February 2023: New AI Feature to Boost Your Email Open Rates

Hello everyone I'm Pedro and today I'm Bringing you the biggest updates that we Have had since the beginning of the year As we want to give you a better Experience when you are creating your Emails we have released an AI subject Line generator that will assist you in Creating the hook that makes people open Their emails now whenever you start Creating an email you'll be able to type A few keywords select an industry and Voila you'll have five optimized subject Line suggestions at your doorstep not Only that but we are on the verge to Release full AI powered emails you Definitely don't want to miss that one In addition we have updated the color Schemes in our chat so that it will Allow you to communicate with your Customers while remaining with your Within your brand color so this will Provide better brand awareness for you Not only that but we have updated our Mobile app to include a little Notification that will mention the Performance of your newsletter so that You can stay on top of it in a very easy Manner we have also updated the Experience while you are within the app So that you will see better performance Lastly we have updated our pop-ups and They will work with e-commerce events And this simply means that when someone Is watching a product or a certain

Category you can display a pop-up that Will include a promo code for example or To suggest a similar product and that's All for today and remember AI is here to Stay I'll see you in the next video We're going down

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