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Hello everyone I’m Pedro I’m a senior Product content specialist here at get Response and I’ll be your guide in this Video I will help you connect your ECommerce store with get response so That you can manage your business from a Single place you will learn how to Automatically send other confirmations Abundant card emails and how to use Promo codes at the end of the video you Will even find some of our own Pro tips Let’s now get started Right now we are at the dashboard and Let’s see how we can integrate with Shopify this integration is very quick To do and it’s also a seamless Experience as you will simply click one Button and everything will be done for You and you’ll have access to a ton of Tools Let’s simply go to tools on the top left Integrations and API and here you’ll Find Shopify Just to clarify that this video will Have Shopify as its focus although you Can do the same with prestashop and Magento 2. So everything that I will mention you Can do with these other platforms as Well Let’s now click to connect Shopify And here you will need to store URL Now this is the one that ends in dot my

Once you paste that simply click connect Shopify You will then be taken directly to the Shopify platform and here is where you Will simply click to give access to get Responses up To connect with your Shopify store and We will simply click here And now we were redirected to get Response once again and here’s the Important part now For this integration to work at this Full capacity you need to select Central E-commerce data It means that we will receive all the Data from Shopify that we need to then Perform these actions over here so we Recommend that you go with this so that We have everything necessary for you to Use that response to its full capacity The other two options here are some Explanatory you can go through them While import contacts only or import Products only once again recommend going Send full e-commerce data so that you Take full advantage You can then configure how often you Want to update the data and get response We also recommend that as soon as data Is updated in Shopify it should be Updated in get response as well How to import contact so here you will Select one of your lists And then you have more options here well

It’s self-explanatory uh pretty much you Should be only importing contacts that You have contents to send marketing Information you can of course upload Everyone just make sure you don’t Contact the ones that didn’t give you Any content And then well you can configure here as Well how you want to do it only add new Update existing and add an updates Existing How to import the products here you will Also see Imports existing order history So we recommend that so then you will See in the contact cards uh their Purchase history and well once you Configure this you simply click next And here is where your contacts will Appear and you have all the fields right Now you only see uh here the green check On the email address because it’s the Only thing I have for my contacts but When you have more things you can always Configure the field here and you will See you will be able to match them Exactly one point here that I want to Bring your attention to is you need to Know exactly how many contacts you have In Shopify so that you don’t do not Surpass your limit in get response Because surpassing your least limiting Net response means that you’ll be Charged an extra fee we call it the list Extension fee we don’t want that to

Happen as you should not be paying for Something you were not even looking Forward to so make sure that you can Import these contacts and that it will Not be over the list before you click This button and well once you are sure That you are within the limits or you Are fine going over the limits simply Click to import And well as simple as that Shopify shop Is already integrated with get response As you can see it’s we can Define it as A one-click integration you don’t have To do much here you just do a simple Configuration Um and then everything is configured for You and I will go through and show Everything that you have now in your Account let’s now go back to the Dashboard [Music] And as you may notice already our shop Is right here let’s Now quickly check The integration once again as I want to Mention something very important to you So let’s go back to Integrations and API Click on Shopify And here you will see something new Which is called Web connect snippet so Let me explain what webconnect is so web Connect is simply a code that will be Automatically placed in your Shopify Website and this code will allow you to Display pop-ups track purchases visited

URL in automation as well as abandoned Cards and it will be used as well for Web push notifications so by having this Enabled the code will already be Automatically placed in your Shopify Store well in the Shopify platform as Well if you’re using WordPress The situation here will be different you Will have to add the code which I will Explain Later on in this video so if you want to Disable or enable this code you will Have to go here and click to enable or Disable in my case it was enabled by Default because I have done this before But since you might have never done it You might need to enable or you will see It as one of the steps when you are Trying to integrate so let’s now see how It looks like all right so this is what Appears when you try to edit your theme In Shopify and as you can see webconnect Is right here you simply have to uh to Click here to either Deactivate or to activate the web Connect we have it activated and I Recommend that you leave it as it is as You will certainly need this one Let’s now head back to get response And we will go to As I have mentioned when you integrate Your Shopify store get response you gain Access to a range of tools that will be Able to use for your eCommerce needs and

