Cleaning Up The Mess | How to Keep Your Email List Healthy and Increase Your Sales In 2023

Welcome again my name is Matthew Zila Here and I'm a Content Partnerships Manager at get response and I'm joined Here today by Brian Munich CEO of Zero bounce and today's topic is how you Can keep your email list clean and Increase your sales in 2023 Now a lot of email marketers face Problems and challenges then They send out email campaigns and one of The biggest challenges is making sure That the emails land in the inbox folder And that deliverably deliverability Rates are high enough so that this is Why we are excited to share with you the Best practices we have developed to Improve the email deliverability During the webinar we will be sharing Our knowledge on how to con how to Effectively clean and validate your Email list to improve your email Deliverability and increase your open And click through rates We'll also show you how to identify and Remove invalid and bounced email Addresses as well as how to effectively Segment your list to reach the right People at the right time Brian will share his expert insights on Email validation and how we can help you Reaching the inbox The webinar will be around one hour long And as I mentioned before you will share The recording with everyone after the

Event has concluded Uh during the events feel free to Excavate in chat and we will try our Best to answer all of your questions at The end of the webinar Well uh that's it for me for starters Take it away Brian Sure so welcome everybody I just want to Give a quick introduction on myself and And thank everyone for joining today I'm Brian Minnick I'm the Chief Operating Officer of zero balances uh mate has Mentioned uh excited to share some good Insight with you today and also get a Feeling to see where you're at and get Some get some feedback as well and so my Background's about 15 15 plus years in The marketing and Technology space I Started as a software developer and Absolutely loved marketing and Technology and have moved into Operations within tech companies and It's been a very great spot I've been Doing emails my entire life and it's Definitely been something that I have Found to be incredibly resourceful Continuously evolving and no matter what Anyone is telling me I disagree it's Going away anytime soon so Um you know thanks again for everyone Joining today and we're going to go Ahead and kick it off with a poll and so I wanted to see when the last time Anyone has cleaned their email list and

So if you have cleaned your email list In the last 30 days or if you've cleaned It in the last three months or six Months maybe it's in the last year Or maybe you've never done it at all Let's give just uh 30 45 seconds or so See how things are going So far majority no one's cleaned Someone less than 30 days maybe they Work at zero bounce I'm not sure we'll See So it's definitely seemed like okay so a Couple people have done it in the last Let's say six months or less a couple in Less than a year most of you have never Done it before good I mean I'm glad to Actually hear this so I can give you I Think I'm going to give you some really Valuable content today as well Um Give it another 10 seconds Well the majority Definitely the majority okay great so um Let's go ahead and go back to the slides And let's go and do it so most of you Have never cleaned your email list Perfect takes me incredibly educational For you and I hope that you get some Good insight and feel free to ask Questions at the end Um so why do you want to clean your Email list and why do email lists go bad This is something that people are really Just not you know I think they're

Conscious of it but I don't know how Much they're paying close attention to The the impact of it and so email lists Going bad can cause a lot of different Issues for you and some of the reasons They would go back businesses are Closing people are changing jobs Um you know I'm in the tech world I Don't know where everyone is is right Now and what your industry is but in the Tech world you know some of the largest Companies in the world have let off over A hundred thousand people I think in Five companies Um in the last 15 days I think it's been Or 30 days these are these emails are Now poof they no longer work they're not Good anymore so especially in the B2B Space we have to pay attention to churn Of people turn of jobs a lot of people Moved jobs in the last two three years With the pandemic and so if you have Data that you've had for a long time we Have to take a look at that and make Sure that that um you know the the data That you're using is really good there's Lots of also Bad actors and I really Hate to talk about this but it's Something we all have to be aware of we Have seen malicious attacks towards Websites from either competitors or Bots And they'll go ahead and actually submit Bad email addresses into your database They can easily do that right so if you

Are not using double locked in forms or Things of this nature if it's just text Box give me your email and you allow Anyone to put an email in there you Could be open to getting a Spam trap a Spam trap is a really bad email address That you don't want to have on your list It shouldn't be there in the first place They're commonly found in purchase lists And if you send an email to them they Will go right to the spam folder and Immediately start to Blacklist your Domain and your IP fake emails can also Go in as well and so during the holidays Guys one thing for everyone to know There's a lot lot of bad data coming Into these systems because people don't Always want all your email marketing we Have to just it acknowledge that and so Don't fight against it go with it if They want to purchase but don't want to Give you the right email it's okay They'll probably like your product but There's a lot of disposable or burner Emails or self-destructing emails in 24 Hours one you know 10 minutes whatever It might be you want to get those out of Your database and a company like Zeroback we're able to help detect those And get them out so these are reasons These are just some reasons why email Lists and data can go bad uh why you Really want to care is because you are You you have to focus on your sending

