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Not just talking about adding the first Name in the subject line let's plan Everything let's have everything perfect And Brady and and wait for a year and Then it just never happens so some Processes that just must be manual Operation automation is ready to launch Prepare to optimize your business in Three two one Go [Music] Thank you Hi there it's Anya welcome to the very First episode of the very first Sprint Of operation automation the podcast that Helps make sense of online marketing We've considered many topics for this Pilot but figured it's best to address The elephant in the room from the start And talk about the Channel people Automate most often email marketing Today we're joined by Rosie marketing Automation specialist for the last Couple of years she's focused on email And marketing Automation in the software As a service field Rosie Works directly With product marketing and product Development staying in constant Non-intrusive touch with customers Rosie Drinks her own champagne automates her Own workflows and makes an excellent Introduction To the world of marketing automation [Music]

But before we start With the crucial thing and this is Something that as people working in the World of female marketing we hear about A lot And it's that email marketing Automation And marketing automation are the two Terms that can pretty much be used Interchangeably well it's not really the Case rightly Rick yep exactly so we need To distinguish between email marketing Automation so Anna what what is email marketing Well for me email marketing is a very Effective way to stay in touch with your Contacts or your customers to deliver Meaningful content to them through a Non-intrusive channel And that's about it people have been Using emails for decades they can Probably keep using emails for decades Nothing's gonna happen to it in the Nearest Future yep exactly so email Marketing is a marketing channel And automation on the other hand is a Process so this is actually the way you Do email marketing so In my view automation allows you to Collect meaningful data and actually see The big picture because if you take a Look at like you know individual emails Send you very often like focus on open Rate and click-through rate but when you Take a look at

An automation workflow you can see a Series of messages and then you can Figure out okay am I like getting closer Towards my business goal where are the Bottlenecks you know what should be Optimized first so definitely email Marketing is a marketing channel Automation is the way you do marketing Exactly and also automation is a really Short proof thing to provide hyper Personalization it is very popular these Days but Rosie will talk about it in way More details and it's going to provide Much more effective proof than you and I Can so maybe let's just jump straight to The interview yep let's jump in [Music] Rosie it's really nice to see you how Are you today Great how are you guys doing Cool it's our second recording we're Very proactive today very productive Nice nice very good to hear Super excited to have you here thank you So much for being our second guest yeah Absolutely it's it's really exciting to Be here I love spreading the word Sharing the knowledge sharing the tips And tricks so I'm really excited that I Can be here with you today Great and to begin with I have a Question that we're going to be asking All of our grad guests and the question Is what process or processes in life do

You wish you could automate laundry oh My God it is the way I swear to God if There is a way that the laundry just Makes its way from the hamper into the Wall like you know separates itself into Whites and blacks and colors and then Hangs itself and then folds itself and Goes back into where it's supposed to go That would be ideal It's actually the second response we Have that is connected with like home Tours it's very nice I feel like yours Is very specific yeah incredibly Specific so this is like a ready product Idea This is this is the next one exactly Exactly Yeah I like that one Rising nice for sure Here uh because you know we focus on on Automation Um and you are a person who automates a Lot right yeah audio made for a living I am so brainwashed that I think Ira can Um attest to that everything I get as an Idea or a question thrown at me my first Thought is hmm how can we make this Automatic you know I just feel like we Live in an age where doing things Manually like we're in a factory in the 18th century England Should not be the case you know given You can't automate everything but to not Automate simple tasks

Um and processes and wasting time on Doing work manually is just beyond me Why you would not do that so yes you you Can say that I'm an advocate for Automation So then like you know the the first Question I wanted to ask you is like Okay for all those people who are still Like you know in in this like just Before the process of automation so Where would you even start what is like You know if if you think about all those Ways you know like different ideas for Communication and you know like where do You start or what what do you start with Um If you like I full disclosure I'm an Email marketer slash email nerd at heart So my answer will always be start with Email Cool but that's not obviously the only Reason I I really believe that email is One of those channels uh and formats That lends itself massively to Automation and not just because of the Format that it uses but because it's a Very easy way to get almost instant Feedback from your subscribers Recipients right and like any other Channel they can tell you indirectly if They like what you send them by opening It and what exactly they're interested In by clicking on the link in your email So I think if you send out a simple

