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CEO of postolytics Postalytics is a direct mail automation Software company and and so what we are Doing Is automating the process of creating Direct Mail campaigns that are sent Through the Printers and then the Postal Service And and then the tracking of those Campaigns uh for both the delivery of The mail as well as the response to Those Direct Mail campaigns and so we're Really applying you know modern SAS Technology to an older marketing channel That is still highly effective but has Had a lack of Technology applied to it And so so that's really uh you know the Mission really in postalytics is to Remove the friction From Direct Mail marketing at a very High level And uh at a personal level you know my Primary focus is on being a husband Father and a friend if I can do those Things well then I'm a happy guy awesome That's a really cool introduction but About direct mail so I was just telling Eric right before the episode that My brain my gen Z brain doesn't quite Compute it so what's up with it how is It doing nowadays yeah great question And uh you know it's interesting because Uh I often will speak with marketers uh Who say that they're very data driven

And uh and so they're like to make Decisions based on the data and then When I tell them about you know Postalytics and direct mail they say oh You know I don't look at the mail uh and I say but did you look at the data uh Because Data uh shows that Direct Mail marketing Has not only Um uh continue to Be an Effective Marketing channel but its Effectiveness Has increased over the last 15 years And there are several reasons for that Uh but primarily because there's less Male in your mailbox okay I've seen that And and so the mail that does come Uh has a bigger impact on the average Recipient Than uh the mail that came 15 or 20 Years ago and and so while this is Happening while the amount of mail in Your mailbox has decreased Tell me about the number of emails you Get in a day sure so so this number Actually is growing so so it's Definitely in my case I would say that It's more than 10 messages a day I would Say there's more than 30 messages a day Oh I get about 300 emails in a day In a day whoa okay so it means that you Are subscribed to more companies than I Am But but internal emails as well you know

The the number of yeah it's it's really Overwhelming you know the number of of Messages the number of digital ads that You receive on a daily basis has been Estimated uh the average uh view of Streams phone television Etc uh on Average about 5 000 advertisements in a Day okay the average week and it's so so As as these channels have been uh Overwhelmed with with activity and Energy and investment uh the the direct Mail channel uh has been largely ignored And so marketers that are trying to find Ways to stand out And trying to find ways to complement Their email marketing their digital Marketing Are learning that they can use Direct Mail in a targeted way in a very smart And new effective way uh to drive the Overall response rate of their campaigns Higher uh by you know using multiple Channels and using a physical channel That that when people actually touch the Message and hold it in their hand and And so uh so that's really what's Happening with direct mail and as a Matter of fact the the surveys say that The Gen Z audience actually enjoys Getting something because it's so rare That that they actually receive Something in the mail and so the brands That they are uh familiar with brands That gen Z recipients are interested in

Uh have a highly effective Direct Mail Campaigns uh because uh you know if if You have expressed interest in a Particular brand it reaches you it it Speaks to your values to your Aspirations and you receive something That is colorful and uh and that you Hold in your hand it makes a deeper Brand impression on your brain and and So this is all part of the reason why Direct mail is being used in this kind Of new smart way uh that uh is is very Effective I mean I gotta agree with it I I I'm always very happy to hold things In my hands as long as those things are Relevant which kind of we kind of Touched upon this when you've mentioned Data already that we are very data Driven or we try to be so when you want To target audience better or you want to Personalize your direct mail better Um how can you do that it's not like You're gonna come to a multi apartment Block and these people are gonna get Your mail but these people are not gonna Get so how do you get this first or zero Party data well uh often uh companies Are mailing to their own Customers And and and that's where technology has Really assisted In Using tools like postalytics Direct Mail Automation tools are able to plug in to

The CRM systems marketing automation Tools such as get get response and and Then send individual pieces of mail out One at a time oh wow one at a time using Exactly using workflows using automation That is built into the marketing Automation or the CRM And and so I'll give you a great example One of our uh customers uh has is a it's An e-commerce company B2B e-commerce and They they sell products to uh uh fitness Centers uh in workout facilities all Over the US They have 30 000 customers all over the US and they've had a an established Winback email campaign that was is Designed to Target customers Existing customers who had not purchased For over six months okay and and so that Existing email campaign was running for A couple of years and they were looking For a way to to target the people that Are not opening their emails okay that Makes a lot of sense and and so so they Plugged postalytics a four-touch Postalytics postcard campaign into that Workflow that was already established For email and they sent out four large Oversized postcards to this audience With a big call to action and a QR code To respond And this campaign Took the existing winback And drove the ROI up