Reputation and the deliverability a Question I always love to answer to ask Is you know do you understand the Difference between email delivered and Email deliverability and you know it's Just a few letters that change that but The stentons and the statement is much Different so delivered is just email was Sent right poof gone they went somewhere Um deliverability means it landed in the Inbox where everyone is and so this is a Quality Focus not a quantity Focus Deliver is just a quantity Deliverability is quality so you want to Make sure that your emails are not going Into the spam box and bounce rates that Are high will give you issues here so Anything over two percent balance rates Will give you lots of issues if you're Hitting spam traps which are kind of Some of these emails which especially if People are doing any purchase lists or It's not even just purchase lists I Actually we have a really great example In the in the real world JPMorgan just Purchased a massive company four million Emails in there and I think it was 70 of The data was completely garbage Completely garbage uh and they didn't Know this until after the fact they Could have easily spotted that you want To make sure you don't have these type Of emails in your list and also you know Pay attention to who's not engaging into

Your your campaigns because eventually You want to maybe move those into a Slower bucket or into another bucket That says something like hey what did we Do wrong you don't open you don't you Know and eventually if they're still Gone remove them Deliverability and inboxing is a Percentage game and a momentum game so You want people to be opening forwarding Clicking and if you have a smaller Audience but a more engaged audience the Deliverability can increase from that So as we continue you know we have lots Of use cases jeans one of our a great Customer of ours he came to us screaming Oh my God I got kicked off my ESP get a 12 balance rate this is an email list That he acquired uh naturally through His through his website through his Platform and he never cleaned it before He went to an ESP and it just absolutely Shut them down they kicked him off uh Bounce rate no one likes bouncer high Bounce rates nobody and this is going From the ESP to the service providers That provide the email accounts to the To everybody nobody who likes uh bounces Because it causes a lot of disruption And you look like a spammer because you Shouldn't have a high bounce rate if you Have a very good list so Gene came to us He went ahead and cleaned everything up His results came back and said he

Immediately got reinstated on his Account and he said ever since then he Got rid of all of his kind of Bot sign Ups and fake sign ups and now he's only Sending to valid emails he's been a he's Just uh questions ESP email service Provider these are companies like uh you Know get response mailchim constantly Contact any of the the large providers Um and so they will kick you off if you Have a very high bounce rate and moving Is a big problem as well so you don't Want to you want to be on good terms With your ESP or your studying provider Is very important so we helped Gene with That and it's just a nice case study That I like to take uh talk about but Verifying your email list but there's There's a lot of things you can do so When when we talk about validation and Verifying your email list what we do is Actually go into uh we would you would Send us an email list we would take each Email address and physically connect to That server and see if the email is Existing or not so we we basically send An email without sending the email so no Customer of yours would ever know you Used to service but we check to see and We basically knock on the door to see if The email is a valid email it's really Important and it really helps your Sending reputation some other things you Can do and you know we'll get into

Segmenting later but we have lots of Tools as well that can help you segment So there's things you can score your Email list we have some activity data That you can get into and we provide a Few tools as well that I think really Complement uh you know the get response Platform as well which is trying to help With the deliverability these are things Like monitoring your IP address and your Domain that you're sending from you can Have a blacklist monitor on the email Address and the domain that you're Sending from if you get hit with a Blacklist you want to get yourself off Of that Immediately because it'll immediately Blacklist uh it will put everything into A few it'll put everything into a spam Folder or even not delivered so you want To make sure you get that stuff off Um and monitor so there's a lot of Things you can do Um do here so copy hackers uh Joanna is A is a great person of ours as well Another kind of success story that we Have and we have thousands of these we Have over 200 000 um We have over 200 000 people on our Platform and gained strongly every Single day uh doing a ton of validation And so we've really helped a lot of People that have gotten themselves into Trouble I do see a lot of good questions

And I think we'll take some of these at The end Um so but I do see them and it'll Definitely uh we'll address them but Email is the core of most people's Businesses it's the cheap absolute Cheapest way to get in front of your Customer it is a great way to retain Your customer it is a great way to ask For referrals ask for reviews the the List continues and it stains that you Know you don't even really have to pay That much money for once you have the Email and it's good so you definitely Want to be focusing on your email and Make sure you have a nice healthy list And make sure that that all this stuff Is is in a really good uh in a good Place So Um what else can affect your email Deliverability You know there's quite a few things Um we can talk about things like uh Subject lines we have uh different ways That obviously you wanna You got to take a minute and just make Sure you don't look like the ones that Are in your spam box I actually like to Use that example a lot if you want to Know what not to do go look in your spam Box Don't use these keywords don't use all The Caps the punctuations you have to be

Very careful with using commonly Associated spam words and free is one of Them so you've got to be very careful With this type of stuff pay attention to The way that you're describing things Because I know when I sent my first Marketing campaign all I could think About was like did they see this point No bolded add the exclamation points add The Emojis add you know everything right And you have to realize that your Excitement does not translate into their Excitement your excitement can translate Into spam filters going whoa whoa hold On here take it easy you're doing a Little too much here and so you want to Make sure you're putting these things in And check stuff uh and so definitely you Know lots too many images or the whole Thing being an image can be some Different things and what you want to Also be paying attention to is the Ability for them to opt out of your list Or to unsubscribe so commonly I've seen And not so much anymore but which I'm Very thankful for actually but in the Past I've seen people try to bury that Unsubscribe I mean you know just hold The return key until you can't anymore And it's so far down uh so legally You're okay but you don't want that Stuff and the reason behind it is also It's it's actually engagement and so Someone unsubscribes the world outside

