Getting Started with Automation

Hello everyone I'm Pedro I'm a senior Product content specialist here at get Response and I'll be your guide in this Video I will walk you through our Automation tool from its simple controls To more advanced scenarios and I will Even share with you some scenarios that Other businesses are using plus one Scenario that we use hearing at get Response at the end of the video I will Also share some of our own Pro tips so Make sure to not miss this one here we Are at the dashboard and now without Further Ado let's access automation so There are two ways here that you can use One can be directly to create a workflow And you can do that by the quick actions Widget so if you go create workflow Right here or the long path we go to Tools and we access automation right Here and then you will be taken to this Page you will see something very similar Either if you already have one workflow Created but if you don't you will see One of our uh zero States so you'll see One of the screens here that will uh Just have a button for you to create an Automation as well And well we will cover a few things in This video and some use cases that you Will see but let's start with the basics So I will start by creating a workflow From scratch And I just click to create workflow and

I will click build from scratch And here is where you actually pick a Name for the workflow we won't touch it Right now because I will show you later Where you can actually change it to and Um one thing that you need to understand Is that every workflow every workflow Will actually start with a condition so The conditioner the blue one right here And when a condition is met Than the person or the contact who Actually met this condition will enter The workflow we will do something very Basic that you need to learn just to get The grasp of of the workflow itself so If someone subscribes to our list let's Just click here And if this is the first time you are Actually doing this make sure that you Actually disable the interactive Tutorial here at the top or well you can Also go through it before as it's Actually very helpful if you are just Starting If you want to follow this video Let's Start by disabling it And now without going uh too much into Detail on the conditions and actions Everything let's start by seeing how This editor actually works so starting From the top left you have the get Response icon and this will simply take You to our main page so I find just Exemplify and open a different tab

You'll see this just takes you to the Dashboards then you have the history so This if I click now to go back it will Erase the first thing that we did which Was to actually select uh the condition And then you can go forward as well so You can go back and forwards in history You have a video right here to watch You have an interactive tutorial Then you have the settings and these Settings here this is where you actually Give a name uh my first workflow for Example well give a name that will help You identify uh this workflow right and Then you have start and ends so this is Very important if you are running a like Seasonal campaign Um like Black Friday for example you Would then start at an exact date and Finish at an exact date so when your Promo actually ends if it's something Recurring uh just leave it as never Immediately here and never here and once You are happy with it you simply click Two To cyber like this is just okay And well now we are in the workflow and The first thing to understand is that Every workflow starts with the condition When and once the condition is met then People uh will enter the workflow in This case right now it is subscribed to Any list via any method so I have a Landing page for example people

Subscribe to my list and they will enter This workflow and let's say that I want To send them a welcome message so this Is the most basic example ever And here we are And I would then configure a message Here but before we do that let me Explain that so we have conditions Although all of these in blue And then you have the actions here so What will be executed once a condition Uh is met so if you want to send a Message assign a custom field move the Contacts to a certain list Um as you can see like there are many Things that you can do and you can also Filter the contact so you can use a Filter here and on the contact set meets The the Specifications of the filter right so For example if we go to Dynamic segment And I can just link Like this so as you've seen so far this Is drag and drop it's very easy to use And then you just connect the dots and On this one here that I want to show you Some this works for saved segments and Let's say that I want uh Spanish people Here so uh from everyone that subscribed Only only people that entered my Spanish Segment will go through and receive this Message and well as you can assume so People who meet the segment goes through The green part and people who do not

Make this segment go through the red Part we or the right part here and as we Don't have anything else linked they Will simply exit the workflow and Consider it as completed And well to just keep it simple let me Now delete this And link to the message and now you can Use any message that you have as you can See here you can select a newsletter for Example And let's say welcome to Peters Language School And it will always ask you if if you Have it only as a newsletter it will ask You to transform this letter into an Automation message so it will be copied As an automation message nothing bad Will happen or anything and make sure That if you want different settings for The footer that you select different Lists here And let's say that we are happy with it And we just accept it so now the message Is being transferred to an automation Message And you will see it right here Here we have our message and you can Edit and create a new message at any Time and something that I want to bring To your attention is this run multiple Times and what this means is this allows You to actually create Some Loops and What I mean by that is that if I add

