Getting started with Email Marketing

Hello everyone I'm Pedro I'm a senior Product content specialist here at get Response and I'll be your guide in this Video I will teach you the basics of Email marketing you will learn how to Import a list of contacts how to create A newsletter set up a b tests and I will Even share with you how you can set up An automated welcome message make sure Do not miss this one alright so the First thing that we want to do over here Is to actually import a list of contacts And to do that it is very simple we Simply go to contacts and we will go to Create lists I will call this list Guitar Masters as it is the name of my Course so let's just create keep in mind That this name will be shown when people Subscribe or unsubscribe but we can give A title to this list and I will show you Later on so for now let's just click to Create And we want to add contact so we go to The three vertical dots over here and we Click outcome We can add one by one over here but for The sake of this video what I want to Show you is how you can import a list of Contacts and for that we will just go to Upload a file And you will have a few options over Here if you simply upload a file you can Check the formats that we support over Here

And then you connect you can connect the Service you can paste from a file except In exactly in this format or you can Migrate your list and this is what we Will do so I exported a list from MailChimp so one of our competitors And I will select the file over here As you can see check mark And then let me just quickly go over Here if you have a completely new list The the first option on the second one Will work as contacts will be new there Are no contacts in the list but if you Are adding contacts to an existing list That already has people and you are not Sure if you have everybody there or if You want to just update a few Fields Then you would choose the first option If everyone is new you would just go With only add new so for new lists That's my recommendation And if you only want to update some Fields you would simply select this one But keep in mind that if it's a new list There is nothing to update so this will Give you an error so always you can go Save with the first option and we would Want to we have permission to add this List so we will go next and here is how The address uh how we divide it so it's Different in the inbot platforms Okay got it and now you can map the Fields As you can see here we assign the fields

Uh to everything that we exported from The other platform but one important one Over here that I want to show is the Tags here that we we call Custom fields And I want to add it as origin so what I Will do is to assign a field And I have one called origin over here There you go and if you don't have any Field here if you are completely new to Get response you simply click to create Custom fields So we assign this field here origin And what we will do now is to skip the Other ones so we don't really want to Import the other ones but if you want to Do that you can simply click here and Assign one of the fields So let's Skip and click import Right so the contacts were imported Let's not check on them right here so I Go to lists And guitar Masters and what we will do Is to check them alright so Over here We have let me see the field origin all Right so we have origin and we have Member and leads so we already know we Have that and this is how then later on Um we will do two different Differentiate from the other contexts Too But now what we want to do is to check The list settings so now we have a list We have contacts and let's see uh the

List settings so we can go to the three Vertical dots we go to settings And what we will do here is to give a Title you can give the same name if you Want And you can give this a description so In this list I teach people How to play guitar very simple just to Showcase Um how what we do over here you can Always select the category then the Language so this is very important over Here this language as it will be the Language of the footer in your Newsletters so you want to keep this the Language that you contact your contacts In so if everybody if you're contacting Everyone in English you will want to Have English over here if you are using Portuguese Spanish you will want to Select the respective language over here So if your list has people that you Communicate in Spanish and people as you Communicate in Portuguese you will want To create then two lists and move these Contacts over the other lists by Language Here you have the address so this Address will also uh appear in the Footer so you want to make sure that you Have everything correct over here and You can use different formats or a Custom one

All right and if of course you don't if You don't want to show if it's permitted In in your country you can just hide You can upload the logo And then you can of of course select a Place where the logo will take you and Now you simply would click to save And we will go over the subscription so This is something uh just for you to Know uh later on so send subscription Notifications so if someone subscribes Um do you want to receive a notification So let's say that we do Select over here and so when whenever Someone subscribes to guitar Masters I Will be notified on my email that they Did Then you can choose if you want to have Double opt-in and this simply means that If I sign up to the list I will receive An email Um asking to for me to confirm that I Really want to subscribe that to that List and this is to also to avoid what Subscriptions so if you are being Attacked or something Definitely recommend this one and it Will ensure that your list has a high Quality as well as people will already Be confirming so they check their email Regularly So if you want to do that there are two So API subscriptions or web Subscriptions this year apply to landing