Of you sees this as a click and so it Sees that oh they open the email right Because they can't unsubscribe unless They open they open the email they Clicked unsubscribe they see an open and A click and it's not a bad thing what is Very bad and it's the complete inverse Of when someone can't find the Unsubscribe link is the hit report spam Report spam is Um I'm trying to think of the proper way To say this here without getting too Aggressive it is basically one of the Worst things that can happen to your Email campaign and so forcing people to Either do that as a way to get out Um it's not it's not a good a good way To think about things you don't want People marking you as spam uh that Starts to talk to the whole network of Email providers so for example if you Send something to a Gmail account and he Marks you a Spam more of these come in Gmail starts to go whoa wait a minute Here who is this who's this sender who's The reputation and they start degrading You and then ultimately they're going to Say no he's a spammer out we've actually Even seen emails that have not been read We've seen them move out of inbox into Spam based on the uh the rest of the Results that are happening on their Platform so we're not in email of 2002 And 1998 just as much as you can as

Quick as you can do what you can you Have to be more strategic think of it as Ads you have to put the right content in Front of people and you want to make Sure that you're you're putting things That are engaging to the people so too Many images we talked about that one Spammy and scammy copy you know I think These are kind of given one of the Things that's you that's actually pretty Recent is the the link shorteners so I Know a lot of people like to use these The bitly the you know the and They use these URL shorteners they want To track clicks that way don't use those A lot of those are actually now Automatically going into the spam folder Your ESP and and get response everyone Is going to rewrite your url that they Can show you the clicks and the tracking So you don't need to do this twice which Actually I do still see a lot you want To get those out some of them we've even Heard now are just automatic right to The spam folder because scammers are Using these ways of links to mask the Domain that that link really attaches to And so you know the providers are just Taking a step to go you know what that's Just not let's not deal with this Attachments most likely you're not using Them but if maybe you're doing B2B cold Emailing things like that stay away from Attachments until you get some

Engagement So that's some more stuff that can Happen here um you know get response They have a really awesome automated Spam check on their uh on built into the Platform so when you go to send you'll See something like a Spam check and it's It's automated through their platform And says you're good to go they're going To scan your content your images and Your links and see if there's any red Flags I think that's a very very good uh quick Way to know generally where you are Obviously if you have an issue you want To fix it before you send anything out However I don't think that's enough and There's more stuff that that we can do So zero Bounce has created a inbox Placement tester that I think Complements this really well because you Don't need to run a test if your Automated spam check is telling you it's Bad you know fix that first then let's Go to the the other task but what Xerobounce is doing is we have put Um we've created seed accounts and lots Of the popular email accounts such as AOL Gmail Yahoo uh and there's International ones here as well there's Some in Germany and and others Um where we give you the seed accounts And you send your email to us and we Will give you a return back if it went

To inbox folder or the spam folder or Was blocked or not delivered uh so this Is a real life Um test towards where did it actually Place and one more thing which I'm sure A lot of people are doing including zero Bounce when we send her emails you Probably have a test list right three People someone on the marketing team Your friend brother sister whatever Right Um if their email was ever in spam and You moved it to not spam obviously That's a good thing but you cannot rely On that Test result to tell you what's going to Happen in the big world when you go to Send your email so Um you definitely want to have something Kind of neutral not something that You're constantly sending that someone's Managing to that will give you more real Life results to what might happen so if Something's in the spam folder you Definitely want to make sure that you You know fix that before you hit the Campaign before you hit send these few Extra steps while it might take you a Minute or two if you bake that into your Process your results will be much better Because again Quality over quantity and you guys have To always think like this when you're Talking about email

I don't whatever your email database Size is if half of it's in the spam Folder all of it's in the spam folder is A waste of your time uh I'd rather see Much more of that go into the inbox Folder and that's when you see the Campaign results and that's when you you Start to understand and see what Everyone else is talking about and so You've got to get into the inbox it's Incredibly incredibly important So we provide some tools that help and Get response does great job also doing Automated spam check on the campaign So another one is uh kind of the Reputation the authentication this is Another step uh that is kind of very Important to your deliverability and it Can if if this is not set up properly Can really reduce your chances of lands In the inbox uh constantly I'm seeing People send emails from Gmail accounts And they're just burning through them Guys it's a waste of your time it's it's Just an absolute waste of your time you Need a business domain you need a good Email address you need to build on that Email address and you might have an Issue with it we've it it's happened to Me we've we've sent something we didn't Do something right and now it's Blacklist or it's banned or it's just Not a good email Start over go back to the drawing boards

You know this is a craft this is not a Just hit send uh you want to craft what You can do you want a good email address When you're sending from cold IPS Meaning that IP address is not used to Sending mail that IP address is not Recognized yet throughout the world and How it's kind of looking at the Reputation you want to build good Reputation you want to make sure you're Not in the spam folder and you want to Make sure you're not on a black list There's definitely I know I saw a Question but just to talk about it There's Blacklist Checkers we have a Free one on our website that you don't Even need to register for you can just Type zero bounce Blacklist Checker and Then we also have a monitoring tool that You would need an account for we would Email you if something comes up where You did land on to a blacklist uh the Other ones would be like not being Authenticated properly so with RC Standards and having dkm dmarc and SPF Set up uh we have a an email address you Can send one of your campaigns to we Will run a incredibly thorough analysis On that and see if uh if you're having Any issues that would be on the left Hand side so we're going to go through And check a whole bunch of stuff that Quite honestly is even too technical for Me and so I've had to any of these