Another weight action here and let's say That uh now I want to wait one day and Send the same message once again as you Can see there is a loop over here and if You have run multiple times this will Continuously send the same message over Again so there are scenarios for Loops Not this one for sure just letting you Know exactly what we're running multiple Times will do so the same person will be Able to trigger the same action multiple Times and you will see this from run Multiple times in conditions as well Alright now that you know let's now Delete this and check uh send only to Unique recipients all right so you might Have a different condition Um to start a workflow so when any Newsletter link is clicked perhaps you Want this person to uh to also join the Workflow but if they if the same person Actually from the same exact list Um Actually judge the workflow twice so They will join through this condition Here and through this condition You can filter the amounts already with A send only to Unique recipients so this This will simply prevent that the Newsletter is sent to the same person Twice And then you can also send only during Specific hours in this case from 1am to 2 am

And in addition you can change this top Color here and this can be very useful This is more for organizational purposes You know now let's imagine that this is Ready I will actually Um show you here a specific example so When you click on an element and by Element I'm referring to anything that We will drag and drop here so any block Here that we drag and drop so send Message is an element and this condition Is another mat as well And now when you click on one you will See the properties on the right and Let's say that I want a specific list Here And it will be my chart prospects list And I want to include people who are Already in this list this means so this Workflow will start with people that are Already in this list and people that Will subscribe to that list and then you Can also pick the method here of Subscription if you have a specific one In my case I will leave Um any method and once you're ready and We will see this working we will simply Go to save and publish All right now you have the workflow Created and published and let's click to See all the workflows in a moment you Will see that the numbers here will Change and we will go deeper in that uh

Later on as you can see we have already Three people in progress and now let's See the workflow itself and if what if We want to change the message inside Let's just go here And uh just for you to notice and this Was done on purpose so as you can see And let's zoom in here and you see the Numbers so there are a few numbers here That you need to know about so this one Here in the corner uh as you can see Zero means how many people are currently In that block so if they were waiting in The block you will see that number uh as A different one instead of zero and as You can see and this is how many people I have on my my list three people went Through so these three people went Through and the connection here and they Arrived here so three people here and Now the interesting part is that we have Three people here waiting on this block And you might ask why is that because I Actually enabled this part here to only Send this message between 1 and 2 am so It was not sent yet and as you can see They just wait in the block till this Time Um and then they will be released in in The the number three we'll go here to The bottom so now you kinda know how to Read how the workflow is working and now What if you want to change the message Very simple you could click to just edit

Here or simply create a new one it is a Very simple thing if you are using the Same message you Um Would most likely just click to edit in My case let's just say welcome as a test So that you will see what do we do it's Very simple we just we will just pick One of the templates it can even be this First one over here and we offer many Templates as we you can go through you Make the changes that you will want to You click next and then you will save And publish and this will be saved as an Automation message and I will show you Where they are alright so now the Message is changed and one thing to Consider here is that you changed it in Time so as people are still waiting in This block They will receive the new one And not the old one if they already were Here at the bottom and they finished so They exited the workflow they would have Just received the old message so that's Uh you should know that this difference If people are waiting any change that You make might still apply to them and Now once again let me save and publish And I will show you where the automation Messages are All right so you just click automation Messages right here and you will see That I have a bunch of them right here And well you will then see

Um the statistics as well if they have So many of them I just use for testing And you won't see And Um well once you are done over here now You know where they are you will just go To the workload and we will jump now to One use case from one of our clients and There is a case study about it as well I Changed it changed it a little but you Will see how they work and use Automation all right so now it's time For us to see the use case number one And something simple that you should be Doing already one of our clients Chris Paul they work in the wood industry they Do Gates and wood joinery in general and This is what they do and you can check On the top right and I'll be I will be Doing something very similar that you Can do it yourself as well and it Applies to any kind of business before We we checked out I need you to Understand how I'm using the newsletter So I will showcase to you uh what this Newsletter looks like So let me go to preview over here and Well so let's say that I'm teaching Languages I'm a school and I'm teaching Portuguese Spanish French English and Italian for this uh for the purpose of This example I have selected a few Languages and we will see how the Workflow works all right