Pages and here if you have Integrations And then These are the most important Confirmation page so if someone clicks To confirm their email you can take them To get the results page or have your own Customer URL then you have on subscribe Page but these here are not customizable So you can then check them later and Then save the settings Lastly you can go to confirmation Message you can choose HTML or plain Text and here is where you will choose a Subject line the from email address so Different email address in that list so If someone is receiving the confirmation Message from which email address will They receive so this will be the one and If they want to reply where will the Reply land so it will land on this email Address as well but you can choose Others and then how does this Confirmation message look like You can choose all the templates over Here there are many of them it's not Just totally uh customizable we allow You some space here to make some changes And this is due to some regulations and So you can change what whatever space You have here and also at the bottom how You sign and then once you're ready you Simply save and confirm the message and Now let's go back to the contacts Okay so now you have a list of contacts

And you have people to whom you can send A newsletter so to to create a Newsletter we simply go to email Marketing here at the top and we will Click to create newsletter you will then Be taken to this page over here and we Will give the newsletter a name this Name is only for you but it's important So that you can actually remember which Internet we are talking about when we go To the statistics or reports We will call it five things to help you Improve your guitar guitar skills and Then you have the linked list this is Extremely important as you know we Configured the footer we configure the Language and everything related to the List settings so we need to select our List guitar Masters over here then you Have the from email address so this is The email address used to send the Message and the reply to is the one that Will receive any reply if people Actually reply to your newsletter You then have the subject line so in This case I will actually just write Five things to help you improve To help you improve your guitar skills And a lot an emoji And if you go over here to the right we Can actually add an emoji and so I will Add it at the beginning And what I will do is to add a lump Right here

So you can do that just As I'm using Mac I mean I just use Ctrl Command and space but if you are on a Computer a PC you would just go to the Emoji over here and you would select the One that you want Now we have the recipients but before we Jump into them let me just uh mention That you also have the preview text over Here and this works as an extension of The subject line so you would explain Further what goes in in the newsletter So one of the secrets perhaps so one of The things that could help uh improve The guitar skills right so that's Something that you could write over here And then let's go to the recipient so Here we will select our list guitar Masters so I will not show you anything Else about segments for now but you can Also select manually so if you have a Specific uh person or a few ones that You want to contact individually you Would click here and select them In our case we will simply select the List and now we go to design and content And this is where Um you will select one of the templates As you can see you have pre-designed you Have your template so when I want to Create one blank template so from the Beginning HTML editor in case you have some coding Skills or you have someone helping you

Out with code or any existing message That you probably that you've sent in The past And for this example we have many Templates over here and we will choose One of them as you can see as I'm Teaching guitar lessons over here I will Probably pick one of these two so for Pro tips or webinar invitation so we Totally recommend that you use one of Our template cells they are designed by Professionals so they have conversion in Mind and also they have amazing design And we keep expanding every month so What it will do is to actually select This one over here for the pro tips we Can simply preview or just use the Template so for this example we will Just use the template All right so the first thing that I want To show you over here is that this is a Drag and drop editor you won't have to Code anything and just to Showcase you Can I can simply drag and drop an image And then you would click add an image Let's go to the gifs or gifs this is Just to exemplify so that you can see How easy this is And well there you go you have the GIF Or GIF over here And then you can simply delete of course And then just to Showcase as well you Can go back and forward in time we with These two arrows

And you can also save the message we Save automatically but it's never too Much right you don't ever want to lose Your work And well so you already know this is a Drag and drop and in your case if you Are perhaps teaching something as guitar Lessons maybe you have a video on YouTube that you want to share so this Template will be perfect for you as you Would simply add your url over here so You would just change that In my case I actually don't have a video For guitar lessons but I will use an Image so I will place it right here I'll go to browse and I will write Guitar Transparent so this is a trick actually That you can use to find Images with transparent background and It can be really useful so I'll just Write exactly that and you will find Something that will suit your scenario Right and do not go too deep into that What we what I will mention here so Something generic which is once you Click a block and so I will call Image Block text block a button a block as Well And once you click any of them you can Make the changes on the right for Example on this image one trick that you Can do is to actually add a URL you Should add web address and for example