Reports be given to our mail admins but There's really good stuff and we're Checking again for for what the world we Know in RFC standards says you have to Be sending by and so you want to Definitely fix anything that's critical And warnings you might or might not need To fix and sometimes you can't And then on The Blacklist monitoring These are things that uh once again when I mention that you can set up you can Toggle any particular Blacklist you can Monitor domain you can monitor Pv4 IPv6 whatever it might be and if Something changes either good or bad we Would go ahead and notify you about that And so Um you know these are some of the ways That will help you get into the inbox Zero bounce what we've heavily focused On is validation but our mission and our Goal is to help you get into the Inbox And that's more than just validating Although validating is a very big piece We also do a toolkit that helps you kind Of monitor some of these other things That I've talked about and so with that That's a little bit about zero bounce And I know there will be some questions I'll be happy to answer them towards the End and I'm going to kick it over to Youante Thank you Brian So uh so far Brian has talked about uh

You know General best practices and how You can validate your emails and also How you can Make sure that your email is not Manually flapped the spam Um now here's something we need to talk About is whether you should use a shadow Dedicates the IP address An IP address in this context relates to The address of the email server that is Sending out that is used to send out Your email campaigns So we can differentiate between Dedicated IP addresses and shared IP Addresses dedicated IP address is means That you are the only organization who Is using that specific email server for Sending out newsletters and email Communications and the shared IP address Means that multiple organizations are Using the same IP addresses same email Servers for the news networks both have Their pros and scores Shared IP addresses are used by multiple Senders as I mentioned and because of That they have shared responsibility What this means is that one Center is Engaging in bad practices and If one sender is like abusing the system And sending out spam or not receiving uh Or sending out emails without getting Permission or not including Unsubscriblings or doing any of the bad Practices that Brian mentioned then it

Will hurt the reputation of all the Other senders as well Uh but uh because Um these email servers have uh long uh Sending history because a lot of people Are using it These are considered one EPA IP Addresses what it means is that Um Email clients like for example Gmail are Able to decide whether this uh Sender or this email server is reputable Or not They have lower costs because the cost Is shared between All of the users but can have slower Sending speeds because of the multiple Organizations that are using it And this is recommended for medium and Smaller list sizes I see a question in Chat that uh what is a larger list Sizing in this context uh there is no Like one-size-fits-all answer to this Question but generally speaking if you Have more than like a hundred thousand Subscribers you should consider Switching to a dedicated IP address Which is used by an individual sender And the fact that only one organization Is using this email server it means that They have individual responsibility so If they are engaging in bad practices Then they are the only one who will get Hurt

Um these IP addresses are more difficult to set Up Because they usually start from zero so These email servers don't have like a Sending history so they are considered Called and need to be warned up before You can properly start sending out like Larger campaigns with them Because the course is not shared they Have higher costs but because you are The only organization that's using it it Has super fast sending speeds Um I see a question in chat how you can Determine if you currently have a shot Of dedicates the IP address well it Depends uh on your uh ESP you are using If you don't know if you have a Dedicated IP address you most likely are Using a shared one uh because most uh Commercially available Solutions are Shared IP addresses by default so for Example get response in all of our SMB Plans we use a shared IP addresses And we managed to keep a really high Deliverability rate above 99 Because we have our own in-house AI Solution called Hydra that is able to uh Spot bad spending practices and is able To spot Bad actors uh before they can Damage the reputation of the legitimate Users And we also have that dedicated IP Solutions in our Max plans

And because these come generally with a Code IP address we have built-in warm-up Solutions and this basically just means That Um we have a solution that helps you Gradually scale up your email campaigns Uh so uh because if you just start Sending out like hundreds of thousands Of emails with a code IP address this is You you will most likely land into Spam Folders so you will need to burn up the IP but we have a solution for that Another important question here uh now That we are not uh topic of questions is Whether you should use a single or Developed team the Brian mentioned this In passing that um Um usually double opt-ins are considered Safer But what do they mean a single option Means that Uh you know the Um When someone just submits their uh email Address via a forearm or a lead capture Form or they just sign up to your Service and they immediately get placed In your email list that is symbol opt-in Double opt-in on the other hand requires An extra step after someone provides Their email address they get an Automated email message and they have to Verify Their identity by clicking on the

Um Verification Link in this email Now because uh this is a two-step Process and requires more effort from Your subscribers it means that develop Team uh generally has lower subscribe Rates so if your only goal is to uh get A huge email list that may be Developed in is not for you generally Speaking around you can expect to run 30 Percent less subscribers if you are Using double opt-in but on the other Hand you can expect higher engagement Rates uh Usually around 10 percent higher open Rates and fifty percent higher Click-through rates on your emails Now these numbers are You know these numbers are averages of Averages so uh you should take these With a grain of salt but Um Uh the key takeaway here is that if you Are using double option then you will Have fewer subscribers but they will be More engaged And whether you should use double or Single Optimum It depends on you it depends on the Nature of your business your individual Goals Um if you have the option you can try Experimenting with uh switching to Developed if you are using single opt-in

