GetResponse’s New Office: A Space Built for Productivity and Success

This is the office for the new times After the pandemic I'm really excited to See people actually come to the office And use it and see the space that we Have created in like every day uh work I'm proud that we were able to actually Reuse and recycle a lot of furniture and And materials from our old office we Call it the office for the new times There's a lot of shared space uh where Where you can hold meetings of any kind You can do creative work you can work as A team or you can just individually work At a desk we are hoping that people used To remote office will consider coming Back to the office for a couple of days A week even and we are hoping to get This great Vibe again which is the Leading Force for the great projects That we are working on what I'm also Proud of in this office is that a lot of Wall design was actually made in-house So we're working very closely with Bartek Fulton our art director we were Able to come up with some great ideas Like for example the the moral on the Entrance wall so it was all originally Created for get response and click Meeting by a local graffiti artist Crick My favorite part is the is the entrance Area so the space-time area it has a Vibe of a coffee shop it's a great part Of this office space is networking areas It's creative zones it's what we call

Space time so a place where you can Spend time with each other where you can Socialize where you can discuss business Projects as well right it's not really a Desk and chair dedicated to the Surrounding we want this Facebook be Welcoming to actually encourage our People to come here and get to know each Other and work together because we know That working together brings great Effects Foreign [Music]

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