This is our first use case and let me Now break it down to you so that you Know how to do it yourself as well and We started with the condition link Clicked and before I go any further and Explain to you let me just find it over Here so what we did was to drag this Condition Uh over here we drag the tag as well if You go over here the action attack and Then we configured we chose a specific Link we selected the newsletter so the Newsletter that we just looked and we Picked one of the links here As you saw we have different links with A link to different material as well And then we link to the tag so we will Talk uh People based on where they click Which is very important in terms of Segmentation as well and Um in case you don't have a tank you Will see that it it is very simple and Fast to create you only need to do that Right click to add and there you go now You have a tag and now something to Consider is uh for example if you were To now publish this workflow as it is Right now you wouldn't be able to Because all the elements need to be Connected Um in a common Point what this means is So as you can see all of those here so If I select all of these They are all connected but the new one

That we are used to isn't exemplify Right now it is not connected so you Wouldn't be able to publish uh so that You are able to you won't have to then Connect the last Dot and make it like That so this is the common element that Everyone is connected All right so now that you have a brief Over here and that you know uh which Conditions we use you can see that this Is a very simple workflow but also very Powerful and now let me break it down to You now this is the linked clicked and On the right you saw that we already Selected a specific link and then Um you already know about run multiple Times but something new for you will be This one over here over here when you to Assume the condition wasn't met So for this specific workflow this won't Apply because people that do not click The link they will simply not enter the Workflow and something to consider as Well here is that the workflow only Works in the future so after you publish The workflow if someone clicks this Specific URL they will then enter the Workflow otherwise if they already Clicked on the link before you publish They will not enter so only for the Future and this applies to any Workflow unless you are using a Condition like subscribe via and you Include contacts as in here so this

Would include contacts who are ready are In a specific list but now digressing to The settings here of this condition Uh if you were using a different start Condition this simply means that people Would never never take this red path Here so the pot on the right they would Just never take it they would They will wait on the Block Till they meet the condition so they Would never take the red path Otherwise you would simply go click here After some time and after one day if the Condition is not met they would go Through the red part instead of waiting On the Block indefinitely because that's What this actually means here then Everyone wins indefinitely they will Wait on the Block till the link is Clicked and well as I mentioned this Will not apply for this scenario as People who do not click the link they Will simply not enter the workflow and Then what we do is something very simple Which is to assign attack to people and Based on that talk we will then Um trigger a different workflow and I Will show to you in a second uh Something else that you need to Understand is that we then underscore Two people uh because they clicked on The link and we want to score them based On that too and you can keep building on This workflow as you wish we did that

Because as I mentioned at the beginning We need a common elements to link Everything so that this will work you Could pick anything else that you want Any other action here as long as you Have a common element you will be able To publish the workflow and as long as You have the tag then we can jump to our Next workflow so I always recommend Um building specific workflow for in This case for me would be for each Language so I would have a workflow for Italian for Portuguese for English for Every language that I'm teaching and Then I would start a nurturing cycle What I and what I mean by that is you Would start this workflow with tag Assigned and this is Um The condition tag assigned right here And you would select the tag so in this Case Um simply it's not learn Italian Right here so wait until the tag Is learn Italian Something that you need to know here for Sure this is not a filter this condition Is not a filter this will only work when A tag is assigned So be very careful with that as you um As if people if you have something else Here or if they already have the type Let's say for example that Um you because you can also do that so

If I do that if I did that instead Let me delete here And just put it link right there like Him here And let's say that you will you would Write five days and you will check if They have learned English as a talk this Won't work because this is not a filter And an example of a filter we will see On use case number two so don't worry About it what you need to know is if you Already have people with this talk and You want to start the workflow with this Tag over here you simply include Contacts that are already have this tag Assigned and then the other ones Um and the other workflow so the first Workflow that I showed you that will Assign the tags once the tag is assigned This condition will trigger so they will Then go to the blocks wait five days and We start a nurturing cycle which is to Send a message so here is why you should Learn Italian and then wait another five Days Um it five things to help you improve Your speech so there are many things That you can do and if you are selling a Coffee you can say five things that you Should do to make better coffee at home For example so so any business you can Think about you will you can design a Nurturing cycle and as you can see over Here this is very simple but you you

