Basic Formula To Build High-Quality Email Lists

The best email lists are built using This basic formula number one know what Your audience wants first things first You need to know your audience more than You know your favorite coffee order who Are they what do they like what keeps Them up at night Besides binge watching Netflix series And once you have a handle on what it is That they're looking for you can create Offers so irresistible that they'll be More than willing to give you their Email address number two provide them With offers that they will like people Are always looking for things that will Help them whether it's an ebook free White paper a discount code or maybe Exclusive access to some content as long As it's relevant to them they'll be Interested and once they see and are Interested in your offer you need to Make it super easy for them to opt in as Soon as possible always having a Subscription option there in the right Place at the right time and number four Provide them constantly engaging content Otherwise their eyes might wander Towards the unsubscribe button

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