Email You have a Blog for example you send out A simple email and you include three Articles and one of them is about weight Loss and the other one is about Um interesting events in the summer with Kids and the third one is about the I Don't know latest fashion collection by A female designer Each one of the clicks on these articles Will already tell you something about Your subscribers that maybe you didn't Know before and once you have this Information it's really easy to automate And start sending really relevant Information to your customers if someone Consistently clicks on weight loss Articles you don't want to be sending Them fish and articles probably they're Most probably struggling with their body Image and you want to help them with That not advocating for weight loss here Just an example that kind of came Um to me uh but you know what I mean an Email is for me just such a um a Wonderful Channel where you can get this Information and the the subscribers are Giving it to you willingly but they Don't feel forced to give it to you Okay yeah that's I really like the sound Of that Basically it all comes down to Listening to the customer again to being Open to

I'm blanking out on Words uh being open To Using the data that you're giving Voluntarily often unconsciously but yet Adjusting your Communication in such a Way that the person you are targeting With it Really genuinely gets the most value out Of it right yeah exactly that sums it up Pretty well and this is something that Automation can do for you and can help You scale from there I think one of the Biggest mistakes and Um companies and people who don't see a Lot of return on investment in email are Doing the exact opposite so they're Still calling emails a blast they're Sending out the same email to your list Of 50 000 people and it's like just Throwing spaghetti on the wall and Hoping that it sticks right the more you Know your customer the more you know What they're interested in the more Personalized you can be in your Communication and I'm not just talking About adding the first name in the Subject line I'm talking about really Altering when he was standing Um in terms of information so like you Said Anna they just get the most out of The communication with you which means That they expect it they open new email They read your emails and from there on Just go down the funnel that you want

Them to go down to right this is great Because the the example that you've uh Mentioned was you could actually start With just a list of email addresses Right and then if you plan your content Right so based on the let's say like Three blog posts you can learn so much Because suddenly you can like divide Your audience into like three different Segments and then you can just like even Go deeper right yeah exactly I wanted to Ask you about your how do you plan Automation like automating processes Because you know some people believe That you need some data first you need To collect some information and without It it's not even possible to start with Automation but here your example was Actually quite you know contrary so so What is your approach if you could just Like you know share a few tips on like Basically how to start with automation Well to be honest in my professional Journey my Approach has also changed and Ever since I started working in the SAS Industry industry which is what we're Doing I kind of adopted this agile Mindset where it's you have the MVP you Have the minimum viable product and you Just go and you just learn on the go and You just fix the the mistakes and you Just come up with new ideas as you go I Used to be in personally in my personal Life I'm still sometimes more of a let's

Plan everything let's have everything Perfect and Brady and and wait for a Year and then it just never happens Right so I I really changed the way I do A lot of things but in terms of Automation I think that is the best way To approach it you just start with the Very minimum you have and then you just Kind of scale it from there you know If if you're just starting right now Most probably you have some kind of Online presence if it's a Facebook page If it's a one landing page you know kind Of offer thing if it's a full website You have some kind of online presence so Collecting email addresses from that Online presence would always always be a Step one for me Once you have the email address like I Said you can add it to a very simple Funnel where you can start Gathering More data about your subscribers and From there just start building your list Segmenting your list sending out Relevant information Leading them to the ultimate goal that You have and this is the second thing Actually that's super important anything Really you're starting but with Automation exactly Um the same you have a starting point But you really need to keep your end Goal in mind like don't do automation Just for the sake of doing automation

It's not something that is you know a Hyped up word and we have to have it Because we have to have it Um you have to have it because it brings You results So just kind of instead of you know Marketing automation is such a big word Like it could be really intimidating it Includes so many things it could go into So many different directions but if you Start from the end point and you decide Okay my goal for this year is to grow my List and get 10 000 subscribers then you Can work back the steps and see what do I need to do to get there I need to have A subscribe form I need to get I'm so Bad at math so I shouldn't have gotten Into this example but if you want ten Thousand let's say okay we'll simplify It twelve thousand uh subscribers by the End of the year so that's one thousand Per month okay how do you get 1000 per Month you start you see that you're Getting temper month obviously you're Not gonna get there you need to change Something you need to change your form You need to add the lead magnet you just Need to test and try to get to that end Goal you know and and your process is Going to be different if your end goal Is to sell things right your your funnel Is going to be different your emails are Going going to be different but always Start with the end goal in mind and then

