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Today we're going to be talking about One of the most important things that You can do for your business or blog and That's building an email list did you Know that email marketing has one of the Highest return on investments of any Marketing channel out there for every One dollar spent you can expect to see On average about a 38 return on Investment and that's just one of the Advantages of email marketing so if You're just starting out and don't know Where to begin or if you've simply been Wanting to grow your email list for a While but just aren't sure how then You're in exactly the right place so in This video we're going to cover Everything you need to know about Building your email list from scratch We're going to be talking about what an Email list is why it's important and how To get started ready let's go [Music] But before we dive into the really juicy Stuff let's all just make sure that We're on the same page about exactly What an email list is and why it's so Valuable put simply an email list is a Collection of email addresses that you Have permission to send marketing Messages to think of it like your own VIP Club but instead of saving them Champagne and fancy hors d'oeuvres You're sending them out your

Personalized marketing content now the Key here is permission simply buying Email lists or adding people to your List without their knowledge is a big No-No and can lead to some serious legal Consequences and a badly damaged Reputation so what is it about an email List that makes it so valuable exactly Well for starters it allows you to Communicate with the audience directly Unlike with a third-party platform like Social media in turn this gives you much More control over your marketing and Allows you to build a much stronger Relationship with your subscribers and Let's not forget about the conversion Rates email marketing has an average Conversion rate of 2.3 percent compared To just one percent of social media so In Practical terms that means if you Ever list of 1000 subscribers you can Expect to convert 23 of those into Paying customers but I'd say that the Most important reason to own and build An email list is that it's an asset that You own again unlike social media it's Like the Golden Goose that keeps on Giving your email list is something you Can use for years to come to generate Revenue and build your business so now We know exactly what an email list is And why it's so important let's move on To the fun part how to build one from Scratch but before we get into the

Actual execution there are a few steps That we need to take first building your Email list is kinda similar to making a New friend when you first meet you Really want to make a good impression And find some shared interests and it's The same with email marketing when Somebody comes across your brand it's up To you to find that common connection And find that spark that gets their Interest it's like you and me we both Have an interest in marketing and Building an email list and that's why We're becoming good friends Because we are right The best email lists are built using This basic formula number one know what Your audience wants number two provide Them with offers that they will like Number three make it easy for them to Subscribe and number four provide them Constantly engaging content so let's Work backwards through that first things First you need to know your audience More than you know your favorite coffee Order who are they what do they like What keeps them up at nice besides binge Watching Netflix series and once you Have a handle on what it is that they're Looking for you can create offers so Irresistible that they'll be more than Willing to give you their email address So back to creating offers people are Always looking for things that will help

Them whether it's an ebook free white Paper a discount code or maybe exclusive Access to some content as long as it's Relevant to them they'll be interested And once they see and are interested in Your offer you need to make it super Easy for them to opt in as soon as Possible always having a subscription Option there in the right place at the Right time and once you're up and Running and they've signed up you need To keep your audience engaged with Regular relevant content otherwise their Eyes might wander towards that Unsubscribe button and finally before Building your email marketing list be Sure to Define your email marketing Strategy think about questions like what Will your welcome email look like how Often will you be sending emails to your Subscribers what are you gonna do in the Long run to keep them engaged be Organized don't just jump in blind Without a plan establish a clear content 10 strategy before building your email List so that you can offer strong Compelling content from day one as soon As they sign up and now to the Nitty-gritty how to build your email List from scratch so an important Preface just before we start the most Important time to ask people for their Email is when they're highly engaged With your content and we're going to go

Through some of the best ways to do that Right now first and foremost add sign up Forms to your website every page on your Website could be seen as an opportunity To build your list but you have to make It easy for your visitors to find in Fact it should be so easy that your Grandma or Granddad should be able to Find it no offense Grandma generally Speaking the more opt-in forms you have On your website the higher the chance That you're going to turn your visitors Into subscribers but remember it's key Not to interrupt their user experience Too much but let's be honest a generic Sign up form is kind of like a plain bag With no toppings it's boring so be sure To personalize your CTA to match the Needs and desires of your audience you Can try something like get 30 days for Free try it now get 40 off claim my free Chocolate biscuit whatever it is that Works for you and if you feel it's Appropriate you could try and lighten The tone a little bit make it Light-hearted add some humor some Sarcasm try and put a bit of a smile on Their face and make it a more unique Experience for them it might just Encourage them more to make that click Now let's talk about pop-ups and I know What you might be thinking not another Pop-up I know but hear me out on this One the right one can be like a little

