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Here's the deal if you own any type of Business whether it's selling a product Offering a service if you're an Affiliate marketer or even if you're Working for a non-profit organization You need to be using email marketing why Well firstly there's 4.3 billion email Users out there 61 of customers prefer To be contacted by Brands via email and It has the highest Roi out of all the Marketing channels so do I have your Attention I thought so now I know tackling an Entire marketing channel like email Marketing might seem overwhelming Especially when it's been with us for so Long and you're just starting out there Are so many videos out there that focus On High level tactics and have all the Jargon when what you need is just to Focus on the fundamentals first well Don't worry because today we've got you Covered and we're taking it all the way Back to basics in this series we're Going to be covering email marketing for Beginners my name is Jack and I'm going To be one of your guides on this email Marketing Journey we're basically going To be best buddies by the end of this Series we'll cover the fundamentals of Email marketing what it is why you need It and where to start all the way Through to setting up your email list And crafting the perfect subject line

And everything in between ready to get Your email marketing game rolling great Then let's go so what exactly is email Marketing email marketing is a form of Direct marketing where you use emails to Build relationships and to sell products Or services to your audience an Effective email program will help keep Your audience informed and engaged with Your brand and its offering also it will Help you turn those window Shoppers into Customers and those one-time buyers into Brand Advocates I mean what more could You want that's literally every Business's dream now why is email Marketing so important well simply put It's one of the most widely used Communication channels across the globe And it's not going away anytime soon You've got to trust me on this one in Fact the number of email marketing users Is expected to increase the 4.6 billion By just 2024. how crazy is that but What's even more insane with the ROI Statistics email marketing consistently Outperforms every other digital Marketing channel getting 38 dollars Back for every one dollar spent I just Want you to think about that for a Second that means that for every dollar You spend you get 38 dollars back just Consider that and maybe go and Google it If you don't believe me and if you're Still not 100 convinced which I don't

Know how you can't be I'm still gonna Give you some added benefits here low Costs having a big budget to spend is Great but usually and especially Nowadays with companies making so many Cuts you need to find a way of getting a Cost-effective solution also if you paid Attention to the ROI part you know what I'm talking about next Up full control Email marketing gives you full control Literally you can choose how your emails Look and what they say and since email Is a direct marketing channel you know Exactly who's going to be receiving your Emails and the best part you own your Lists and contacts let's take social Media platforms as an example if they Just decided to say change their Algorithm or just disappear tomorrow for Whatever reason you would lose all of The information that you have there and All of your fans and followers with it With email marketing that just simply Isn't a danger and another reason is Precision unlike with other marketing Channels when you send an email Marketing campaign you're contacting People who you already know and you Already have their details so starting From the basics you can Target specific Segments so for example new subscribers Your existing customers or your most Loyal customers amazing right we know And when you decide to dig even deeper

Into the analytics you can even Target People who say clicked on your call to Action or who visited your site and Didn't convert and then try and win them Back and let's not forget about Personalization being able to use Someone's name when communicating with Them being able to understand the Interests and needs and being able to Hit them at the right time according to Their preferences what other channel Gives you this opportunity just think About it thanks to personalization you Can provide your subscribers with only Valuable content and that is how you Succeed and lastly and this especially Goes out to those just starting it's Easy to use and I really think this is a Key Point creating an email marketing Campaign is simple you can choose your Target audience design your templates And schedule your campaigns in moments And no you don't need to know how to Code or do any type of HTML magic in Order to make this happen most platforms Offer a really easy drag and drop system And have a ton of templates that you can Personalize to your liking So no more extra hours trying to make Something work and look good at the same Time so this is a lot of benefits right Well there's actually many more and Honestly I could sit here all day Listing all of the benefits out but if