Right now and um See for yourself whether if it's worth It from the long run The bottom line is that in most Countries around the world uh double Opt-in is not required by law so single Obtain is fine in most of the cases Now Um so far we talked about image Deliverability And How you can avoid the dreaded spam Folder but we also need to talk about How you can increase your subscribers Engagement levels and how you can make Sure that they don't unsubscribe from Your emails Now I have a Personal uh story about this before Joining get response the content Partnerships manager I was working on it Was an email marketer in various small Startups and one of these companies I Worked for was a software service Business And they they were pretty uh successful They had around like 150 000 active Users But uh One third of their email list Didn't receive any of our uh marketing Communications and newsletters And when I just joined there my first Task was to clean up their email lists

And find out why these people these 50 000 people are not receiving our emails Well the reason behind this was that They unsubscribed And this absolutely shocked me because Vive would like once uh why would so Many people unsubscribe from a service Since emails What they actually use so these were Active users And the reason was really simple Uh they were not segmenting their uh Email Communications so they had won a List of email addresses uh one General Main list with all the uh emails and Contact information of all their users And they were sending the same email Communication to everyone So like any given person in a week would Receive like industry news company news Weekly digest promotions uh updates About upcoming events and it was just Too much email for one person so they Couldn't do anything About it they couldn't manage their Preferences so they just uh unsubscribed And because we only use one list Uh when they clicked on the unsubscribe Button they unsubscribed from that one And only list So they never received our emails again The solution to this was super simple We introduced multiple email lists and Introduced constant fields on our lead

Capture forms So when someone signed up for the Service They were actually able to uh Uh select what kind of email Communications they want to receive they Want the uh could select that whether They want to receive Newsletters whether they want to receive Emails about promotions and based on These uh constant fields we uh with Automations we place them on separate Lists So if someone subscribed for all of the Uh forward five email Communications They get put on all of our email lists And if someone wanted to change their Preferences and unsubscribe from a Certain uh newsletter When they clicked on unsubscribe they Were actually able to manage which list They want to unsubscribe from So and this result is in fewer people Opting us from all of our lists because They were able to select okay I don't Want to receive the offers and Promotions anymore but I still want to Receive emails about events and Resources So yeah Um in the question yeah you should use Uh multiple lists and not not one master List It will be better in the long run

Um But uh This is one way how you can segment your Uh subscribers but within those lists You can segment them further And uh segmentation in this context Means that uh You want to ensure that the right Passage is being sent to the right Person at the right time So Um Because this can result in increased Open rates increase the general Engagement click-through rates Conversions will go up your Unsubscribers will go down because all Of your subscribers will receive like Hyper personalized emails And because your engagement goes up and Your unsubscribed rate goes down and Fewer people will manually flag your Email as a Spam then you will have a Higher chance of avoiding this spam Filter So uh how you can segment your Subscribers why you have A few options you can segment them based On the demographics or their behavior So by demographics you can segment them Based on the gender age location job Title of preferences Uh and this makes sense because uh just Imagine that you will have like Live

Events uh next month and you want to Send that an email blast to all of your Subscribers you don't want to send this Same invitation to the live event to People living in different countries Right you don't want to if you are in a Restaurant you don't want to send An email introducing your senior Discounts to people below the age of Like 60. so you can segment and you Should segment your uh Subscribers based on their demographics But you can also segment them based on Their behavior In most esps you have their whole History of how they interact with your Brand so you know what they purchase From you you know what they are Considering buying by uh which websites And which landing pages they visit you Know what they click on you know which Emails they open know what resonates With them so you can use all of this Data To further uh tailor your communication To the individuals And there is one other way how you can Segment your users And this way is based on their Engagement level and Brian also Mentioned this in passing but um it's Really important to understand that not All of your subscribers are engaged with Your brand uh

On the same level So there will be people who only Subscribed like years ago before for Sweepstake you were running and they Even thought that for that that you Existed and you have your most loyal Followers who open all of their you know All of the emails click on all the links Read your blogs and just generally Really highly engaged most esps have um Way to assign scores and points uh to Subscribers based on their interaction With your email Communications And that response also has this but we Also have our own Um Scoring system uh this is a built-in Feature in or in get response and uh Basically detects automatically the Engagement level of each individual Subscriber uh on a one to five scale Where one is the least engaged and five Is the uh the most engaged subscribers Um but I mentioned that quality is more Important than quantity when it comes to Your email list size and Uh the same thing applies here even if You have like real valid email addresses In your database and you are passed this Past that step Still moving it's still better on the Long run to have like a smaller list Size with highly engaged subscribers Than to have like a largely sized with

People who are not interested in your Offers and your brand at all So yeah quality over quantitative Foreign About the user how Engaged they are you can tell further Tailor your Communications to them so Someone is not engaged at all you can Consider running a reactivation campaign And if they cannot be reactivated maybe It's time to let them go If someone is at risk of becoming Unengaged then it's time to ask them for Their feedback Um Send them genuine email asking them About what you can do to improve that Experience what you can change to made Them more engaged To somebody's natural then you can Consider running a b tests for example You can try finding out what makes them Click and what is the content that they Are really interested in what is the Content they Subscribed on your email list for Uh and if someone is engaged then you Are doing good but for your highly Engaged subscribers you should consider Uh rewarding them somehow for that Loyalty uh you can ask them for Testimonials you can Uh try to turn them into Affiliates or Brand ambassadors