Sprinkle of magic dust that really Encourages people to sign up to your List in fact studies show that when Pop-ups are used at the right times they Can increase conversion rates by 40 40 That's a pretty decent number right so Maybe you should reconsider all that Hate that you might have had towards Pop-ups and start using them to build Your email lists just make sure they're Not too intrusive and easy to close Nobody likes the pushy ones there are a Few ways you can actually use pop-ups That minimize Interruption for example Get response you can set the timing if When the pop-up arrives give your Visitors some time to read your content Before triggering the pop-up or maybe Trigger one just as they're about to Leave their website pretty awesome right Next up use lead magnets to add value Yeah but what's in it for me we've all Heard this question and to be fair There's a lot of truth to it it's Natural to want to know what the benefit Is to us a lead magnet is an item or a Service that's given away for free in Exchange for somebody's contact details It's nice to add a little bit of an Incentive into the mix kinda like Dangling a carrot in front of a rabbit And I'm gonna keep dropping these Metaphors in until you smash that like Button so whether it's a downloadable

Guide a free ebook exclusive access to a Podcast the key is make signing up with The effort and let's not forget about Online offline events they can be an Absolute gold mine for building your Email list whether you're hosting a Virtual event or mingling in person when It comes to online events you could for Example host a webinar where you're Covering some of the key pain points That your target audience has and for Them to sign up they have to provide you With their email address I mean that's a Pretty cool way of capturing some new Email addresses and getting some leads And the same goes for offline events Because believe it or not people do Actually exist outside the digital world Still shocking I know so if you have a Physical address and or you're attending Offline events make sure that you're Always building that email list and Remember once you acquire the email Addresses don't forget to follow up with That killer email that's going to Encourage the click so whether you're Signing on digitally or shaking hands Don't miss that opportunity to reel in New subscribers and build that deeper Connection with your potential customers Another great way to build your list is To use social media all of your Social Channels and your outbound marketing Initiatives can be linking back to

Custom built landing pages specifically Designed to capture those email address We know that social media is a powerful Platform to build your business and your Brand and so is email marketing so why Not combine forces for social media Sites like Twitter LinkedIn or Instagram There's always a place to include a link That drives people to your landing page But remember you've always got to be Incentivizing that click so be sure that On the other side there's something of Value waiting for them whether it's a Contest a giveaway or exclusive access To some free downloadable content to Grab their attention and finally be sure To optimize your landing pages your Landing pages are like the VIP lounge of Your website the way the cool kids hang Out AKA your potential email subscribers So make sure that they're on point use Clear and attention-grabbing headlines Benefit driven copy and simple form Fields it's kind of like creating a Killer dating profile you want to put Your best foot forward and attract the Right match and here's some great news Get response makes it easy for you to Design your own custom landing pages or You can choose from a selection of Pre-designed templates so you can be up And running in a matter of minutes by Following these tips you're well on your Way to building a top-notch email list

And remember email marketing is about Building that relationship with your Subscribers so treat them like the VIPs They are and watch your email list Sorting New Heights and honestly there Are so many more strategies tips and Tricks to go through that we haven't Even covered today so if you're Interested be sure to subscribe to the Channel and check out the links in the Description for additional resources and There you have it the basics of building An email list from scratch and now that You have all of this knowledge what are You waiting for get out there and build A thriving email list and use it to help You achieve your business goals and if You're looking for an easy to use email Service provider then be sure to check Out get response we offer a wide range Of tools and features to help you grow And engage your email list in our next Video we're going to be diving into how To manage your email lists and keep it Clean this is a critical step in Building a successful email list so be Sure to tune in thanks for watching if You like what you saw be sure to hit That like button subscribe to the Channel for more tips and tricks Happy marketing Foreign [Music]

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