GetResponse Year in Review 2022

This is get responses here in review 2022 2022 started with the bank and in January we have announced to all our Customers at 2 million high quality Images from Shutterstock was made Available across your marketing stack For free in February we have introduced E-commerce reports allowing you to Monitor your stores orders revenue and Customer trends at Advance Adding to March another step further in The e-commerce area as transactional Emails were added in other words a One-click setup for automated order Confirmations and abundant card emails Definite game changer for store In April a dedicated video library was Introduced within that response making It easy for you to find and follow Tutorials without having to leave the Platform May was definitely hot forms and pop-ups Were introduced allowing it to show Offers to your visitors when they are More likely to convert In June a new mobile app was released With a clean new look and Functionalities Making it easy for you to manage your Marketing on the go July arrived with The major release as promo codes became Part of most type of emails you send Click transactional emails from then Pop-ups and it also seemed as they

Synchronizes with your Shopify store Definitely a great way to reward your Loyal customers and acquire new ones August didn't disappoint and a new way To integrate your get response account With your affiliate account was released Alongside with the new widget and a Whole new dedicated panel to know to Track your performance another reason For it to become an affiliate and get Response September saw The Fall season begin Forget the response it back to build Milestone as our app was officially Added to shopify's Marketplace in Addition we have introduced a whole set Of e-commerce tools some of them already Mentioned aiming to increase your sales October brought in a surprise name blood Connect this tool makes it easy for me To understand that multiple features as Abundant cards purchase condition forms And pop-ups and on web push Notifications can all be powered by a Single code More recently in November we have Revolutionized the way you create your Collats adding odd audiences this new Feature allows you to Target or exclude Specific segments of people and this Results in lower cost of advertising as Well as better targeted campaigns A perfect plan between Google ads and Get response in addition a new way to

Create your Google ads was introduced Focusing on your goal that response is One of the first Partners in Europe to Offer this integration an amazing Milestone for us and the level up for Your ads Finally December arrived and let's not Forget that we've also wanted 38 Professionally designed email templates To help you with your marketing Campaigns throughout the whole year Charts also receives a lot of updates Through the year including adding Contacts to a specific list through the Chat itself improved performance new Sound notifications to choose from and More In addition we have introduced the Possibility for you to create an email On a custom domain helping you increase Your deliverability looking reliable and Professional Now it's time to enjoy your holidays and Look forward to 2023 get response Officially wishes you a happy New Year

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