150 percent wow brilliant just by having An automated way to contact the email Non-openers and scan one at a time that Sounds really cool it also sounds like I've never received like a direct mail Piece that would contain a CTA in it so That that's something to think about Maybe it's a you know it's a difference Between the American market and European And by European I actually mean polish Because this is where I live and this is Where I get my direct mail and what I've Seen is actually that usually local Businesses from the area would Target You with some direct mail so it's going To be like you know sort of like a first Touch so it's not going to be segment Like you can't see any segmentation Apart from the area so it's going to be In the radius of maybe five kilometers So I've seen it with restaurants with Bars but you know like when it comes to E-commerce Nope I haven't seen any direct Communication from brands that I really Like appreciate and I've been a fan of So I think that there is a There is a lot to you know basically There is room for improvement right it's Interesting because I do get a lot of E-commerce promo well okay maybe not a Lot of but For example Yves Roche does really good Job like they always send you physical

Certificates you can later exchange for Gifts or you get a physical codon so They do this kind of multi-channel thing Where you get an SMS notification and if You ignored it then you're gonna receive A plastic thing I always get it for my Birthday always very pleasant but I Would say that birthday Is about it is about as far as you can Personalize Okay cool so congrats Because maybe they have like a different And special approach towards women and You know the brands that I enjoy is like They they just like they say ah no he's Not going to open it anyways Well you know Sort of top Top awareness and lead generation Campaigns that you discuss They all happen here in the states as Well and and that's that's more of a Traditional Direct Mail approach and and Those campaigns are effective right so When a new restaurant opens nearby Uh you know if you get something in the Mails saying hey you know Um bring this coupon in and get a free Drink or get a free dessert or whatever The case may be those campaigns tend to Perform very well uh and and Um so you know we help in automating Those campaigns you know in our software You can you can acquire lists and of Geographies and you can hone them down

By demographic uh factors homeowners Renters Uh income levels all sorts of different Uh demographics and then you can Target Those types of top of the funnel uh Campaigns but I think where where the Real Innovation is happening is really More in these automated Workflow-driven campaigns where Direct Mail Works in conjunction with uh the Email and digital channels yeah for sure So let's talk a little bit more about That Thank you [Music] Dennis you've mentioned that part of Your mission at fostolytics is to Connect direct me with email how do you 've done is we have built Um a SAS based software tool that Enables marketers to construct Direct Mail campaigns uh creative uh and go Through an entire process Right within our software so you could Be a you know a marketing manager uh Sitting in a cafe uh on your laptop Drag and drop pull together a postcard a Letter uh other types of direct mail And then uh use our apis to connect To CRM Market automation tools so that all Of the segmentation all of the knowledge Of your clients okay is from that one Central location right and and so we're

Able to then send Mal to people That are a part of lists that you have Created or who are hitting a particular Step of a workflow uh or an automation So that uh you can send out essentially From a technology standpoint a web hook Right that will hit our software and say Okay send this postcard to Anna you know Right now and and then our software will Take that information including you know Your name and address but also other Personalization data that you map to Come out of your marketing automation so You know let's say we know Anna's Birthday We're going to say happy birthday on January 5th Uh you know please you know redeem this Coupon at the local bar and uh or you Know use any data that you have about Your clients your last purchase was this We recommend taking a look at this Uh all sorts of ways that you can use uh Personalization in the creative Both from a a Explicit standpoint meaning print the Birthday Or from a dynamic standpoint saying So anybody who's a VIP customer print This block of text with this image And and and so all of that can be Configured right within software The connection to the CRM and marketing Automation tool

And then the campaigns are configured Just as you would set up an email Campaign imagine When you send an email campaign You're Building creative You're taking data It all get merges together and it's sent Out to email servers yep with Postalytics You're taking creative that you build You're merging it with data and it's Sending out to a network of printers Spread out That act like email servers essentially So yeah that was my question that was my Big question as to the Low or should I say the high Roi of Email is that the production value is Very low sometimes zero so here you have To produce a physical card or a letter Or whatever so do you at postolytics Also offer some kind of relationship With printers or some kind of dedicated Services how to how do people get the End product on the dedicated date Without many setbacks Yes yes so uh so postalytics is an All-inclusive service that includes the Printing and the postage and the mailing Awesome And and so there's a big back end to This as you can imagine yeah Sounds like yeah so so and that's really A big part of the vision of removing