While the first thing here to notice and That I already mentioned is the store Widget here and you can see at a glance How much your store is generating in Revenue and let’s now see one of the Other tools that will be very important For you Let’s go to tools e-commerce tools and Notice here that my store is now here It’s this first one if I click on it the Products were also imported and you can See everything here And your orders as well so everything That was ordered and everything that Happened you will be able to see here And well now let’s jump to Quick Transactional emails which is what I Want to bring to your attention right Now so what are quick transactional Emails these are uh simply Order confirmation emails and abandoned Car demons order confirmation well when Someone purchases something There will be an automated message that Will go out to this person mentioning oh We have received your order so this is Very assuring for someone who’s on the Other side as a customer you want to Know when you pay that the the order is On the way or it was accepted right it’s A very good way to let your the people Know On the other hand you have abundant card Email so this one will help you increase

Your Revenue as many people abandoned Their cards and then they forget about Them so by having an automated email That will remind them that they left Something in their cart maybe now they Are in a condition where they will Purchase And you can pair these button cards with A promo code which can be very powerful So in terms of creation uh the process Here it will be the same for both but I Will show you the abandoned cart as it Is the one with more options so let’s go To the email editor And here uh let me just call abandoned Cards email And the only difference from the order Confirmation is that here you set a dla So there is a an option here for you to Set a delay when will this email be sent To the person who abandoned their card So after 12 hours that they have Abundant they then would receive this Email Here you select the from and reply to Email address if you are already Familiar with cash response you will Already know what this means exactly Subject line you will simply use Something generic here as for example it Looks like you left something behind and You can even add an emoji here Something like that and you can of Course complement that with some

Previewed text but what I want to drag Your attention here is the editor You can choose one of the pre-made Templates here that are already Optimized for conversion and then you Will see the difference uh between how It is to edit this message in get Response and how it is to edit in Shopify and I will I will show it to you So here you have the template you don’t Need to make any changes here of course You can always adapt to your own Scenario and something that I want to Mention here is that if someone leaves a Card behind They might be incentivized by you simply Adding a promo code to your abundant Card message Perhaps you will want to add something Here And of course you can change everything Here and what I will show you later on And that I’m just exemplifying right now When we see promo codes after this uh You will see that this promo code that I Have right here was imported from Shopify so I did not create this in get Response but I can do that and it will Work both ways and I’ll show you right After so let’s say then that you will Send the promo code to people who Abandon their cards and this is how it Will be so the products will be Um these are just placeholders and the

Products Left Behind they will be placed Here and you can select to have it have Them like this for example this is just An example but what is important here is That you know don’t need any code so This is a zero code option and Everything that you allowed it could be Just like I’ve added the promo code it Is drug and drop as easy as that and Then you will simply click next Once you are happy with everything here You’ll simply click to save and activate You will then see this message right Here and this is simply mentioning that Uh the automated messages from Shopify Will be disabled You simply have to click to activate And then your quick transaction emailing Get response will be ready And here it is activated before we jump Into into Shopify something uh to Mention here quickly that in order to Edit this message you have to deactivate The message itself so it will appear Like like in here you will choose to Deactivate and then you can edit the Message And now let’s see how this kind of Message looks in Shopify let’s go to Shopify here I’m already in this page Here but let me go back so this is the Main page of Shopify you would go to Settings here at the bottom And then you will access notifications

You will see them here and well to find The abandoned cards or any other message Let’s see even order confirmation This is how it looks like and you will You would have to code to edit Everything here which is a bit of a Pickle let’s be honest and Welding get Response track and drop no code It will simply save you a lot of time And you’ll be able to personalize your Messages And well let’s now go back Now back at get response let’s see what I mentioned before about promo codes They are simply here and let’s click on Them As you can see here in my promo code From Shopify was connected already and You saw that I could use that in a quick Transactional email and well we can do The opposite here so we can create a Code in get response So you can you can just call it let’s Say free shipping codes and we will call It free 50. uh just an example so this is what Will appear in the editor when you drag The code uh just to to make sure that You understand that part and well then You have here if you want to sync with Your with your Shopify story or if you Don’t then you pick one of the options Here we can simply pick free shipping no Requirements and you can if this is a