This will take you to get Of course you will put your website over Here And click insert and here as well on the Button we will do the same because People tend to click on images so that's Already one inside from me that you can Get And also let's change the name over here To start lessons Or you can just do perhaps learn guitar There are many things that you can do Over here and as I mentioned uh very Easy to actually edit anything so once You drag and drop you can simply then Add anything so as you see here I'm on The text and the thing about the text is That it's a bit different to edit the Block you can add padding and if you Don't know what padding is it simply Adds some margins As you can see as they grow as they are They are added together to the four Sides in this case And you also let me just go back so that We go to the initial format if you go to The image as well you can change as well The size You can unlock here so you change Individually the width and the height All right you can also hide on mobile Just for certain scenarios of course And here you if you click on the button You can change the colors and the format

Of the button You can see right here also the letters It's very simple once you know how to Drag and drop Um to the right places and you have Something built you can actually just Click on something and go to the right To edit the settings of everything also Have advanced settings over here that You can use Um to edit so once again the padding Here and you can see that it adds some Margins right here About the text so as I was mentioning a Second ago if you select a text you will See that the settings are also are Actually here on the right so you can Add bold italic underline Uh cross text over here and you can Justify to the left middle right Or simply click to justify text right so There are many things that you can do And another thing that I want you to Know is that you can add personalization So you can go here and perhaps you want You want to address someone by first Name so in this scenario just to Showcase you we would add text over here And it would be like hi and we would add The first name So in this case would be high Pedro we And then you would write about your Guitar lessons Let's keep the the same format

And you will make it a bit larger That's it's the first thing that people See Right here And this one we would delete that would Look more like this you can also Decrease this Over here this is a spacer so if you Don't know we I will actually use so That you can see it's this thing over Here and we cannot Over here Just to have some space right all right So this would be uh to your liking of Course all right so for this scenario You would want five tips here so you Would simply click here to duplicate and You keep adding them with a section in Between and as I mentioned the sections Are added right here And as you know so this is drag and drop Um as you can see the address is here at The bottom as well And then you can hyperlink Just by selecting the text here and you Can click on this icon to insert a link And once you are done You simply click next but before you do What we want to do here is you can send A test message to yourself you can Preview So this is extremely important that you Do over here And compare on mobile as well how it

Would look This is how it would look over here And then You can also see spawn check so this is Something to consider always if it says Good to go you should be good to go then You can also save as a template or save The draft and exit in our case we Actually want to send that message so we Will go to to next And we would click select click tracking So this is something that you want to Keep as it is extremely important later On and also if you have Google analytics Integrated you will want to do this one Over here You can also share uh on Facebook and Twitter so if you want you send a Newsletter it will be shared Automatically on the platforms And then you can send immediately or Schedule for later So let me go over the schedule first you Can select the date and time and time Zone And then two things that are very Interesting over here perfect timing so Here If you select a date and time and time Zone this is when the newsletter rule Starts to be sent and with perfect Timing which it takes about 24 hours to Send the message and we will take all The data that we have in our database to

Send the message the most Um at the most likely time that your Customer will open the message And well so this is recommended to use Especially if you send immediately and For if you are scheduling Um usually the best to do is to use time Travel and discipline simply ensures That if you have people in different Parts of the world Um that you will receive at the same Time for example it would be 8 am here In Brazil and it will be 8 A.M in Portugal so everybody will receive at The same time which will be very useful If you have such diverse audience in our Case we will simply send immediately and Usually we would recommend to send with Perfect timing as I explained what it Does so it ensures that the message Lands at the most optimal time but for This example and as we will see this in A second we will we will simply send Right now so that you can see as well so Let's just click to send right you will Then be taken to this screen over here And there are 60 seconds for you to act If you want to cancel so let me actually Explain to you what you can do so you Can actually go to your newsletter CR Here on email marketing And as you can see it appears Right here so it depends scheduled but It's due to the countdown timer and you

Could uh simply click to stop sending And once you do if you actually click Here it will then appear on drafts right Here all right so now you know how to Create a newsletter what if you want to Test business if you want to do an A B Test so this is something very common And to do that we will go to a b testing Right here It is actually really simple to set up An A B test and get response and you Simply have to go to create a B test Then you will be presented with two Options so do we want to test the Subject line or do we want to test the Contents so you won't have to pick one Of those I will actually select subject line and Click create test I'll give the same name here select the List that we want which is guitar Masters and of course I cannot keep the Emoji over here all right so let's now See the subject lines so one uh will be This one over here and the other one Actually I will show you in a second so We can add more tests here you can have Five in total so you can keep adding for This example I will have three tests I will have one with the Emoji like we Had at the beginning One with the Emoji at the end And one without Emoji so that's just a Test that you can do but what I want to