Friction from this process When when you send an email campaign You're not going in uh creating a Business relationship with the email Servers individually Right you're not worrying about uh the Internet Protocol being followed for the Email well with postalytics You're not worrying about finding a Printer you're not worrying about making Sure that the mail pieces are built in a Way that is compliant with the Postal Service And you're not worried about optimizing The Um the the postage we take care of all Of that You just worry about the creative you Worry about doing great marketing Forget about the production We take care of that wow that sounds Really cool and you have also some Automated processes for the production Or just an in-house team that takes care Of it no the the the software that is Built to uh to create build a creative So uh and and all the creatives it is Conforming to the local postage Requirements to wherever we're mailing We're currently in the US and Canada and So in both Nations uh have requirements About where the address has to be and How big the space has to be for a Barcode to be attached all sorts of

Things all of that is templatized and Locked down so you can't make a mistake And then what the software does it pulls The creative together which is stored in HTML just like with an email HTML and Data come together and we generate high Resolution PDFs for every single piece Of mail It goes into a queue and the queue gets Sent out across the country to different Printers And then they print locally and your Mail gets mixed together with now from Hundreds of other customers So that you don't have to worry about Batching and getting bulk rates and all This It's it's all taken care of that's why You can send one piece of mail At a reasonable price because we're Taking that one piece of mail and mixing It with uh let's say you know a six by Nine inch postcard uh that you know That's a us uh uh phrase obviously uh But that's one 6×9 postcard that you Send is being merged with thousands of Others And and being sent out in bulk at a Reasonable price And so that's how we're able to Provide in the economics that make this Whole thing work awesome I recently Because I'm thinking about I don't have you know like much of

Experience with combining the digital And direct mail but A month ago Um I wanted to go there was a concert I was Interested in so I bought tickets online And I had two options obviously like you Know I could either like download the PDF with a ticket or I could Just choose this paper ticket that I can Collect later on just you know have it With me so that was interesting because I wanted to have this physical ticket With me because you know I I thought That it's going to be a cool concert so So I I yeah I just wanna Uh hold it later on Um and first I it took like seven days To receive the ticket and there was some Malfunction of a system I believe Because after four days I got another uh Direct mail with a ticket and this time It was the valid ticket because the Tickets that they sent me for the first Time Well it turned out that there was some Mistake or all right now so actually I Just received the physical copy Just a day before the ticket and it was In another town so you know I was lucky To actually get it on time so uh I know That it might be a challenge because Combining these two worlds like you know Online and offline is is definitely a

Challenge but but I can totally get the The benefits and and I really appreciate The vision and actually appreciate the Fact that you are tackling this problem Right now well we think it's a big Problem and and there's a lot of Complexity you know that that back end Is there's a lot of moving parts and and There is no Perfect Production system Right so anytime there's a physical Element there's you know printers can Break and the Postal Service can have a Problem but but overall you know uh in The US and Canada uh 98 of the mail is Delivered within certain time frames and So that you can plan around them uh Holiday times are difficult uh Particularly in the US with some Particular areas but but generally you Can you can plan your campaigns in a way That uh will ensure that mail is being Delivered on a timely basis and and We've we've created some tools that then Allow uh the recipients to respond Online and and so Um this is how we are designing our Response measurement Two Direct Mail campaigns And so our first tool that we've Introduced is a personalized QR code so If you were both in a campaign that was Being sent You would get say this letter uh that Comes in the mail and and uh the letter

Uh would contain a QR code as a part of The creative as the call to action you Scan that QR code Eric your QR code is different than honest it's so When you hit it We actually know That this was Anna from this particular Letter from this particular campaign That hit the QR code and went to this Landing page and then we've built a a Tracking tool to then watch Anna migrate Through the uh process to the conversion Landing page and so that we're able to Capture this data about the response to This particular letter At the individual recipient level just Like you would with email and then uh so We provide you know statistical Information about what is working what Is not working we're also able to send That data back To The CRM and marketing automation tools Through our apis so then your marketing Animation tool says oh Anna responded to this particular letter And then that can inform the next step Of a workflow of an automation yeah that Sounds amazing because you know Historically we would compare uh email Against direct mail and actually that Would be the the one of the main reasons To actually you know focus on email that Actually you can track it you can