Will simply be targeting specific people So you'll give the people that showed Interest in the Italian language Um content about The the Italian language as well so they Will be more engaged here and we didn't Do anything special we simply wait and Then we send messages as you saw already Has uh How we actually create and edit new Messages and then once again our Pro tip And I'll mention that in a second again Wait for 999 days so you can use that to Keep building your flow so if you don't Have your messages ready you can then Simply keep arming and change that to Five days once again if you wish and add A new message And now you might ask all right but Couldn't I do that in a thing in one Workflow yes you could but for Organizational purposes you should Separate them it will be easier for you To edit it will be easier for you to uh Manipulate the workflow to to allow you To be more flexible as well on how you Look at things and one tip here for you Is to change the colors so for example If you change the weight because once Your workflow gets too big you will Notice that it it might be hard to Navigate so if you change and let's say Every weight to um Red and every send a message to Green

You will at a glance actually identify Um what's what's where is the weight Action and where is the send message so It will be very easy for you to make Changes here as well and now as you were Uh probably asking we could do that in One workflow of course we could so we Could simply do as in here but as you Can see it's already getting confused And it will be very big if you have big Nurturing Cycles this will be and you Can um if I actually move myself to the Right You can actually zoom out over here and Zoom in as you wish but as you can see This this will get quite huge and if you Want to manipulate and be flexible with The workflow to make things easy and Organized I recommend that you separate People here so each workflow for applied To a specific tag But it can be done answering the Question it can be done and as you can See with the colors here makes Everything easier as well and once again Uh we will then wait for the amount of Data that you can keep nurturing your Contacts All right so now uh let's see how it Would look so the difference here would Be let's say this last workflow um that Have everything together I called Targeted emails and on the other hand if You have specific ones I count it

Nurturing workflow so Italian nurturing Workflow to be much easier for you to Access the workflow and make changes in The future so really think about that Before you jump into making everything Together and it will also be easier for Our customer success team to assist you In the future if you have any trouble With the workflow or you need some some Help And now let's jump to our use case Number two And once again this is used by one of Our Clients as well they are named mobile Phone and we did something similar not Exactly what they did but if you want to See what they did you can check on top Right corner as well or the link in it In the description to check the case Study and now let's see uh what what we Did so I named the workflow coffee Segmentation and once again this will Apply to any business that you are on And let's see the workflow now this is How it looks very simple and short and You can do any of you can do that and This is uh it starts with subscribed and I have a specific list named all about Coffee and this comes from a website That I created as well using the website Builder And then I save the segment cappuccino Drinker and they then go through the

Green part and I send a message to Um To these people that like cappuccino and Then you have a different segment so if They are not in this segment they go Through the other one and we search Again And then you have the espresso Drinker And if they are they receive as espresso Themed message And if they are not they we check again On the saved segment Here regular black Drinker and they get a specific messages As well so what means here is that you Will be targeting people uh based on Their preferences uh as well and once They subscribe so this is a field that I Created and just to give you the the Background over here [Music] For the first thing that we will do is To actually go to the account go to Contacts And we will go to custom Fields over Here if you want to do the same this is What you will do so create custom Fields Uh let's call it Um Coffee types And you would have uh to choose here Text And then I only want single launchers so They will pick the best one And I will just write Colors as an

Example just for you so white black Just an example and then you click to Save so now you have this custom field All right so as I already have this name Over here it didn't allow me to save but Uh now you will have this custom field All right so now I have coffee type and What I did and I mentioned is I went to The website builder Foreign As well so I went to this one over here [Music] Edit website It's for you to see it is just so that You can see that you can do exactly the Same so this is just a template that I Picked it's very simple how you can Build a website and once you reach this Page here you can click on the form You can go to the fields And you can add a new field so let's say That I want to add coffee type And then it would just appear over here Of course you can customize the design Over here you can always customize Things just just so that you can see Then when you go to preview And I go to the bottom I can just pick one and sign up and Based on that choice then I will I will Enter the workflow All right so as you already know that so I'm closing this and now what you need To know is that people will enter the