Just do the steps that need to be done That's cool that's great and I'm just Like thinking because Um very often you know um I talk about Automation from like perspective of like Some certain email series let's say like A welcome lyrics right yeah but you Actually this is great because your Approach is like you look at the goal You start with like okay what do we want To do here Um so if you could somehow share your Perspective on like a welcome series Like what what could be the end goal of A welcome series what should be the goal Behind like you know automated welcome Series in your opinion I think again it depends on where you Place email in your Um customer journey in your acquisition If if your goal is to Grow your list and have tens of Thousands of subscribers then you need To make it as easy as possible for People to sign up just one line form With email Obviously the gdpr Um you know agreements and opt-ins and Everything but just one simple thing and Make it attractive for them create some Kind of lead magnet which will that's I Promised myself that I wouldn't talk in Like marketing slang but Um

Oh it's so bad yeah it's a little bit of A side note here but I was telling my Mom about you know what I'm going to be Doing here and she's like oh my God like But she still doesn't know exactly what My job is I was trying to explain to her Like marketing Automation and she's like Oh that sounds so boring how do you know How to do that I'm like oh my God so I Just if I can't explain it to my mom and Get my mom excited about what I do you Know how am I gonna tell Um you know thousands of people that This is what they should do and it will Work and this is how you do it you know Count your example here because I was Just telling the other day my dad said I'm coming here to record podcasts with You guys and he said to record what and I said like you know a podcast and then We had a lovely half an hour discussion Of me trying to explain what a podcast Is and then he said oh like a radio show And I was like The truth was so close [Laughter] Isn't it funny though how you know just Today's jobs have nothing to do but what It was just a generation ago yeah that's Really interesting but yeah my point is That Because our parents don't understand What we do it's probably not the only Factor yeah there's still a lot of

People who know what lead generation are And we cherish our audience our Marketing exactly yeah but you know just To maybe also Um give some examples so if you if you Have a Blog and Um you do write about family stuff Family events maybe you know stuff with Kids like that kind of that is kind of Your audience then create a sign up form That will Give them in every in exchange for their Email we'll give them some gated Information so top 10 ways to talk to Your kid so they don't talk back at you Or something you know something catch You like that which is not available on Your website it's only available if they Provide their email and then you email That to them that is a very crucial step Which Um a lot of uh people forget so it's Very easy to skip that part and just be Like enter your email you click submit And then a pop-up shows up and says Here's your download that is kind of how Fasting it if I may you need to add this Lead Magnet download or whatever it is Into your email and that way you ensure That the email is real that it's going Through that they're opening it because They're expecting it that gives already A signal to their inbox that they're Opening emails from you that they should

Be prioritized it's great for your Deliverability so a lot of like you know Bonuses all around but the bonus for the Client is that they get something out of Giving you their email and they already Associate you with quality information So so if that's your goal to to grow Your list that is a route I would go Like something desirable really quick Form and then from there the welcome Email that is the first one one contains The the thing that you promised them and Then from there I would do again like You want to keep those subscribers Engaged it's really important that you Don't stop after the first one If you have one welcome email and then Nothing for six months and then you Decide to send the newsletter I almost Guarantee you your bonds rate will be Above average your open rate will be Lower than average because people would Have forgotten about you so it's very Important to have this consistency of Communication and this is where Automation comes in because you don't Have to sit there and try to come up With stuff you know for the first weeks Months of their Journey you can have a Number of emails prepared you can Schedule them so they go out once a week And that way every single person that Comes in will go through all of the Emails

So I will definitely highlight here that You want to attract people and then you Want to keep communicating with them Through your welcome series and then Obviously this is like growing your list Is a nice goal but this is not your end Goal right like you you want them to Sign up for events or buy tickets for Something or you know whatever else You're trying to monetize on this should Be somehow also included not in a salesy Way I think in this particular example But in a kind of subtle way what is it That your main value is you know so so That that's what I would do and also This is kind of um it depends on what You are willing to give out as a lead Magnet Um but also kind of a trick that I've Done before instead of sending it in one Email so say 10 tips what was it before You know something with your kid so then Instead of sending everything in one Email you can split it into 10 emails And you can say tip number one for today Is Blah blah and then automation continues After one day tip number two for today You know so that already is kind of Creating in them an expectation that They will be receiving quality Information every day And I don't want to say guarantee but it Kind of ensures that your open rates and

