GetResponse DKIM Authentication: What Is DKIM and How to Configure It

Hello everyone in this Video, I will teach you how you can
authenticate your email address with DKIM And it will be super easy. Hang tight. Let’s now jump right into it. We need to access our account in the top
right. This profile here, manage account. And we will
go straight to email addresses. And here I already have my email address added.
If you need to add yours, Just click on the blue button. And just to not complicate things,
if you don’t have private email domain, If you are using Gmail, Hotmail, You will not see the option
to authenticate with DKIM This only applies
for private email domains, as I have here And you will click then on authenticate. You will see authenticate in my screen. Use the authentication
pending as I had clicked up before. And this is where we will see
all the details Required for you
to authenticate your domain. And now let’s jump to our domain provider
so this doesn’t really matter which one You have as long as you have access
to the DNS settings. So our example will be with GoDaddy. And if you have the same domain provider, You will just go to my account
here, manage products, And you will see a very similar,
similar screen to this one here. If you have a different provider, just
make sure you can reach a similar state. And my domain here is I’ll find it here. And what we want is the access to the DNS. Click on that. And of course, once again,
if you use a different domain, Just make sure to ask the support team Of that provider
how you can access the DNS. That’s the key point here. And once where you are in the DNS
settings, you just click to add a record

You know, click here, choose an option. And this would be a txt file. And now, name. That’s where all the errors come from. And let’s see what we need. The name will be this string here Till domainkey, no more, no less. And let’s go to back to GoDaddy
I will paste it here. And now the volume We will copy the whole string from here Go back, paste the value. TTL. I recommend that
you leave it as a default. If you need more information about that,
you can contact the provider directly. But leaving at default will be a good way
to ensure this won’t be wrong. Let’s click add the record And there you go. Everything is updated. Now it’s the boring part
where you have to wait for about 24 hours. It can, in some cases, can
take up to 48 hours. And what DKIM will do Is that it will authenticate
your email address, which means that It will make sure that you
your email address is a real one. It’s not anybody impersonating you. And also, it will remove any mentions
to GetResponse. Or if in your email you saw something else
on behalf of GetResponse. This will disappear. On the other hand,
it can also boost your deliverability. This is a case by case
and you should, in case of any doubts. You should contact our Customer Success
and Deliverability team. For more information on that.
Now let’s go back to our account And here we are just then, click. Got it. And once The email address is authenticated,
you will just see here authenticated Just as I have mine here
below authenticated. And once that’s done, you’re ready to go. At the end of this video,

You will see a button
that will take you directly to this place That I am right now. And then you can proceed
to authenticate 30 minutes. It’s super easy, as you saw here. I hope you found this video helpful
and I’ll see you in the next one.

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