To achieve with this is to actually Provide incentive to you uh to so that You can actually test your newsletter so This is something very important that You learn for yourself what your Audience likes what they are attracted To and then you adopt that to your Newsletters so this is very important This sounds like a silly test but then You will see that some will perform Better than others and if if you Actually do this test a few times you Will be able to gather some significant Data You'll have for yourself and nobody else Will have actually access To all right so for recipients Um we will of course select our list Guitar Masters as this is just only for Example but something to mention here For a b testing purposes uh you will Want to have at least over 100 or more People so that you can actually gather Some significant data so this is Actually very important to consider Something else here all right so design We already have so for now we can go to Existing messages and our message will Actually appear over here and as you can See more as I have a few drafts as well All right now we just landed in the Editor and something else as I didn't Mentioned before but to keep adding Value to this video is that you can save

A block so you can save as a favorite Over here let's say we want to save this Whole section so we would just click Save over here and let's say uh numbered Section So this is something that you can later On use on other templates and as you can See here I have something for a language Course too that I have and I could just Drag and drop that here so something for You to consider this can be extremely Useful and can save you tons of time Right All right so with that also out of the Way what we do now is to click next and We will now see the A B test settings And here the first thing that stands out Is this slider and you can control it it Can go uh to the left and can go to the Right and what this means is uh now I Will divide them so that you can see we Have blue green and uh red and these are Our three variants and in our case as Our list is super small uh this means That only three people will receive the Variance this means one for each and the Rest will will receive the winner so the The five people that are left will Receive the one that has the best Performance over here so that's why it's Actually recommended that you have at Least 100 people so that you have more Meaningful data so that you have a Rightful wiener as well

And then what you can do is to send the Tests uh the winning message Automatically or not so it's your choice If you want to send it automatically or Not or if you want to just observe to Send them later on so this can be done And how do you determine the winner it Can be by open rate or click rate in our Case as we are testing the subject line We want to test the open rate and let's Choose here about three days and so once You are done you would simply click to Save The rest we went over already and let's Click to start TV test alright so now You will see this page and what we will Do is to see all our a b tests All right so you can see testing over Here and as we selected three days uh This will be the number of days it will Take for the test to finish All right and once you click so if you Go over here you will see that delivered One one and one and over here this means Of the winning message so as it was not Sent yet there is no data but on the Other one you can already see that uh The B variant here is performing better Um as this was a very small test this is Only for you to see how you can do it Yourself and have some meaningful data All right so now we have sent a Newsletter we have an A B test running But we want to see the reports of this

Newsletter in order to do that there are Actually two ways that you can use to Reach the statistics but before we do That we go to the dashboard here and we Will add a widget and this widget will Tell us about the last newsletter that Was sent Um on us on a specific list and here we Will select Peter Masters and you will See that our newsletter is right here And this is what we want so we log in And we see instantly how it performs so How many people opened both in Percentage and number itself and how Many clicked unsubscribed and to how Many people watch the newsletter sent so This is extremely helpful and it will Save you a lot of time one when you are Going through your newsletters And now how do you get to to the report So it's quite obvious here you can just Click on reports here at the top of you You will be taken to the generic and you Will have to select your newsletter in Our case to be faster we will go to Email marketing here and we'll click on Our newsletter so you get taken to to it Straight away and as you can see you Have here a delivery rate up on the Right click rate so you need to keep an Eye on these and specifically The Click Rate as it is what you want to do most Of the times you want people to click on Your links so that they either purchase

From you they contact you whatever the Newsletter goal actually is if you are Only looking forward to informing people So if there are no links you'll be Looking at the open right now something To mention here is that you can download This report just by clicking here you Can see the recipients so who actually Opened and clicked On your newsletter so you can even order Here You can see that these two clicked And something else that is extremely Helpful is for you to go to opens and Clicks and to resend the message to People that didn't didn't open So you can do that after a week or so to See if they will actually open your Message now so if this is a good way for You to actually Set this up so you'll simply click there And then create a new message you will Select the existing method you've sent And then this message message will be Sent to these segments so once you click Here a segment is created only for this Purpose so for the people that didn't Open this message And then something else that you want to See is uh where did people click so on Which URL and who actually did that This is extremely helpful for you And lastly you will definitely see where In the newsletter they clicked so you