Your engagement rates throughout these First like week or seven days or ten Days a week is the seven days yeah Um we'll stay high and then you can Decide what you want to do and how you Want to proceed Um with that list And in this example if you're sending This automated flow of let's say 10 tips To talk to your kid and then after The sixth day you see that the numbers Really drop there's like less open rates Um People and subscribe and stuff uh would You build your automation flow with this Scenario in mind so that people kind of Had a chance to drop out before the end Of the series So this is a very good point you're Raising here because one of the main Kind of bonuses of the Automation and The way we also encourage our customers To Um to try it and to do it is it's a you Said it and you forget it and then it's Doing the thing for you but like you Said maybe it's not performing well you Need to always be monitoring and Adjusting Um especially if you're just starting And this is a brand new thing for you Definitely definitely need to look out For those signals if open rates drop Then it could be a couple of things it

Could be a problem with your Deliverability which is usually Something your ESP uh would be able to Um tell you if that's the issue Um it could be that yeah they just don't Want to wait for so long and you need to Be doing five tips instead and send them Out in five days I think we need to talk About what an ESP is here okay so email Service provider yeah it's your platform Where you send out your emails and a lot Of them almost all of the the ones I've Worked with have some kind of Deliverability information It's displayed in the bounce rates Mostly so if you also mention what Deliverability is oh okay Hi Mom okay The thing is that you know it's like All right yes I slipped into email talk Yes I'm sorry and you want them to to Actually Um just somehow appear in the inboxes of Your uh contacts but actually this is This is it that you actually need this Email service provider to make sure that They emails you send especially if you If you talk about like you know those Like big groups of people so yeah and Then comes this like deliverability so Your ESP which is like email service Provider make sure that those emails Actually land in the inbox so I just you Know just to clarify yeah no that was a

Good call yeah Um so yeah it's uh it's a complex thing Because automation The automation is doing its thing but at The base of it it's just sending out Emails so like is saying everything that Applies to newsletters and one-off Emails that you're sending applies here As well they need to be thin they need To be delivered and ideally they need to Be placed in your inbox which is not Something you can guarantee or influence Too much there's a lot of myths on how Um This can be done uh there is definitely Best practices on what to avoid so you Don't get flagged as spam but this is a Topic for another maybe two yeah maybe Two conversations even because there's a Lot of that yeah definitely it's coming We will invite you yeah but here I I Really loved your your example and Actually you've mentioned that email is If you think about like growing your Email list let's say uh it's actually But you need to think about email as Source of valuable information because Very often like people think about Numbers so it's like yeah yeah sure I Have like five thousand I need ten Thousand and emails it's like just tell Me how many emails should I send instead Is actually a very good idea to think About it as yeah this is like a vessel

For valuable information and then if you Make sure that you have this relevant Content and here probably we could say We could also like talk what what what What's uh what does it really mean like Relevant what do you mean and then when You've made mentioned the goals if you Want to sell something so I believe that Relevant means that something that helps People just you know make proper Decisions like is it a product for me or Not for me right yeah exactly well I Think this is where automation is an Email in general is a part of Um omnichannel marketing right it's not A thing on its own you do have to Um at some point connect it with all the The data points you have on your Customer you know so uh if you if your Goal is to put for your welcome email to Sell and you have a form with say a 10 Of discount of your first first um Purchase right but then you have to be Mindful of where you place that offer You know if someone is just coming to Your website right now they're just Learning your name and all of a sudden They see this forum sign up here and You'll get 10 they still don't know what You're selling but if you are are You know kind of monitoring their Movement throughout the the website if You have a pop-up setup that is on exit In 10 pop-up so you see that someone's

Been on the page for half a minute and They are trying to hit the x button then They get the pop-up that says oh by the Way if you order in the next five hours You'll get 10 off so that has a much Bigger chance of being Um you know the form being filled out Then the person actually converting to a Sale so that's what I'm trying to say Like just thinking of automation yeah You start kind of small and with the Smaller goals but as your goals get Bigger and your automation gets more Complex you really need to be thinking About all of these um other things I I Always say that we need to think as a Customer and all of us are users Um of products or Services we're online Every day we know what we like we know What worked on us what didn't and it's Subjective but for the most part we're All kind of have the same mentality yeah If you're ready to buy and you're not Sure and you get the discount you'll Most probably buy yeah you know yeah That's true you've also kind of opened The Pandora box here for me when you Said omnichannel marketing because this Could be a third topic for yes I'll just Book me here I'll be here every Wednesday yeah we'll just make a friend With Rosie that's it like there you go But let me just try to have one question Semi-related to this topic just to sneak