Seasonal or something that has a limited Time you can set here a starting date And end date Then you can limit for uh how many times People can be can use this code right Let’s say one and it will be from 15th Till uh next week for example That’s just an example for you to see And then I will show you that it will Appear in Shopify Itself It’s already created and Once we refresh it will appear exactly So there it is and now let’s see in Shopify We are back in Shopify platform And let’s go to these counts And well there you see free shipping so This one was created in get response and This one was created in Shopify itself And now let’s see one of the use cases Of promo codes there are many as Actually already one with quick Transactional emails and what I want to Do and that everyone should have is a Welcome email so you would go to tools Autoresponders And here is where we will uh create one So before we do let me explain that Autoresponder is an automated message That is triggered by a subscription So basically someone subscribes to your Newsletter and we want to welcome them With the promo code so I subscribe today

And right now I would receive a message With a promo code that might be uh what You need for them to then convert into Customers Welcome to get response just an example And this is what matters here Autoresponder settings so on Day Zero Means the same day as subscription and Same time I sign up I’ll say Well it Means that subscribing right now will uh You will then receive the message right Now day one and same time as Subscription so let’s imagine this uh it Is 5 P.M and this means that if I Subscribe today at 5 PM the message will Come tomorrow at 5 pm And well and so on as you go uh with the Days we will choose day zero here same Time as sign up you can of course set a Delay or set a specific time We will leave it same time as sign up And we want it to be able to be sent Every day of the week M1 Just see actually let me show something To you here on the subject line is that You can personalize that so we can do First name Here and then Welcome aboard And what this will do is well this will Replace uh by the name of the person so This field here is dynamic and if my Name is Pedro then it will be Pedro Welcome aboard

And now let’s go to design and content And something important here is that we Keep updating these templates every Month we add new templates here and you Will have always one example with a Promo code as you can see there is one Here and there are many many templates And I will go with this one here as it’s One that I really like and then I can Show to you that it it’s a perfect Example so hey first name so hey Pedro Thank you for signing up and here is Where you will just write let’s say we Have 50 off just an example and the Promo code then you will this is just The block the promo code block and you Will choose yours here so I want the 50 Off so it will be this one right here And well you can edit everything here About the promo code you can make this Thicker well everything that you can Imagine and once again let me mention That this is a drag and drop editor you Won’t need to use and also if you’ve Ever seen click on any block you will See the settings on the right of of this Particular block if it is a text block You will see uh settings at the top as Well how to change everything here Um Something important here is that how do You want the personalization let me show It to you so you will just go to this Little icon here and you will choose

First name there are many many things That you can use in personalization this Is just the easiest example to Understand and most likely the one that You will use the most Well let’s say that we are ready with Our autoresponder So we click next and and then you can of Course test a message and what we will Do here is to Simply Save and publish if There’s someone already in the Autoresponder cycle which is unlikely if You never had an autoresponder but in my Case as I do you would see something Like this and if you want to send this Person back in the cycle so meaning that This message has we just configured Would be sent to this person just click To send it otherwise you can click no I’ll click to send And well now you have a not responder Configured and this means that the Welcome message will be sent to your Subscribers with the promo codes which Can turn them into customers which is What we all want and while promo codes Are a great way for you to reward loyal Customers and also to recover these ones That are a bit harder uh for example the Ones that depend on the cards so you Know how to use them and now there is Another use case for them as well which Is through forms and pop-ups which is Our next thing that we will cover in

This video Pop-ups are extremely easy to create and To install and if you have a web connect Enabled it will be even easier as you Don’t even have to think about Installing the pop-up it will already be On your website in Shopify and well you Can use pop-ups to promote an event to Promote some ongoing sale you can use it To gain subscribers and also to gather Feedback but let’s see one of the Options here we will uh here when you Click to create you will see pop-up in The embedded in a page so if it is Embedded in a page it won’t be a pop-up Anymore it’s just on the page and as any Form that you place on your website you Would just place a little code there and The form will be embedded on the page For this scenario we want to show you Pop-ups and well let’s choose this one Here and then next As you can see here we have many Templates and they are also Organized by goal so you can get Feedback as more followers stay Connected get more sales Or simply grow your email list and well For this scenario I want to show you how We can uh for example gather more emails And let’s say that I want this one over Here You can preview of course And if you are happy with it then let’s