Workflow when they subscribe and based On this their Um actually choice they will be sent Different messages And now let's see how we can create the Segment to be here because you can Simply uh just to let you know I uh Drugged the dynamic segment over here so It's a filter And I dragged it here And I already have the segment because I Created but if you don't have so you Never did that You just go create new segments EU will be taken to search you click on Advanced search Condition contact details custom fields And then you would pick yours so Coffee Types and is you'll have the choices You apply And this means that you can then save You can save us like just like that And everyone when they actually make This choice they will be dynamically Added to these segment you don't need to Do anything else they will be added here A lot so now you know that and now you Know how you can have your segments over Here So you can have multiple segments you Can select more than one if you wanted More than one segment in in one thing Here and send the same email you can Also group and if they if they don't

Match the two segments that you actually In one block they will go to the other And you already know the story over here Now well what I want to tell you over Here is that you will be sending very Specific messaging and similar to the Other one And this will help you sell much more is That you can then keep building this Workflow to Infinity There is no uh end to this and you can You can keep sending messages and what You are doing right now so that it is Just copy pasting and now dragging and Dropping everything So you can you could keep doing that Wait one day and keep nurturing Everything but something that we learned On the previous use case uh after doing That and Um This is just my personal choice over Here What you would do What you would do Um here would then be to move these People to different workflows so this Would be a welcome message At least three and then you would move Them to a different workflow uh specific To their choices if it's something very Specific like the languages then build a Specific workflow for them as well and You could uh simply just so that I can

Show you here To easily do that you could simply use This action over here which is move to Workflow And all of them could move to a Different one so you could do this I do this And this so you would have a different Workflow and you will start nurturing Different people based on different Choices that they have And here you would select one workflow Let's say just for the sake of example My first workflow Select the destination element and I Let's say that I want to start a Nurturing cycle for them And if my first workflow was for this Specific choice of coffee then I would Just keep building the messages over Here and try to upsell them related Coffee beans or how to make this Specific coffee at home Buy a grinder all that kinds of stuff That might help you And provide content of value to these Customers and you could just simply do The same for here and move them to Different workflows so this is something That you can do very easy to do you can Segment you should segment your contacts And Um once again Something that you should always be

Doing segmenting and sending targeted Messages to this segment And now let's see where we see the Statistics all right now it's time to See how we use it one example that we do At getresponse alright here we are in One of our workflows and as you can Imagine we have hundreds and here's one Example something that you can do as Well and it's also based on attack we Are providing some specific Pro tips to Our paid users and you might notice this Here as well don't pay too much Attention to this red thing over here Simply read and this simply means that You already included existing contacts On this workflow meaning that when you Click here that we already have this Part enabled as we saw that you can Include people who already have this Stack and what do we do here so Something very simple and as you can see Quite quite big and we wait seven days And then we provide uh Pro tips so we Just want to re-engage people and give Them something to do that they can Already do So Pro tip number one wait seven days Pro tip number two and so on We have all sorts of things over here And this is sometimes you can do it also Applies to any kind of business if you Are if you are if you are in that craft Business you can also do some DIY stuff

And that everyone can do uh so this is Something that you can apply for Yourself as well and as you can imagine And as I mentioned this is not the only Workflow that we use we use workflows For everything and we target people Based on everything tags and custom Fields as you can imagine but uh just to Give you Um a glance here on how we do things That get response as well and we have Some onboarding workflows so to welcome People in the right way as well And here you can see uh as you learned Now about the numbers how many people Went through how many people are Currently waiting at in this specific Block and how many people already went Through it and then as you go through The blocks you can see that uh well the Numbers keep uh changing Um as different people Well I hope you actually Um apply that to your business as well Won't cost you anything if you are Already in the marketing automation plan And it's something uh that really Re-engages people And now let's go to the statistics all Right so the most important thing uh When checking uh for statistics here is To look at completed and in progress one More reason for you to actually separate The workflows as I mentioned so you can

See them on it nurturing workflow I Already have someone in progress which Is myself and here on the tagging Workflow so I was talked and I entered The it nurturing workflow if you see Someone as completed Simply means that I already exited in The workflow so any changes that you Make will not apply to them and they can Re-enter the workflow uh only if you Have run multiple times to a condition That they can meet multiple times Um otherwise they will just not re-enter The workflow they completed and they are Done with it and now let's go to the Messages Automation messages right here [Music] And here you will see how many were Delivered the open rate The Click rate So I don't have us Um as didn't open or clicked any message Over here But in your case when one cell message Is delivered you will see the number Here you see the open rate and a click Rate and something that you should then Do to observe better is to access the Reports themselves so if you go to the Three vertical dots and you go to Reports over here So we are in the reports and you must Already be familiar with this one as we Do the same for newsletters you can

