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Hi I'm Alexandra korchinska CMO at get Response today I want to talk about Forms and pop-ups pop-ups are a powerful Marketing tool for boosting conversions But with good admit that as marketers we All have to be smart about how we use Them pop-ups should be shown to visitors In the right place at the right moment There is a global switch toward Customers experience happening in the Marketing world that's why we've ensured That our customers can create pop-ups That enrich the customer experience and Drive conversions our users can design Their forms and pop-ups using code free Drag and drop editor they can embed them Directly on their website or show them As pop-ups users can choose a template From our library and customize it or Create their pop-up just from scratch as We recently launched an e-commerce Marketing suit we also created special Promo code pop-ups made for e-commerce Businesses to make sure that they can do Tuesday revenues once a pop-up is Created it's time to define the display Rules users can set up triggers based on Website Behavior or with time-based Triggers the next step is timing the Schedule frequency and display rules can Be chosen for each pop-up and of course It's crucial to select the Right Audience users can either specify a Particular category of visitors or show

Their pop-up to all website guests it's Really easy to integrate pop-ups into a Website via the installation of a code Snippet There's actually no need to add the code Snippet for each created pop-up Separately users just have to do it once And all future pop-ups will be Automatically displayed once the pop-up Is published users can check their Performance statistics and based on this Data they can consistently improve their Pop-ups we made it as simple as possible We want our customers to grow the Conversions with us

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