Measure it and then you can basically You know segment your audience properly You've got all the data in the CRM so Obviously you can not only collect that Data but but also like you know draw Conclusions but here as you're saying It's it is like now we are with Postalytics we can actually go Multi-channel here and we can actually Think about like how these two channels Can support each other and not like Compete against each other that's Correct that that is the big message yes Sorry Um I was just going to ask is there any Way to also track customers who have for Example received the four cards from you Physical ones uh they did not really Scan the QR code because they were busy Because life gets in a way right but Obviously after receiving a certain Amount of letters you kind of have the Brand in your mind in the back of your Back of your head so a few months later For example they were looking for Software and they decided to come back To the product thanks to those letters But not through the QR code you send can You measure those yes so so that is what Is referred to Um uh in postalytics as a matchback Analysis And so what uh what you're able to do is Analyze

Who the male was sent to And then compare that to your conversion Goal whether that is it can be sales it Could be a purchase uh it could be Downloads of Uh you know a white paper or you know Anything else and and then you are able To provide you know partial attribution Right um by doing that match back Analysis And so that's a very common way of Of providing Attribution in a multi-channel Environment all right that makes perfect Sense I'm just I'm thinking about all The opportunities we have in the Multi-channel nowadays and it's still Very big thing I know we're going more Omni rather than multi this year but Opportunities are really endless here Yes yes [Music] I have a suggestion for for all of us Here because Um before this episode we actually you Know we're constantly improving with Anna so this time we asked uh you know The community actually to help us a bit And to actually Point us towards Um like the the best possible context For for our you know like uh case study For example so Um definitely like most people chose

Fashion and apparel as the kind of like You know e-commerce context for for our Discussion and I wanted actually to I Wanted us to think about the ways we Could actually Use email and direct mail in the you Know e-commerce fashion and apparel Industry is it okay with you Absolutely yes cool so actually I Thought that maybe we could just you Know use this this simple framework Called the Loyalty Loop Um I really like it because you know you Have only like four stages there and the First stage is actually the moment where Actually people can they probably okay Let's assume that they do not know about Your company they do not know who you Are so actually here this is where you Know all the brand awareness is is Important So usually with email so you know we Would suggest uh using Facebook Instagram you know any sort of like Social media platform and basically use Ads to direct people uh to your website Or landing page and you know when they Actually When they are interested so they click The ad right then they land on a website They read the content and then they Decide should I sign up for a newsletter Or or not or or maybe I'm not interested So

Is there any like you know what is the Role of direct mail At this particular stage Yeah so uh Direct Mail is very commonly Used For brand awareness campaigns uh as a Compliment to those digital ads And and so often what will happen is uh They'll they'll launch digital ads at The same time that a direct mail Campaign is being sent okay and then What happens digital ads are running for Targeting a particular demographic for Say seven days The direct mail campaign is being Produced in the software uh it is being Then mailed and so it's typically Roughly about a seven day start to Finish So then you know you've been seeing an Ad on Instagram you've been seeing an ad On Facebook for a week and then all of a Sudden a bright colorful postcard shows Up uh that is reinforcing that exact Same branding messaging call to action That it's it's all coordinated and and And focused on delivering The the same message through multiple Channels and multiple touches over a one To two week period And so that that Stage one uh that brand awareness uh Direct Mail has a role uh because you Are able to uh to acquire Data of mailing data uh in in mail to

People uh on a cold basis Just like you can with digital ads and So so you can you can get those lists You can drill down and and make those Lists very very granular regarding the Demographic that you are targeting And the geographies that you're starting You're targeting and you can send those Campaigns out as a compliment to the Digital ads that you are building the Brand awareness around Perfect so there is a QR code on the Postcard and then for example I can just Invite people to use the QR code to land On the website and then immediately There is this connection between the Data held in the QR code and whatever Happens next on the website or on the Landing page right that is correct yeah That is correct and so then you know if You respond and and you uh take the call To action Then maybe you get pulled out of the Remaining steps of the campaign Right because there's no more need to be Bombarding you with messaging and and uh Or particularly Direct Mail Right like Don't spend that money stop and and you Know you've accomplished your goal yeah Okay cool sounds amazing Um so then There is this other stage and it's like Um you know the moment when where you do This active evaluation so basically you