Download the report you will see all the Statistics over here and something that Is always good to do and that we like to Do is to go to opens and clicks And two click on the click map so this Is an amazing feature um that will tell You where people are actually clicking Over here in percentage and it works as A heat map And now back to opens and clicks you Will also see uh the the links that were Clicked over here and who actually Clicked on them too and make sure to Keep an eye on on subscribes as well if You start seeing more than one percent In subscribes you uh should start asking Yourself if you are saying the right Message to the right people so keep an Eye on that and other than that we can Jump to the pro tips before we do that Make sure that you grab some water as This is already a quite long video And I will go now to Automation and we Will start with some Pro tips for you And the first pro tip that I have for You and you will already guess and know Which one it is actually to all the Weights 999 days to the end of your Workflows and there is the simple reason For this is once again flexibility and For you to understand that workflows are Infinite you can keep adding whatever You want over here and if you sometimes Don't think about everything at once and

You need time and flexibility to Actually develop a proper workflow and By adding that it will buy you enough Time to keep adding more things as we Mentioned before if you want to keep Nurturing if you don't have messages Ready because you don't have the design Ready and well it can be a million Reasons but once you start a nurturing Workflow and if you are not sure if That's the end or not uh always Um try to use this weight action or 999 Days so that's the first for you Pro tip Number two you should remember about Shortcuts key shortcuts so you can just Ctrl C Ctrl V and keep building the Workflow like that and well of course Sometimes you don't want to copy and Paste you want to cut so Ctrl X and Ctrl V I will list the list of commands here On the right so that you can do it Yourself as well as the article where You can find them And well this will speed up the way you Build your workflow and another thing That you can do if you already have a Quite a long workflow is to Um click here on the zoom and just zoom Out sometimes that's all you need Some zoom out and then here you will Increase again And this will help you give an overview And for the third Pro tip here we are at The dashboard and we simply want to add

A new widget and you will look here for The workflow widget and this will allow You to actually see At the glance how many people completed Your workflow and you can also see a Detailed view to actually include how Many people are in progress as well and Select the daily range a date range we Will use all time and you simply click To apply and you will see how many are In progress how many completed and if You split the workflow like we told you To do in our case it was about different Languages Portuguese Italian and English You'll be able to see how many people Actually completed and are in progress For these workflows and simply assume uh Which language might be bringing you the Most Revenue And well that's something that that you Really want to see at the glance as the Fourth uh Pro tip over here we have Templates so you can go to automation You can click to create a workflow and Simply use one of our templates we have These templates designed by Professionals already and depending on What you're doing abandoned card post Purchase anything that you want to do we Most likely already have it here and of Course well you will always have to edit A little but you can already see how we Do it and you can use the template and Start from here instead of starting from

Scratch And as you can see here you already have Something prepared for you to use no Time wasted and you you know already in How to configure the conditions and how The workflow Works in general so I Invite you to go through our templates And I'll go back once again so that you Can see that we have many scenarios and Depending on what you want to do lead Qualifying welcome post purchase Abandoned cards online courses we have a Ton and you really you should be using Them for tip number five if you have or You are using different accounts you can Always export Your automation workflow it will Download to your computer and once you Create a new workflow you can simply Click to import very simple might save You a lot of time and as the last Pro Tip you can use automation as a normally Channel and what this means is to Actually expand your marketing efforts In different channels as web push Notifications for example so instead of Sending an email here you would perhaps Want to send a web push notification and If you want to learn more about web push And how you actually set them up you can Check the video on the top right and you Will then learn how to do and this field Is just another way to reach your Customers that is not email so there are

A few advantages on that as well and Another thing that you can do and you Will not be able to see it right here is That for our Max customers you can run SMS campaigns as well so you could Segment people over here and send them An SMS If you are interested in that make sure To book a call with our sales team and They will explain to you how the max Account actually works and that's it Folks thank you for going through this Video with me I hope that now automation Feels a less scary for you and that you Gather some ideas from where to start Good luck and I'll see you in the next Video

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