Can have the same URL in multiple places But here you can see that they clicked On learn guitar And this will help you actually Determine where people are clicking in Your newsletter so that you can adapt on On newsletters that you will send in the Future And now something that I want you to Keep an eye are on the other ones over Here which are related to bonuses Unsubscribed and complained so you Should keep an eye on these three so for In terms of bonds so this means that Emails that you didn't reach the inbox For multiple reasons uh again you can You have many of them over here so keep An eye on them And then unsubscribed you don't want to See the unsubscribe rate over one Percent of course depends on your list On the size of your list as well then Complaint you also don't want to get Complaints but let's keep this uh like Very low And then email domains you can see the Top domains that you are sending emails To so the quite important here actually To see that and now that we have this Out of the way what we will do now is to Go back to the dashboard and I will Teach you how to actually create a Segment All right and from here what we will do

Is we will go to contacts and we will Click custom Fields so we will create Then a segment later on based on these Custom fields and I will do that right Now so that later on we will we can Check together And what the custom field is is Something that will identify the Customer so when they sign up we will Have them select these fields and then We will be able to segment them based on Their choice so what we will do is to Segment people uh based on their level So I will call this custom field level I will have it to be as a text and I Want single answer And I will have beginner Over here Then intermediate And advanced All right so we have all of them over Here and we want to show so if this was Something that you don't want to show in The form you would actually uh have this Selected but we don't want that and we Just want to create this for beginner Intermediate and advanced so let's now Save All right and now to create the segment What we will do is to go to search And we will go to Advanced Search Here Add the condition And then it will be contact details Custom fields and then we called it

Level And then is And let's say beginner this is just a Test So apply no one we don't have anybody Here but what's amazing about segments Is that they are Dynamic so once someone Meets this criteria they will be added Here automatically So let's save this as a segment and Let's save beginners All right it's now saved and what we Will do now is to create a landing page So let's go now to tools landing pages And we will go to Create landing page over here Okay so what we want now is people to Sign up to our newsletter so that we can Contact them via email and provide our Tips and tricks to start learning guitar And well we want them to then of course Book book a session with us so the first Goal here of this of this landing page Will be for people to sign up to our Newsletter so you could just select the Option over here but I already know the Template that I want to use and it will Be this one over here I'll call it Guitar Masters And you can have an overview then uh on The learning page itself and you can Check it thank you page so thank you Page will be what people will see after They sign up it can always be changed of

Course so let's now go to the next step All right so the first thing that you Need to know here is that this editor is A drag and drop and one thing that we Will start by doing here just to Showcase to you is by scrolling a little Adding a button so dragging and dropping And then once you double click you will Be able to edit this button so this is Just to Showcase so that you understand How this editor actually works and then You can simply delete So the first thing to do now is to adopt This template to our liking and select It that it kind of matches what we are Trying to advertise here so first we Will change this message this image over Here and to do so you will double click And then you click on the icon over here And we what we will do is to write Guitar All right and as you can see there are Many images to choose from I will go With this one over here And then what I need to do is to adopt So I need to actually move this a little So that it can be adopted Foreign So now we have an image here on our form And as you can see this came a bit out So we need to do just a tiny adjustment Over here Exactly all right so now we should Actually change the color of the text as

Well and try to match it so it will be Some sort of pink Over here something not exactly the same But this will do just for you to know How to change so this is how it will Look like and on the button as well we Will do this same so I just copy pasted It the value And what we can do so that it looks a Little better to change the color of the Text to White and this should say sign Up So something like this and then Something that will be very important Over here is to actually add our fields And what we want to do so that you see It again so I clicked on the form so Right here and then web form fields and Here we will choose the level And we will make it required so this is Very important as when people sign up From this website they will have this Field Right so now this is fixed And another thing that you can do to Delete this image into another video so If you have a video on YouTube You can add it right here That's how it would do And as you saw uh once you click once You double click on any Um any block here can be the button can Be text you will then be able to change It uh even the size over here or the

