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If you're like a lot of people watching This you're probably wondering which is Better for your business email marketing Or social media marketing that's a great Question because the right decision can Be the difference between growing your Business or not growing your business my Name is Jamie Turner and I'm an author Professor and speaker who uses both Social media and email marketing to Build my personal brand so back to the Question which one's better first and Foremost this isn't a question of doing One or the other all good businesses Will do both social media and email Marketing this is really a question of Where you should spend most of your time Money and energy one way to look at all Of this is to understand that social Media marketing is rented real estate And email marketing is owned real estate By rented property I mean that you're Borrowing access to your followers on Social media the social media platform Actually owns the distribution Channel But with email marketing you effectively Own the channel yourself let me give you An example I have a lot of followers on Tick Tock and some of my videos have Gotten about 700 000 views but what Happens if Tick Tock changes the Algorithm or what happens if Tick Tock Gets shut down in my country all that Hard work goes poof gone or how about

Facebook did you know that only six Percent of your followers actually see Your business posts organically and Twitter who knows what Elon Musk is Going to do there so even though social Media has an important role in any Marketing program if you put all your Eggs in that basket you're just asking For trouble which is why most of my Effort is spent on email marketing this Is owned real estate where I have more Control over what goes on let's take a Look at my get response account which is The platform I've been using for years It has both email marketing and Marketing automation which gives me a Ton of flexibility on how I use it for Example I use it for my Weekly Newsletter that goes out to thousands of Followers around the globe and I can tie Dozens of speaking engagements directly To my newsletter subscribers but you Don't have to have a global audience to Make get response work you might have Just a few dozen or even a few hundred Subscribers or you might even have a Million plus subscribers no matter what Size your list you can use it to attract New prospects and to keep your existing Customers coming back again and again in Addition to the newsletter feature Getresponse also has autoresponders Automation emails automated blog digest Transactional emails and my favorite

Perfectly timed emails which deploy your Emails when the subscriber is most Likely to open your message another Great thing is that you can use the drag And drop email creator to design your Emails it makes putting together a Well-designed email super easy I mean They don't only takes like a minute or Two once you've gotten the hang of get Response you want to put their Segmentation tools to work that enables You to categorize different subscribers Into different buckets this group likes Their emails delivered on Thursdays While that group likes them delivered on Saturdays you can even use their lead Scoring and tagging tools so your sales People can zero in on the most valuable Prospects for your business what's the Bottom line on all of this here we go a Good marketing program uses both social Media and email marketing but a smart Marketing program focuses most of their Energy on email marketing because that's Own real estate as opposed to rent and Real estate my name is Jamie Turner I'm An author Professor speaker and Consultant I hope that was helpful to You I'll catch you next time

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