In some omnichannel marketing content in This one Um [Music] I personally Am kind of skeptical about it as to Omni Is a lot basically and it's a lot of new Shiny opportunities that a lot of Marketers are still not completely used To so they would be more willing to jump On them like for example let's take Mobile notifications or SMS like these Are less explored functions that we are Not using we're not we haven't been Using for the past 10 years so as an Email marketing expert uh do you have This seed of doubt that maybe was a Spread of omnichannel email is kind of Gonna become Um legacy-ish I don't think so to be honest Um And all the reports I'm reading it um Aren't suggesting that email is not Going anywhere Um email in combination with all of Those things that you're saying is Actually the best way to do things it Just has to be super Duper well timed you know because you Can definitely have a combination if Someone opens your welcome email and in This email it says hey is an SMS better Way to get in touch with you and they

Click yes then you move them to a Different segment and you start to Communicate with them Via SMS so again This is instead of thinking Um how many channels can we do how can We flood them with more and more Information it's just giving the power To your customer to your subscriber for Them to tell you how they want to be Notified how they want to be Communicated with Um which which helps your communication Because then it'll be welcomed it will Be expected instead of throwing Everything at them so when we talk Omnichannel we're not saying you know We'll send a welcome email and also send An SMS and also send a web push Notification and also send you know a Carrier pigeon to their door to you know Deliver a flower or something you know It just it needs to be well thought out And then I think I think it will work And email definitely still has a place In it especially when we talk because It's a big part of automation but again This is e-commerce is a whole separate You know we'll need three podcasts for This Um but we will have six this is our next Topic ah there you go Um but uh transactional emails are is Something that is purely automated and Is something that will never go away

Because when someone orders something They expect to receive an email or SMS Or some kind of notification Mostly uh email Um actually that their order has been Received that their order has been Shipped like you know we've all ordered Stuff and like refreshed like when is it Coming when is it coming you know uh so So this is a big part of um e-commerce That I don't see how it could be Replaced Um so great that's great news for our Friend email yeah I have a question that Is like kind of related to something You've touched upon already and uh kind Of when you were talking about data Analysis how you still have to monitor Your campaigns in person no matter how Well automated they are so do you have Any other examples of some areas in Email marketing that automation doesn't Really apply to so some processes that Just must be manual Um Yeah I think I'm also a big fan of AI so Artificial intelligence in in Copywriting and suggesting you know Color schemes for your website all of This I really think that's another type Of automation that can be really really Useful especially if you're you know One-man band and you're the marketer That does need to create the website

Create the welcome emails you know Create the ads and create the social Media that is super helpful to have that On your side with that being said I Think the obviously the decision making Will always be human Um even if you because I've had Situations where I've run a b tests and On a subject line for example and then The the results are really close so you Know yeah the the machine says that Version a won because it got 51 versus you know the the 49 of the Other one so for us this is not Statistically significant a result to Trust the machine if there is other Factors involved it'll be my decision Which version actually goes out so I Think that kind of decision making Um at least for now I think we'll we'll Be human I don't want to say always Because you know progress I'm really Happy you brought up baby testing Because that was exactly what I was Gonna use against your argument ah okay See how you played it I like it I wanted to go let's say like Back to Basics for a moment and uh ask you about Because You as you know email marketing geek Um what would you say like what is the Why like what is the impact of Automation on email marketing like Because very often like people see it as

Like totally different things like two Separate things you have high email Marketing and sometimes you have Automation and it's like you know there Is like no link so in your opinion what Is actually the link or like what is Automation good for when it comes to Email marketing So I would say a couple of things so There's obviously things if you want to Do a Weekly Newsletter to your Subscribers and you have something that Only happens in this week so you can't Plan it you can write it in advance Um then this is going to be your you Know manual campaign send but then maybe You want to send it in a specific time Zone which you're not a part of so then You need to schedule this email so That's also automation right so even in The simplest things you do there is Automation and I think this is the Biggest misconception like you said that Automation is this separate big scary Awesome thing that we all need to be Doing but in reality in a lot of our Everyday tasks there is automation Involved So thank you thank you for saying that I Think we may end the episode here Because that's basically what we're Trying to do podcast thank you Yeah exactly and I I really think that Email is um is very easily automated