So yeah based on their engagement levels You can uh segment these users and you Can further tailor your communication to Them Uh you can but obviously you don't have To uh do this manually so Um we are not expecting you to Uh select one by one each of your Subscribers based on their engagement Level or the preferences you can use Automations to streamline this process Get response has uh multiple automation Templates But there is three which are highly Relevant for us Uh one is the basic tagging automation Which is a really simple automation that Basically what it does is that Throughout a series of emails it tracks Whether the recipient has uh clicked on Any link within the email and if after a While in this particular example if After three emails they don't click on Any link then they Um Get assigned inactive tag if they do Then they get assigned the active text So super simple but helps you keep track Of how Uh people are interacting with your Emails uh we have one other one which is The basic scoring automation which is a Bit more sophisticated Uh it basically

Um You can Determine individual like scoring points Uh to each action so you can Create your own scoring system where for Example if someone opens your email that Is about like 10 points if someone Doesn't open it it you subtract five Points from them if someone clicks or Nothing that is worth like 20 points but If someone didn't Open uh any email uh in the last like Two weeks then they got subtracted 20 Points so you can create your own based On your own individual use case you can Create your own automation based on this Template Which helps you keep track of how Subscribers interact with your Newsletters And when you have uh this solution in Place this automation then you can use a Simple list cleaning based on tags and Scores this particular automation uh Super simple has Basically two steps the first is it Checks whether a certain subscriber has The inactive tag or whether they're Uh or if they are scoring points drop Below a certain threshold and if so they Get removed from your account thereby Like automatically uh cleaning your list Over time without you having to do Anything with it

And um We are almost at the end of our Presentation but I wanted to uh finish It off with with some like General best Practices and uh advice on how you can Be a good sender Uh the first rule I hope that by now we Don't have to stress this but uh This is always need to get permission From your recipients uh no excuses uh Because Um if you send email campaigns to people Who didn't opt in then they will damage Your reputation on the long run Uh and uh Uh the second tip here is uh kind of in The same vein that you shouldn't uh Force people to uh provide their email Addresses either So uh I'm sure that all you have all Seen these like dark pattern uh pop-out Boxes where the pop-up cannot be closed Until you enter an email address don't Do this because you will just get drunk Um If you use uh this is uh the third tip Is uh for mainly for dedicated IP Addresses but if you use a dedicated IP Address for Um Uh your Um for sending out email blasts then Maybe it makes us to separate your Transactional and marketing

Communications maybe used to different IP addresses for that and two different Emails because you've got forbid you are Marketing uh IP address gets put on a Blacklist then they will still receive Your transactional emails like invoices And purchase confirmations from your Other IP address if you are using the Same thing for both then if you got Flagged for spam then maybe you are Legitimate customers want to receive Their transactional emails uh you should Always watch your Sonic frequency so Um Uh try to stick to a schedule And listen to your subscribers so if They don't want to uh Receive uh Too many emails accommodated accommodate Your sending frequency to them Before sending them out and keep track Of your metrics so Um you can Improve your uh sending processes over Time and the last and maybe the hardest Uh Tip here is that you should learn to let Go so if someone is not engaged with Your emails if someone is not interested In your content and your offers Just remove them from your database Because over time uh they will do more Damage than go to your brand And this concludes our presentation

We have two really cool offers Uh the first is from guest response uh You can get 15 off on all plans for the First year by using the promo code below And Brian I will let you do the zero Bounce promotion yeah sure thanks and And uh great content Mateo I think was Really really helpful and Definitely useful Um for zero bounce we're offering a Thousand free validations for anyone With uh with a zero bounce account or Come create an account uh just go to we have a live chat team And a phone number everyone is ready and Um able to add those validations for you So you can get a feel or maybe you're Small and a thousand is all you have on Your list today perfect we'll validate Them for free Um and so you can go ahead and try us Out and get a feel for it but Yeah definitely excited it's been some Really good questions in the uh in the Chat here as well I definitely Appreciate all the the really good Thoughts here Yeah and I think uh now it's time for Some Q one day so uh let me move to the Q one day uh Question list Um Brian do you see the questions in the q1 Data

Um I can't seem to ask them Nope I don't see anything just more on The on the chat side but I think there's Been some good questions maybe we can Talk about things frequency came up Um and one thing I just want to kind of Take one minute on on the validation Side because I don't know if I went deep Into it enough but uh just based on some Of the feedback that I'm seeing here and Mate is looking for the promo code you Want to pop that back up Um You want to validate your emails as well Because you want to get rid of this bad Data and just remember that most of most Everybody here almost 99 sure that your Email address is your your Source your Unique identifier for your customer it's Not usually a phone number it's not Usually address it's usually email and So you also want to make sure you're Getting rid of that bad data because You're bringing that data everywhere With you so your CRM system your email Providers all of this stuff and you're You're really paying to store those Contacts that are not even good anymore And so there's there's immediate Roi There as well for anyone that's Potentially thinking about it or has Some old data and you want to clean it Up