Font itself that you know how to do and If you want to hyperlink perhaps Something let's say here perhaps you Want to hyperlink include the video You want to go here to this icon and we Can just go to Class .com Choose how it opens right it can be a New window or in the same window so Usually you could open on a new windows Like people don't leave your website This is how it would look like Two actually [Music] Showcase this a little bit more you can Simply underline And it looks a little bit better Alright so that you now that you know How the editor works and that you know It's a drag and drop so it's very easy To use Um you know that this template can be Easily adapted to the scenario you want And the first thing that we need to Consider here is that we ask for the Email address at the top so this is our Main goal that's why we have it at the Top as well so that people once they Read our headline they will be then Urged to actually sign up to our Newsletter and if you actually have Something to offer perhaps you have a PDF or perhaps you want them to contact

You for one lesson and you can offer Something here and once people actually Sign up you can go to the thank you page You can add a button over here And you can have something to download And this is very easy you would simply Then hyperlink here to to the file that You have and this is actually very Simple to do and I will demonstrate Quickly uh in a second how you will get An URL so now you know how to add the URL and after I saw after I publish this Website I will actually show you how you Want the URL uh how do you generate a URL if you don't have one all right so Now we have everything here but we want To check the mobile version so let's Click on mobile And let's go so Everything is optimized as this template Was made by our designers so everything Is optimized for mobile but if you are Having any issue with it what you Usually would do first is to save And then if you click on the background So first you click and then you do Ctrl O or command o and this window will show Up and what this does is this will Optimize the page for mobile although in Some cases it might disrupt depending on How you organize your page so be very Careful with that but in most scenarios This will do magic to your page And really optimize it for the mobile

Version as you don't need in this one We'll just keep the changes and you can Always preview but right now what we Will do is to go to the next step All right so now we are taken to the Landing page settings and you will see That you have a page title so this name Will appear at the title of your page of Course here at the top and also in Google in the description so in this Landing page We teach guitar lessons So this you need to do some research Here as this will contribute to SEO so How people find your page in Google for Example so make sure that you do some Research on keywords over here and you Provide a proper description you have Some guidelines here in terms of how Many characters you can have And then you want to leave this blank as Well usually people want uh to get their Pages found in the search engine as Google for example And then here we provide you a free Subdomain We have three to choose from or get response let's say so this will be for Guitar Masters dot if you have Already a custom domain you can simply Click to add or select it from here if You already added if you need help with That we have FAQs to help you out

Here the most important part you need to Choose the proper list guitar Masters And this confirmed opt-in we already Talked about it if you want a Confirmation message to be sent before People are at it you keep this enabled Or if you don't you just disable it Something to consider is if you have This enabled but on the list settings You have it disabled the settings from The landing page will take Will actually be the main ones over here So it will apply the message will Actually be sent if you have this Enabled here and not in the list so Keyboard disabled if you want and here You would add to the autoresponder cycle So we don't we we don't want to do this Right now because we don't have another Responder but in a second we will Because I will show you after that how You create an autoresponder and then Here you configure where you take people After they sign up so I showed you the Time keep the default thank you page so Let's skip that And then you have analytics and Remarketing you can choose any platform Here if you choose Facebook pixel for Example and you click on this FAQ you Will then see a video on how you Actually can install Facebook pixel it's Very simple but for now we will not be Adding anything here and you can see

Google ads conversion tracking you can Also learn more about that here or you Can have a chat window so I will Actually want to do that And then you just publish the page all Right so what we will do now is a test Sign up so I will go to my landing page And I will sign up so I'll write my name Over here So this would be my email At and I'll be intermediate so Let's now sign up And you'll see that I'm taken to the Thank you page and this is the download Button as well that I will teach you in A second how to generate the URL So we have this so what I want you to See now is that we will go to contacts We will click on guitar Masters and we Will go to the last one that was added Which is Um plus 12 and you will see that you Have intermediates over here and this is What we want so we already have a Segment for beginners and you can do the Same for the other levels and I have Someone here on the beginners and if I Go now to contacts and segments if I Select beginners you will see that Automatically I was added there so this Is what we want People select a different option there Beginner intermediates or Advanced of Course you will have to create three