Because like I said in one of my Examples so okay so you you want to have A Weekly Newsletter but after some time You do have all this content that none Of your recent subscribers have received Because they signed up after the Newsletter went out so I think that in This case you can just be adding those Newsletters to an automation workflow And everyone knew who signs up on your Website just starts from the top and Receives the first newsletter that you Send to your first Um subscribers ever and that way they Get the benefit of going through all of Your newsletters in their own journey And you're not piling them up as a new Subscriber with someone who's been on Your list for six months and they're Receiving the same information So That would be a that that's a good way I Think to think about it just just think As a customer Um and when and what do they want to Receive from you and the minute you Realize that you can't deliver the what And the when manually just automated Cool thanks I'm thinking also about like learning You know the skill of automation of Automating things so so the question is Like how do we learn this you know from Your experience what is the best way to

Learn how to use Automation in email Marketing Foreign Just try it you know you can obviously We also put out a lot of resources a lot Of Health materials a lot of video Tutorials even on how to do things Because there's two things really like How to do it in terms of strategy Planning goals all of that what do you Want to achieve with it and how to do it Just technically you know like how do I Start how do I build an automation Um luckily a lot of the platforms most Of the platforms Um have moved away from this marketing Jargon and using understandable words And terms and it's in a really spoken Human language so when you start Building an Automation and you look at The automation blocks you don't have to Wonder what it does because it right There it says customer signs up and you Drag it to your field and then you know That this is the action that's going to Happen so it's really easy to go in and Just kind of start trying things if You're not the kind of person that goes In and kind of experiments on their own A lot of the platforms Do have templates set up and this is Something that we we run surveys with Our customers and we consistently see That the need of templates more and more

And newer newer templates is usually the Top three requests and we see that if we Have a specific template it's really Easy for customers to just go in and Start with it you can always change it You can always edit it to to adapt your Needs but at least you have the starting Blocks right you have the main points Which we as a company and any other Provider that you're using has tested And based on best practices for sure so Even creating a welcome email if you're Like oh God how how do I do that you Just go into the template section and It's right there it's a simple two-step Thing and you can expand and scale and Grow from from there so I would say yeah Look for templated stuff if you're not Comfortable experimenting but if you are Just have it just just go crazy you know Just create and test and and mess it up And start again I I really believe that This is the best way to see because Again even if you start as a template Um maybe this is not something that Works with your audience there's no Template on Earth that works across all Industries all sectors all demographics All countries we see this in our work as Well we communicate with our customers In Um seven languages So so we we often have to make changes Not just to um the content itself but

Also to to the timing Um you know to specific subject lines Because something doesn't resonate with A certain market so you know your Customers better the best really so just Use that knowledge and see what works With them see what doesn't and if you Don't know your customer you need to Step back a little bit and try to learn More about your customer And again marketing automation is how You can do it in a very nice and easy Way so it doesn't feel like they're Being questioned [Music] Okay wow I have surely learned a lot From this episode how about you Eric Yeah the same the same that was amazing And I really like this final tip Rosie Gave that all you can do during summer Really is just experiment because you Don't have much to lose So I guess the best way to summarize it Is just start using automation yep and As you said before like create the MVP And just go so create something super Simple and then don't worry Um you will you will optimize it in time Precisely slow season is a perfect time To start practicing your automation Skills we don't expect you to create a Super complex 15 Step scenario that takes every Possible customer action into

Consideration you don't need to go that Big even a simple two-step workflow will Already be better than nothing at this Point so it's probably August now which Means you have at least two months to Experiment before Black Friday begins And then you can start automating for Real exactly [Music] Rosie has covered a lot of actionable Tips for you to try in your next Automated email campaign make sure to Check out the show notes for a quick Summary and some useful resources And don't forget that all of the first Sprint is already available at Apple Podcast Google podcast Spotify or Wherever you get your favorite shows no Need to wait a whole week for another Episode of marketing automation insights In the next two episodes we'll dive deep Into the topic of customer onboarding Getting started with Automation and Paving your way through its seemingly Complex Parts subscribe for more Operation automation is backed up by get Response the marketing automation Platform that's been on the market for Over 20 years subscribe for more juicy Insights and remember automate don't Complicate Foreign

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