Um get basically you're trimming the fat Off these are bad contacts at this point We wouldn't tell you to remove it if it Was a good contact Right uh in the meantime I managed to uh Yeah what is the recommended standing Frequency uh so Um Well this is one of those things where Uh there's I cannot give you like an Exot answer because every business is Different I heard stories where um Like uh The same standard was sending out like Three emails one day and this uh in in For all intensive purposes this is Something that you shouldn't do because Uh the recommended daily sending limit Is one email per person maximum but for Some reason for this particular Organization it worked well uh they were Sending out lots of emails uh Um lots of like bite-sized knowledge and Um yeah there are operates includes Release were super high but uh For uh most of us I think that Sending out a couple of emails a week uh Is uh is more than enough but you should Also uh try to Um find out about your users uh what They prefer what uh and and you will see It in your analytics as well so if you See that your open rates uh are like Super low and you are sending a lot of

Emails maybe try sending out a bit less During a week and see if your opponents Increase so yeah this is like a trial And error thing but once you have a like A working formula try sticking to it I think also just to add here I think Consistency is key and so if you are Constantly sending on you know Tuesdays Be consistent you're also kind of Building trust in the in the network of Email where we're talking about all the Providers they're kind of expecting your Email uh and this type of thing too so Consistency is key and someone asked a Question here and I mentioned it on the Chat uh you know if you have a cafe or You have something you have a daily Clearance special and that's your Business send an email daily you know if People don't want it to unsubscribe so You know you have to I agree you you Totally have to adapt this based on your Business there's no single answer for This Um put yourself in the other shoe that's Actually how I start to think a lot Lately put yourself in the other shoe How would you want to receive your Content if you were maybe in the buying Stage or in the you know existing Customer stage how would you want to Receive this type of content Right uh it's a good question here so is It necessary to use an email verifying

Tool before I'll put a new database to Get response list uh we usually use one We use to upload marked as okay but then We upload get response to some of the Verified emails are not open uh mate you Want to take this or Yeah sure so uh yeah so basically Um get response has uh Uh uh BLT and Um uh solution that proves your email at Least before uh it is imported so uh but Um To be 100 uh honest I'm not really sure How it works and I think it's a mystery For uh most people working at get Response but yeah so basically we do Some like generic uh lists email list Cleaning or email screening before you Uh import it But uh I am Because this is just like one facet of Get response we uh don't put as much Resources into this into updating and uh Researching this topic then zero bounce That's for example so uh like I'm 100 Sure that zero bounce and uneven list Will uh catch some uh unverified email Addresses that are built in solution Bond and also This only works for um Um the first import when you are Importing them into your database but as Brian mentioned at the beginning of this

Webinar you should do list cleaning Regularly so this will be not this Shouldn't be like a one-off thing this Should be something that's part of your Marketing process And sorry just to add here on the should You do it before you upload so to me It's absolutely yes and you know I agree And while while you know get response is Trying to do a good job here this is all We do this is our Core Business this is What we focus on Um and for context we're validating Billions of emails per year and so we See it all we work in every country we Evalidate emails in every country Um it's very this is not an easy task to Be very honest not at the scale and to Do it very accurately which is what we Have really mastered uh so you Definitely want to do it because not Only is there invalid emails where it Might bounce so maybe they're using an Existing balance code from some another Customer and saw that you have this Email and they're going to prune it There's the Bad actors that's another Whole piece to this that most people Don't have that Insight where we do and So you wanna you you really should do it I think your Roi is immediate especially When you get rid of some of these people Um you know again you're not storing Them in your C RM systems and doing all

Sort of stuff you're not sending to them Anyway so you definitely you definitely Want to do it Um a question about uh email is Segmentation should you have one master At least that you build sublist or Segments from well Um So basically every time uh someone Clicks on the unsubscribe button they Got shown all of the uh email list they Are subscribed to And if you only have one master list and You are using segmentation within that List that can be Fine for uh your sending but if someone Wants to unsubscribe because they are Only on one master list they can only Subscribe from that one by list and if They are subscribed from your master List then they won't receive your uh Other email Communications either even If you use segmentation to send out the Emails I don't know if this makes sense But Um General speaking you should try Creating a multiple email list Uh based on uh the type of content that You are using uh the email list for so Like I have one list for your uh General Uh like offers and promotions and Marketing Communications have a list for Like your weekly digest if you have one Have a list for your uh

Um article uh one where you are sending The article updates from or like your New blog posts so uh try to identify the Type of emails that you are sending out Regularly and try to uh create like Multiple lists from them you don't go Overboard obviously so don't create like 10 different email lists but have like Three or four where uh which you are Using for separate purposes Uh great We have a huge amount of contacts that Haven't been qualified yet I don't see How we should be able to segment them Well Um Brian do you want to do this or Yeah and I think I actually started Answering some of these as they were Coming in because there's so many Questions Um but for for anybody who has a lot of And they so whether you acquire data or You just have you've never emailed that You've been collecting the data there's Always something that is the way I look At this there you just have to dig Deeper and deeper and deeper whether It's um potentially you can get gender Maybe you can get um location maybe you Can get their maybe they selected an Interest or you see viewing history or a Search keyword that they showed up with If you have absolutely nothing there's Still a solution and it's something that