Compare Products right so you you definitely you Probably have several brands On your radar at this point and you want To compare you know who is like well Actually you know what to buy where to Buy So Here is Let's say that the part where where we Have uh most examples in from email Marketing because once somebody signed Up right then we can have those like Welcome series that first we Um like invite people to create an email Explaining your brand so basically you Know just just making sure that people Understand not only the products that You offer but also like the philosophy Behind the brand you know that basically You your brand is Like people get Some some sort of like connection like Sometimes even emotional connection yeah With your brand so then Um it's going to be easier for them to Choose you over competitors Um so yeah here like you know email Marketing is is huge in this area how About direct mail when you want to like You know compare And and stand out from the competitors So one of the things that we uh see Quite often with our customers is that

They will complement their welcome Series email With a a letter A physical letter in an envelope From the CEO Of the company And and the letter will often have a Printed front and a back The printed front will be a couple of Paragraphs from the CEO Diving into in the CEO's own words the Brand values the broader mission of the Organization why are we doing this you Know why are we sending you this message And thank you Thank you for enrolling you know we look Forward to serving you And then on the back We'll often see social proof okay Reviews printed on the back or a Competitive Matrix on the back And so you're able to use both parts of That real estate In a very efficient way and and you know Have a meaningful letter from an Executive of the company in a picture And you know what looks like a signature You know is a font but it looks like a Signature and and it's it it is a Authentic Way To communicate something People know when you receive something In the mail this this was not cheap this

This is Meaningful That you know you're receiving something With some words from an executive about About the broader Mission about why this Is important and then that social proof Can be very very valuable at this stage Oh yeah thank you for that because Definitely this is how you can stand out So Even if you like let people know that You do have a mission and vision and It's even like printed out so it's it's Sounds yeah it sounds that you invested And you actively invest in this right I Also think it's very cool that you Suggest doing this at this stage Specifically and not later on after the Purchase for example because I was just Thinking of the day when I was buying Some bed sheets which kind of fits the Fashion and apparel Parts a little bit So once I got this sheet it did have Exactly what you described it was a Letter from the company owners Explaining why they do it who they are How it's a small family business and I Was very moved with it but at the same Time I've already bought from them so They already had me and if I got that at The stage when I was just considering a Couple of brands That might have been a thing that would Totally persuade me to go in their Direction that's something I've never

Thought about it and that's very Exciting yeah we should totally all try To do more of those things Yes yes and I I have another suggestion For post purchase but we will get to That exactly but but also like thank you For mentioning those like positive Reviews and you know testimonials Because during this evaluation phase you Definitely wanna like you basically this Is the sort of like information that Um groups to be really effective in Email marketing so I can imagine that in Direct mail uh it's it's at least like You know equally efficient effective I Think it's more it's more efficient Because you don't expect it like you Don't expect a letter with customer Reviews so that's really cool I'm very Much amazed here So so the the third stage here would be The actually the purchase so you know Now when when people okay they they know All they They need and they actually purchase the Product and this is surprising it's but Like most of the marketing communication At least on the publish Market just like It it just ends there because like the Goal is like you know to invite people To buy your product and then boom it's Like it's over it's like we're not Friends anymore Um obviously there are some brands that

That you know they they choose building Relationships but there's like a few of Them so vast majority of marketers they Just like They don't They don't just build a relationship Beyond the purchase Um but you know what would you say is There is the because you've mentioned That actually it's very it's a good idea Actually to send direct mail to your Customers so What what would you say Okay I have a uh a very uh I believe Highly useful uh uh direct mail piece Here at this stage You send a smallest postcard Uh that is the least expensive And you have it triggered immediately Upon purchase Right so you you make this purchase uh Bed linens The uh the trigger happens Seven days later you get this small Postcard in the mail And the postcard is uh designed To talk about customer service It's not about anything else it's about Are you using this the right way are you Having any issues And and so what we see with many of our Customers they'll send out this postcard And the CTA on the QR code will be Driven driving people to a video