Just use the template And before we jump right into it let me Just say that there are two things here To consider so you have the main content Which is uh this window here and then You have a thank you message meaning That well this will show Once someone Fills their email address right here And now let’s see what we can do so you Have the settings here on the right and You can choose how you want this pop-up To be displayed on your page if you want A sliding box a pop-up box which will Display right in the middle here full Screen or if you want a little bar we Will go just with a normal pop-up here Just in the middle and as you can see I Tested and things get a little bit out Of proportion and you can just go back Using these arrows here So I will go with the original here and You can change the position as you see Fit size and now everything that let’s Call this um Some sort of global design or the pop-up Itself And then if you click on any block Similarly to the email editor you will Have the options of this block here on The right and also if you want to add Any element you can for example add your Social media icons right here And you can choose if you want this to Do like a follow action or a share

Action And you can also change the style of the Blocks if you would like And well let’s say that we are happy With this pop-up so we will click next And here is the important part so this Is when uh when and how and for who this Pop-up will be displayed and as a Trigger so what will trigger this pop-up To be shown we can choose here After n seconds so you can choose let’s Be easy to spend some time on your page First and after 10 seconds this pop-up Would show After scrolling so if they scroll 25 of The page then the pop-up will show on Exit so if they try to exit your page The pop-up will show and we will try This one or you have in inactivity you Can of course choose more than one For this scenario we will go with only Exit intent And ask for the timing you can oh if you Are running a promotion in a specific Date you can then select a start date And an end date right here for this Scenario as well I will simply display Immediately so that we can test it live And frequency please play again once Every X days or in days like we see here So every every five days this pop-up Would display for someone and I will Have it I will just disable this right Now and then you have uh if it should

Stop displaying to visitors who close The pop-up signed up well we want to do To stop a showing for someone who Actually clicked on the button or signed Up And then you have always display it Again to visitors even if they haven’t If they even if they have seen it well You will be able to optimize that and Then audience we will choose all here That’s for testing purposes but you can Choose only new and then on a particular Device as well and also if you are only Targeting a specific country for example Let’s say That you want to pop up to show that you Are offering free shipping for all the Sales in us so you don’t want to show This pop-up to people in Portugal for Example so here you would select the Country uh that you want to in the Pop-up to show Then click save and then next The first thing to note here is that you Can change the name of your pop-up so Let’s say Um sign up form And we will call it main page so that we Know exactly what it is And then you have page URL and our Entire website Is this one over here our uh this is our URL from Shopify and you can add more Websites

It’s not limited to only one if you want It to be on a specific page then you Would select that the URL Would be for example this slash blog so This pop-up will then only be displayed In the blog page And well once you are happy with that You then go to the bottom and you see a Code here well if you are using Shopify And webconnect already you don’t need to Worry about this code and it will Already be there and I will show you in A second Um that it will be displayed but if you Are using WordPress for example let me Show you how you can place this code Quickly so let’s just copy Go to WordPress so this is just an Example and you would have to go to Appearance Theme file editor And here on the right you would have to Find Team header And then we need to find the head of the Page so here is the head and here is the End of the Hat and as you can see I already have a Code here but let me delete And you would place the code right Before the head ends and once you are Done you simply update the file Well so yeah if you have a page outside Uh Shopify this is what you should do And if you are using WordPress you are

Lucky and you can copy exactly what I Did And let’s go back to get response and Let’s save and publish All right so everything is now saved Here you’ll be able to track your Metrics over here as well And if you want to edit the design you Can click back here edit the settings Edit rules you can do all that I want to Go back to forms and pop-ups and you Will be able to see it right here so This is why we named it sign up for main Page so that you can at a glance you can See where this form is exactly without Needing to click and check the URL and Well now let’s go now to our Shopify Store and here we want to go to online Store And let’s see it So To customize and there you see As I as I moved my cursor to the top Left which means uh exit intent The pop-up just showed and I have no Code I didn’t put any code here it was All the web connects work right here you Only have to enable and this will be Done automatically And this will work for any pop-up you Will never have to add any other codes And the same goes for WordPress if you Added the code in WordPress once you Only need that one once you create more

