9 ways to optimize your landing page

[Music] Foreign Page can be quite hard but worry not as I've gathered nine ways that you can use Right now to optimize the performance of Your pages First write engaging copy the reason Behind it is that most people simply Check your headline and then bounce from Your website without performing the Action we want Be either a purchase or a simple sign up The way you do write a compelling Headline is by combining these factors Fear desire and curiosity you don't need To meet all of them but meeting at least One will spark an emotion and that will Make people scroll your page Following the example on the screen you Can see that the headline makes people Want to know how headspace achieved These results with sensors And here we have a desire to achieve Similar goals and some Curiosity on how They did it as well And by the way did you notice that they Are using headspace for social proof so That's a great technique that you can Use as well Seconds include images or videos in your Content you need visuals to engage People it doesn't matter on which Business you are in there will always be A big part of your brand

In headspace for example see how they Use their images to gain trust directly On the first part of their page the Images clearly show their products and You are much more likely to purchase Than without proper visions and the Reason for that is Trust Look at this comparison and I'm sure we All agree that images play a key role on Website conversions Without the visuals it wouldn't be Engaging at all but this applies to Every page or website including yours This is why we provide free professional Images from onsplash that you can use on Your landing page or website using get Response website builder Third make your call to action stand out This is what you want people to do click On the CTA you crafted good copy and Other engaging visuals now what you need To do is to make sure your CTA stands Out To do that you need a contrasting color Against the background and a relatively Large button and of course you need to Specify what's the goal of the CTA what Will happen You will then of course need to do some A b testing on your own to find the best Results the look at these examples here And see that they all have one thing in Common Their CTA is standing out at

Fourth make the lead form visible above The fold Chances are that people arrived on your Page from ads or a marketing email and They are most likely interested in what You have to offer To gain the most out of their interest In your product Adding a way for your visitors to leave Their email address right at the top can Be game changing As you can see here in get response we Do that and that's why we recommend it As well for you so that you can build a High quality list There is also something else that you Can use which is to show a pop-up on Exit intent so this is how you take the Most out of people that might already be Interested in your content Fifth offer something useful Can be combined with number four as you Will have more success capturing email Addresses when you offer something in Return We call these lead magnets See here an example on how psycho Fredo Uses lead magnets to capture emails Offering a discount as in here is Definitely a good lead magnet and if you Weren't buying coffee before now you are And they get your email address as well So that's a double win strike right here Just make sure that you are providing

Some value it's usually something Exclusive as well And can be hard to get too so that People will get hooked and leave their Email address sixth do not make Excessive requests No one really wants to feel a form full Of information it's a real turn off Let's be honest In addition people are generally wary of The amount of personal information they Live online especially nowadays And here in our example as you can see You can download our high quality late Magnet by just filling in three fields Tie this to number four and number five And if you are providing high value Content chances are your list will Quickly grow as ours do Seventh appeal to the user's sense of Urgency limited time offers are an Effective way to leverage fomo which is The fear of missing out and increase Your landing page conversion rates Learning page level you can add a Real-time clock that comes down the Hours minutes and seconds left for the User to get lower prices or simply add Information about when the promotion Expires just look at what h m do and Most brands are using the same strategy As well Here's another example of boohoo and you Can see a timer at the top as well

Really driving this urgency this is a Great strategy that you can use Especially when running a big promotion As Black Friday Once again you can easily use our Website builder to add a countdown timer And start running these promotions 8. Make your landing page Mobile friendly One way of optimizing your landing page For mobile devices is by making it super Responsive Make sure page load times are optimal And all forms fields are easy to fill Landing page images videos and CTA Buttons should also fit smaller screens Properly and be easy to interact with And you can easily do that with our get Response website builder [Music] Ninth make search engine optimization a Priority Tools like keywords everywhere and Semrush can help you with keyword Research once you've identified the Right target keywords it's time to Incorporate them into your landing page Content and meta description Next give your visuals some alt tags These provide your images with some Context which is helpful for search Engine Crawlers And meta descriptions are also critical The description appears under your link When your web page appears in the

Organic search results And good news is you can do that with Our website builder as well and that's It folks if you want to learn how to Create a landing page from scratch watch This video

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