose from This e-commerce conditions for example Whenever a purchase has been made or is Someone has abandoned Accord Etc and that's how good response Max Looks like with all main tools and Features If you have watched the whole video and Worked through the platform with me then

Big kudos to you Thanks for watching this getting started Video and see you in the next video

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