You're interested you can go to the Description and we'll list them all out For you so now that you know why email Marketing is important for you let's go Through the different types of campaigns That you can send the four main types of Email marketing are newsletters Regularly send emails that will keep Your subscribers up to date with all the Latest from your business promotional Emails campaigns that will tell your Customers about a specific offer that You're pushing at that moment Transactional emails these are emails That are triggered by a specific action Such as a sign up or a purchase an Abandoned car emails emails that remind Customers that they've left something in Their card so now that I've listed all Of the different types of email you can Send have a think about which one might Work best for your business and when and Now it's time for that first big step Choosing an email service provider for Your business with so many options out There it can be overwhelming to try and Pick the right one there's so many Different features there's so many Different pricing models but it's really Important that you pick the one that Fits your business best not sure where To start don't worry we've got you to Help with your decision here are six Factors to help you make the right

Choice number one features you'll need To make sure that your email provider Offers you the features that you need And that are easy to use pay most Attention to the core features at first How many contacts can you store in the Database how many emails can you send in One day and how many users can use the Account simultaneously these cool Features are much more likely to be Impactful than anything else then you Should look at the more advanced and Detailed stuff like templates automation Tracking and Mobility but once you Prioritize all of the feature is that You want and need you can better Evaluate between all of the different Providers next up user experience as a Person who is just stepping into the Email marketing world you need to make Sure that the tool you use is simple and Easy to use remember you're the one That's going to be using this tool the Most or likely teaching your team how to Use the tool so if you over complicate Things for yourself with the wrong tool Then that's going to be a lot of time Spent in training or just generally Inefficiently using the tool itself and We definitely don't want that to happen And come on another really important Factor that we just can't forget about Is the cost some email service providers Offer a free plan whilst others provide

A more tiered pricing structure and some Offer both what's important is that you Pick the right one that fits your needs And your budget for example get response Offers a free forever plan for those who Don't want to spend a great deal on that Email marketing when they're just Starting out you can get your first Email campaigns website and subscriber List built for free and then once you Set up and feeling more comfortable you Can move on to a pay plan that suits you As you grow honestly it's really up to You and your needs and don't forget Email marketing does not need a big Budget to be effective next look at Delivery rates to have a chance of Engaging customers and Prospects the Emails actually have to land in their Inbox to start with be sure to ask Potential providers about their delivery Rate and what they do and how they work With their customers to make sure they Keep that rate high for example Getresponse has a delivery rate of 99 Pretty good right another thing you can Do before making your final decision is Check the reviews in the business to Business World reviews are so important When it comes to making sure that you Pick the right provider so make sure That you take the time do your due Diligence and see how the provider that You're looking at is received in the

Market it's also worth mentioning that Case studies are really valuable because They go into more depth and they offer a Little bit more insight and have Specific data points so be sure to look Out for those as well let's look at get Response again What you thought we'd make this video And not give ourselves a shout out and Last but definitely not least check out The customer service of course we always Want things to go smoothly and without Hassle but let's face it that's not Always the reality issues are always Going to happen that's inevitable let's Just accept it so it's important that When they do occur you have a smart and Resourceful customer service team who Are on hand to help you so as you can See choosing the right email provider is An important decision for your business And it might not be easy but making sure That you choose the right one is only Going to be a benefit in the long run so If you go away and think about all of The factors that we've covered today You'll stand a really good chance of Picking the right email service provider For your business it's going to Kick-start your email marketing strategy And get a drive results for your Business and that is your homework for Today take what you've just learned and Go and explore look at all of the

Available options out there and don't be Afraid to ask questions and make sure That you check out get response within That research we're an online marketing Platform that goes Way Beyond email you Know the deal it's all Linked In the Description and there you have it a Beginner's guide to the basics of email Marketing and don't forget we're just Getting started here so in the next Video we're going to be covering how to Create build and manage your lists which Is kind of important I mean if you want To start sending emails it's kind of Important to have people to actually Send them to so you might not want to Miss that thanks for watching make sure To subscribe for more content like this And happy marketing

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