AI Email Generator: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hello everyone Pedro here product Marketing manager and get response and I'm here to present our news to the AI Email generator this will basically Generate a whole email for you including Images and text and it will save you a Lot of time just by doing that and also Allow you to brainstorm later so let's Get started and let's click on email Marketing Create newsletter use an AI email Creator and this is where we tell the AI What do we want so in our case we will Do a 30-day fitness challenge Our business is in the fitness industry And then you'll notice that we have more Settings over here so this will allow The AI to be more specific who is this Email for so people looking to get in Shape And what kind of email is it so you can Select the time here as you can see There is also custom type which allows You to write your own email type but we Will do an announcement so we will Announce our challenge Click next and here is where we snap a Tone of the email so how it is written So we want to be inspirational to Actually announce our challenge let's go Next and here is where you pick your Favorite layout and also the color Scheme of your email so we will just go With some puzzle and one column

And click generate that's all you have To do all right so it is as easy as that We have an email here it's really Decreases the time that takes you to Create an email and also if you go Through the copy you will see that it's Very specific it really follows your Prompt and of course everybody has their Own scenario and you will have to go to This copy and alter it a little so that It matches your needs of course but Definitely this will speed up the Process of creating and sending an email Because you will use this copy as a way To get inspired also if you feel blocked This is the way to get them not as well Very quick and now that you have that With an image included what you need is People to open your email and to do that You simply click next and you will see That the subject line was already Generated for you without you having to Do anything else if you are not happy With it you simply go to the AI subject Generator you write here this example The same thing right fitness challenge And here let's add the fitness industry Again Over here we can include an emoji Generate a writes and now we have five Subject lines here so by using one of Them or many you can run some a b tests And you will then understand which one Resonates better with your audience and

This will lead you to achieve better Open rates in general Further email performance so no let's Just pick one and there you go you have An email ready to send with subject Lines generated for you as you can Imagine this takes much less time than It used to with the help of AI so we Plan to allow AI to help you now you Have all the tools that you need to send Your emails much faster and focus on the Strategic part of your business so if You are not a client to get response yet Make sure that you create a free account And I will see you very soon

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