A video where the head of customer Service has a brief introduction And then you get into here is how you Use this here are the best ways to use This ideas and examples of you know hey Here's the best way that our best Customers use this product And and so you turn that opportunity More into I care about you and how you Are receiving value from this thing that You have acquired right it's important To us that you actually use this and you Use it in the best way that you can As opposed to forget it you know we're Done with you now right uh but but a a Company is always as successful as its Customers are successful With the product And so you know it's very very important That you communicate with your existing Customers to make sure they are At least getting a chance to get the Most value possible And so that's uh often a great step in The purchase process I love this example Like thank you so much for it because Yeah this this customer success part This is actually where it where it Starts like this is the purchase it's Like the moment where You know expectations meet reality so Then actually if you can actually help People with like yeah making sure that They use the product to the fullest when

We think about fashion in apparel it's Probably about like making sure that the Things you've bought will last for years Not four days right Um so how to care how to care for this Yeah yeah exactly so wash you know the The ironing you know whatever it is You're going to be doing for this Particular piece of fashion how to store It And for all those like you know content Marketing uh people that we uh love so Much because we together with Anna you Know we're part of the content marketing Team so yeah there is this great content Idea that you know how to create content Like post purchase designed to actually Make people you know like use the Products better and and basically this Will result in yeah like biggest like Greatest Um customer satisfaction I have this one e-commerce here in Poland they sell vinyl records and I Really appreciate the fact that every Time they send you a parcel They they write thank you on the on the Packaging so you know somebody from a Team like the person who is actually Um just uh wrapping the the package Together you know this person is also Like writing something like personal and It's there for you and I can imagine that yeah it it really

Like you know creates something cool so Even now yeah it just popped up because I I I've got this emotional connection With with this This person Well it says that we care it says that You know We've built this thing for you And you know we care we want you to be Successful with this And if you're having trouble reach out We we want we want to help you exactly So the the the the last stage in this Like loyalty Loop is this like you know Like post purchase experience so it Might be long or short you know Depending on the on the product or on The or the service But here I haven't seen much activity Like okay sometimes there are those like Um e-commerce platforms help with that Because usually they have some Uh transactional emails you know like Service Um just basically asking people if they Would like to like NPS yeah so How Likely are you to recommend us to a Friend or family member Um I don't know but but apart from those Like transactional males it's only like A handful of companies that are active In this area so they like reach out they Ask you okay are you satisfied with with The product you've bought you know do

You have any any feedback for us so I'm really surprised because because This is like you know the moment where You can definitely you know you have a Lot to share with with your customers But you can also learn so much from your Customers because you could actually you Know ask them for like feedback review Anything in particular Um so what is the role of of direct mail Yeah like like you know anytime from the Purchase to another purchase hopefully Yeah so there are a couple of things There and we see the same thing that you See you know the least amount of Energy is applied to the post purchase Process Um But that means there's more opportunity There right and and because because your Competitors aren't doing that and if Your goal is to stand out if your goal Is to do more than your competitors it Represents an opportunity So at a high level Um this is going back to that initial uh Use case we just I described it we'll Often see Direct Mail being used to uh Focus on the email non-openers Number one at a high level right like so If you have you have a campaign email is A no-brainer right for uh for a Post-purchase Communications and and Often direct mail will be plugged into

Uh some automations that are focused uh Around uh reaching the non-opers and and So uh the other thing that we see Depending upon the product There will often be a cross-sell or Upsell Opportunity After 30 days or 60 days You purchase this product now this Product is often used with this product Or uh because you bought this you may be Interested in this Right from so from a from a a fashion Standpoint it might be an accessory to Go with uh the the initial purchase Um and then uh and then the other thing That we see quite a bit of for Subscription businesses is an Anniversary based direct mail piece And so if you have a renewal after a Particular period of time They'll quite a bit we do we're now Seeing more of this a piece of direct Mail to go out and complement the email Marketing around the renewal and so Those are a couple of examples of what We do see but I I see of these four Stages that we discussed I think that This is the area of least investment by Marketers and and probably the most Opportunity to actually stand out Thank you [Music] There's a big

A lot of energy being applied now to Community And and I've not seen a lot of campaigns That are focused on driving engagement Into community Uh but that might represent a very good Opportunity I really like this angle so I wanted to Ask you like you know what would be your Tips like how could we use direct mail To actually help us build community Um So so yeah well Definitely you know there are certain Like examples that come to my mind when It comes to to email marketing but I Think that it might be a bit you know Easier uh in the online space but what About direct mail and you know what About the offline Community Building Yeah well I I would say again I would Use Direct Mail in a complementary way Here right uh to reach those that are Not responding to other channels Um and and I think the important thing From a creative standpoint is to uh is To convey the the Feeling of the community the emotion uh That one gets when uh one participates In a community And you know Direct Mail offers A different emotional response Because it is highly visual and it is Physical and it's something that you