Pop-ups now the code is already there You don’t need to do it again you simply Need to change the url of the page and The pop-ups will start displaying as Easy as that Make sure now that you start creating Your pop-ups and now let’s see the other E-commerce tools that you can start Using to boost your business Revenue we Will be heading to segmentation right Now so that you can use e-commerce Conditions to segment your customers and To do that we will go to contacts at the Top and we will go to search And well here you can see all my test Contacts and well when you click on Advanced search another condition here You’ll be able to start segmenting and What we want to show is e-commerce so we Can use e-commerce uh options here and I Want to track by total spent All shops so if you have more than one Shop you can track that as well or you Can divide it by a specific shop as you Can see you can choose one of those And they want to track people who spent More than let’s call 40 and I will do on Polish to what as it is the one I’m Using for my shop And now as you can see there is one Contact uh this is just to show you that You can do that and then you can go to Save segment and you can call it spent More then

Parts and you can do the same uh if you Spent less if you’ve spent equal and Then you can use automation To then design some scenarios to Target These kind of people and then I will Show you that Before we jump into it let me just show That if you click on the person you will See the contact card over here and you Will see the purchase made so this was Imported when I connected Shopify and Since I selected it to send full E-commerce data it appears right here And this is what you want to do as well So that you can also segment your Contacts properly let’s now go back and As I mentioned let’s see what we can do In automation to Target these people Just an example that you can use as well And so let’s go to tools automation And I have two examples here prepared as I just want to show you how they would Look like For you to have some idea on what you Could do as well so we have Core based on purchase and promo based On score So first we will check score based on Purchase So based on what I just did at this Segment you can then do this exact Scenario so what I did here was to use The purchase condition which is this one Over here and you just drag and drop

Just to show how the editor works And then you want your url here the Thank you page And once you have that then what I want To do is to connect with a saved segment So this will only work in the future now And there is a way to include the the Other contacts and I will teach you how As well what you can do so saved segment Let’s let’s say that this is the one That I uh just created it’s quite it’s a Little different as this this one I just Created uh before to exemplify and about So this these are people that spend less Than forty dollars and if if this is Correct if they actually spend less they Would go through the green part over Here or the left one and they will be Assigned 20 points so this is a score Um so just to clarify this is a filter Which is this one Dynamic segment And this is score Which is an action over here This one over here score And wow so if they spent more than 40 They would then go through the red one And they would then uh go through this Filter work here which is to check if They spent more than 50 dollars and if That’s true they get 80 points instead Of 20 and if they are in between 40 and 50 they would then take this red one Over here and they would then have 40 Points instead now let’s say that you

Just imported your contacts and you want To check And you want to assign some score to Them based on their purchases so let’s Uh you can drag and drop the Subscribe Element Over here and let’s say specific we will Select a list here which will be outside Chart prospects and you simply have to Toggle this one on on And you can of course select any methods And then what you will do is to save and Publish what this will do is this list Will get populated in order for this to Work properly you need to make sure that This on this list that are only people That purchase from you on Shopify so I’m Assuming that you imported your list From Shopify which are your customers so Someone that performed a purchase on Your Shopify store so they spent already Some money Otherwise it would include people who Spent zero and they would be assigned 20 Points and we don’t want that so once You do this once and you save and Publish uh you can let it run for a While but then you can simply delete This and then save and publish once Again as you won’t need it anymore and This is simply Due to the fact that conditions work in The future so if a purchase is made in The future so from the day that you

Publish the workflow then Um it will be detected here and they Will go through the workflow that was Just a way around it and now I will just Close it And we will see our other example So this is other condition so when Someone reaches 200 points they will be Sent a message here which is called Special promo and we will send uh some Very special discount to them either 50 70 whatever you want to do but something That uh to uh show them that you are Grateful for them being your customers And then you can erase the score and Assign attack special customers so that You know who reached the 200 points at Some point and you can segment that in The future then and as we erase the Score they will go through it again if And if they get up to 200 again they Will enter the workflow as we added to Run multiple times right here run Multiple times simply means that people Uh that meet this condition multiple Times they will be able to enter the Workflow once again And well that’s all I wanted to show you In Automation and you can take this Scenario and use it for yourself or Simply design a whole other scenario or You even use one of our templates for Your scenarios as we have many and I can Show you quickly uh where you can find