Segments they are added automatically And now quickly uh just to mention to You how you will add something to your Landing page so if you have something to Offer if you have some PDF you want that You want to share and people to download After they sign up you would go to files And images And you would upload it right here on my Files you will upload it here as you can See I have a lot of things over here but Just to keep it simple you would go to Odd files and you would select the font From here from your computer or import From a URL I will not do it right now But once you do you will see your file Over here and then you can copy the URL And this is the URL that you will use on The button as we already saw How you actually add the URL so you only Need to generate one just copy here and Then go to the landing page and edit it Is very simple and now let's see one More thing which is a very uh powerful That you can do which is to create an Autoresponder so let's go to tools And go to autoresponders What we want now is to set up another Responder and just in simple terms for You to know what an entrepreneur is it's Pretty much an automated message that Will be sent based on a sign up We will go to create autoresponder over Here and here we have to give a name

Which will be in this case just a Welcome And then we will select the proper list As you already know how important it is Then you have autoresponder settings and This is the most important part over Here that you need to pay attention so On Day Zero same time I sign up means That if I sign up right now I will get The message exactly right now if I go to Day one this means at the same time that I signed up today I will receive the Message one day after so tomorrow and so On as you keep going with the numbers And well you can be on Day Zero and Still stand with a delay or exactly at a Specific time so for our purpose we will Have it on day Zero and at the same time As sign up and then you can restrict Message to be sent on a few days we will Be keeping them on every day so Depending on when people actually sign Up as they will be expecting a welcome When they sign up And while over here you can still uh Write welcome and then you can have the First name You can go over here So in this case I would receive the Message as welcome Pedro Right here And then we would go to design and Content right so we already went over That so you already know pretty much

What this is about but you know that we Have a lot of templates prepared for you And many of them are actually dedicated To welcome people and this is something That many people expect and it's one of The most opened messages in the world so People that sign up they will expect And welcome message so you should Definitely set this up and let's perhaps Choose this one over here You already know that you can customize It and how you work in the editor so I Will not go too much over here But we can now go next And there is nothing else to it right so What will happen is uh now now you save And publish and you will see it over Here something for you to then consider Is that you will go to to list here And you will select only guitar Masters So that you know what's happening in This list so how many messages are being Sent and then you will actually want to Look at the grid and here you can build A whole course uh for you so you can you Will see then uh that's you your Messages can be built into a course for Uh perhaps uh with tips for people to Know what they are doing and how to do Certain things with the guitar so you Can have on on day number two which Means two days after subscription and so On you can keep adding these messages And they can keep getting populated here

And with this view you'll be able to Organize everything So that it is uh simple and you have an Overview a bird's eye view on the whole Process and the whole messages that People are receiving And if you hover your cursor you will See it as in here otherwise you can Simply go here and change but well as You saw it's very uh simple what you Need to understand is that day Zero and Send immediately means that people will Receive the message instantly once they Subscribe but in our case they will not Because we didn't add this option so What we will do now as we now have the Autoresponder is to go to the landing Pages We will go here to the settings of our Landing page And we will now add to the autoresponder Cycle so we have this day 0 one message And now I will want to save All right so now I will go back to the Landing page And I will subscribe So once again you've seen how this works So now I'm signed up And in a second what you will see is That the autoresponder will be set so in A second I will refresh that and you Will see that this will be uh no one Exactly so now you see uh number one Over here so the message was sent

Immediately after we subscribed which is Very helpful so people that once again People that sign up they expect the Welcome message and this is a very uh Simple way to do it and well it's Automated so you don't have to do Anything else here as I mentioned it's a Great way for you to actually go to the Grid and build the whole course for People in a guitar guitar Masters list Some Pro tips can be actually a good Thing for you to start And now we are reaching the end of this Video but something that I really want To mention is that you can always go Here to check about notifications that We sent you can submit your feature Requests and you can even upvote some of Them like I did over here You can also suggest a feature and also See the roadmap that we are working on Right now and of course you can also Upvote the things that you want to to See in the future so this is a real way For you to have an impact on what get Response does and another thing that you Should consider is to download the Mobile app so you can go here to your Profile you can go to mobile labs and You will uh be able to put your phone Number over here send and you'll be able To download the mobile app so this is Very useful it's a way for you to Actually send newsletters if you are not

At home if you don't have your computer You can send one from your uh phone and You can actually then check the Statistics and how everything is Performing uh while you are on the go so You don't have to be attached to your Laptop and now having that said you Should now go ahead and start preparing Your campaigns and that's it folks thank You for going through this video with me I hope that now you have enough Knowledge to start your marketing Activities with get response good luck And I'll see you in the next video

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