Know you must hold in your hand at least For a few moments And and so uh uh you know that would be My suggestion would be to you know Focus The the Uh energy around Direct Mail is a complimentary Channel And and could create a real emotional Impact Around the feeling that you get with Engagement in the community [Music] And to finish I have a question I don't Usually ask people but I'm really Curious nowadays about this topic in Particular because we're talking about Something tangible and I think that's Where it becomes more personal more Intimate do you have any example of any Campaign that either you ran or one of Your clients ran that really just stole Your heart that you were so inspired of That Impressed you utterly yes So um Here in the in the states and in Canada As well Um Direct Mail is used uh quite a bit by Non-profits and charities And for these very reasons And and so Um You know One of our customers

Has a uh non-profit that is focused on Homelessness And they've developed a very Innovative Way to Help Stop homelessness before it actually Happens And and so a very effective novel way of Intervening uh in Um the housing courts before people are Evicted from their homes And and so uh we've seen multiple Campaigns from this customer that Tell the story Of these people that you know are Uh in the system and and you know our Our on their way to being sent to the Street but are able through this Service To stay in their homes And to successfully move beyond the Financial crisis that led to this Particular situation And and so Um heart rendering emotional and highly Effective uh and so Um you know Direct Mail is is very very Useful to tell these types of stories Because You can have a highly visual postcard You can follow it up by a long letter Multiple pages with lots of information And and it's Um you're much more likely to read

A longer letter than a long email yeah That's for sure yeah that's true Particularly if you've already been hit In the Heart by a visual by a postcard Then you get a letter right and so it Those campaigns are very effective And it's beautiful it's amazing that You're talking about non-profit and Thank you so much for sharing [Music] I think we had a uh some great Discussion I love that we dove into some Specific ideas and examples uh in you Know I think uh this is a channel That is being rediscovered by marketers It's still early in this process uh There's now technology that makes uh This entire process easier and faster And more integrated with everything else That you're doing And so you know I would suggest uh go to we have a ton of content In our blog best practice information uh And and we have a free account if you're In the states or in Canada at this point Um you know we'd love to have you use The software for free and and you can Learn and talk to us as you have any Questions And we'll be coming to the EU in the Future And so we're excited about that as well Fantastic I can't wait for you guys to Conquer EU for all of our listeners from

North America please do try out Postalytics because so far it sounds Amazing thank you for like you know Working towards like Collaboration not competition between Like you know online and offline Marketing but actually to make it like For creating a platform where actually You can combine these two and and be Like you know really effective in in the Multi-channel marketing so cool thank You so much uh you're very welcome and Thank you for having me this has been a Wonderful discussion [Music] Wow I really enjoyed this episode and You know it's like Now I can see opportunities and I really Appreciate the fact that companies such As postalytics Create software that actually Allows you to do things that you haven't Even considered because I don't know Much about other European countries but In Poland the quality of direct mail is Exceptionally low like this is something You would just get out of your inbox you Don't even look at that And your heart is broken because you Know that you know we cut down trees to Produce this So I hope that you know the future is Brighter and that marketers will be more Conscious about how they approach their

Direct mail and that actually software And automation will bring some reason to To to this to this channel I couldn't Agree more and I gotta admit it does Come through in the interview but I was So excited about some of the ideas I Never even thought of because for me Direct Mail is so outdated so Abused by governments and lame Bureaucratic instances so it was really Exciting and game changing to see that You can actually do really creative Things about it and connect digital World was the physical one in such a Simple manner But I think it's also very important not To forget about the sustainability of it All because as we know our environmental Resources are finite that it's not Endless and we do have to take care of Our planet and unfortunately Direct Mail May not be the most environmental way For you to go the trees are being cut Deforestation is an issue so we do have To be mindful of that and try our best To save our home that is our big blue Ball called planet Earth So I think I'm gonna try to skip the Marketing message today and instead I'm Gonna Leave You guys on saying that you Can download your podcast on Apple Podcast Google podcast or Spotify So that you can listen to it and go Ahead and plant a tree or something

[Music] Operation automation is backed up by get Response the marketing automation Platform that's been on the market for Over 20 years subscribe for more juicy Insights and remember automate don't Complicate

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