Them so if you go to create workflow You’ll then see all of them here and you Can promote online courses you can even Have something dedicated to abandoned Cars post purchases everything that you Can think about you can just have a look There and well as an e-commerce user and As you integrated your store you can Also see the reports so we would click Here on reports at the top And you would go to the e-commerce Section And this is where you will see the General performance of your store and uh Order history as well here orders and Revenue over time and you can select a Specific uh time spawn right over here And if you would like to download a Report you can do with this data just by Clicking on this button and well now Something else uh that might be useful For you to check product recommendations But something that is also very useful Here that you have access to your data All in one place so you don’t need to be Jumping in between platforms to check This data now it’s very useful and it Will take some time out of your hands Let’s now check the product Recommendations and just to clarify this Is something that you can send to Customers based on the best performers On your shop and I will show you in the Email editor how this looks like so you

Can send an email to people with these Recommendations and then you can see how Did they perform using that tab in Reports and over here if you are in the Email editor you just go to the Commerce Section And you drag and drop recommended Products Let’s see let’s say that I want to want Them over here And I want them As in here I would actually Put them at the bottom And right here you can then pick a color I will let’s say that I will use the Same color here to look a little bit Better and so that you can see also how The editor works And well if you want like in here you Can then see the options of this block Recommended products and you can select The store Then you can select send recommendations Based on all purchases in my store or in The individual customer purchase I say All purchases and then if you want Latest products stop stop selling Products and which category you can also Send more than two can be four or six They always come in pairs and then well Everything that you can imagine right Here image name price button anything When people click on this and if they Perform a purchase or anything else you

Will then be able to see that in the E-commerce reports over here and well This can then indicate future Trends and Well it’s just another window another Way for you to sell more products and or Put the right ones in front of your People Let’s now go back to the dashboard and Let me mention to you some Pro tips so Things that you can use because you are An e-commerce user and you are on the E-commerce plan as well and something That will be very useful uh are web push Notifications so you can go here web Push notifications And I already have one created and if You want to learn the whole process and How you can do it check the video on the Top right and you will be able to see And you’ll be able to repeat it as well And this is how it would look like if Someone enters your website they would Then see this prompt right here and they Have to to accept then for you to send a Web push notification And well when you send a web push Notification it will appear on the top Right corner and it’s very useful to Engage website visitors to convert as You don’t need them to subscribe to your Newsletter Another thing that you can do and you Can do that with a paid account is to Simply go to chops and you can go to the

Settings of the charts and let’s say Well you already configured everything Here always available you already Configured your window let’s assume that You did everything here and this is just A pro tip for you so that you can know What you can do you can copy this code Over here you can go to your Shopify Account customize And then you will go to the code this is Just an example uh this might differ From uh from Team to team and it’s more For you to see the possibilities over Here So you would go to Team Liquid so this Might differ from Team to team in this Team that we are using we can go to Theme liquids and here you have you can Search for body When you do you will see where the Section starts and also where it ends And you can place the code right at the End right here and we can just save And now let’s see how the page looks And go to customize And you’ll see that there is the get Response chart right here and you can Start chatting it’s just a pro tip and Something that you can use so you should Leverage on your store as you already Have access to these tools if you if you Have the right plan You know let’s go back to get response And there is another thing that you can

Do if you are running a specific event And if you need a specific page as well It will be easier for you to actually go To the website builder over here and to Go through uh the website Creation with An AI powered Builder as you will be Able to create a branded page in just a Few minutes and you can use it for a Specific event like I mentioned or a Specific page for something new that you Are launching and it’s just an easy way And fast of you to get on the market and That’s it folks to do everything that we Just did in this video the Commerce Marketing plan is the one that you Should be on especially if you already Own a major store with one of the E-commerce providers Shopify Magento Pressure shop or any other thank you for Going through the steps with me I hope You found this video helpful good luck And I’ll see you in the next one Foreign [Music]

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