We've developed called activity data Which will give you so when you validate Through us if we can find uh first name Last name and gender we will provide it Back to you it's not perfect but if we Can find it we'll give it back to you so You might build a segment that way and Then secondly we have a thing called Activity data where we have known uh Engagement with that email address Through many sending partners that we Get data feeds in for and if they've Been active in the last 30 60 90 or 180 Days we will tell you that this is uh Qualified by a email being opened by This recipient forwarded Unsubscribed clicked or used in a mobile Application login so like maybe a mobile Game something of that nature if that's In their database we will get that over And we will know there's some some Activity on it so you can segment by People you are active that at least we Know are active and then again I think There was another question just kind of Break down that list to always start From your most uh highly engaged best Segment and work down because that Reputation will carry along with it Um and so obviously the less the the Worst I don't know how this is well I don't Want to sound offensive but the worst Piece of your segment right the the last

And kind of the the bottom bucket Um you want to at least try to get reap The benefits of all the good stuff that Happened in those better segments and The better engagement Exactly yeah Um Louise is asking if uh is it okay to Use a lower engaged uh as a Characteristic to what is the emails When you clean the database yes you can Use uh the get response scoring system To uh remove the another engaged uh Subscribers from your list But uh before uh getting rid of them uh You can consider uh trying to reactivate Them by like a reactivation campaign Um If I have the same quantity Multiple List I have to say consider unique Contact or will be will they be double Counted To my understanding they are accounted As many times as uh the same person is On separate lists Uh we have can you please confirm this For me I think uh yeah I think I think the same Same uh person counts double when they Are on two lists Uh use it mainly as an affiliate Marketing business is keeping everything On uh one list all right Well Um I mean it depends on your specific

Use case so if you have only one kind of Marketing Communications then yes maybe Having only one list makes sense to you Uh but uh generally speaking you should Try segmenting your Communications Um I'm just looking through the uh oh we Have a zero bus question Yeah so how can I schedule a time Um so we have many ways to get in Contact with us on our website there is Uh you can schedule a demo right on our Website if you go to the contact Section There's also a live chat feature on the Bottom right you can contact them those Are 24 hour by the way we're 24 hours a Day seven days a week 365 days a year Live people not robots not outsourced People our employee everything about our Product are available to help you and Then also we have a phone number uh we Have a Europe number and we also have a US number toll-free you're welcome to Call as well and we're happy to discuss Anything yeah we can definitely help you Uh we have a question here if you value The database one time is enough or you Need to validate again once or years After So Um this is a good question I hear it a Lot and the best way that I think about This is by all means you need to you Need any ground zero you have to go

Validate whatever you have right so once You have validated that Um the my answer to be generic is yes You want to be doing this probably every Six months that's the most generic form That I can give you if you're very Specific you have a large database and You're very kind of in touch with it we Can take that further there's the the Business emails like business domains The the emails the emails these tend to Churn faster than an AOL email address a Yahoo a Gmail those are generally Personal accounts and these are people That you know their job does not dictate The email address those generally will Live a little bit longer and so you can Maybe segment those out and and do that I would do no less than so I would do Everything at least once per year Um if it's business domains I would be Looking in the three to six month range But also I'd be looking at your bounce Rate if your bounce rate is high uh you Wanna something's off so for example We've seen people you know they're going Into these lead providers you know just Smashing keys and downloading data and That business closed and they're sending Emails to them I'm seeing this all the Time it's coming to us hey I've got 10 Uh delivered rates I'm getting kicked Off my ESP guys you can't I'll just say

This do not trust any data that you did Not acquire firsthand through a very Good clean process if you acquired it You scraped it you got it from uh some Other company You ha you have to go clean that so yes I absolutely recommend it and again the ROI is always there because why are you Why do you want to keep these people if They're not worthy of you know a good Communication it's just going to bounce And then you don't have anything anyway So yes Um I think we still have time for two More questions so one of them is uh I Actually seen uh whatever questions Regarding uh the best sending times or Uh when you should be sending emails Uh we actually have a quite uh Interesting resource on this uh called The email uh benchmarks and this is uh This is a report made by get response Where we Um Um try to identify key patterns uh among Different aspects of email uh campaigns And their newsletters we have data on Open riskly rates uh the best sending Times uh when you shoot whether you Should be using emojis or not how you Can personalize your emails how it Affects your uh So I think my uh Colleague Michal can send this in the

Chat but yeah if you have the time you Can head over to Um in the get response platform and find The email marketing benchmarks because It's a really useful uh resource and it Has some really interesting data on on Sunday Times And uh we have one last question Is uh if you have been banned from get Response previously would you be able to Re-upload the verified contacts of the Verify items through zero bounce I think You will be able to upload them uh I I I'm not the one making this decision But uh just reach out to our support and I I think I'm sure that they will be Able to help you out And I think we are pretty much answered All the questions here So yeah once again Um you can use uh our promo code for 15 Off or you can get a thousand free Validations with your uh you will create Zero bounce account Thank you very much for joining us today Um I'm really glad that you are here and Thank you Brian for uh hosting with this Sabina with me Thank you it was a pleasure and I hope We gave some good content to people Sounds like the questions were really Good and and people are engaging so Um happy selling everyone happy email And get into that inbox

Have a nice day everyone goodbye bye

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